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See: >>54882706 and: >>54883576 and: >>54884006

Because of course they were right. And yet all the low IQ BTC bulls said BRC20 was bullish for BTC!
Picrel is me now. There's no end to the stupidity of the baggies from plebbit. They're SO psychologically married to the sats they bought at 40/50k/60k and SO biased by those bags, that they were even unable to understand BRC20 was bearish.

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Everyone should create their own BRC-20 token and kill BTC

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It's already happening. This whole mess will end up with another HF like BCH.

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brc-20, if you haven't guessed by the name, is a meme.
the entire thing itself is supposed to be one big joke.

yet it's exposed the altcoin narrative about bitcoin being "insecure" (despite even lightning being more decentralized than nearly every single altcoin in existence) while taking a tiny, tiny percentage of the memecoin market.

as far as adoption and technology goes this is basically the world of shitcoins ethereum had in q2 2016.

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>kill BTC
>paying for the network kills bitcoin
all it does it kill altcoins that were relying on the failed l1 scaling paradigm when people notice nobody moves to them.

why? everyone saw how every single fork of bitcoin fails, hard. increasing the blocksize is going in the exact opposite direction.

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You are retarded. The only thing that will happen is that idiots with IQs around 80 will lose money, and miners will laugh for a month before this stupidity ends. I hate stupid people so fucking much, but even more, I hate people who live in self-ilusion of their intelligence while having none of it...

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So you think BTC will keep pumping and this brc20 shit is bullish?

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its ok we still have eth
>eth also clogged up with memecoins
never mind

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all I know is that the eth meme coins were pumping nice and comfy and than brc20 came out and now the meme coins have tanked huge %'s. so to me the brc-20 and this market dump that seems to have happened right after are not a positive for crypto.

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all I know is that the crypto low cap coins were pumping nice and comfy and than memecoins came out and now the low cap coins have tanked huge %'s. so to me the memecoins and this market dump that seems to have happened right after are not a positive for crypto.

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It is neither bullish nor bearish; it is just another trap for stupid people that look at crypto like it is a get-rich-quick scheme, and these people absolutely deserve to get wrecked and pushed out of the crypto space. Hell, I completely resigned myself to even engaging with the community despite owning a massive amount of crypto. The moment normal people started investing in it, the whole space turned into a completely retarded space, with people who know nothing about the tech acting as if it is the second coming of Christ and retards who did get burned or just do not like crypto because of the people I mentioned finding every move on the market as a sign of bitcoin dying.

It was not always like this.. even here on /biz/ we could have quality discussions about projects and the crypto space.. and it was also during that time that I made most of my money.. today it is like talking to complete retards with zero understanding of anything, just hoping that by miracle they get rich or they shill for projects with no future at all.

TLDR becouse I just ranted. No, it is neither bullish nor bearish; it is just another move to get money from retards.

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until people know chainlink as god coin i’m buying shitcoins

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I brought at 20k though. BOBO bros will I make it?

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No way this shit doesn't lead to a contentious hard fork

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cope harder

after the complete failure of bcash, bgold, bdiamond, and all the sub-forks from them like bsv, no fork is ever going to survive.
personalities desperately trying to create forks like the chink miners, or the mutt exchanges, only results in creating a centralized shitcoin, and they all disappear in less than 18 months.

your alts will keep bleeding sats until you capitulate or end up like link bagholders.

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Yep, get the popcorn ready

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the fuck is a brc

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>There's no end to the stupidity of the baggies from plebbit.

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ohh nooo -5% how can we ever recover noooo

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brc-20 is bearish because the withdrawal halts due to congestion.
nothing triggers a 'bank run' like being told you can't withdraw your money.

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>a fork with billions of dollars of value in BRC20s where miners are earning a fortune in transaction fees won't survive

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so your saying its a perfect PnD rugpull play?

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what the fuck is a brc-20
all I want is a picture of a got-dang jay-peg