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What alts are you accumulating biz?

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Just ETH and LTC. I'll decide on others during the bull. Might get some MATIC. Probably some AI tokens.

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I really like Pollen. They're an asset management protocol that allows you to manage asset pools. pollen.id is the site. 0x7b2b702706d9b361dfe3f00bd138c0cfda7fb2cf
It's on Avalanche, which is a billion times better than Eth network.

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MX (token native Mexc)

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I think that you're never getting your money back if you've been buying alts at all this year

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biz coin ser

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I'm yeeting it all on one tasty $PEPERONI pizza!

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Ill just leave this here… Dont miss out!

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thepepechain. ticker: $PC unironically

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partykarts. io