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This is the second time I have seen an absurd upward wick to Pepe, first time was to 0.04 this time it goes all the way to $25.

>Wtf anons SRS!

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the time to buy is now

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That just means somebody got anally raped by liquidity shock

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This is the wick to 0.04, This was on a Saturday a week or two ago.

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Oh you mean this trade ?
He just got 0.2 eth for free from that trade.

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It was on the previous hour candle on the hourly, Still showing for me.

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You look at thee fucking Hour candle on a pajeet coin ? Whats next. You gonna draw me some lines ?

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Nigger, You can view it on any timeframe you want.

>Focus on a massive wick to $25 on a fucking asset priced at 0.000002. Worthless nigger.

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that's cool
but how he do it, MEV??

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the price on the charts clearly shows 4 zeros, on that particular buy was 5 zeros

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> first wick was to 0.000004
And that was then the top couple days later.
Dare i say this new wick is the new top?

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No, It was 0.04 but after a few days it got removed or ‘fixed’ or something. It was really weird.

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PEPE will pump hard soon

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I'm retarded and don't know how wicks work, what does it mean? Is it somehow going to go to 4 cents?

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just a front running bot using a large amount of capital

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Giant wicks like that are either fat fingered orders or attempts at manipulation that failed. Although you’d have to be a moron to manipulate like that and think it would catch on.

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Some dexttools fuckery glitch it happens on a lot of charts

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ivy league wall st chads rinsing the /biz/ poors who thought they could NEET their way through life and still make it