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who have been in crypto before 2017 and still haven't made it yet? What happened anon?

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Yup, me. It's simple really, I was worried about taxes + fell for the hodl meme so I never sold. I'm still up from my initial, but I have't taken any profits.

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Let me see:

>Bought 2 bitcoin in 2015, sold them a month later.
>Bought XRP at $3, sold at $0.9.
>Bought Doge when it first started pumping and sold 30 minutes later thinking it would drop to shit and made $10 profit.
>Waited for 10k bitcoin.

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>make money
>spend money so that I can live
>bullrun ends resume wagecucking
>make money
>spend money so that I can live

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If you didn't quit your job every time you had money, would you have been rich by now?

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Was a poor student at first, now i got money but dont take action/wrong choices

At least im not down 90% on some wrong choices yay

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i went all in on feathercoin boys

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I spent it on a VPS

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I had small entry. Made money last bullrun and sold on the top so now i have crypto money waiting

2017 100€ -> 3000€ ->1000€usdt up
2021 1000€ -> 35k€ -> 25k€ usdc up

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Have been involved with crypto since 2013. Simple explanation is selling too early and fucking up the big ones. I've made $500k off $8k initial so don't feel too bad for me. Anyways I sold about 20k LINK during the depths of the 2018 bear, sold 2m FTM at 6 cents after a measly 3x, sold 50k KDA before the giga pump, and so on. It's mostly due to sheer incompetence and because I never have the balls to ape all in on a "sure thing". I'll make it this next bull run though simply due to how big my war chest has gotten.

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I only started in 2021 but I've been basically following the same course as you

I just did $200->$100k on Pepe. My friend that bought the same time as me did $500->500k. He hasn't sold a single fucking coin since he bought. I just cannot allow myself to be that (chad) retarded. This extends to other coins too though, e.g., I bought 1k solana at $30 and sold at like $80 before it went to 250

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Insane numbers. Pepe was the big one for sure, probably the biggest pump I can remember. Depending where it bottoms out after this I'll get a large bag for the next bull run. Sadly, I only put in $1k late at $400m mcap

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I lost 115 bitcoin in 2012 on a flash drive, bought them for $1.15 a piece, one can only imagine my pain

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I discovered margin trading.

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This, fear of taxes has ruined things for me so I'm still wagecucking

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Just trade on an exchange where you aren't KYC'd and pay taxes when you cash out. Yes it's wrong, but it doesn't fucking matter as long as it looks legit

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Exploded and Imploded, like 20 times in a row

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You know when anons tell you to never listen to advice in biz? Well i did that and i've never made it. Meanwhile i've made discord and telegram friends (and even plebbit friends) who already made it because they took the shills

Yeah they also lost money, but in 10 years i have nothing to show for being a fucking coward. I should've taken the alpha i got and risk some because it's true you lose 100% of the shots you don't take. Maybe i'll take papa now, see if the token is the next one like they told me

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I could've reitred easily at the peak in 2021 but was worried about fiat hyperinflating before I manage to buy some real estate and the taxman not liking me retiring in my 20s
at least I've cashed out 6 figures but not enough to retire

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nah but 2018
i wasnt into it till like 2020
but alot of this >>54862622

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mined doge in 2012 or 2013 or some shit. was loud, hot and GPUs were tormented and smelled, ETH algo later was so light in comparison - was selling tens of ETH at 4 bucks. was swing trading BTC at 900 euro to make 10 bucks at a time. bagheld alts in 2018. was spending income on bullshit in 2019-2020 instead of slurping cheapies. sold tens of ETH at just 700 euro before real bullrun as I was selling the news. literally had so many chances but am just retarded. too pussy risk management, diversified in boomer stocks, boomer rocks, cash is trash. Every ape is talking about next bull run and halvening, so I'm worried. But I guess dumb money is free money. But the moon is gone. t europoor who will never go to 0 and never make it

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Cryptopia got hacked and lost most of my stack. Had like a few hundred thousand NANO

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i bought bitcoin in like 2013 when it was a few hundred dollars, and sold for a insignificant profit. i think about killing myself every day

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No you didn't lmao

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Imagine coming on an anonymous image board to lie about gains you didn't make in shitcoins on the internet.

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Well, that depends, I've been into crypto before 2017, and I've made a profit of which I'm investing my latest gains in privacy tokens and decentralized IDs and rights cryptos

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I been in crypto since 2019 with 20k starting position and failed to make it. Only am pathetic 120k position now…

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Did the same, but with ORE.

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>privacy tokens
hellooooo....2017 called

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You could DYOR crypto that connects web2 IDs with web3, you can make up for the lost time.

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pic related

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are you telling me to buy DYOR coin?

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I got in in 2017, 6 years ago almost exactly and I am far from making it. Don't forget to sell anons

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Got in 2013, started mining btc and alts instead of just buying the stupid coins. Lost interest when crypto market collapsed in 2014-2017. Traded a bit during 2017 bull run but held like a fucking idiot. Did the same during 2021 bull run and never sold. Never invested much in the low MC coins because of being too scared/a loser.

Total investment is around $5k and my current total portfolio is like $150k. Fuck this shit I should have made it by now.

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I'm an Afghan plz change my life

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2016 - was 18 and only had like $200 in bitcoin;

2017 - opened my first account on an exchange and went all in on VERGE [XVG]
--- became impatient and sold right before it did literally, not exaggeration, 1 MILLION %
--quit crypto

2018 - came back, deep dived into a shitcoin called LINDA coin; put 400 into it,
--became impatient and sold 5 minutes, i swear to god, 5 MINUTES, before it did a 92x
--quit crypto

2019 - said fuck this and enlisted in the marine corps

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Same, I had a huge position last cycle. But I was too conflicted about taxes to just fucking sell.

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I got bitten by the MEME ant and lost it the way. If I had kept on investing in The OG's, I would have become a millionaire by now keeping my head and cock straight, investing only in them and managing my port using ORE ID so I don't fucking deviate.

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salute you for your service.
but you have zero luck. don't fucking die when you go to a war.
lost so many coins on the fear of taxes.
been using them to manage my ERC tokens.

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After some time in the crypto space, privacy cryptos with ZK-Snark tech will be the true face of crypto.

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DYOR RAILGUN, pretty impressive, AXS and NEO are as well.

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Whatever that is, quantum-resistant cryptos and privacy tokens are worth to DYOR, especially ZKp.

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I've been into crypto since spring 2013 and purchased my first two BTC at $80 each (I still have those first and last two). I've made decent profits in terms of cost basis multiplied, but I haven't made it yet for simple reason that I did not buy enough BTC. I bought some, I just did not buy enough. I had at most 15 BTC around 2017. My crypto portfolio peaked at around $670k last bull market (~10 BTC). Sold a bunch off sub market top, bought a truck, bought some mixed use property and renos. Bought some gold and silver to lock in gains. Ready for 2025.

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i appreciate the tip, friendo

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I got a bag of QANX about a year ago, and fucking diamond handed that through their bridge fiasco. What other quantum resistant cryptos do you think are worth researching? I've not really looked in ZKp yet, sounds interesting.

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I find that most people on /biz/ who claim to be richfags making 500k as a senior programmer at 35 are usually losers who suspiciously get stoked over a windfall of 300 bucks despite claiming to have 21 BTC. Many such cases.

Crypto is very much a "put 8000 dollars into ETH and get a 10x or put 8000 dollars into shitcoin and get a 50x or have it go to zero" kind of game, it makes sense that in reality most people didn't magically make it. the answer is just buying bitcoin during the bear market and working overtime so you can escape wagery