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Privacy is now on Arbitrum and soon on Ethereum.
You can now send traceless ETH with no offchain jeetery, do you realize how big this is ?

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Let me know when privacy is on Cardano when midnight releases. Eth is a shit

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Privacy is already on ETH with OPL and guess what? Nobody cares.

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nobody knows what your shitcoin is bruh.

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How can you be such a howling baboon to think OPL offers privacy.

The only fully on-chain privacy in the entire EVM is Buccaneer. If you dont understand the implications of this you are a simpleton but know this... Everything else that offers privacy is just a custodian mixer like Tornado Cash.

The only equalizer is BUCC. Its the only thing you can actually call real privacy. A monero within the EVM.

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1. Buy token
2. Send privately to new address
3. Gas up with Tortuga function
4. Sell
5. Traceless wallet yw

Don't need Monero/CEX

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Can't send traceless ETH, but you can send traceless BV3A on ETH soon. Better than fucking Monero if you ask me, access to the entire DEFI space from your regular wallet.

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wow, actual alpha on biz. impressive.

if you're reading this - you're early

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Pedo token

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how can you say that when you just now heard of it kek /biz tards are so cartoonish

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This is great and all but if nobody cares to hold monero, why hold this?

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i got in under $1

seeth fagget

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want make defi money but not want pay tax yes tahnks

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>nobody cares to hold monero
>3b marketcap
>bv3a is 4 million
Idk dude, seems undervalued

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>why hold this?
this is monero on steroids

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Lol I love when people compare tokens of similar projects thinking the followers of the first movers can reach the same level as the og

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Privacy will depend on the anonymity set. I've never heard of BUCC, so even if its not just a shitcoin, it won't be that because no one uses it and it will be trivial to look at the aggregate inputs / outputs and track users.

Plus having to use another token sucks balls, this is why tornado cash is still king. The most private and you can just hold eth in there not some volatile token that could crash to zero while you wait for more anonymity.

The ideal system is tornado nova, or railgun (the 0.25% fee kills it though). You just shield your eth and send it privately then unshield.

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LP it for fees. Also less than 50mil mcap is free money

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He's talking about rose's oasis privacy layer. It's a dead shitcoin that nobody cares about. Its main tech has been out for a while now but still nobody uses it.

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>just heard of it yet bought under a dollar
never stop /biz never stop

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Trivial only for whales. Can hold the token as long or short as you want and spread or consolidate wallets as much as you want in the middle

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>it won't be that because no one uses it and it will be trivial to look at the aggregate inputs / outputs and track users.
every person with an ethereum wallet has a fake, always changing amount of BUCC tokens in it in order to prevent this scenario

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Are you all really calling a centralized chain private?

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Also, public sale ends at $100 and would be a good spot to LP with concentration to hamper price volatility

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Learn to read retard

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Yeah so you have to hold some shitcoin while you wait for others to buy/sell to give you enough anonymity, it sucks, no one wants to have to hold another token, they just want to shield eth or existing ERC20s like stablecoins.

It doesn't matter lol, its obvious to tell what "real" wallets look like and the inputs / outputs into the total system.

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kekekekekek let's play hide and seek /bizraeli

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Isn't the Rose privacy layer just private contracts not hidden txs, different from monero etc and not really applicable for p2p private cash?

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Qanplatform already got privacy without needing any privacy protocol

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I just tried to buy ape into this shitcoin and after I approved it on uniswap I got locked out of my wallet. What the fuck. Is this a scam?

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thanks for playing ranjeesh

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Everything starts as a shitcoin. Now is the time to "make money" not "be right". Just a marketing problem, tech is incredible

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>It doesn't matter lol, its obvious to tell what "real" wallets look like and the inputs / outputs into the total system.
send BV3A to another wallet and try to find a trace of the transaction then
you can't see the outputs
you transfer BV3A to a fresh wallet then send that to another fresh wallet with an ETHless transaction and the trail is dead

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ROSE with OPL is irrelevant in this scenario.

Also, the comparison of input/output paths can be done just like Tornado Cash. People can decide fixed amounts to buy and sell and you're done. Except Bucc is fully decentralized and not some jeet in his moms basement that makes transactions. It's superior to any solution on ETH

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>Add the following token address on Arbitrum, custom token. All of you have BV3A. Every single one of you. Now watch the balance. Intrigued? This barely scratches the surface. 0x6048Df2D0dB43477eE77ff2e6D86e4339d3d5A66
what did he mean by this

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>Everything starts as a shitcoin.
Sometimes its the opposite

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Add it in your metamask and have a look at your balance

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i know, we all have bv3a tokens. should i delete my previous post before some jannie bans me because i posted an address?

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You're a very stupid person and it's why you're on this board. Never forget that.

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The beauty of BV3A is also that you van integrate it into any DEFI product on ETH/ARB. Just like how you would use BTC, ETH or stables for payments, BV3A can also be added.


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i was talking about this post, had to delete my post because you never know with those janjans:

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its centralized same as Ethereum.

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Is BV3A a token? If one wallet buys X number of tokens then there are a set of sells that equal X, those are easily connected if X is not common enough. Same thing with monero. If you buy like 156 monero and sell the same amount, or lots that total the same amount, those are traceable. Or if you leak your IP, expose your wallet, specify gas fees a certain way, anything like that can trace you too, this is the same for privacy coins or mixers or shielded wallets.

So there is no reason to use a privacy token instead of a mixer or shielded transfers where you don't have to buy/sell a token and get ass raped by slippage, then be exposed to huge volatility waiting for privacy. There is no additional privacy and its strictly worse than mixers / shields.

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The levels of autism here are off the charts.

BUCC is the real deal. Test if for yourselves, get to understand why there is no second best and then lower your filthy ape glance and hold up your hand like the submissive little chimp faggots some of you are, so I may forgive your insolence.

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There is a 47 pages pdf on why tornado is trash, i dont know how to post it here, try to search it on tg if you're interested, its funny

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This is 100% the best and only true onchain privacy solution. Fuck around and find out, see your money just teleport with no trace

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>Use privacy coin on ETH
>Gets all coins blacklisted like Tornado Cash

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Tornado works, that's why ppl use it, the fed sanctions it and the dev got jailed. What is this shitcoin slinging shit. Not buying that bs, just show a dapp that works

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At some point when BV3A get's adopted and integrated, the marketcap will be so big that you can use it with ETH/BTC like stability.

It's now $4m marketcap, so yeah it's volatile (to the upside) for now.

You fuckers will be amazed where this is going

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Railgun has already deployed on arbitrium for months and it's on eth.

based privacy chud.

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Fake and gay and fake and also gay.

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Privacy is more than p2p retard, these other protocols offer way more than p2p privacy

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Pic rel, cant post links

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yes the jewish ploy will help you maintain privacy goy

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Railgun is fucking offchain scam pajeet garbage fuck off

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That it works does not means that its privacy you dumb fuck. TC leaked data to the feds, also it was taken down (so much for decentralization).

TC was only a custodial mixer, vulnerable to censorship, the same cannot be said about BUCC, the only way you kill it is by killing ETH.

Instead of talking shit, put your head down and learn, low iq faggot

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Way more people know what ROSE is than whatever garbage OP posted.

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This entire problem can be circumvented by just not selling the exact amount of tokens you bought
Sure if you buy exactly 154.6535643 tokens then sell exactly 154.6535643 later on the same dex you’ll get traced easily this goes for literally every privacy coin to ever exist, if you only sell a common round number like 10 and do this over multiple wallets it’s untraceable

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Tell me what else it offers then faggot

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Railgun isn't "offchain"... But the protocol charges a fee of like 0.25% which sucks ass.

Tornado is not custodial it still works and its still the most popular mixer. The IPFS UI is still up too. Just their main website got taken down. Tornado still has hundreds of millions of dollars in TVL.

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Yeah but its the exact same limitation every other privacy tool has. A privacy token has zero additional privacy over a mixer or shielded transfers. But a privacy token is worse because you have to trade into the token which has slippage, trading fees, and more volatility which discourages people to keep money in the protocol and decreases privacy.

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Railgun is a great example of shit going off-chain. Join their ‘Railway’ chat. As they seem to insist that the only DApp provider they have is some other team that just came into existence to work on Railgun.
If you see shit like ‘scanning for XYZ’ or ‘Updating’ for something that’s supposed to be on-chain, it isn’t.
There’s no middle ground, you can’t make this look like anything it isn’t. When you even decrypt a balance for example, it is instantaneous. Its on the exact moment the transaction goes through. Nothing touching a server and having to do all the shit to get back would ever be that quick, its not possible.

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Failgun - https://twitter.com/BuccaneerV3/status/1581102452174368769

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For every privacy tool a lot of computation has to be done "offchain" by an app. Only the private outputs are put on chain or it wouldn't be very private... As long as the app is opensource, this isn't a problem. I don't know about railway/railgun desu or whether that is the case.

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I have the Librescan of Qan, I won't be needing Monero too

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of course your transactions are untraceable goy, I mean guy.

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6. Government blacklists any wallet that interacts with any privacy token contract and you can no longer off ramp your crypto

>heh..nothin personnel kid..

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you cannot get your ETH blacklisted, except tether and some other stables

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Exchanges blacklist wallets constantly, you'd have to sell p2p.

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Yeah the only thing that can happen is a CEX rejecting you because your wallet was linked to a mixer, which can easily be circumvented by just bridging to another address or something, it doesn't have to be private, just to break the CEX software from automatically detecting the mixer. And then use different methods for each private address so they aren't linked.

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Twitter has no activity. Shitty design. Im getting jeet/ burnout vibes

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great, now every wallet that interacted with arbitrum will be OFAC sanctioned.

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All PoS chains are centralised and that's why Proof-of-Randomness will always come before it whenever democracy is concerned

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Dev is on tg shitting on jeets daily, design not needed as long as its functional

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A blockchain like Qan that already has in-built decentralised blockchain explorer won't be affected kek

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Can I move $BUD around with no trace?
It is the Arbitrum next big /biz/ token

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What's the deal with privacy, when it isn't quantum resistant

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pic related
>railgun shills using tools for damage control

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You can take your profits and trade them into BV3A. Send the BV3A to a new wallet privately, then use Tortuga to change some of that BV3A to ETH and then sell the BV3A. Now you have your profits without anyone knowing where they went.

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Candyass, why wait for Cardano when we already have FIRO and SYLO that can send assets anonymously?

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This would be the case of MCM and QANX very soon

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Based, These dumbfags tend to forget that privacy in messaging matters. Zuckerberg is wanking rn to your gf nudes. You might wanna consider using a messaging app on decentralized servers

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how does this deal with chain anlayisis tools black listing any wallet that touches BV3A? its the same shit that happend with TC. Any address that touched it insta ban

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tfw i was here in the first bucc thread during the first fucking airdrop for v1
all the way through v2 and and even tho i waited for v3 i missed the sale
(and i noticed it launched like half a month later and the price was already 50x)

brb necking myself|
i will always feel like a disugsting nigger for missing this

i even made fucking meme jpgs with the logo like a disgusting jeet

enjoy your lambos retards, im out

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how does this work? app stuck on requesting permission or invalid transaction

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you guys are fucking retarded. its a shitcoin that rolled their own transfer function is all, (instead of implementing the ERC20 transferFrom) so that arbiscan doesn't monitor it. its a cheap parlor trick...not privacy. anyone who understands blockchain can see where you send these tokens and where they came from.
you newfags don't remember buccaneer on ETH in like 2018 do you? probably same dev...same shitty contract.

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is this legit....

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if you're worried about that monero doesn't help you
easier and cheaper to just blacklist monero in all forms than picking through a public blockchain finding bad addresses

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Great to see that privacy is gaining more adoption on the space bizfag. It also extends to other sectors in web3 with platforms that enable decentralized communication and data privacy for users.

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Words words words
Break the privacy and then talk
>Pic rel
Try to find a trace

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I'm 100% certain you also hold BSV and are a prepper

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This is fucking retarded. Liquidity is way too shitty for this to ever get real adoption. Shows how small fish you tards are to be hyped over this crap

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650k total liquidity for 4m marketcap, you're retarded

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If your crypto doesn't have a clear trace to a whitelisted CEX then it is considered tainted and not legal. If your crypto has a link to a smart contract that's linked to tainted crypto then again your crypto is not legal. You can sugarcoat your smart contracts as much as you want. Create new layers, change names. In the end nobody will want to do business with you because your chain has a public ledger and it's there to keep you in line.

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Advertising and begging that is what it is. And the wsb mod jannies need to be sec and irs raped

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I use ETH to make payments which was nice but I am tired of paying high fees, compared to when I use one of the crypto payment platforms one it was fast and easy with almost zero fee charges.

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Railgun is one privacy project that is crazy about going multichain, they are on a good number too. Just gotta keep your fingers crossed,cardano might be next.

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I resonate more with Railgun when it comes to Ethereum privacy especially after Aztec connect was discontinued and people actually use it.

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>This is fucking retarded. Liquidity is way too shitty for this to ever get real adoption.
you may not realise it but this just means you're early

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Encryption is the real privacy,if the protocol does not hide trnx details on public chain? then its shit.

>> No.54942720

Dont use privacy coin on ETH, simple use a privacy protocol that gives zk-SNARK privacy.

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You dont even know what you are talking about, do some research jeet, Railgun is based AF.

>> No.54942883

Most biz jeet do not know shit about these tech imo.

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Privacy is a current issue in Defi, quantum threats are a thing of probability. Live in the present desu.

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lol fuck... yeah this is a waste of time. Its just a token contract that obscures balances, you could easily find all transfers by just reverse engineering the contract. Would probably actually fool most blockchain analysis software until they bothered to spend a few hours to break it. But once someone built a tool they could just decode everything its 100% not private at all just won't show up in etherscan by default.

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What kind of retarded chimp are you.

There is 25.000$ bounty for you to reverse a single transaction, why dont you come to the Telegram and reverse a transaction instead of talking shit on something you dont understand.

This is real deal privacy

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LOL at the retards parroting about privacy without understanding any fundamentals.

Failgun is not private, TC is not private, they never were. Just centralized mixers/open-tumblers.

BUCC is privacy by encryption. You are talking out of your pay grade here chimps

>> No.54943665

lmao if you think that bounty would ever be paid.

>> No.54943824

Cardano has backdoor for law enforcement, you clown.

>> No.54944089

Either its not as useful as Tornado cash or it will be shut down and the devs arrested.

>> No.54944549

>devs arrested
dev is anon, either way that will be great marketing for BUCC
Read this railed tards - https://medium.com/@scam-exposer/ready-to-get-railed-21f44c889950

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Privacy has been on Ethereum, you don't just read to the fullest. Look at Sylo that's a fucking big data privacy inclined project so stop sissying.

>> No.54944642

Definitely, that's quite juicy for AspinEsport, they've taken the game to the next level hwile gaining full advantage of the quantum resistant blockchain.

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God, have mercy on those who bought this early on. This is by far the worst chart in crypto.

>> No.54945334

That article is retarded shilling for bucc, when you traced the railgun tx, if you deposit and withdraw like that of course its easy to correlate. By just obscuring the transfers you just make it so the explorer can't automatically track it, but there is zero privacy benefit because anyone can write a tool to track it if they wanted. Its like how people use 1inch to swap to another address because it wasn't easily traceable through etherscan. Except blockchain analysis can easily trace that. And they can easily track bucc/bv3a or w/e the fuck its called. Worthless token.

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I've got my mind rested on DiD and Privacy. Got nothing to worry.