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i just don't think bitcoin is a good investment anymore

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it's the only investment left
everything else is gambling on the altcoin casino (memecoins), or gambling that the altcoin casino keeps growing (ethereum)

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You know there's shit to gamble on besides gay ass manipulated non-regulated crypto, right? Real adults gamble on ES futures.

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it's not, the most you can hope for at this point is a 2x? and even that isn't likely.

there's traditional markets

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Jews are afraid
They can control eth. They cant control btc

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equities, derivatives are just a worse version of crypto
outside of index funds and treasuries there's nothing worth touching in tradfi

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>They cant control btc
Who do you think owns Blockstream?

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Anymore? It never was, the whole fundamental basis for investing in crypto is as follows.
A:Line go up!
B:Unregulated currency of the future!

It is bullshit, it always was bullshit, it will always be bullshit. Yes I told you so over a decade ago and yes I will continue to do so until it no longer amuses me to engage with stupid and willfully ignorant people.

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>They can control eth
jews can't even control doge

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blockstream is a failed company
the samourai whirlpool has 5 times the cap of liquid
the inscriptions meme has 300 times the volume

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The thing with crypto is it's all a zero sum game. You only make money when someone else loses money.

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liquid is just a side project, their main goal is to ensure bitcoin has unusably slow transactions with high fees

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anon, from what I'm seeing on tokenmetrics it's a good buy for the long term

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you clearly need i see pee

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Bitcoin shitcoin casino pumping

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Blockstream? Are you serious right now?

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regulated currencies aren't store of value, they've lost too much value over time due to their policies, they're therefore not money, you're a cuck

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if you think bitcoin is anywhere close to being compromised you have nowhere to hide other than maybe gold, but even the price of gold is more compromised than any aspect of bitcoin itself.

looks like they failed then because lightning btfo all of their failed sidechains with it's volume alone

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What is this, 2017?

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What is that character in your photo

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Then yous a bitch lmao

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How the hell is investing in a blockchain that does not have the technology to support mass adoption the only real investment in a market full of innovation?

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Well, you can try an Alt Anon

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I don't think so

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this is correct; ETH is a much better hold than BTC simply in terms of utility, the ETH/BTC chart makes that very clear

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invest in what zoomers like you retard. kids arnt buying fucking baseball cards anymore

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I'm buying AI scanning technology penny stocks that have govt contracts just as they roll into production, before the market explodes.

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My white seed? Implanted in D.VA's korean womb.

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I made a deal with the 1984 industry or something.

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It's literally the best asset in the world. Digital property.

>Can't be taxed or seized like real estate
>Can't be inflated to zero like FIAT currency
>Superior to gold in every metric as a store of wealth
>Decentralized, no corrupt humans involved in decision making.
>Never has a fraudulent Bitcoin been created and inserted into the network

If you're not putting every single dollar of your net worth into this, you are being robbed by inflation, governments and Kikes.

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So you're buying the next generation of penny stock meme garbage like weed stocks back in the day except with "AI" in the name? Good luck with that.

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Lmao. Look at this nigger, point and laugh.
Gold is a far more fictional and fraudulent market than that of BTC.

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I think we're finally in the depression stage, gentlemen

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Launching scams is so 2017. ETH has no other utility.
And now that it's an infinite supply PoS shitcoin with a centralized monetary policy controlled by a group of trannies around Vitalik, it's no better than any other shitcoin out there and worth nothing.

That which has an infinite supply has no value.
You have no arguments to counter this.

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Basic financial primitives like insurance, derivatives, loans, etc. are not scams.

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Show me one that hasn't been a spectacular failure on ETH.
None of that's needed to be run on some antiquated blockchain.
I can get insurance, loans and derivatives private companies and they operate just fine.

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Off by one, but your post is so based and accurate that I'll pretend you got quads anyway.

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i would invest my sperm on song hana

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>digital property
Is this the new scam catch phrase to help prop up the ponzi? I keep seeing it everywhere.

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You can't refute it.
Bitcoin is the perfect property.

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>I can get insurance, loans and derivatives private companies and they operate just fine.
They don't work just fine, they are completely opaque in operation and they often just scam you and refuse to pay out insurance or manipulate derivatives. The entire point of using a blockchain is to allow for extremely transparent and fair operations.

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In the long term, big picture, yeah. That's how money works. Right now BTC is effectively a massive Forex trade.

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What else am I supposed to throw money at then

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so I shouldn't invest anymore?
I was using PLEB to buy some someday

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You're right. It's time for the alts to have their run. That will be the real bull run.

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Coinbase delists Gala. Openseafag arrested for money laundering. The Zucc throws in the towel on the web3 metaverse. Literally the only thing hot now is a p3p3coin with no utility, anonymous creators which can rug at any given moment. CZ is so desperate because crypto is dead and does the unlikely and lists it on binance. It's over

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Do you hear yourself?

2x in tradfi is basically a one in 100 stock buy/sell.

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You could lend out your crypto on radiant and get interest on the loan, like the banks do. Hmmm, maybe that sounds like one of the reasons I got in to crypto, to be my own bank. Hey, I could get a loan out and start my own business without ID, just collateral.

Seems like the obvious choice.

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not buying your coin

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Damn, “Golden Boy” was a good anime. What’s with all the nostalgia around here? Feels bittersweet.

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You sound horrible anon, when token metric artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide cryptocurrency insights and analytics to investors, don't be a sleepy dick fags

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You must not buy that, go get other coins with juicy experience am sure cvp will make alot of profits in this new season.

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>Never has a fraudulent Bitcoin been created and inserted into the network
They have and the response was to roll the 'immutable' ledger back

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>2x is le good return guyz

Fuck off. Might as well hold stocks.

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Yea that's why am getting my ass spank with token metric it help investors identify promising long-term investments in the world of cryptocurrency.

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Yea anon it got me so freaky horny as the are building a pro-crypto army that works towards a future where everyone has control over their own financial destiny

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>i just don't think bitcoin is a good investment anymore
I never did, why the fuck would you buy 0.0006 of a BTC, its just dumb money.

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well said anon. I'm already investing in alts including GRT. QANX and NAKA. A mixture of AI, security, and gaming tokens is a good play right now.

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Buying 0.0006 BTC is dumb money, bro. Look into low caps like UTK. It is a solid play rn considering how bullish space is with the use of crypto for payment.

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I agree

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if the goal is to make money on the short term, just DCA into best projects like Ocean, Hive, Ride and Cro and forget them for a while.
>i personally wouldn't go for BTC for a short term at all as it has a lower potential to xxx
meanwhile lower coins can double or triple easily

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ETH is literarily the only means of crypto adoption because they can fucking have dapps built on it. most of the private transactions are built on it. you are just fucking retarded.

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Lol. Lmao even

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Pharah is best girl

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speak for yourself, i have wrapped mine say 30% and placed it in Sylo liquidity mining for over 40% APR, the rest in the self-custody wallet

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Sure they work just fine: evidence is 100 years of private insurance industry with trillions of dollars in insured liabilities. Insurance runs the world.
No one is taking real assets to some rinky dink blockchain run by trannies with an infinite supply. You can't secure ANYTHING against an infinite money supply with a centralized monetary policy run by anonymous trannies surrounding Vitalik.
A total joke.

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I'd rather invest in HBAR and ORE. Web3 projects are top notches.

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Based. Self custody is more convenient especially for those with multiple wallets spread across multi-chains.

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Dont get all caught up with the memecoin bs. BTC might not be the right choice but alts are doing pretty well, get on privacy tokens and thank me later.

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Go to hell you dumb retard Deng! BTC is the future, crypto is the light. CYMi is the king of crypto payment.

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Its focus on privacy and security makes it an attractive option for users who value their privacy and want to maintain control over their data
>that's what the ftx crash thought me

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In all these what are your stash anon, cause i be bagging every solid low-caps i have researched or had on my tokenmetrics watchlist and via its grading system i've being able to buy WWO, CRO, and DEXT with over 40% on each of 'em.

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Being thinking of bagging this ever since but i have not had the time to do my research, but then I could hold on for a possible retracement but whist on that Ride and Qwt are next.

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no one asked

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>their main goal
they're broke, little bitch ass small company
they have 0 (ZERO) influence in the space
you are a braindead bcasher with blockstream derangement syndrome

blockstream is fucking meaningless and it kills you inside that this is an indisputable fact, because you need your boogie man evil company, otherwise your failure is just your fault

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Azero, Zkp, and Sylo should do the work then, enough with the clogging of Xmr down our thorats when they are obviously those which will soon start the era much better.

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he is still buck broken from his reddit trash talks with losers like maxwell
they still don't understand that 99% of bitcoiners don't even cared about their little kerfuffle

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People want freedom and privacy desu, only crypto can give that.

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For profits I'll pick privacy tokens. The privacy space is about to blow up.

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>identify promising long-term investments
I hope they got RAIL on there, perfect long term hodl.

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I had a negative outlook on Bitcoin as an investment a year ago. However, with central banks discussing CBDC more frequently, I am reconsidering my stance.

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Sounds like a privacy colony in the cryptospace and I am here for it.

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The network keeps growing too and its getting more secured with the ZK tech.

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Bitcucks are worse that XRP retards at this point lmao

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It will be difficult to make it big in ETH or Bitcoin since going to a 1000X or 100x is unrealistic. Better find protocols that are still young with good prospects. I only store value in BTC. I invest more in the likes of SPOOL, HBAR, and CTSI.

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I'll add RAIL to that list.

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Sounds interesting, can you stat some tickers? I also would like to throw a few hundred or thousand bucks into that market.

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I bought NXRA for a good reason. It might take time or not but with its utility, I ain't letting it slide. BTC can wait.

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What a terrible take. 1:500 leverage on currencies and indices with a tiny spread is way better than the scam shit you find in the crypto world.