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Get ready for the wildest ride in 2018
Fun fact: Did you know that it took 2 years and 7 months for the dotcom bubble to fully pop and reach a market low? With the speed of our Cryptocurrencybubble that would be roughly take 2 months!

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You sold your coins at 15k didn't you and now you're getting nervous it's going back up

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>muh tulips
>muh dotcom
>muh marketcap

Fuck off boomer. Go suck your wife's son cock.

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>le bubble face

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we've been at that point of the graph for 2 months desu

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s-shut up

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They said this in 2012 and 2013 and 2014 and 2015 and 2016 and here you are OP thinking you are correct this time. You must be on to something that the other have not realized.
Either that, or charts have fractal behavior and you can find any shape you want depending on how you adjust the time scale.

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You are correct anon

Im comfy in fiat and about to watch all these newcoiners that started in 2017 get royally BTFO

>mfw I made a killing on 2013 forst bubble, 2013 second bubble, and about to do it again

Its too easy

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How long till it all goes down in flames!??!

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I'm just saying this because we were on a clear downtrend. Multiple crashes following each other, tearing the whole altcoinmarket down for hours. We had 4 of them recently. And those were within less than a week! This market's going way too fast. People expected it to burst in 1 year, the market's fast enough to do it in less than a month. People were saying "The Bubble's about to pop" for no reason at all, on an uptrend. I'm saying this on an downtrend. It already bursted once thanks to Mt.Gox, but because this wasn't a natural bubble burst at all, it didn't affect the uptrend too much. I'm comparing this with the dotcom bubble, because it has lots of similarities. I won't list them now, because I listed those similarities too many times already and i'm tired of it.

Of course I'm just speculating, but I'm speculating on a solid ground.

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I will consider myself wrong if it doesn't hit 6k by february

But right now I think we will see that within 2-3 weeks tops. Maybe 10 days

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a 30% swing is not a crash

jesus christ the fucking retards on this board

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thats the weakest insult ive ever seen

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check 1d candles and tell me it doesnt look like the proto bubble pops bulltrap.

Add to that BTC being completely useless right now

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I have 10k$ in fiat, which i daytraded for a little bit during the last two weeks, but im starting to become way to nervous. The crashes just come out of nowhere and I fear getting left with bags that I will then have to hodl for 7 months just to break even.
I hoping to see a good entry position in the beginning of January to put some coins in cold storage then.

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>doesn't hold btc before 28th

Stay poor

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>implying shitcoin fork coins wont get rekt with the entire market anyways

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>BTC is useless so those other altcoins that work perfectly fine are useless too
go overdose on xanax pls

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We're trying to help you greedy deluded fucks, we're on the same team after all.

A long sustained correction is good for the future of Bitcoin. Stop resisting, let it happen.

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>not wanting free money

It might be a shitcoin but you're a fucking retard if you don't get in like the BCH fork, and dump it accordingly

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>It's not a bubble

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Reminder that zooming out shows BTC hasnt left its downtrend yet

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Pop is the wrong word. This wasn't the stock market crash a hundred years ago. It was a slow bleed that lasted till 2010 or something like that. There also were companies that were unfazed by that. The dotcom bubble gets misrepresented a lot imo.

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Lel exactly what I thought.

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Why are people buying so aggressively against a redwall? They are literally just pissing their money into somebody else's pocket.

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did you know the prices recovered a year later? who the fuck cares? anyone with half a brain has cashed out their initial investment and possibly more, were playing with free money here. it could go up 10x or "crash" 50% then we wait a year for another 100x gains.

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>free money
oh yeah totally dude.
Every stoner that buys weed on the darkweb is now paying 1 million dollars a gram and the dealers are moving that money to trust funds just to ensure there's enough money flowing into the system to cash you out and it's not just a giant speculation bubble.

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this. I literally can't lose at this point, I can only win less

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>i can only win less
loser talk. all the money you have in tokens you have already won and you stand to lose you absolute cuck

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how retarded are you? people have and are cashing out millions of USD /day. dark webs? lmao wallstreet is buying in now. this "bubble" is going to become a multi trillion dollar industry at least

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How are people gonna compare tulips to fuckin' crypto. That's just plain dumb and stupid. Tulips were a scam.

The stock market does not run 24/7/365. HUGE difference there. It did not build emotional panic and distress when you have to sleep knowing the next day your shit is gonna fail.

The crypto exchange is the FOREX for tech. Bitcoin may fall one day but the exchange will survive.

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>multi trillion dollar industry
That's retarded. At this point you're talking about the entire economic activity of first world countries revolving around nothing but making sure shitcoiners get paid.
Nobody is cashing out millions of dollars a day. least of all you. If you were you would be paying scores of beautiful women to line up and blow you but instead you're here on some Chinese animal breeding forum shitposting about how rich you are going to be.
You're a fucking pathetic bagholder who can't admit he got rused. And I"m going to laugh at you all the way to hell because that's what makes me cum.

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>You sold your coins at 15k didn't you

more like 10-12k lel

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thx just sold 100k

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Sorry kiddo, no re-entry point for you. Get on before you're left behind.

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These exact words were said in the bull trap phase of the pre-christmas crash aftermath.

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many people have not paid much attention but cryptos trade 24h7 while stocks trade only 6-8 hours 5 days a week. this makes it harder to compare many indicators.

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This is very true...I've been trading for 30 years now and this is so obvious right now it's painful.
It'll have some ups and downs, but there isn't a decent widespread mechanism to short, so it simply hovers based solely on confidence, with no way do drive it down effectively. As it appears on more forex charts, as the futures become more wide spread and as more exchanges actively allow for shorting, only then will we have a true price discovery.
It's running out of mo-mo right now and its simply too pricey for the average investor. The wall street and city of london jews are starting to get their hooks in this and they see the utility of bitcoin, but dont like the price. Wait till next year when they drive the price below $2000 and then look to buy longterm. Its going down, just be prepared.

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You faggots were wrong three times this week alone, just fuck off.

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> A year later
Are you retarded? It took over 14 years to recover. Of course the market's doing this faster but don't tell shit.

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I like this. I know youre wrong but even if you are right about a price drop, I have only invested £600 maximum.

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You see, I never put in anything I wasn't ready to lose.

Heh, see you nerds

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you can predict market movements but its impossible to time market movements

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Sell only when people stop talking about bubble

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there is already less people talking about it

i reinvested about 40% but im keeping the rest in fiat for now, if btc is stable around over 17k i'll probably reenter fully

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