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My gf just broke up with me and I live in Boston. I pay rent here and have about 30k saved up cash. Ill probably move back home to save money because parents wont make me pay rent. Can someone give me some ideas. I currently have 8k in xrp and icp shit NFTs. so that shit will probably go to zero.

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i love ice spice fellow boston anon
sucks the c's and bruin's fucked up eh?
lmk if u wanna meet up homie, can have dinner at salem st

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1000 oz bar of silver and the rest in gold buffalos

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North end eh? You fancy bitch

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The celtics are playing tn they still may pull it off

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You need to have the balls and mental fortitude to hold ICP. It is most likely going to $2000 some day. It might be painful until then, but that's just the price of 200x returns.

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I have 2 btc flowers plus all the other gay flowers i got from holding. I only have 60 icp liquid. But i bought the btc flowers as seeds for like 15 icp at the time. Do you think they will ever be worth anything

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>What should I invest in i have 30k
You can invest in creating a computer game. I have a prototype game in Unity 3d. I now need a powerful laptop to continue creating the game.

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Do you live in Boston with niggers?

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4 week treasury at 6%
sort your life out over the next 28 days
start over
simple as

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Boston is gay as fuck. Fuck Boston and fuck Michelle Wu. Come to the suburbs anon.
Also how do I get my girlfriend to break up with me?

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Isnt Dorchester basically a mini-Detroit?

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You can buy a bag of PartyKartsToken, a full bag (2% of all supply) is 180 dollars
Buy one and forget it, the creator will continue to develop the game and build a community of bizraelis on tg partykartsio

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lol u seem high qual
im from south shore

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lol which burbs dude
bet ur some nigger from mattapan or randolph
or a white nigger from fall rivah

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I made that pepe

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I think NFTs are much riskier than investing in base tokens , but I would definitely HOLD those BTC flowers.

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You're delusional anon. NFTs are based and these days we have begun to see a lot of innovative use cases for them.

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I don't disagree but the truth is that 99.9%+ of NFTs are trash. I try not to buy trash. I'm not a hypocrite though, I hold some NFTs on ICP blockchain.

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Kek, then stop fudding your own bags anon and follow the light to profits. NFT season is closing in again.

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Become a dbi whale . Fuck it, do it for the little guys, all In

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Boston and the entire state of assachusetts are filled with some of the biggest nigger sucking faggots in the entire country. Anytime I meet someone from that shit hole of a state I can immediately tell they're insufferable fart sniffing cunts before they open their mouths.
Things that suck about Boston
> It's a college town, don't try and larp as a real city
> It's faster to drive than take the T
> Going on vacation to the cape or Maine isn't a real vacation since you haven't left anywhere.
> Takes an hour plus to go 10 miles
> Your accents are gay as fuck. Say the fucking R
> You went from a bumbling retard if a mayor (Menino) to a diversity hire retard
> Boston isn't strong if you have to lock down your city and cower while Chechens go on a shooting rampage
> Fuck the retard sports fan who were all clearly sexually abused by Catholics as children.
Take your 30k and move to a real city.

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RIZZo the rat is a good memecoin to get in atm.
Low mcap and active development around the project.

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Where to get?

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Put 5k in hex right now. Thank me later

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Nice one kek, that looks good, but sylo is one I continue to accumulate, seeing as it would be implementing its delegated staking program before Q4

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That some game shit it will be fun and earn through that shit anon how can I get involved

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site = rizzo dot world

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only somelazyfags hold some rekt pussy,
as web3 will be rolling out incentivization on its network, this I believe would leads to more opportunities for creators.

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You fag so go get a life and don't be some retard dick when CVP got some nice pussy gains anon

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Yea anon you sound good but I got my dick hard on one of the the web3 platform I have a feeling it's going to be a profitable investment, especially when you consider the fact that it will be the communications protocol for the futureverse

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You don't make some sense kek get go get useful faggot.

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Memecoins are another opportunity to get nuked Chad. I'd rather invest in assets with based utilities and I've spotted one focused on data privacy and encryption in web3

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Just keep hoping kek am getting some nice pussy gains as futureverse are making it equally important in the metaverse. With sylo there's so much to expect.

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That looks nice anon as the provides a secure and private way to communicate and transfer digital assets

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Go invest in some real estate investment and get some juicy profit you faggot

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I still believe in privacy anon even though there has been quite the battle against it for a while web3 has proven to be the best, as both privacy and security are guaranteed.

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Go and ask you mama crypto is crazy anon you just need some gold and your good to go dickhead

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Dogecoin and adjacents, im being 100% unironical

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I'm so glad I dont live in Boston anymore

t. Floridaman

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Go duck your ass

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You should invest in nothing because i (me) expect to get nothing at all from this investment and there's only one way this can go (no place at all)
I suggest giving this a read


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Go get your ass spank on some gamfi shit as web3 is making dick hard especially before its delegated staking program goes live this year for user passive income.

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Lol don't worry you will soon cry Like some rekt dick soon

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only a fed would tell people to give up on privacy, all the while stacking up monero, seems like it's a good option here, or maybe find a low cap like sylo

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That looks nice anon but I can't wait to see the same on sylo which has shown innovation by enabling data protection in web3 through its decentralized node system

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You Boston kek keeps getting some wrong pussy you fags need yo get some juicy pussy experience ass BtC lookon some green dildos.

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That's how you get rent. Kys

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Government is trying to drown privacy.

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That sound cool as am still holding sylo seeing as it enables e2e encrypted communication in web3 and has gained more adoption in the past months.

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These nodes store encrypted user data in a distributed manner, making it tougher for hackers to access or manipulate user's data

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Have the balls and strength to invest and hold CYMI. You would be a millionaire at the peak of bull run.

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I guess you must have heard the sentence, risk only what you can afford to lose. You can play the meme gambles or stick to something less risky. CTSI, XRP, and AVAX are safe investments.
Of course, this is also another good one to keep close. I use the CryptMi app myself so I know the utilities.

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Ever since CHAT tokens which I thought will be my Lambo, I gave up on the ecosystem fr

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Smart ass, 30k$ to build from scratch with no marketing, huh?

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You shorted or bought early coz I fucking shorted your asses and got some Fet, Xrp, Asto which were long overdue in my watchlist.

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Facts bro, idk how y'all be getting so much bank from NFTs. Personally, when I mint, I either sell for 2-3x or it rugs. If I sell, boom, the shit pumps to 10x. Made a ton of degen plays that ended up in my wallet getting rugged, thankfully I swept 'em all to the Goblins queen for Junk tokens to mint some Goblins.

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Brag about your riches.

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These ones barely make it through, ask those on my DSCVR portal, dustss.

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AI, economic solutions, and ______?

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Still AI token but with a touch of metaverse, gaming, and NFTs which are called ASM brains.

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I bought PEPEAI maybe the wrong one. It still sits at 2m MCAP but my funds have been slashed into two. I'll just stick to altcoins like CYMI, ID and, ACOIN.

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Any game similar to GTA and Postal will be successful.

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with the e2e encrypted messaging app, you can stay in touch with friends through video calls or chats without exposing your ass

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ORE, HBAR, CTSI. you are welcome.

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50% BTC, 30% AVAX, 20% FTM.

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Don't snooze on Digital Identity narratives, they'll make millions.

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I have never heard of Ice Spice before 4chan and now she's posted everywhere.

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Based. All ID tokens seem to be the best out there.

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Privacy or self custody tokens are already in the mainstream. Don't sleep on them.

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I live in Brookline. Hi

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And it won't take up to that amount to build from scratch, fund, and marketing?

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Lmao this token ain't even reaching new ATHs, it's crawling in profits.
Just bet on ROOT bruv, not listed yet but I'm damn good accumulating via new challenges springing, I'm up for the sweet profit stack up as the ecosystem spreads wider.

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To bag more, when the incentivized nodeNFT staking is rolled out the profits will be more and so will the diversity of the "labs project" (sylo)

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I'd go for XRP my dude. Honestly the Return of Christ shitcoin.

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FTM is gone Chad. Mine would be Caps, Matic and Sylo for based long term gains

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Price Go Up has been impressive for a shitcoin. I just bought a little and it trended to an extent. I also lost a lot inSUI INU. I am not really good with mems. I should have just stuck to the area I was good and confident. At least my NXRA is still looking bullish, ID is full of hope, and XRP keeping up.

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I am sure the new RiskFi meme token CHUNKS will be a great deal.
50x since the token launch.

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>And it won't take up to that amount to build from scratch, fund, and marketing?
I need only 10,000 dollars to create a game that will bring in a profit several times the amount spent.
The main work will be done by procedural generation and neural networks.

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dont buy anything with sonic on it

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Privacy is fundamental human right, Jeet. I have no issue if I can get my hands on the protocol that used to provide Ethereum, Binance Chain, Polygon, and Arbitrum with layer 1 privacy solutions.

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how do I get my girlfriend to dump me bros

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you got no idear what yah talkin about dood we say the ahr

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Say it loud, Anon. With advent of zk-SNARKs technology, I can shield any of my ERC-20 token or NFT in to 0zk address of my choice.

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Yo, besides holding my lil bag on XRPL for some degen action or staking on CEX, I got a good stack tucked away in my Sylo self-custody wallet. Thinking of shifting half to my FuturePass account for some root network moves later on.

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Bring it on.

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Move on fag, you got a life ahead of you.

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Azero sits well with it.

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Root Network has this L1 solutions with scalability, transparency, and a decentralized metaverse

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Not just Digital identity will be huge in coming days, I believe Crypto payment should catch lots of attention as well.

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Nah, I am not sold on this majority of them are just bunch of shitcoins with no intrinsic values.

>> No.54928818

Not all of them some have impressive innovations like CryptMi which is set to bring loyalty rewards onchain.

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With a car you can go anywhere you want.

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Kek, that's what you get for investing in memecoins anon. I'd rather focus on platforms that enable decentralized communication in web3 as I see them gaining more adoption in the space.

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Crypto payment projects will give a greater yield jewfag

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Wait for Pulsechain to launch - wait for the initial launch dump. Then buy.

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Hello fellow Boston goyim. I hate mutts btw.
For me it's Hanover St. I like Artu and Florentine's. I never had anything to eat at Florentine's but it's a chill vibe. I had a friend that lived on Little Prince St so it was right at the front door. The North End used to be dope, it's pretty gentrified now just like all of Boston. Shame.

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Every real Bostonian has the capacity to say the letter R but only when saying nigger, you faggot fuck.

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10k BTC
10 k ETH
5 k assorted alts
4500 meme coins
500 kevlar kneepads

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>data privacy
Based privacy chad.

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Passive income opportunities on Xexchange is underrated. Imo. Zpay and Utk are go-to options atm

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Get your shit together retard, I've been earning from trending assets on Tokenmatrics AI. You've got what it takes dumbass.

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Utrust made me a hell of money faggot. I ain't gonna deny that

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retard statistician

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Just invest it in the onchain staking of UTK. Pussy will always come

>> No.54931623

Rey Retard, Ride is giving impressive results because it has just begun putting its first NFT marketplace fee burn into practice.
Get your danm ass up and get moving

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I bought a phone that has redmagic label and paid with crytpo

>> No.54935353

Now you don't want the government spying on you. Having your messaging on decentralized servers is safer

>> No.54935695

Go all in on a Biotech startup before they IPO and become rich

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Don’t be fakin retaaded

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Buy one btc, buy cocaine with the rest

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Mid tier hooker, preferably black or mulatto. $100 in power ball tickets. 10k in CDs. Keep the rest liquid for emergencies

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I just spent $20k on this shit expecting a big pump soon, am I retarded or not? (same ticker tho)

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First things first
Move the fuck out of Boston. Move to like, Woburn. You're wasting a fuck ton of money paying rent in Boston. Thats retarded.
Second; buy Metacade. Trust me. I'm early af with this. No one on /biz/ has caught on yet
It has an actual use case
It's at 2 cents
If it goes to $1 that's a 4900% increase
Aka one grand for every $20 you put in

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Buy memecoins if you want to get rich overnight. Don't buy those legit projects with nothing to deliver.

>> No.54940252

$10K in NXRA should get you back on your feet because it does 2x almost every two weeks

>> No.54940482

Legit projects just take some time. Don't expect to see results right away. It takes time. If I'm basing long term terms, I'd go for RWA like MNI that gives solutions to liquidity and DAO governance issues. If for short term, I would still ride the memecoin season. That is my particular investment philosophy.

>> No.54940744

That's one of my favorite alt, because the project is constantly developing

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>Don't snooze on Digital Identity narratives, they'll make millions.
My CHEQ bags are ready