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>mfw most of the current BTC bulls on /biz/ are so new they don't realize BRC20 is bearish for BTC

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why is that

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>irrelevant fad use of blockspace bearish
Try again Moshe.

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Brc20 is Bullish
Because I'm a monero maxi and the bloat from the BRC20 craze will eliminate BTC from all darknet markets, cementing XMR as the only crypto in that space.

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We're going to have to stop calling Monershits midwits they're actual drooling retards now

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no one asked, cocksucker

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>mfw op doesn't realize price hasn't been correlated to function since 2017

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>BRC20 is bearish for BTC

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I’m case you’re not pretending to be retarded there are already ordinals on monero and ordinals are how the brc tokens work, therefore they will be on xmr soon if they aren’t already. As an added bonus, you guys have an adaptive block size so the bloat will be even more insane on xmr than it ever possibly could be on btc.

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Xmr ordinals use the TX extra which people have been fussing to prune for years already. If it started being a network issue, it'd get killed at the scheduled fork.

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I don't even know what BRC20 is.

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You know how ETH was a chain specifically designed to allow people to write contracts using ETH to execute said contracts?
Right, imagine you threw all that out the window, and just shit all the data into each transaction, bloating block size exponentially.
That's BRC20.

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Many of the current bullish anons are baggies who hoddeled from above 40k or even from above 60k. So they're low IQ to begin with. So of course they wouldn't understand.

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>demand for blockspace is bearish

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Kek not like I care, I'm literally just waiting patiently for Nilo and brush to earn to go fully mainstream, normies will blast that up

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What is BRC20 and why do only faggots post about it?

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It offers no real value while significantly increasing transaction costs and wait times, clogging up the mempool like cryptokitties. It means Bitcoin is now at a much worse disadvantage compared to things like Litecoin for actually doing what crypto was meant to do, be a currency. When I go to the store and buy something, do I want to pay 20$ for using money? Obviously not.

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Its child tokens beneath Bitcoin that run on its blockchain (clogging it up) and they are incapable of smart contract functionality so theyre worthless. The guy who made the update named Domo specifically said they dont do anything and have no real value 'so be careful'.

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This was written about BSV. Youre now as bad as BSV with its weather app taking up 90% of the blocks.

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Kek ngmi faggot, brush to earn is not a thing

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The utter fuck is that anon?

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Literally wtf

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Nobody is buying stuff at a store on chain anyway retard, that's what lightning is for.

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Nobody uses lightning, stop pretending it exists. People just dont use Bitcoin instead, same reason you cant say muh do X instead of spending 100$ on Ethereum. No thats not a valid reason, especially if its something cross chain with BSC. You cant just arbitrum some shit over to BSC and back, youre paying 50-100$.

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>do one thing and do it well
Bitcoin has now failing in both respects.

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There is no market demand for instant bitcoin micropayments retarded nigger. Shitcoiner day of the rope when?

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Btc is not suppose to be peer to peer transactions, it’s meant to be a store of value. It is most trusted by most amount of people to be store of value so it’s worth the most. That’s all it is suppose to be

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>Close eyes and plug ears
The absolute state of shitcoiners. Also the absolute state of you thinking BSC centeralized shitchain is even worth discussing. How brown is your skin?

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No one uses lightening retard, its been 5 years and its just a handfull of twitter fags using it.

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People are literally using it every day in El Salvador, shitcoin. There's a reason people are using that and not your shitcoin faggot. Kill yourself.

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Hahahahahah el copeadore. Lightning is a failed scaling solution thats getting worse by the month. Custodial wallets, chainalysis approved coinjoins jesus christ, you have lost the plot

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>muh bloat
>muh spam

bitcoin is designed to operate in a decentralized way when blocks are 100% full, that's why there's a limit, unlimited/scaled blocksizes are a fundamental flaw.

the immense cope from late adopters (altcoiners) realizing people would rather pay $20 and transact on bitcoin or ethereum than even delve into the depths of the shitcoin market is glorious to see.
nobody is saving you from those heavy bags.

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I can send you 1 sat instantly right now its working just fine
>cites BSC
Am I just trying to explain to a bunch of actual pajeets and niggers what bitcoin is? I'll just stop wasting time lmao

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Sure thing shitcoiner, keep losing while BTC gains adoption. 2 More weeks and your shitcoin will flip btc.

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Kek, zero adoption nigger, just people holding, waiting to dump on you when the price is right. No different than pepe.

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Bitniggers seething so hard. PEER TO PEER CASH you fucking inbred nigger. You can’t even do that kek what a piece of fecal matter.

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I want another mass panic so that BTC will drop and I can buy in. I missed the 15K window. Please give me one more big drop before the halving so I can get in.

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it might drop back down, but the difference between 15 and 25 won't matter if the price is high enough to make it worth your while.
if it isn't then you're honestly better off putting a small % into the altcoin casino for the next run, bitcoin maxis won't tell you but most of the wealthy ones use alts as their intended purpose (gambling) all the time.

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I'm debating whether I should DCA into ETH or BTC. ETH seems like there's more room for gains but I'll want to KMS if BTC somehow makes it to something crazy like 800K-1mil in the next bullrun.

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eth can really only under or over perform by ~50% at this point
if you're looking for better returns than bitcoin you'll have to skip eth/bsc and all the old 2013/2017/2021 alts that already pumped. just don't buy low cap (<.5B), too risky.

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Holy fucking shit we're actually doomed. The crypto market is doomed.

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Ethereum is overvalued by a factor of at least 50 today

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>I want another mass panic so that BTC will drop and I can buy in
There is a strong chance that tomorrow might happen, valuation are declining, there are about 2 weeks of remaining blocks, with the other networks working regularly then it could be expected that there will be a run from bitcoin to another alternative.