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>call gf
>talk for a bit, cant make class tonight
>anon this could've been a text
>start arguing
>i dont want to talk about this right now
>hangs up

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How do I short anons relationship?

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You should've just ignored her to begin with. Later on you could've called her a needy cunt.

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At this point I don't even try, why would I put up with that shit! Pussy is not worth the trouble.

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tell her she could have been a pump and dump

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anon you're getting tested and you're losing. get your shit together and get back incontrol of the wheel. she knows she has you in the palm of her hand. if you continue to let her feel this way, she's going to cheat or levave your ass, or both.

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I am 29 years old and I never even kissed a girl

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no one cares, fuck off to /r9k/ or hit the gym

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Women, like hebrews, are egocentric emotional parasites who use simple tricks to control the goyim and men.
Just learn to not react to the provocations and to not play the game. When she starts her bullshit, don't make excuses, don't counterattack, simply start narrating in real time what she's doing: "you're raising your voice, you're going into drama mode, you're attacking me," etc.
Build up defenses against against emotional abuse and gaslighting, and treat their little tricks for what they are. Not honest attempts to exchange information or find solution or what have you, but rather automated responses from unhinged egotists.
This doesn't mean you have to feel contempt for your woman or something, just remember what she is and don't let her suck the life out of you, only the sperm.
No need to pretend to be a player or a chad, just don't be an emotionally broken simp, that it.
Society no longer has institutions to help you do this, so you do this yourself. Use globohomo language if you have to "muh boundaries", "muh triggers" and so on, and gradually but confidently outline the perimeter of language and behavior you do not tolerate. They will accept this surprisingly fast, after the initial drama, just don't back down. Later on they will constantly test the boundaries, and you just accept this. Children will also always test the boundaries. This is life.

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Women want attention when they don’t get it. It’s like crypto, the more attention you give her the less valuable it is. Make your attention scarce and it will be worth more to her. Just don’t contact her again until she reaches out to you first.

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You interrupted her getting side dick

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you dumb fucking idiot the full moon was last week

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(your) future. try resetting the game

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I don't have a GF because I'm a fucking neet
But I still have my waifus, and one of them, Nezuko, is giving me some money rn (yup, literally $NEZUKO)

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i google her. cute by why do she has an anti BJ protection in her mouth? is it some kind of chastity equipment to stay pure for (you) ?

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I've been thinking about cutting everyone off so can focus on my studies. I feel like I'm letting people that dont want to really be there as much as they say they distract me from the goals I want to accomplish.

I just feel like I'm getting sick of putting myself on the backburner for them

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>call my gf to talk about me
>tell her about me
>don't really ask about her
>don't really care about her
>she gets irritated
>hangs up
>I make thread on 4chan about me
huh, I wonder what went wrong?

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Dumb bitch wants it to be all about her

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>try to call gf
>dont have her number
>send her a snap
>she never opens it
>havent talked to gf in 8 years

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You incel scum. Women are people and people don’t act like that. Fuck you sexless /pol/brained loser.

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Checken-em for the blackpill

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1000 Checkems scheduled for deposit

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I'm a woman and reading this made my pussy so wet lmao it's hot as fuck to know how much power I have over you all