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So what the fuck kind of crypto market are we in if shitcoins reach 2 billion dollar valuations in 2 weeks starting from nothing?

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>2 billion dollar valuations
It's all fake, the liquidity is not even close to that. It's probably around $50M at best.

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It's always been like this. Don't question it or be upset about it. Understand it and partake in it. The money is there for you to take.

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Liquidity is actually at 12 million

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Is that you coffeezilla. Mad you got shadow banned after your Jake Paul expose? Still butthurt?

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The depth looks pretty good on the CEX's? Can you not actually sell into it?

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The gambling wild west market, same as we've been since day 1.

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The kind of market where today pepe and peepo are 1# and 7# respectively, with papa closely by following. I would suggest keeping an eye on this one

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This is what 2020 was like btw, we are very on track for a 2024 bullrun

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bull(shit) market

but alot of this going on with pepe its retarded,
1% liquidity ratio...
the exchanges can list this and totally control the price now.
im glad CZ will now be making money off retards on this

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Beats me as well, we usually have this sort of thing every now and then. But I'd rather hold on to a more stable decentralized ID and Rights crypto.

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Precisely, it is a prerequisite, and cryptos that connect web2 IDs with web3 might be the next big thing.

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Yea, take what you can and invest in a more stable crypto niche like ZEC, XMR, or ORE.

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Clown Market

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No surprises there, ZK-Snark privacy crypto looks more solid and consistent.

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First we had dog market then monkey market and this time frog market. Buy up all the frog tokens!!!!!!

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Add RAIL to that and you'll have the best list around.

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whenever a cat shitcoin comes I'm going all in

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fuck off
there is only one KEK token and this not it
$pepe is 4chan official