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What is minting? why would anyone support one line code coins? who's going to buy pepe with an impossible purchase process after they bought eth pepe?

Buy wojak instead

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What is brc?

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If anyone can answer I'll buy, but the whole thing looks like a phishing scam

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Eth is a security eth foundation just sent 15k eth to kraken to pay fines
Brc-20 is the new erc-20 and eth casino is dead

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Literally niggerbrained.

To any anons of euro descent listening. BRCs or even ordinals were barely usable to the average cryptobro/normie only a month ago because of the large tech iq barrier to entry. This is changing, FAST. Check out unisat. Make a few transactions so you can use the marketplace. You have days before shit starts popping off. This has always been the case having to learn a new ecosystem to be early, but THIS TIME IT'S BITCOIN NIGGER, not some ghost roach chain.

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Hey does minting some already created BRC 20s count toward unisat points?

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Yes, I minted doge. Word from the wise, try to find one that has a chance at getting to 100% minted. Hats what I wish I had done. But it doesn’t matter much which one you Ming.

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How much do the average txn cost to do a swap,should I even bother sending some BTC over if I'll do swaps worth 50$ at most?