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Pepe bounced off 153 for the 2nd time

Double bottom?

1000 next?

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Kek well this aged well

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dead coin or is there any life left here?

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Whales are still accumulating so we will probably get at least one more leg up but it may take a couple weeks.

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Oh yeah? Based on what evidence? I'll wait.

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>Oh yeah? Based on what evidence? I'll wait.
Based on what came out of his ass. The wallet count is waning rapidly as people get the fuck out.

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>I'll wait.
What a faggy thing to say. But here are a few large transactions being discussed from 2 days ago.
Or you could literally just look on etherscan you lazy nigger.

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buy an ad

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LOL whales dumped on binance and gemini normies

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it would be disappointing if this had 1 run and died. Shib actually had 2 massive green candles between may and october '21, since then it's been pretty much over.

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Pepe hit when bitcoin was making a slight recovery (aka market recovering slightly). Nothing is going to pump properly while the market is getting raped. Cant even fathom how far off we are from the next bullrun
In a bull market BRC-20 would go fucking nuclear for example but right now its already dying

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If you look at the buy ins they aren't retail. Someone with money knows something. I keep seeing five figures just casually getting thrown at it for every dip.

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Can you buy the ETH version or does it need to be the BRC thing? I'm going boomer with all the stuff

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pepe will bounce if i get quads. And lemme tell you, i never get quads.

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Everyone in Pepe needs to bail before PoolTogether pops off.

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guys, i just got quads! Its happening, pepe will raise again!

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aright, arright, i was just larping, that quads wasnt me. Im sorry, i didnt mean to make the price dump even further!

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hey faggot you're not funny

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Its gona moon hard

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Never joke about checkems
Very serious business stacking checkems.

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Interesting, They all seem to be 4 to 5 figure buy ins pretty consistently. Definitely seems like some serious accumulation. Maybe retail is dumping now that the whales dumped and the whales are slurping before the moon.

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This shit pumped faster than DOGE and is on its way to dumping faster than DOGE

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what is this fPEPE.io bullshit that appeared in my wallet?

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wait until it hits goybase

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uh oh stinky

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>BRC-20 would go fucking nuclear for example but right now its already dying
all the more reason to slurp.

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This shit going to 0

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Step in and save investors CZ you chink dog this shit is in freefall kek

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It will also dump. Don't invest in short term.

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So what to invest? Eth? Btc? Not gonna like

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Do you mean $PEPERONI ser? Cya at 250k mcap

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Choose BTC and ETH if you want to make a secure, long-term investment. I'm betting on low caps since it has the chance to deliver us huge ROI as well and for instance MNI that's involved in real world businesses and RWA might be the next big thing.

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You all keep getting rekt over some shitty ass, when realfags got some nice sweat pussy deal with smooth shopping online, payment processing and good staking investment with better returns on APY.

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>wait forever

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