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there is nothing left to ape into

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BRC20 ape in now or keep crying

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POGAI before chink dev wakes up

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Making Native European babies.

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Rubic coines sire number one decentraleye crypto navigation framework

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How the fuck am I supposed to get a white tradwife without a shitcoin to make me a millionaire?

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Join the PepePal Telegram and ask about the project as well as the project they are partnered with.
The /biz/ janny hates them so can't even mention the name here

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The only one worth aping into now is BRC-20 SHIB

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checked and based
BRC-20 chads wagmi

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Dynex or Kaspa or flux

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Important question;
Shitcoins to ape into?
Or shitholes to rape into?

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>t. retard

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You are going to want to ape into Just Business. We are going to melt faces

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There was a coin named Mumu and it rugged
Fucking poetry

Mumu on afterlife suicide watch

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Ape into Elmoerc

These guys have made multiple 500m mc coins


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buy truebit.

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ape guap

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You can buy some Kart bags, we launched yesterday and still have a small marketcap so there's room for many gains
PartyKartsToken: 0xa5e60d30daa7225f5140f7601e08f57325465255
if you want to inform yourself before buying you can join the telegram group: partykartsio
Best of luck

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OP you should check out partykarts.io on BSC - dev is very honest and has been killing it, Indy game micro cap

Tg is partykartsio

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no worries fren, we got you covered.
Ape into pepe brc20 is very early and just got listed on first big exchange today. It will pump

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Pssst... Silver.

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Dyor on RAIL and thank me later.

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accumulate CKB now or rope when it moons after the halving later this year

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based BUD investor

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you are playing it wrong you should be shorting alts

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Ape into 4chan.

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Why the fuck aren't you aping into this while it's still on bsc

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Why do you need a shitcoin to make you a millionaire when you can just invest in privacy coin and be patient.

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that is the biggest lie you oldfag

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why are people paying huge fees for swapping $pepe? it's free swapping on binance?

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Laughing out loud

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nice catch anon, I threw some bucks on it after seeing nice reviews on a few Al analyzing platforms.
it's gonna be a good addition, desu

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Oh for fucks sake every time I see some nigger shilling a coin I have I immediately want to dump it. You stink like curry right now anon

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Fucking kek there's a lot of things to go in, but you're just an addicted degen that has to go into garbage, if you really wanted based stuff you'd be learning and researching, but nah, so just cope and seethe, and I'll just wait for Rebase to drop

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That shit ain't based nigger, you cope

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he's even samefagging kek

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Well everything is a memecoin right now so

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You normalfags should literally kys asap

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U really think that nft piece of shit will make it?

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This is your salvation, anon. DYOR on SYLO

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ORE fucker!!!

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direct me to some alpha, I don't even know where to read

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>there is nothing left to ape into
because you're are blinded by cum from sectional blowjobs

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Come home anon

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get a grip you pathetic junky

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Don't be a blind fag. RIDE has a lot of potential. Massive partnerships from big brands like Audi and HTC Vive

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I would fucking stay away from meme now, The whales are already dumping them
never going for that shit coin again, Might get some ORE as I feel they are pushing towards decentralization for web3

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meme coins are literally the future this is false. if they weren't, everyone would only own btc/ eth/ link

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Chimped, not stirred

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A sir does what is needful

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Drop your bag faggot, I'm just gonna buy it immediately

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Ape TOAD. Thank me later

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you need to get into early project or you are missing out. everything that's already launched you've MISSED. early projects like pepejohns (dot) xyz is the only way fag.

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I unironically bought some arbidoge this morning. I'm ngmi and I know that.

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i bought TOAD and has been a good shot up to know.. take some too

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Privacy is f**king paramount, Anon. I utilized RAIL to shield any ERC-20 token or NFT in to a 0zk address of my choice.

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why are you so sure about it?

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under 10k mcap fren.

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NFTs gating and time lock got your ass covered and you're gonna be uncovering it when spool v2 in up. Should I expose your dick more?

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Get in on DiD, and AI and feel comfy.

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(Gme) - zero results


Fucking dumbfuck baggots

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Based. You snooze, you loose.

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chad coin on eth. Better move quick though

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get a job faggot

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Focus on solid and undervalued gems like ORE, VRA and HBAR

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There are altcoin options that are truly tech useful and with great forecast for moon in the bull market. If you stopped buying shit memecoins you would find better opportunities.

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Fuck ETH, I'd settle with a low cap

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haircomb solves bitcoins scaling, fee economy and quantum vulnerability issues without the use of a secondary blockchain
its open to claim still and hasnt been listed on an exchange yet

be early

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ape into chainlink

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They don't know yet avax bro

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this. I should have fucking listened.
pepe brc20 have huge potential I'm getting in now wish me luck

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New airdrop launching soon
Pregnant PEPE
t dot me/bizschizos

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Based privacy chud. Oldfags are not missing out on this and XMR

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Elmo Erc

>Week old
>Only 3m market cap
>Team only has small cut of supply
>Same team has created a few 500m mc coins
>Meme worthy

Elmoerc dot io

Just check the damn chart. You're welcome

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Yeah, looking out for some Algo, Arb, sylo and Hive.
one last bull trap then we are set.

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All these partnerships and chart is depressing kek
I like the idea and product yeah but fucking hell, price isn't encouraging

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checked. Privacy tokens are worth those diamond hands.

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Stop crying bobo, you should have never bought in the first place if you can't hold.

Roadmap looks pretty bullish if you have the balls to stick around

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Binance is listing pepe brc20 get ready

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I want to sell two and consolidate into one, which one and why?

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now we ape into the real good tokens

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See >>54916092

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They have metastaking for passive yield, simply stake and forget about it.
With the Argent Gen-2 you could literally earn up to 3 tokens daily

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love it, a faster version of polkadot.
have a bunch
Bulk of my assets are in cryptos built for decentralization, this is good as well

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Can't wait for when all the memes get buried

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Not that easy to forget about something you had so much expectations for but yeah feels like the right thing to do