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Why do companies/groups buy land in places like rebase or decentraland? Is it just visibility/publicity? But nobody really cares and most people (even those into crypto) think they are legit either wasting or laundering money. I dont get it.

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Publicity, yes. Only turbo autismos pro crypto care about that hence whales hence actual buyers and no tourists.

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>Money laundering by giving all the money to a third party
Damn that is GENIUS anon

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thats how it works? its not an unsuspecting third party? retard

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I dont fucking care anymore im tired of projects giving 60% of their liquidty to hiring diversity and buying useless retarded virtual land. the world is upside down.

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unironically don't forget that some people BELIEVE in virtual land as a legitimate venture that will get unironically popular in the future.

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To play with a fake version of exclusivity its just marketing, a huge amount of people do care about it.

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Most of the time it represents a death sentence, and its good

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>Anon discovers stock market
yeah tell us more please.

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People unironically believed that NFTs where the future of games, look at Fb wasting all that money on meta, that shit just cant make me stop laughing

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Nice organic thread totally not trying to shill some random shitcoin and scam even more people