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The adoption is getting better as we can all see many governments and countries are accepting crypto as payments.
What's your take channers?
Do you think this is a Facade or is this real?

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don't come here, it's bad for your mental and financial health

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It is real anon, that's the only way out of the dependency on dollars

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Thousands of merchants are already doing it with crypto payment getaways

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The richest man on earth was even planning on adopting crypto as a payment option for Twitter subscription

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Yeah. Bitcoin lightning made payment very easy. Binance is planning to adopt it, xMoney already did that. Kek

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Travala is also accepting crypto. Mainstream adoption is happening

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There is no doubts there web3 payments is the future and xMoney is coming to make it simple

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It is real, the adoption of payment gateways and cryptos built for decentralized IDs and rights are indicators.

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Glad cryptos that connect web2 identities with web3 are a thing.

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Indeed, glad cryptos like ORE and UTK are doing great jobs as well.

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I know that Alternative Airlines are accepting crypto payments kek

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That's a big aspect I am waiting for a payment processor to evolve where I can do payments with both crypto and fiat under one roof.
This is convenience kek...

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Not only that even shopify and shopping.io accepts crypto as payments. Mainstream adoption is getting better.

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It is real, stop Fudding jewfag. Gary can't do a thing about it, web3 payment projects are waxing stronger

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I just remembered I paid for Benfica match ticket with crypto

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Tesla accepted bitcoin at some point in the past and probability of that happening again is very huge

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Yeah I have heard about this. It's a merchant from Belgium called the Nicolas Brussels which accepts crypto as payments. One of biggest retailers of Tesla in there.

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Binance pay is the safest imo

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I have used it but I still prefer the payment processor on MultiversX which offers flat 1% transaction fee and cashbacks on all transactions

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The staking options are good to on xExchange. I get like 25% APY for metastaking UTK.

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One day this will be usual. Adoption is growing gradually, where banks are failing crypto will succeed. Be your own bank

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Banks have started to support crypto the central bank of Portugal approved license for a payment processor.

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Anon I recently bought myself a redmagic gaming phone with USDT and the transaction was fast and cheap, even got 1.5% cashback using a crypto payment gateway.

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It's definitely real. More and more governments and countries are recognizing the potential of crypto as a payment method, which is a positive sign for the industry.

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I don't see crypto replacing the dependency on the dollar any time soon. It may take more than a decade to happen.

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"Exactly, and with platforms like Utrust, paying with crypto is becoming as easy as swiping a credit card. It's just a matter of time until crypto payments become the norm for everyday transactions. Let's ride the wave of DeFi and see where it takes us.

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I can already see the Lambo dealerships accepting DOGE and BTC payments. The crypto revolution is taking over and there's no stopping it

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It's a great step towards mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies. Who knows, maybe we'll see even more innovative payment solutions in the near future.

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This is just one out of many companies that are now accepting crypto as a means of payment. I recently started making my real estate investments using crypto.

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Do you mean using the xPortal app because it is powered MultiverseX blockchain

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You're damn right, anon! Those who don't evolve and adopt will be left in the dust, stuck dealing with those PayPal asshats who love nothing more than stealing your hard-earned cash. But not us, bro. We're gonna embrace the power of web3 payments and live our best lives. We'll be able to send and receive money with ease, without having to deal with any of the bullshit that comes with traditional payment systems

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Dude, you're speaking my language. Why bother with a snooze-fest bank account when you can have a crypto wallet that's packed to the brim with all kinds of exciting digital assets? With a wallet like that, you're always on the cutting edge of the latest crypto trends and you get to feel like a total baller while doing it

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>cashbacks on all transactions
Yet, some fags still prefer using banks over this. lolz

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Yea fags it really getting more juicy as xMoney will come with a wider range of financial tools and services, including budgeting, budget tracking, and money transfer services.

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Don't worry soon the market will bull again and the government won't have a choice than to make it generally accepted

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Keep being some sleepy ass when web3payment services is shaping the future of money in the metaverse! Imagine being able to pay for your virtual coffee with just a wave of your digital hand.

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Yea faggot I see some exciting pussy experience on xrp and ETH it feel like the bull is here using that platform.

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Yea anon crypto payments is the future, and web3payments platform is making it easier to earn while making payments as I can get over 1.5%cashback staking it on Maiar Exchange.

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Yea but I never be scam using ETH it makes more sense even if it fee it high I still enjoy holding that

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Yea kek i just book my flight with alternate airlines using crypto with one of the web3payments services it was easy and the charges was cheap.

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This makes no sense fags the won't be a better way than making payment using the traditional payment methods and not some rekt crypto shit.

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Yea anon that got me so freaky horny, as central bank of Portugal gave an operating license to that platform, it allows buyers to pay with cryptocurrencies and offers an innovative purchase protection mechanism

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Based. DiD protocols are gaining global tractions

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Ethereum is now one of the fastest-expanding payment processors has set its gaze on the crypto."go get useful dickhead

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Is brazil friendly to crypto then? Like can I just go to a major city like sao paulo/rio and pay for stuff with crypto?

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The real need to get ass spank with some nice pussy deal as the enables merchants to accept cryptocurrency payments without the risks associated with price volatility.

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I don't use crypto but PayPal seems to be everywhere and it easy to access payments

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That sounds good anon, by staking that on various games and participating in tournaments, users can enjoy secure transactions

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I also did with cash so is no fucking big deal anon crypto is long dead as for me I will keep making payments with fiat.

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Yea anon it melting faces and can't wait to get some juicy pussy with it new tokenomics, the features will bring some nice passive income.

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That will make alot of sense anon am sure it will bring more attention to crypto and traditional payments will not be and option,

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That if you got the wrong pussy anon, as i enjoy UTK staking opportunity more mostly because of the return yield which is way more than most of other projects, about 35% APY.

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That reminds me of ORE. Thank you.

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how fucking botted is this thread? holy shit