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let me repeat myself, CCIP is the equivalent of the steam engine invention in a world fully powered by cows, horses and donkeys.

nobody seems to realize how important CCIP is, or what it does, some even think it's just another bridge, let me explain to you guys why there is so much FUD surrounding link and why vitalik hates chainlink so much.

everything in the whole crypto industry is about to change drastically, and it's just few months away ....

to those who wanna just read the official blogpost:

today, when you want to deploy a new 'Animal coin' to a blockchain, you have to decide on which blockchain you deploy it, and then use bridges to send that shitcoin to another chain. but what does a bridge really do? and what's really a shitcoin?
all shitcoins are basically just copy pasts from the same openZepplin erc20 contracts, basically what the contract does, is it creates a hashmap(address, integer) where each entry key is the the wallet address of the shitcoin owner, and the value is the number of shitcoins he owns. for those who didn't know, basically owning shitcoins is just owning a number in a smart contract, they are not into your wallet or whatever. it's just a fucking number you dumb fuck.
anways, the problem with most dapps, especially dapps that use NFTs, is basically they use almost the same structure as the shitcoin smart contracts they have the same hashmap except that they also have another array containing the NFT metadata, and instead of putting the number of shitcoins owned by the wallet of the user, they will put the ID in the array of the nft metadata.
and that's where there is a problem. most NFT projects if not all, they simply use the metadata index in the array, as the ID of the NFT, so for example if you own let's say a "bored ape n°0023" basically in the bored ape shitcoin, you have :
hashmap: {key:"0xmywallet..", value:23}
arrayOfMonkeys[23] = {ipfsHash:"idiots"}

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why is this important? well think about it, if the index in the array is the unique identifier of the bored ape, if you want to deploy the same smart contract on polygon or bsc or arbitrum or optimism or whatever the fuck, if you mint those bored ape there, each arrayOfMonkeys, will have different Ids for the ape metadata, and if you want to bridge that ape to another chain, you have problems where the id oof the metadata from 2 apes can be identical. what this means is that all dapps today, they cannot have modules deployed on some chains and others on other chains, you'd have massive problems with synchronization of data.

wait arn't bridges used to do that specifically? well guess what? what a bridge does, is simply, lock the shitcoin on chain A, and mint the new shitcoin on chain B, but on chain A and B its two completely different assets and the smart contracts are not synched at all. also those who lock and mint "the bridges" are all centralized entities, if i want for example to create my own shitcoin, and i want to create some complex dapp that can have users on both ppolygon and ETH, i'm basically either making two separate deployments and have two dapps running separately, or i make my own bridge, basically use my server to sync the data between the shitcoin smart contracts on both chains.
1. that'd be centralized because i'd be minting and locking on both sides
2.it's a giant fucking mind fuck to implement, because i want to build a dapp, not fucking manage nodes and do some fucking devops shit, i just want to make a dapp that has a user base on both chains.

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enters ccip, what does it do then? ccip basically will create a giant abstraction layer over which you implement your smart contract, and basically you don't have to worry about data synchronization between blockchains. you will create a smart contract, your shitcoin smart contract, say on what blockchains you want it to run, and thechainlink nodes will manage automatically the synchronization of data between the chains.
in my ape example, i'd just use the same fucking array and indexes, and wont have any id collision issues, also, ccip comes with an anti fraud network, that will monitor the data synchronization , it will be basically and AI.

also guess what will ccip do?
since the sync between the chains is managed directly by the chainlink nodes, we don't need any wrappers anymore. so all those bridges with wrappers will all get BTFO, you will basically be able to trade native blockchain shitcoins without the need of wrappers it'll all be managed by the chainlink network sync feature.

you will have cross chains dexes, that will abstract away the blockchain on which your assets are held, you will be able to directly swap between liquidity pools accross all blockchains to get the best prices.

also guess what? all this shit is retro compatible, CCIP will give access to vanilla projects to "Storefront Smart Contracts" wmart contracts that serve as a gateway to a smart contract application on another blockchain network. These contracts allow users to stay within their blockchain environment of choice while depositing into and interacting with existing decentralized applications running in an entirely different on-chain environment...

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NOONE really understands the full extent of CCIP and why it's so ground breaking, why do you guys think the MEV faggots hate it so much? why do you think there is so much FUD?
it's gonna kill all the dexes that do single chain swaps, and all the bridges, all the token wrappers, and it will relay ETH to just another chain abstracted away into cross chain smart contracts.

if you don't believe me READ THIS you fucking idiot

or just take a look at the image in the OP

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>*record scratch*
thank you all for coming but the beautiful dance is now over

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Fuck off Chainlink advocate. Just release the fucking product already and stop talking about it. Actions not words.

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>SWIFT partnership is the game changer
>Town Crier is the game changer
>DECO is the game changer
>Mixicles is the game changer
>Keepers is the game changer
>VRF is the game changer
>OCR is the game changer
>Staking is the game changer
>Oracle partnership is the game changer
>Google partnership is the game changer
>Arbitrum is the game changer
>Arbitrum nitro is the game changer
>ISO20022 launch is the game changer
you are here
>CCIP is the game changer
>Chainlink Functions is the game changer
>Staking v0.2 is the game changer
>BUILD airdrops is the game changer

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nobody seems to grasp the true meaning of ccip, and basically all the vcs frowning upon chainlink are the equivalent to horse powered chariots enterprise share holders hating on the steam engine, and refusing the buy any steam engine shares.

they will all, keep playing with their horses until the steam engine will bring a huge shift in how transportation is done.

soon, with ccip nobody will make single chain dapps, it'll be a thing of the past, annd dexes will either move too crosschain dapps or just lose to competition. at this oint even CEXES are at risk, because if the load and the fees are shared across multiple chains, why do people even bother with cexes?

on my side i'm still buying link like there is no tommorrow, and i am fully aware of the ground breaking change ccip will bring.

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It'll also drop gas fees down to cents for the average user.
We are so back

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stfu horse lovers

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I've said it before and I'll say it again. The average user wont know which L1 / L2 he's even using

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exactly, and wrapped tokens won't exist anymore, nobody seems to realize it yet, but when it'll happen, they won't understand wtf happened, that's when they'll realize it's all powered by chainlink, and eth is just abstracted away, nobody will give a shit about eth anymore or btc, it'll all run over chainlink abstraction layer
and that's when the dumb fucking horse lovers will realize how wrong they were and will rush to buy as many chainlink as they can, because all synchronization between chains and all transactions will move through link.

ccip is literally a switch being flipped. there is already many dexes that are on testnet having it deployed, its just a matter of when sergey gives the green light, ccip is so fucking huge i cant even realize that it'll come out in just a few months

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How does this add value to the link token? Or is this another arbitrum.

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Honestly this.
and this

Game changing what? Can’t change shit if you never release

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Crazy how little is priced in for Chainlink. Thanks for reminding me.

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every transaction on all chains, will have a chainlink fee attached to it.

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yes, Arbitrum Nitro powered by Chainlink validators is definitely getting priced in any day now

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>Honestly this.
>and this
>Game changing what? Can’t change shit if you never release
it's in testnet, all projects are building around it, when it'll go live it's just a matter or redeploying in prod aave, 1inch uniqwap all of em will go crosschain instantly

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Chainlink is a cuckold cult made up of schizos who touch their chastity cage while they watch their portfolio make new ATLs in Bitcoin and Ethereum

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Here's the write up I did around a year and half ago
As ludicrous as this idea might sound, the crypto market and technology is still in its infancy stage. In the truest sense, "we are early." The last bull run has shown the public's willingness to interact with a new and emerging technology, but for the most part, they still have no clue what they're investing into. The allure of economic gains always peaks their interest and dies out once the bull run is over. With the normie constantly chasing profits from meme coin to meme coin, you have to realize that they cannot be a reliable source to pump your bags (there’s still profits to be made if you can recognize their next fad beforehand).

Let me expand on where I see crypto going within the next couple of years.
1. The average person will no longer hold their private keys. Wallets will be managed by a smart contract which you use a decentralized identity to access.
2. The average person will no longer know what L1 they're using (if they're even on a L1).
3. L2s will become dominant, as hinted to above.
4. The average person will no longer have to hold ETH to interact with Ethereum, BNB for BSC, ICP for the internet computer.
Some of these things might sound impossible, but if you look back at 2017 when you were using etherdelta, could you imagine DeFi growing to what it is today?

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>when it'll go live

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>How will your predictions be possible?
The technology needed for these innovations have already been thought of and are already being worked on.
(This list will be in reference to the above list)
1. CanDID combined with DECO
2. Heavily reliant on CCIP and smart contract controlled wallets combined with liquidity pools.
3. Most L1s just simply cannot sustain the current growth/usage and still be economically feasible. With thousands of L2s all working together through the functionality of CCIP message layer, cost will be driven down to a fraction of what they are today.
4. Similar to my second point, using a smart contract controlled wallet will allow that contract to tap into liquidity pools provided by investors who want to earn some interest off of their investment. I’m not 100% sure how this will work, but I’d imagine that the smart contract will take a very small percentage of whatever approved token you’re using within the smart contract, and auto swap it to the L1 token of choice for the investor.

Just as the DeFi explosion was heavily reliant on price feed oracles from Chainlink, the next phase of the market will be heavily reliant on CCIP bridges from Chainlink. Once CCIP is released, we’ll see another phase of explosive growth and innovation within the crypto sphere. The normie will now have a nice clear front end application to work with for whatever Dapp they’re using, while the investor will be able to properly allocate capital to the most deserving token.

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just a few months away, yeah sure...we heard it like 16 months ago from Sergey right? Its almost half of 2023 and even insiders dont give a shit. Just look at the price anon.

If all you you think its gonna happen why ETH whales aint buying link huh? Are you the only one aware of what's happening? I dont think so. People just dont give a shit about chainlink anymore. And no product release is going to change that. Sad but true.

and btw. 90% of my crypto is LINK.

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Thanks, captain sarcasm. Neither are Town crier and Mixicles, still a ton of other stuff that was never priced in and will get priced in at some point. Just how markets work.

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its a fucking fiction created by some twitter fag. Why even post it?

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I hold link but that's a lot of bullshit. Wrappen tokens will continue to exist, if anything slowly replaced within years. Eth will continue to be the top settlement layer, because it's much more secure then fucking chain link nodes.
Dexes who serve one chain will not die lol wtf are you talking about their pools will always be used if anything you mean dex aggregators

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>how will your predictions be possible
>canDID + DECO
>scaling? lol fuck that, how about THOUSANDS OF L2s bro!
security nightmare
>smart contract controlled wallet
I'm seeing a common patter in LINK shilling, carrot dangling
Town crier turned out to be a dead end thanks to SGX flopping, that's why they pivoted to DECO, newfren, Mixicles are vaporware as well.

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why do you sneed?

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Not reading, don't care. It could cure cancer and the price would go down, it's a cursed coin.

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>Town crier turned out to be a dead end thanks to SGX flopping, that's why they pivoted to DECO, newfren, Mixicles are vaporware as well.
Total non sequitur. I just told you that Town Crier and Mixicles are never going to amount to any price action, precisely because they have been canned.
I have been here longer than you and hold more LINK than you.

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reading your post gave me cancer, you sound like an impatient cuck who got his bull prepper late for the party, go get fucked or something, you don't realize how big this is, and that it being just few months away is extremely crazy.

i hope the market still sleeps on it i dont give a fuck, i'm putting everything i have in link

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>i'm putting everything i have in link
you're totally not a cuckold in denial holding heavy bags lol

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>crazy how little is priced in for Chainlink
>just told you that most of them are vaporware
cognitive dissonance
>hold more LINK than you
I hold exactly 0, so I can believe that.
hmm, apart from carrot dangling, the other major tactic is accusing disgruntled holders of having a high time preference

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you have no clue

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It makes it possible.
So that doesn't mean everyone is instantly going to use it.
And my other points?

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SWIFT is not priced in, DECO is not priced in, VRF, OCR, Keepers, CCIP, Functions, Staking and Build aidrops are all not priced in yet.

Considering the above, "crazy how little is priced in for Chainlink" is an accurate statement.

>I hold exactly 0, so I can believe that.
Kek, imagine being this mentally invested without actually being invested. I hope you're at least shorting.

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sure anon, all these vaporware products are getting priced in any day now.

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Also wait no, you trade eth on eth for btc on btc. So wrapped tokens still are very useful. For liquidity providing or lending for example. You can't lend on aave with btc you need it on eth.

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capslock was on, i 'm not rewriting that, once 1inch will just use crosschain swaps, u'd automatically think that the wrapped versions are shit, which they are

>> No.54904681

>shill is getting mad people aren't drinking the kool-aid
let go of capslock, anon

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you fucking retard, liquidity pools on uniswap, or curve will all use crosschain smart contracts that won't require wrapped versions

>> No.54904698

But see >>54904665
Also my other points>>54904507

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oldfag popo is right in every single implication, but I doubt CCIP will come out instantly as a 100% fully fleshed out mass market ready product/service, it will probably be released in slowly expanding iterations like most Chainlink services because security is the number one priority, none of it will matter if CCIP stops working or gets successfully attacked so they have to roll out slowly

>> No.54904716

Will they?
Personally I would not use this for lending on aave, too insecure is something breaks for just one block I get liquidated.
For trading I can see it

>> No.54904720

rollout slowly as in :
first release the messaging router, then WHAT?
wait it out?

r u fucking serious?

>> No.54904724

What else would suffice? A hand written note from Sergey himself?

>> No.54904731

how about a full product release?

>> No.54904739

you won't even realize u'll be on a crosschain evironment, for example, imagine UNISWAp routes, i mean you'd just want to trade some some shitcoin for another one, why do you even care on what blockchain it is?
all the heavy duty will be done by the dex, same with lending, it'll be the concern of the dapp not the user

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Not so sure about that. I just know that they are not priced in yet. This premise seems to upset you, why?

>> No.54904758

I will always realize dude.
I can see it's great use for eth btc pair but why should there be countless shitcoin pools between countless l1/l2. Makes no sense.

>> No.54904770

why should it upset me? you're the one who should be upset at the market for failing to price in all these amazing (vaporware) products Chainlink keeps on releas- eerr announcing!

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Chainlink is a cuckold cult made up of schizos who touch their chastity cage while they watch their portfolio make new ATLs in Bitcoin and Ethereum

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Hello OP. I know exactly what you are talking about but was never able to articulate it. I enjoyed reading your posts and the small offensive remarks made me chuckle...

Thank you for making these posts it was a fun read
have a good day/night and wagmi.

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>a cuckold cult made up of schizos who touch their chastity cage
never seen a more blatant example of projecting than this post right here lol

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>"VCs refusing to buy my bags!!"
>"Dey can't afford or dey want better entry or dey just can't see how valuable my bag really is ok?"
Holy fuck can you hear yourself? Fuck off nigger you're no better than reddit mutts/jeets polluting this board.

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So you're saying everything on Ethereum is pointless but since link provides architecture to the trash pile it has value? A throne of mud lmao

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happy to have entertained you for a moment fren, i have a tech background i know exactly in what way ccip solves some big issues crypto devs are facing, most linkers arn't tech literate so i tried to make it as dumb as possible so people can understand what's coming up, because most hear CCIP left and right but don't realize the implications of it. and it's really hard to explain to tards.

>> No.54904884

>most don't realize the implications of CCIP
rightfully so, since it's vaporware

>> No.54904886

i was here way before you, you're the one polluting my board fuck off my thread

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From a psychiatric perspective the word "cuckold" triggers Link marines so much because subconsciously they know it's their true nature. Imagine holding a premined erc-20 token with terrible tokenomics for 6 years hoping to make it just to see your pathetic bags getting outperformed by the entire market while you stake your measly tokens for bond tier gains (4% APY). The cherry on top of the cake is Sergey who stringed along the community while he made $500 million by dumping on gullible retail investors like you. The cuckold nature of the Link marine is an undeniable reality.

As with every cult pointing out the truth is often uncomfortable for the cult members. But the truth is....Link marines are simply cuckolds.

>> No.54904890

CCIP is a meme
don't tell me you came all this way to invest in a MEME? loool

>> No.54904923

>SWIFT is actively working with vaporware because... because I just said so, ok!!!

>> No.54904925

Have you stopped to think maybe those ARE priced in? In that they bring no further value to LINK token holders?

>> No.54904926

Kek exactly.
The most bearish thing about LINK is its current vocal baggies, like you want them to just STFU for their own good but you can't and shouldn't say it out loud.

>> No.54904935

>SWIFT dabbling with a couple of PoCs means adoooption and CCIP going live on March because....because I just said so, ok!!!

>> No.54904946

who's more vocal, me? or you and your bulgarian friends with 15+ posts in this thread?

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They are salty cuckolds holding heavy bags after 6 years.

Nobody wants to buy their premined shitcoin and they're mad about it

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>namefag complains about pbtid
lose the trip, shill

>> No.54904965

Op tell me canton chain uses link and is CCIP white label rather than competition
>t holding for years

>> No.54904991

And what's the point of all that ? All this technology is used for trading cumfarttokens and bored apes. Serious question.

>> No.54905013

That would be a first then, because the sole driver for any crypto price action is still speculation, and even unconfirmed rumors of connections like Chainlink's have big pumps as a consequence. Litecoin x Wallmart, anyone?

>> No.54905067

the asset you are trading doesn't matter, what matters is peoples interest, if people decide that a technology is worthy, then no matter what it'll generate value and income for enterprise that will make it grow.
right now you have alot of real world companies mostly cexes that make tengible money out of the fart and cum coins, but anyways reducing this technology to trading farts and cum is brainlet tier, as a dev you understand that having the ability to develop without having to bother with servers is something amazing and in the future, of course everything will run on, DLT, deeming the tech useless because it's in its early stages is just retarded

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>mfw I finally completed my sui stack

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That's cool and all but ccip doesn't even exist they haven't even begun hiring a single engineer to create it yet despite saying it was in audits since 2 years ago also the token isn't needed

>> No.54905267

If CEXes were to die, how do we get out fiat in/out of crypto?

>> No.54905292

>t. extremely upset because they spend all their time fighting automated spam in their own fud threads now so their only option is to bump link threads and get laughed at

The usual discord nufudders are actually a lower form of life than unpaid internet janitors:
>constantly making 50+ pbtid fudding in discussion threads over 10+ hours whenever they're up
>the rest of the time they seem to be seething, samefagging, and monitoring in up to 6 fud threads at any one time during their "rush hour"
>sometimes when they're really upset because no one takes them seriously, they'll spam the board with nikado avacado's asshole threads
>they have been doing this possibly since 2021, when a lot of them bought the top and never recovered
>others lost their stacks on bancor and celsius
>some even think that they're "fighting the wef" by posting on here - yes they're that retarded
>lets be generous with the math and say that they've only done this for five days a week (including holidays) for one year (50x52=2600 hours spent doing this maybe, not including the time they've spent making low quality memes and looking at pictures of the best cock cages to use)
>all over an apparently shitty and unimportant crypto
>on a board that doesn't even affect the prices
>all for FREE

>> No.54905298

directly through ur bank account by asking your bank? what do you think swift is doing?

>> No.54905316


>> No.54905339

So they'll use Hedera ? Got it.

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Based OP

Really riled up the fuddies with this post, anyone who hasn’t been accumulating in the $5-7 range is insane.

>> No.54905445

I guess my bank would have some sort of crypto trading interface or how would that work?

>> No.54905945

how does ccip prevent the high cost of transactions/settlement on eth if my jpes are living there and I want to something with them on a different chain?
or if I am trying to buy a shitcoin on eth from my favorite L1/L2, how is the cost affected?
will the dons keep all these transactions histories and how are all these dons communicate with each other when there can be so different things going on at the same time? can 1 sec of delay between communications cause any trouble?
so many other questions...
most probably the first release of ccip will be a specific application rather than a generalized one.

>> No.54905968

From a psychiatric perspective the word "cuckold" triggers Link marines so much because subconsciously they know it's their true nature. Imagine holding a premined erc-20 token with terrible tokenomics for 6 years hoping to make it just to see your pathetic bags getting outperformed by the entire market while you stake your measly tokens for bond tier gains (4% APY). The cherry on top of the cake is Sergey who stringed along the community while he made $500 million by dumping on gullible retail investors like you.

The cuckold nature of the Link marine is an undeniable reality. As with every cult pointing out the truth is often uncomfortable for the cult members. But the truth is....Link marines are simply cuckolds.

>> No.54906004

I think maybe if you have stuff on ETH you essentially move it to CCIP and from there on out reduced fees, not sure if that first move will cost ETH fees or not, but I guess going forward people could theoretically launch directly to CCIP? I don’t really understand this either. All I know is it’s fucking Vaporware until it’s not, and MOST shit the team has advertised has been Vaporware indefinitely

>> No.54906011

your jpeg will have different instances on each chain, what you own, is all of them at the same time, since the chain u use doesn’t matter anymore your way of thinking right now is wrong, you will trade it without knowing on what chain the trade was settled, the jpegyou own isn’t in ur wallet, it’s on a smart contract that can be batch updated

>> No.54906052

So it's like each chain basically becoming some kind of peudo-node on a giant meta-chain?

>> No.54906075

Do you need the token for any of it or what

>> No.54906139

Yep that’s why eth won’t matter in the long run, users won’t even know what blockchain they are using

>> No.54906174

In this hypothetical, if you have an instance of the same jpeg on each chain, are those instances locked together or can you sell them separately?
I imagine there would be issues with the fact that some chains can handle more throughput than others.

>> No.54906215

I think I understand where this is going
>giant meta-chain
is this the consensus without blockchain meme?
that is what I was also trying to understand with the previous question. how are the delays or different throughputs handled?

>> No.54906265

Except that's quite literally what FSS is.

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chainlink will suck up the value of all chains like a vaccuum cleaner

>> No.54906275

or is it more like dons actively work and reach consensus, but they post the "results" periodically? every five minutes, or hour or days...?

>> No.54906291

You guys are thinking too hard, and backwards, the concern of where ur not is stored is obsolete in a cross chain world. In a cross chain dapp, chainlink manages the sync state of the smart contracts, when the data is synced is of no concern to the user, as they just hold the jpeg, it’s up to the dapp to decide where it’s best to store and what chains they support,

In the case of legacy dapps they will have the store fronts that will allow em to move assets around, but new dapps won’t care

>> No.54906382

that’s the thing you don’t decide how they are managed, so you can’t sell them separately since they are an abstraction of the «physical asset» that’s why wrapped assets will die off end users won’t care about where it’s stored, but will care on the fees they pay, for example a dapp could do it’s trades on polygon and store the ownership on eth, but that cost is not on the end user, it’s on the dapp

>> No.54906428

link has not accrued enough value to be used as collateral for all these transactions even with the n^2 calculation. who will be able to put so much collateral in this? and if swift and others also come into play, then it is a nightmare to secure all of it.

>> No.54906446

qnt is N:N, you can't beat that

>> No.54906467

u do a good job of explaining this stuff
it really sounds amazing and inevitable
which makes chainlink... a possible good investment

>> No.54906509

The problem they solve is not for your shitcoin casino anon but it could be also used for yours

>> No.54906539

when you faggots start smugposting a year from now how you fudded out the newfags, I just want you to know you failed utterly, 2018 fud was a thousand times more nuanced and funnier. fuck all /pol/ tourists.

>> No.54906545

You don’t understand, what link does is, it’ll sync the data on multiple chains, but link doesn’t hold the state, so the cost would be just for the transaction sync on all the chains, there is no data retention by the chainlink nodes

>> No.54906586

you seem to be trying to appeal to zoomers and newfags who find it difficult to swap chains or click a few more buttons. I’ll gladly trade 2 minutes of my time or 0.1% more slippage for the assurance that I know what is happening with my money and my tx is secure

>> No.54906622


> "I will gladly do the thing that costs more money and takes more time because fuck chainlink!!!!"

This is not how rational people think.

>> No.54906639
File: 80 KB, 1242x536, security deposit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I was talking about this security deposit for the dons.

>> No.54906657

No ur missing the point, that’s 1 use case, but imagine ur making a game ontop if ur nft game, and u want users from all around crypto, not just 1 specific chain, right now it’s impossible to do, like Axie infinity had to make their own blockchain instead of managing sync between blockchains, because it’s difficult to do, so instead, dapps will allow users from polygon to play with users on eth, users won’t know where other players came from, and since link allows for cross chain interaction, it’s really easy to have non segmented user base and u don’t have to ask ur users to bridge ur shitcoin

>> No.54906665

checked and also he's ignoring the game theory behind chainlink, the more people use it the more secure it becomes, this is why 81k is inevitable, one day

>> No.54906780
File: 93 KB, 978x530, qntcbdc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

*blocks sergey's path*

>> No.54906822
File: 2.32 MB, 2058x1158, Screen Shot 2022-09-29 at 8.26.58 AM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I'll overlook this namefagging one time since this is a good point I didn't notice. CEXes still have a place in the industry for fiat-crypto onramps.

>> No.54906859

>we make blockchain trusted
Isn't blockchain supposed to be trustless?

>> No.54906872
File: 166 KB, 820x880, qnrenter.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.54906896
File: 53 KB, 212x218, 1675716515333451.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Quant retards are worse than XRP bagholders

>> No.54906962
File: 191 KB, 979x1200, qntenter2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

gilbert has already been deploying his influence at the highest level of govs/big businesses when sergey finally decided to buy a suit to be taken more seriously

>> No.54907013

Is that why Gilbert had to get interviewed by his own staff out in the rain while Sergey and his staff were giving official interviews and presentations on stage?

>> No.54907112

You ma'am, have depleted your serotonin levels.

>> No.54907139

Kek that was the whole point of my thread, I knew many linkies didn’t truly understand what Ccip meant and the implications especially since most just gave up on reading blogposts

>> No.54907151

i remember that
im genuinely surprised quant shills ever show up in link threads at all anymore specifically because of it
sergey was important and well connected before he rocked up in a suit, friend
maybe you guys should hook up with api3
you'll be able to get a guaranteed spot next to their stall outside of a MATIC conference or something
maybe get one of the api3 guys to pretend to be interested in quant and ask some questions instead of just having a quant staff member do it

>> No.54907271

Great posts. From BTC inception to this day, the paradigm has been basically the same. Ethereum changed things but fundamentally the speculation driven bull markets are BTC dominant. They are getting less volatile even as ETH grows and takes a bigger cut of the MC. But this next adoption, user experience phase can increase volatility again in the near future. This means ATH so crazy no one would expect it but the entire MC. Hopefully ETH and of course LINK having the most dramatic boom.

>> No.54907312

>>I hold exactly 0, so I can believe that.
>Kek, imagine being this mentally invested without actually being invested.
That was the gaveaway of that faggot being a discord cumbrained sissyfudder, anon. As if they ever argue in good faith.

Just stack LINK and call those faggots out everytime. They are absolutely malding at nobody listening to them, and in fact buying MORE kek

>> No.54907324


>> No.54907383

holy shit that Bloomberg host is absolutely clueless lmao

>> No.54907397

I get the criticism and fud, but isn't a good investment one where you perceive more value than the market has realized yet?
I can't tell if your fudding or shilling

>> No.54907421

You still need to create a transaction on ETH to lock the jpeg so that you can't utilize it on the ETH. Unless there's a record published somewhere that the contract can retrieve that shows the jpeg's latest location.

>> No.54907439
File: 634 KB, 564x913, 1683234025919910.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

From the UI perspective crytpto fucking sucks. I'm invested all the way and I hate interacting with it.

The transformation required is the following:
I open an app on my phone, I can send, receive, (to intuitive Ids or usernames) stake, any crytpto product in any crypto denomination to any chain. I never need to copy or paste or log in again after initial log in. My private keys and 24 words are in some space on the phone or app that no one can hack. If I send to a wrong address or wrong amount I can delete and rectify. And it all has the ergonomic simple interface a normie would love. Even better my staked ETH or shitcoins rake in yield that is auto turned into dollars on a cex from the network and deposited safely in my goy bank.

All while keeping decentralization, cryptographic security and near instant speed.

>> No.54907454

I want the moon to be made out of cheese and flying shoes

>> No.54907499

KEK yeah I know. But this is why normies will never buy in fully. If you believe crypto is important and believe in human ingenuity, we have to come close to this. Otherwise normies will always prefer centralization

>> No.54907504

These posts are different, it's mostly bag holders or anons who didn't sell and are bitter and angry and taking it out on themselves.

>> No.54907540


>> No.54907589

Just two more weeks

>> No.54907596

till what? u move out of ur mom's basement? xD

>> No.54907609

checked and bingo. faggots will say "who cares keep normalfags out" but if you want to actually make it and not have crypto be a walled off casino for only insiders/scammers, then this needs to happen. besides early link holders will still make it a thousand times over and normalfags still won't make any money off of it, they'll just start actually using crypto for once.

>> No.54907623

Interesting, so dApp devs will decide on the trade-off between decentralisation and cost rendering completely moot the point of the maximally decentralised chain winning it all narative.
So we go from a winner takes all scenario in blockchain to a big reshuffling powered by Chainlink(tm).
It seems like it's actually in everyone's best interest (blockchain devs) to push Chainlink so it sucks the value out of Eth and Btc and redistributes it.
This explains the parameters Sergey always talks about in DONs.

Thanks for the thread.

>> No.54907630

I live alone, working from home in a two bedroom. I’m honestly really fucking lonely.

>> No.54907639

I'm holding Eth and Link but in this scenario, it might even be wiser to hold a diversified portfolio of L1 and L2 or even just hold LINK, depending on if you think the infra vs the app layer will accrue more value.

>> No.54907654

Get a dog

>> No.54907700
File: 168 KB, 727x682, 827 (1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the thing is, let's image i make a new NFT game okay?
imagine that i want to make the initial mint of my nft, payable for 0.5eth per mint okay?, now listen, as a dapp maker, do i mint my token on ETH or on side chains?, if i decide to have my mint function on ETH, it means that depending on the complexity of my mint function, i'll have to ask my users to pay extra gas fees to pay for the computation power, what this means is, i have to fucking make sure that my mint function is as retarded as possible and it consumes as low gas as possible so that my users won't have to pay alot of extra fees over my payable mint function call.

so as a dapp maker i'll have to
1. maybe cut on my original mint price so users don't pay too much
2. make my mint function retarded so it doesn't consume too much gas.

enter CCIP...i make the complex mint function on arbitrum, users will come on my website, they will mint and pay me in ETH for 0.5eth but the gas used is cheap, so they don't feel it as much, later on like few hours later, chainlink syncs the newly minted shitcoin from arbitrum to my ETH smartcontract for a fee I pay.

my users didn't feel the extra tx fee for minting, i could make a complex mint function with calls to VRF and chainlink Functions and price feeds, all that without the extra eth fee especially when there is congestion.
and the user still gets in the end his NFT on ETH, and it's also synced on arbitrum

>> No.54907706

How does CCIP benefit the token itself though? Is the token even utilized?

>> No.54907715

also i forgot to add, a Transfer, is much cheaper than a mint, so having the complex mint function on arbitrum makes sense, later on, it's just a transfer function call that costs almost nothing compared to the mint

>> No.54907750

>depending on if you think the infra vs the app layer will accrue more value
This is the ultimate question. The one that really matters and changes lives:
Where will the largest amount of the value be extractable in this new system?

>> No.54907752

Wonderful thread, Sir. Some well needed hopium. I suppose the obvious question is.. when? Think they'll just drop it randomly? or Smartcon? or do you have no idea? Also, do you think it'll have an immediate effect on the market? ie Link price?

>> No.54907765

keep in mind it actually goes directly against the interests of the people in crypto with the most to lose, that includes CEX's as well. this explains a lot of what you're seeing with regards to price action and hype. just like eth was a tremendous blow to btc maxi narrative and was fought tooth and nail, you're going to see the same thing happening with link. crypto as an idea and a technology will prosper if chainlink wins out, but the current rent seekers will lose in the short term. though inevitably many of them will have already accumulated sizable link holdings anyways, so they likely win either way, just not as hard as they are now.

>> No.54907791

>he expects users to wait a few hours
um, what if i want to do hyper fast NFT trading?

>> No.54907793

OP is clearly smart. I like OP, and I dont think hes a faggot. However I want remind every newfag: I have yet to see any ETH whale or player in the space accumulate or hold LINK. I have not seen one dev hold bags of it. Why?

>> No.54907794

its a game changer but the more important aspect is the new (hopefully enterprise) usecases it will generate, not the added utility for current crypto usecases. crypto needs to move on from shitcoin casino phase or its going to die, shitcoin casino narrative peaked in 2021, if that remains the narrative for 2025 it will be the first cycle where bitcoin fails to reach a higher high and the entire market will suffer in darkness.

>> No.54907804

Also, one more question. When it was announced that it'd be this year, thegre was also talk of a slow roll-out ie not full version. What could they mean by this? Would it only work between certain chains eg BTC-ETH? Is there a chance it may be a damp squib because of this?

>> No.54907819

you're not looking hard enough, m8

>> No.54907822

you're lying eth whales hold more link than just about any other shitcoin. also if the tide does shift they're better situated than any retail anyways because they can just swap their eth at any point along the way. that's what a lot of you don't get, you're just along for the ride, whales will always win, some just win less big than others.

>> No.54907889

I read through the thread and you are very knowledgeable and I actually have somewhat of a grasp on why CCIP is so nice; however, what is your opinion on why the price action has been lethargic thus far? Do you believe in the suppression theory at all?

>> No.54908033

But i'm not. I hold a decent amount. I also dont incel rage post and shit all over marines either. In fact, im pretty mellow and open minded to be convinced otherwise. If you can direct me towards evidence that supports your statements I will modify mine in camaraderie. Lastly price suppression theory does feel like more of the rampant cope (not your post today, this was a good post) that is posted everywhere on biz.

>> No.54908079

seriously, i see it this way, if sergey manages to pull off CCIP as described, he can take all the time he wants, i don't give a shit, and if people are too dumb to understand and see the value of chainlink and how inevitable it will be, it's THEIR problem, not mine, since i have been accumulating during all these years, and have never stopped no matter what the fucking price is, up until 50$, i don't speculate on link.
right now, chainlink is like in the early experimental stages of the steam engine, people are still checking out the latest horse powered cart, while some private company(chainlink) is builing the locomotive fully steam powered. nobody understands or have the foresight to see how ground breaking it is, i think not even the creators will understand it's impact of the lives of everybody, but IT WILL have a massive impact on how trades are done worldwide.

why would i even care about the price? after holding for 6 years at this point i don't give a shit at all, because what is coming is inevitable, i know it, so for me this price is ridiculous and very attractive.

i'll keep buying and buying, you know what's the difference between link eth and BTC? as time passes by ETH and BTC become more and more obsolete, LINK just gains more value over time.

>> No.54908099

I’ve been on here every day since 17 and this is this first time I seen this faggots trip.

>> No.54908120

First it was
>Chainlink will never work with SWIFT you are delusional
Now its just
>its just a PoC
Kek the absolute state of fudding sissies, you are getting dismembered via assassination smart contract

>> No.54908130

that congresman and tv host are retards

>> No.54908137

I will have to look it up as I don't have paid access but anons have posted santiment info before that shows as much
more importantly your statement (that they don't hold it) also requires proof as generally the burden of proof is on the person making the claim. but that's just faggy midwit fallacy argument tactics so still responding, anyways if you have santiment info you can shut everyone up and would be appreciated as always good to see onchain data

>> No.54908148

cant believe this scam is still going

>> No.54908176

just wanted to add, if your point is nobody is broadcasting link holdings, that's sort of the point. you don't broadcast what you're accumulating, you broadcast what you're dumping, always been that way in this space. retail exists to be used as exit liquidity

>> No.54908235

you can also mint them cheaply on overledger and then send them to whatever chain you want

>> No.54908408

depends on the architecture of your nft project, not all nft projects have a pre-mint.

some might want to mint on the spot when user clicks on mint.

>> No.54908429
File: 82 KB, 534x517, 1622335064170.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Cheers to that

>> No.54908439

I was looking at this from a legacy contract standpoint. With new crosschain dapps, you just add an extra parameter noting what blockchain the token is currently on so there's no need to keep a paper trail or log beyond tracing back between the transactions from each blockchain.

I see in the OP >>54904170, it says cross chain application so dapp developers will have to upgrade and redeploy their stuff.

>> No.54908458

>duuuuuuuuuuuuude itsth le SECRET investttttmant!!!!!

>duuuuuuuude I I don't care if anyone buys, because it's such a SECRET!!!!!

>duuuuuuuuuude if you w w want quick gains, buy dog, I mean, frog, I mean, any other coin...as long as you don't know about my heckin SECRET!!!!!!

There's my little wolf of wall st.... are ya winning son???

>> No.54908624

you write like an AI dude

>> No.54908755
File: 317 KB, 1903x1136, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

depends, as stated here : it's fully backwards compatible

>> No.54908811


for those whoi don't understand, basically sergey will provide storefront smart contracts that will have all the interchain compatibility, and you could just use those with your legacy shitcoin to enable the full capacity of ccip and instantly go crosschain

>> No.54909137

That makes more sense. Do keep in mind the conversation started with whether you needed some initial transaction on ETH before you could go to Cross chain town. Now we see where the initial ETH transaction takes place.

>> No.54909145

>I hold zero
>15 pbtid
>spends hours in thread

>> No.54909210

Hey dude I agree CCIP sounds cool but they are almost 6 months late. This looks bad from any business perspective. They should have made a formal apology instead of Rory saying something in a fucking discord chat. This isn’t fud it’s legitimate criticism.
>team owes you nothing
Sure you’re right, but in doing so they lost their credibility.

>> No.54909238

this guy is right
the teams cred has been flush'd down the toilet

>> No.54909251

link threads are 80% people who don't hold link, aren't interested in link, and don't think it's any good.

really makes you think, right?

>> No.54909274

mighty peculiar, even

>> No.54909407
File: 41 KB, 640x628, E-CxXzZWUAACOze.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.54909468

Here's a (you) for good behavior. Good post.

>> No.54909499

the MEV mafia are pawns compared to the people who are about to pump link to the skies

>> No.54909837

This whole thread is giving me '17 vibes, very comfy. You are a true asset to this board fren. Great posts.

>> No.54909887

this is the only question that matters for holders
price feeds are what allow defi to exists, however price feeds dont require link payments which is why we are where we are, at $7

>> No.54910021

they absolutely require payments in Link tokens lol

>> No.54910033

Look at the shilling ramping up with Sergey going on Bloomberg, and all the advocates spamming Bloombergs twitter now, and now this post. This is the boy who cried wolf, the crypto. 6 years of reading this shit

>> No.54910057

Haha fud btfo Link is king and it's over for you boys thanks for playing but its time to worry about my riches must dash

>> No.54910189

Thank you for the high effort spoonfeed OP, I'll see you in the citadel some day

>> No.54910198

Thanks for the info. Really helped me grasp CCIP. Knew it had something to do with breaking MEVs back but not sure how. Pretty clear now.
Also, nice dubs

>> No.54910219

So chainlink unironically makes MEV niggers squirm? I remember there was a youtube video with MEV rats and Vitalik and everyone was dead silent when chainlink was mentioned, they must be terrified of CCIP.

>> No.54910227

Chainlink Labs: Why release products when you can just keep talking about then instead

>> No.54910265

Damn, guess I should just invest in Cardano instead.

>> No.54910277

“I drink your milkshake!” Slurrrrp

>> No.54910346

Thats not ccip. And Sergey would never "flip the switch". It will be beta soft launch and we will be waiting years

>> No.54910411

>wrapped killer
Wow. Truly amazing stuff

>> No.54910419

Try to find it please. I hate MEV rats

>> No.54910444

>all the vcs frowning upon chainlink are the equivalent to horse powered chariots enterprise share holders hating on the steam engine

>> No.54910507


>> No.54910599

here bro this is your enemy image go ahead enjoy your hate

>> No.54911694

Screen cap this for twitter.

The chainlink team has not released anything at all yet that would do anything to combat MEV. As a matter of fact like usual they are soooo slow to do anything competitors are coming in with working products to fix the issues.

>> No.54911830

Still no answer to this why?
But you bragged about this usecase the most and you still did not explain how there would suddenly be countless liquidity pools on countless l1/l2, also these pools would create horrible slippagge

>> No.54911923

>Screen cap this for twitter.
holy cringe kill yourself linkdrake bobplunk chainlinkgod

>> No.54911938

praise chainlinkgod based king created chainlink

>> No.54911949
File: 95 KB, 1725x155, 5r435637345.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And steam engines are very slow.


>> No.54912040

I hate them too unironically

>> No.54912043

Impressive, 10k is a lot to accumulate at these prices

>> No.54912142

what are the fss competitors?

>> No.54912286

I'm sorry. Things will get better.

>> No.54912610

Nice thread op, really riled them up

>> No.54912858

The sibos toilet

>> No.54912878

Cow swap and now they have private mem pools.

>> No.54913025
File: 144 KB, 827x819, 1678483244791777.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

OP really riles them up

>> No.54913127

just bandaids though

>> No.54913141

Is this one of those good read threads?

>> No.54913224
File: 89 KB, 743x928, Marisa shocked.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>steam engine
That's the final blackpill and why we are fucked
Ignoring all the previous failed/ignored/experimental attempts to create a steam engine, the first semi-popular model was made in the early 18th century
It was mostly ignored and only had niche uses like water pumping in mines
It would take almost a century before the potential of the steam engine began to get recognized and improved models started going mainstream, initially as a substitute for water-powered wheels

Chainlink's potential, although it exists and is substantial, will not be realized anytime soon
Those who invest in LINK are not unlike the early investors of engines; they correctly assess that their product will "change the world" but missed the fact that they will not witness this change for many decades
"We are so unbelievably early" was not a lie, but it was not bullish either; we are indeed so early that many of us will probably only witness "full adoption" into our last years, or maybe never, maybe it will be something for the next generation

Chainlink devs envisioned something not meant, or immediately useful, for early 21st century commerce

>> No.54913290

imagine having 7k+ chainlink staked right now

>> No.54913328

Based then every LINKie's job is to have beautiful children and to hand those pristine untouched LINK to their kids.
>society grows great when men buy tokens whose gains they will never personally enjoy
~Chinese proverb

>> No.54913476

cheers fren

>> No.54913537
File: 275 KB, 900x1039, 1647565622731.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

do not underestimate the power of positive thinking

>> No.54913564

blockchains are languages, chainlinks ccip is the translator

>> No.54913592

you also segregate smartcontracts tasks to be executed on different chains right?

>> No.54913688

This is completely fine by me.

>> No.54913950

except that we are in the exponential era anon

>> No.54913979
File: 226 KB, 1428x1496, TIMESAND___700xxx762XXX777.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.54914105
File: 90 KB, 1090x574, FuI-bwlXwAEZcfX.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Enterprises that solve real world problems use private forked ethereum, enterprise never bought chainlink from the market.
Because mainnet chainlink for private testnet private ethereum isn't compatible

>> No.54914107

Nice fud

>> No.54914222

>duuuuuuuuuuude itsthhhhh le SECRET

>> No.54914227

>duuuuuuuuuuude, itsthhhhh le consthpirathy!!!!

>> No.54914491


>> No.54914825

Not for consumption

>> No.54914840
File: 2.56 MB, 300x424, 1679720523595544.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Comfy quality posting. Thanks op

>> No.54914849


>> No.54915118

If this was a big deal then the price would go up. The price is not going up. Therefore this is not a big deal.

>> No.54915174

For big aggregated feeds, end users are never going to pay directly to the nodes, that wouldn't make sense. Stop being dumb.

>> No.54915299

which is why the token not needed meme has some truth to it and is to blame for price action
the tokenomics currently SUCK

>> No.54915318

>I pay for tomatoes in USD, not gasoline
>that means gasoline for transporting the tomatoes was not needed

God you're retarded.

>> No.54915339

Nigger its not 1800s. Things move 10000x faster today

>> No.54915345

yeah, that's the whole idea of crosschain dapps, for example, if you wanna have sensible user data, you could use user storage on a privacy preserving chain, if you need throughput you can use another chain or l2 and all of this will work together in sync.
that's why CCIP is so huge and it isn't just a fucking bridge

>> No.54915353

it's not a big deal for tards like you, but it is for me as a dev, usage will drive price up it's gonna be just inevitable

>> No.54915360

i didn't answer that, but it was exactlyt my thought reading his post kek, i was like, sure but crypto moves like 100000 times faster kek what took decades to be adopted back then takes months now

>> No.54916486

nice just bought 100k

>> No.54917698

>being just few months away
How do we know this?

>> No.54917762

LINK is one of the top holdings for ETH whales, though. It’s grown over the last year.

>> No.54917907

they're just swing trading it to build their eth staxxx

eth is the only thing that matters boiiii

>> No.54918120
File: 344 KB, 899x904, 1682150283376920.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have a little over 1k link and it's the only crypto i buy. If work extra hours or sell something on eBay it all goes towards link. My question is will I make it with the small stack i have? I always see people here with 5 - 10k stacks and it never fails to demoralize me

>> No.54918209

I had like 18k links couple years ago. Lost most of it and now only 7k staked. Life is suffering

>> No.54918220

does ccip leverage the security of the evm through chainlink nodes or is the evm irrelevant?

>> No.54918279
File: 2.04 MB, 2732x2048, 1681340865812781.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think the fud posts actually work on some new fags. There was an anon talking about how he genuinely thought that Link was a meme and i managed to convince him to research the project which he did. The fud seems to be an IQ filter

>> No.54918294

>The fud seems to be an IQ filter
The fud is mostly mind-numbingly stupid and repetitive spam by legit mentally challenged retards.

>> No.54918598

beautiful thread, OP

>> No.54918807

hows $1,000,000 sound

>> No.54919169

I have 6600 links and I'm still buying. Am I gonna make it?

>> No.54919192

i have 50k and i'm not sure i'm going to make it desu

>> No.54919233

ygmi, waagmi

>> No.54919281

u dont hav 50k faglord larpe :}

>> No.54919660

I don’t have exactly 50k. It’s close though. 47 something. I had 30k going into the bull and sold some on the way down and have reaccumulated.

>> No.54919721

what im reading is, u used to have $1,500,000 and now u do not :}

>> No.54919752

I had more than that, actually. I got less wrecked than a lot of people here. I took profit and have a lot of run way. Paid my taxes too.

>> No.54919777


>> No.54919820

EVM would allow all shitcoins regardless. Enterprise companies would have to pay if they want to use Chainlink's services.

>> No.54919885

fud is always an iq filter, but the level of fud now compared to 2018 is so much worse. in 2018 it was high iq autists who were late to bitcoin/eth (and some who actually did find btc/eth early) but figured out the next big thing, and the fud was either extremely tongue in cheek or nuanced to the point you'd believe it was real ("unironically, link").

that group doesn't fud anymore. the people who fud now are mostly one of two groups, either early buyer high time preference midwits who unironically believed 1keoy, never sold or took profits and feel they were suckered, and believe every meme about opportunity cost. or top buying /pol/ tourists who didn't show up here until it started getting spammed on /pol/ during the bullrun, bought above 20 dollars, and bitter that the majority of /biz/ bought over 10x cheaper than they did, in some cases 100x cheaper.

both groups are dumb as shit and the fud just comes across like angry whining and retarded shitflinging. there is no more funny fud pasta.

>> No.54920211

larpe :}
all stinkies ar poor and dumb

>> No.54920388

No it's fucking not + no one gives a shit + they will release v0.00001 in 10 years

>> No.54920412
File: 21 KB, 392x248, 2376.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>*checks the price*
oh no no no no hahaghahahhahaha

>> No.54920429

And the LINK token is to CCIP what steam is to the steam engine. Important, and completely worthless.

Hey you want to buy some water?

>> No.54920584
File: 465 KB, 1767x1507, Screenshot_20230510_132136.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

When will the price go up? It has been going sideways for a straight year now and has been dumping for more than two years.

>> No.54921049

>When will the price go up?
When the market speculatively treats Chainlink the same way it speculatively treats the rest of crypto.

>> No.54922602

Layer zero has already done this op, CCIP is nothing to get excited about anymore

>> No.54922868

ETH doesn't have speculative value though, it has real value.

>> No.54922890

lmao no it doesn't. Shit worked perfectly when it was below a buck.

>> No.54922901

you need ETH to pay high gas fees though, hence it has real value.

>> No.54922960

>The game

You just lost it

>> No.54923065

You need Link tokens to get any Chainlink services.

>> No.54923172

And now it wont because pos need extreme high locked value

>> No.54923188

>nobody seems to realize how important CCIP
because it doesn't exist and I can't unstake.

>> No.54923196

>you need ETH to pay high gas fees
Gas fees moon whenever ETH crashes. Dumbass.

>> No.54923204

Cool so when does number go up

>> No.54923244

access to the router will be permissioned and paywalled

>> No.54923269

M8 what are you smoking?
Most eth and Btc whales have a big link bag. They have a lot of shitcoins also but usually link stands out because they almost always have more link compared to all other tokens. Btc whales is harder to tell. Just use etherscan

>> No.54923341

Sensible chuckle

>> No.54923460
File: 66 KB, 720x960, 1662709559941417.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I dont know shit about fuck, but im tempted to buy in because of the absurd amount of desparate link fud

>> No.54923490

we aren't desperate
it's just a bad investment
all the desperation is on the side of the baggies

>> No.54923518

Who makes posts like that all day though, it feels really inorganic, like i get kek'ing at bbby baggies in their cope thread but theres usually at least 2+ link fud threds on the board at all times

>> No.54923733

1/3 of link fudders are long term holders who have gone insane due to the fact that the market still doesn't recognize the value of link

1/3 of link fudders are /pol/ tourists who bought the top and believe they got conned into buying a shitcoin because they don't actually understand anything about link

1/3 of link fudders are people who lost their money to shitcoins, scams, exploits etc and now fud in order to feel better about themselves

>> No.54924025

you're post feels inorganic. When something is performing bad you dont say le im going to buy it. You're clearly paid to post positive sentiment

>> No.54924170

Whats the point in fudding your own bags? Its not like the 6 actual human beings on this board at any given time can make a difference in the price action.
ESL, i dont hold link, but cool theroy schizo

>> No.54924234

inorganic post spotted

>> No.54924299

>17 pbtid of fudding on a mongolian basket weaving forum.
Yea im starting to see why the linkies are the way they are

>> No.54925533
File: 199 KB, 720x930, 1681984476694879.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

did you know that the brightest mind in TECH ( cross sectors) are working hard on delivering CCIP?
pic related says who is in charge of CCIP going into production :

hint : it's dan boneh, an h-index 130 expert in cryptography, he even has a higher hindex than ari juels...

just to cite a few of the bright minds working hard on making ccip a reality

Ari Juels: 46,805
Dan Boneh: 98,399
Mike Reiter: 38,136
Farinaz Koushanfar: 25,555
Christian Cachin: 16,943
Dahlia Malkhi: 13,837
Christian Catalini: 8,365

i can sleep on my two ears

>> No.54926265

can you or can you not unstake

>> No.54926341

you do this for freeeeeee

>> No.54926356

>you need eth to pay gas fees for useless scam tokens that all go -99%
whats the point of paying the gas fee to lose even more money?
eth is real ultra sound money but why would I trade ultra sound money for scams?

>> No.54926360

>eth is real ultra sound money
lol no it isnt

>> No.54926380

so why would I spend not ultra sound money for stupid shit like shitcoins that all go -99% I guess I just don't really see the point of ETH having value :-(

>> No.54926426

a lot better than eth stakers who had to wait 3 years to unstake kek

>> No.54926490

Did you know you are supposed to buy when the price is low?

>> No.54926603

I'm in the hackathon and have about 2k linkies and have had a bunch of people from different blockchain and smart-contract companies check me out on linkedin. I figure chainlink is the titanic and we should try to steer it from the iceberg.

>> No.54926644

I mean since I joined the hackathon these chains found interest in me, fuckers probably leaking my data, but it's not too late to register and you get free shit in terms of node services and guidance and interest from web3 companies. Doesn't hurt to try if you want to mess around with this tech.

>> No.54926887

>Its not like the 6 actual human beings on this board at any given time can make a difference in the price action.
Youre underestimating how dumb the average fudcuck is
These are porn addicts that think that making 6+ fud threads an hour looks normal and convincing even though the only replies in them seem to be them samefagging, and screech 'cuck' while posting badly made memes featuring lots of different cock cages and queen of spades logos. Projection much?
This is apparently what they think will make a low time preference holder sell.
Theyre literally subjannie tier life forms.

>> No.54926895

what is the queen of spades thing about?

>> No.54926974

When asked about it, fudcucks explained that apparently its an interracial porn thing. So they dont just project cock cages on random anons for holding a crypto, now theyre projecting their other fetishes in fud memes.

>> No.54927005
File: 500 KB, 2364x3756, unstake.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it's all on the blockchain, let me walk you through it...you lazy fuck

>> No.54927245

>wen will staking be unlocked?
Later this year but ask yourself this: why would you want to? I'm reinvesting. No brained and build rewards make this the top project inbthe space

>> No.54927317

Grasping at straws

>> No.54927444

lmao so much effortposting for blowing some mentally ill degenerate the fuck out

>> No.54927454

>effort posting
>in my own extensive thread

>> No.54927656

Bless you anon

>> No.54927751

Didn't you get the memo? The tides are turning, after three years of famine it's time for three years of feast

>> No.54927759

>I don't hold link
Yet, here you are. Odd

>> No.54928039

But ETH made literally all of its gains from ICO to ATH under the PoW system.

>> No.54928140

Only to make fun of the $LINK bagholders.

This shitcoin will drop to $1 and people will still be saying "bro im still up 10x from ICO". Top kek. Easiest short of my life.

>> No.54928160


>> No.54928242

Post nose, hand, and shorts

>> No.54928312

That would make it 8 month and 1 month earlier than promised at the earliest
Are they trying to create a change in sentiment by delivering something earlier than expected?
Releasing something 1 month earlier could have a strong effect on investor psychology and change the last memory of a CCIP delay to a positive one of an earlier staking v0.2.

>> No.54928343

terrible analogy

>> No.54928350

they can change the date of reward depletion by adding more rewards, or calling a function that changes the reward distribution rate.
right now the unstake is programmed for that date, but it can be changed, what's important is, the unstake functionality is already there, and has some logic to it.

it's not just wait and pray

>> No.54928353

you don't need the chainlink token to use price feeds
95% of chainlink's utility is price feeds

>> No.54928392

I don't worry about staking, but about when and how the adoption and tokenization of assets will happen.
If the US government wasn't full of narcissistic corrupt parasites on a mission to attack crypto we would be in a different situation right now.

It's difficult to imagine the economic situation improving while Biden fakes the numbers to pretend that the economy he destroyed is doing well while Powell uses those fake numbers to pretend he has more work to do.

The end of the year should see an improvement in the economic situation but it won't necessarily come from the US.
Who is driving tokenization right now and what are the road blocks?

We should have a trillion in tokenized assets already.
I hope CCIP changes the dynamics but we don't have any release target.
I can only extrapolate that OCR 2.0 was what's missing for it as a higher risk features needs a stronger DON node network and that it is in a state where it could be released very soon.

>> No.54928501

lmao the analogy is 100% apt.
Just like the end user of the tomato pays in USD for the transportation gasoline, the end user of Chainlink pays in whatever for the tokens.

>you don't need the chainlink token to use price feeds
For big aggregated feeds, end users are never going to pay directly to the nodes, that wouldn't make sense. Stop being dumb.

>> No.54928532
File: 44 KB, 1096x321, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

why do you have to act retarded?
chainlink has 2 payment methods
1. through subscription
2. through direct payment
it depends on the dapp wether they want to have their users pay directly in link or not, but someone has got to pay for each request, either it's the dapp owner, or he makes his users pay extra to compensate for the link he prefilled his contracts, either way links are used, in a subscription payment mode, or in a direct payment mode

>> No.54928543

>I don't worry about staking, but about when and how the adoption and tokenization of assets will happen.

i don't think that matters much, all we need is for link to capture a good chunk of the whole crypto industry, and that alone is enough to make it.

those real world assets are gonna take time to be brought onchain, first we need ccip fully deployed and staking with slashing and neet nodes

>> No.54928643

You replied to the wrong guy

>> No.54928853

I don't think we need staking initially until the network has grown and the demand for high features makes it a requirement.
Chainlink Functions and CCIP can work without it. They will just have a reduced security level which can be countered by adding KYC nodes in control of those with a stake in the adoption.

If we have to wait for staking to be released for CCIP then it will take another year.
One possibility is that staking v0.2 will focus on the initial release of CCIP.
That would give time to test everything without slashing for 1 year before releasing everything and asset managers would have the ability to start testing the feature with real usage.

>> No.54929638

>44 pbti
holy mother of bagholder cope.

>> No.54929755

It's very normal to talk a lot about something you have a financial interest in lol

>> No.54929955

this faggot is working for Chainlink labs.