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Even in daytime darkness will cover the sun. The dead will walk and martyrs will burn in the fires of hell. Everyone will die.

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i wish this happened to the entire region of india. One thing that i will appreciate if china does become a world super power.

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I hope you're not being metaphorical.

Please make it happen by Friday. I'm so fucking sick of it all.

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>*epic post describing the modern apocalypse*
>also i post pictures of teddy bears drawn in MS paint whilst occupying the body of a scrawny or morbidly obese pasty 20-something year old with glasses that wears cargo shorts

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This happened at or near Yamantau in Russia on February 1st 2022. Information: https://archive.is/ixYKa

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I wish /pol/tards and other mentally ill cucks would leave /biz/

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>I wish /pol/tards and other mentally ill cucks would leave /biz/