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Pepe will unironically do a 3-5X, perhaps even a 10X again from here (0.00000189)

And you will be like

>woah damn everyone was fudding that saying it was over after it hit 1 billion mcap, why did I listen to biz, i should have just bought, ffs

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i agree and 7777s confirm.

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Quad 7's damn.
Also i hope so anon I still have a bag

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The fact is that there is alot of pepe copy projects right now and thats how I know this is going to moon. They're trying to get in on the pepe success. I know that this time the /biz/ bros have our back for this one.

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Im impressed anon sign me up

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Let' say an anon is starting. how would this anon get into shitcoins? which broker should this anon go with?

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checked, but it won't be on the direction or color you're hoping for

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>quad 7s
>OoOo id
Kek wills it. So it shall be.

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Let's do it with PEPE and Checkems.

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1000 Checkems scheduled for deposit

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I just bought 1000usd worth solely due to your digits

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Realistically, is 5 billion mcap possible? It's a travesty that Shib is ranked above Pepe.

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What about pepe brc20 that shit is so new no indian knows about it (elon might tweet about it)

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It will surpass doges ath. Easy 80x.

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Checkked. Kek is here. This is his will

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Checked and kekd
Green ID

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>elon might tweet about it

Subhuman pajeet spotted

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reminds me of early GNS threads.


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If you're in the US, get on crypto.com, and BKEX Global has a lot of bitcoins. I am somehow able to use KuCoin in the US, but I don't know if new users still can. Coinbase only has "proven" coins, once something has hot coinbase, it is probably time to sell.
If you're not in the US, just use Binance.
You can look up how to use a dex (decentralized exchange) like uniswap, and pancakeswap, but they will piss you off at first.

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Wake up. TG AMA Caesars Calls. 7PM UTC. Escape the matrix.

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Checked Anon, I hope so

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well I see one indian continuously spamming it (its you [you sound very desperate and everyone can see it])

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Btw, Friday is cexy time (coinbasr listing)

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The only thing more obvious than selling the pepe pump leading up to the binance listing is buying the pepe dump after the binance listing. Shib did a 50x after the listing dump

The fact biz and msm is fudding pepe is all you need to know

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nice quads but this is baggie cope

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whats msm

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Mighty digits
Must ape

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Sure but that took 6 months of crabbing. Then again, pepe doesn't give a fuck about standard time frames.

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kek, it won't do shit. Just take profit while you can and buy ORE, CHUNKS or some other lowcaps.

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fuck i was going to come call you a coping baggie but you got quad 7s so im going to buy pepe now instead its going to happen

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And checkems sir don't forget the checkems!

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100 Checkems scheduled for deposit

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Buying 40 dollars rn

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Me waiting for NEZUKO to have a 10x soon so I can sell my bags and buy an actual Nezuko sexdoll

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-.-. --- -- . ....... .--- --- .. -. ....... - .... . ....... .-. . .- .-.. ....... ....- -.-. .... .- -. ....... -.-. --- .. -. ....... .... - - .--. ... ---... -..-. -..-. - .-.-.- -- . -..-. -... .. --.. .. -. . ... ... -.... ----. ....... .--- .- -. -. .. . ... ....... .- .-. . ....... -... .-.. --- -.- .. -. --. ....... .- .-.. .-.. ....... --- ..-. ....... --- ..- .-. ....... .--. --- ... - ... .-- . ....... .-- .. .-.. .-.. ....... -- .- -.- . ....... . ...- . .-. -.-- --- -. . ....... .-. .. -.-. .... ....... .. -. ....... - .... . ....... -... ..- .-.. .-.. -- .- .-. -.- . - ....... .-- .... --- ....... .--- --- .. -. ... ....... ..- ... ....... .- - ....... - .... .. ... ....... .--. --- .. -. - .-.-.- ....... ... . . ....... -.-- .- ....... ... --- --- -. ....... ..-. .-. . -. ... .-.-.- ....... -.-. .- ---... ....... ----- -..- ...-- ----. -.. ..-. -.. ..... ----- -.-. .---- ----. --... ..-. ----. ..--- ---.. ---.. -.. ..--- .---- .- ...-- ----- ---.. --... ..... ---.. -.. -... -.. ----- ---.. ----- -.. ..--- .- . ---.. .---- ..--- ---..
>wake up, anon

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Mainstream media. Places like Forbes are running hit pieces. You sell when Forbes interviews a pepe millionaire

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Heavily Ordained Quads confirm.

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I'm afraid elon will notice pepe brc20 soon and I won't be able to secure more bags

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Nigger detected

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God damn it.
I bought back in.

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Somebody plz shoop the Pepe thumb on this cause I’m fat/lazy and hate Niggers.

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Listed on Gemini today.

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I hope so OP. Whatever drives this memecoin rally is fine by me.

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Checked and well done!

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Di gist confirm

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also checked and kekked

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fucking checked mate

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thanks for spamming this, now I know to stay far away from this scam

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Bros wtf
The amount of and dubs and trips is telling rn something
Fuck how much should I throw at this?

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peepo oversold, gonna 50x soon

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OG’s know.

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I got a 5 day for posting this last week as a question.

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Go all in

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Holy shit no way, it is true though OG is OG.

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Actual OG frens building are being gatekept hard. There is no reason for coingecko listing to not have gone through (“not organic”). Meanwhile derivatives are added everywhere. There is a pepeai shitcoin that crops up in the last 24 hrs while OG’s are actually working on a frenly ai. Too many things like this happening to be a coincidence. $Pepe creator who self-doxed had a father who was a consultant for orthogonal trading one of the only firms to pull out of FTX before it collapsed. Creator is also allegedly affiliated with someone who rugged AnubisDAO for $60MM. It was smart of binance to put out that disclaimer. All the pepe derivative scams could be leveraged to justify further crackdown but it would seem that the b8 didn’t take. All the influencer marketing is hollow. No SOVL. What happens next.

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Guess that means BTC would have to pump around here as well, trap everyone shorting at support push up and rinse with the Pepe nuke ?

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Yea, I noticed this the other day when I remember seeing the OG coin in a list of "mining projects" and video card statistics comparing profits.

I thought, well this is fucked up, an actual pepe theme blockchain has existed for several years, why would this eth token just go 1b but not the OG

Now this recent AI token is something strange as well. The real token, a BNB based project, it was under heavy attack in the telegram last night, also several fake ai tokens popped up like you said and all were immediately posted on cmc, fast tracked for sure.

the real ai project i think is going to prevail however seeing these fakes pop up and the amount of attacks and fast tracked listings, it has to be someone with deep pockets.

It's almost as if a small group of people are trying to corner the entire market.

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I don't think PEPE respects the BITCOIN Dominance thing. PEPE could do anything at all. Maybe altseason will change the focus to altcoins soon. I hope CYMI and ACOIN top the list of the coming bull market.

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it could 100x from here and still not be at the highest marketcap that doge got to

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Pepe already mooned its going intergalactic now. CHUNKS is on the same track 50x and still pumping. This RiskFi meme token is unique and has utilities. I expect 100x soon.

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pepe0x .xyz
is the real pepe
this pepe u speak of was made by the zog mastermind

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so will pondering orb kid heh nothing personel;)))

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I am very danger

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HPOS10I (BITCOIN) Stealh launch on Arbitrum With lower Gas fee


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What's the suicide stack for pepe?

What's the make it stack?

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Nearly bought because of digits last night, thank fuck I didn’t.

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Im checking the reddits and twitters. The build up and controversy is getting huge. You got some redditors doing the
>Lol google it, it actually is Pepe the frog used as a hate symbol

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Then you got some
>The boycott worked so well for the Harry Potter game, the devs couldn't have paid for a better advertisement. Pepe was never intended to be a symbol of hate and Id like to think most people don\`t think it is nor that it was.

Love or hate the toke, let's take it back and make it a meme again instead of what it was turned into for that small period of time.

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Pepe just double-bottomed on Binance.

Here is a good time to buy.

Yes, this is financial advise.

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Ok where do I buy? Preferably for USD. I want to invest 10k and I have no patience for swapping for other cryptocurrencies. But if I have to I will. What exchange should I use? And is it MetaMask compatible? I’m doing everything from my phone.

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Pepe is an egregore, it’s followers will be rewarded

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Please stop checking this thread trigger my schizophrenia

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PEPE is pumped and dumped, nothing more, nothing less, Fag. Having solid and utility tokens like ORE that powers single and secure identity for any blockchain-built apps is a plus for me.

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Ok, too many checkems. I come back with the pepe teams. Here, Pepe, I give you back my initial 200 euroz.

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>no twitter posts in over a day
>price has been dumping for almost a whole week
is it over?

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Shib reached new ath 5 months after its binance fall, I want to have a bag in my favorite token. In case this x10 arrives from here. It's not unlikely.

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The first stamp of Western Australia

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its the j-

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Pepe? On bitcoin? What is all the BRC20 talk? Can some explain what's going on?
Should I ape into Btc Pepe?

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Yesterday I was hoping that brc20 pepe reached the bottom, maybe it's true,we will see all the success of it depends of its sustainability, making it works without breaking the chain, rn you can buy some virtual brc20 tokens on gate.io, it has many advantages, less fees, easier to sell an buy, you can choose the quantity and it and doesn't congestionate the chain.
But here we are talking about buying a moon bag of erc pepe, just in case because it's a special token.

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You are dumb. Check #deletecoinbase its trending on twitter.

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>And you will be like
literally dont care if it can do 3-10x. risk/reward is not there

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ORE shill campaign is taking on another level, how much you getting paid poojet

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seed it or feed it

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1000 million stacklet here, what am I in for?

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Pain. This thread is filled with non organic Pajeet AI posts.

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The risk you're taking with Bitcoin doing a 3-10X in the next 10 years is the same risk you'd be taking with Pepe doing a 3-10X in the next 10 months

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What price do we sell at? That's the question.

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Never selling. Never breaking. Never bowing. Meme magic is eternal.

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Sell that shit and bought a vibrator for your ex, kek. Moving myself from web2 burhaha to a public blockchain with decentralized single sign-on identities is bona fide revolutionary, Anon.

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It's on pretty much all cex's and dex's and yes, it is metamask compatible.

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I want to be leaf but this dump is testing me. I wouldn’t say it is a rug but I am beginning to question if it already pumped. Maybe I am paper hands but I feel like despite being in the top 10 consistently plus all the cex listings the volume and market cap dropping is making me think I should see and take what measly profits I have since I rode this thing down.

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Retard, what the fuck are you waiting for?
I've moved from there already with my 13x to my RIDE and HIGH bag. The PEPE shit is saturated.

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100x for CHUNKS is programmed anon. kek

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The Pepe train is gone. Why not focus on projects like MNI that actually brings a real-world use case to the table?

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Nice cope. Shitcoins role after getting listed on binance is one and only one. Going Down.

>> No.54929914

Take your bags now. This poo is going to dump. Even if it pumps you probably won't even have time to fill an order. Zoom out.

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believe me mate, I was one of the unfortunate disbelievers who sold safemoon a month before it pumped back in the last bullrun, I will hold this bag to zero and recoup my wages before I go through that depression of jumping off the train early EVER again

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Inside source says it's going to 0.30$ in 3 months.

>> No.54930157

is 1 billion make it stack?

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fucking retard, now you will loose all your gains. I took profit and bagged rail and ctsi.

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Better get a bag of CHUNKS or you gonna cry a river soon dumbfag

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Not even close. The make it train took off 3 weeks ago.

>> No.54930832

Doge hasn't done that at all

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Already done that and I'm rotating my profits into Chunks

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Is Doge done now?

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If it gets to doge levels in the next decade, I'll be happy. It just needs more meme magic.

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It has maxxed out too. BEN and CHUNKS will be a good buy instead