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And in related news, BRC20 just terminated the Bitcoin bullrun.

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>blockspace demand bearish
kill yourself bobo

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what's BRC20?

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Terrible hackjob solution to launching shitcoins on BTC.

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lol what the fuck did they do, who thought that would be a good idea?

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whoever wanted to you don't have to ask permission

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>lol what the fuck did they do
From what I recall, it's another layer of cancer stapled onto the whole ordinals thing.
>who thought that would be a good idea?
People looking to make/market speculative shitcoin rug-pulls with no inherent understanding of the technology they're trying to use.

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>t. low IQ baggie
>such low IQ he fails at basic English

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>In other news, a manchild posting MS paint pictures of teddy bears says this insignificant event is different and really does believe this will be the catalyst for Bitcoin to plummet to 12k, well after the cascade of collapses of multibillion dollar centralized exchanges
>hold on Brenda, Im getting confirmation that OP IS a faggot!

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It's extremely bearish when it's brought on by retards trying to hauk shitcoins on a blockchain that is fundamentally incapable of handling the same level of chain data per block as something explicitly built for it like ETH.
This whole thing is the equivalent of welding a tow bar to the back of a Honda Civic to try and convince people it's an adequate vehicle for hauling 18 wheelers.

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>people doing something retarded on chain is bearish
Unironically sell your shitcoins and buy and gun and go blow your brains out in the bathtub

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>once again an anti-Bobo bull is bringing up "12k" out of nowhere
Very peculiar. 10k-8k has been by far the most common bottom target for the last 2+ years. Those who didn't say 10k-8k said 20k or 30k. In comparison very rarely did anyone say 12k. And now most bullish anons think 15.5k was the bottom and think it's not going back there, and most bearish anons think it's going sub 10k. Not 12k. Over the last few weeks there's been some 12k posts but most of those are from bulls attacking bears. Very odd. Very strange that these particular kinds of bullish anons are pushing this "12k" thing and clinging to it. It's like they've been instructed to post about it, like they're following some talking point.

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>People crippling the fundamental usecase of a chain for short term speculation is bullish
This post right here.
This is the same sort of giggaretard thinking that resulted in the dot com bubble, the housing market collapse, and pretty much every other speculative crisis in the last 200 years.
And what about when it STOPS going up?
Then number goes down.
It goes down until there's fuck all left and anyone that bought after 5 years prior to the burst is completely in the red.
If you can't even use the chain for it's intended usecase, it's completely fucking worthless, and if it's completely fucking worthless, the only value it has is speculative gambling, which only lasts until the next big speculative thing comes out.

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>Im going to address this arbitrary pattern Ive picked up on cause I cant confront the reality that objectively, the most dangerous impacts on crypto have already happened and Bitcoin still didnt hit my price target
hang in there buddy, COVID 2.0 is just around the corner

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The death of BTC.

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>2.84 btc
Eighty two fucking thousand dollars to move money around


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