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Shill me alpha on the next meme coin biz, I'm retarded.

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Our village lost internet connection. But we’re all in bizcoin sers. biztoken.xyz

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kindly type this link into your windows https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/bizcoin/

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Take anything with a frog on it. If pepe go through all the weekend you easy x3 . But personally I think pepe coin is the best pepe replica, I bought yesterday it x3 already, it's the best because the devs are the ones who develop the first pepe in 2016, that became memetic, also 50% of the token is shared and hold for memetic holder to be short It hold more, it has a lot to be seen as a particularly good pepe replica. So if you bet on pepe pumping you can get reward by pepecoin holding

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The thing is that erc-20 projects can easily 5-100x, but that rarely happens on a dex. Anyway, look into feetpix.finance and satisfy your foot fetish/make money at the same time.

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Mmhhh,,, vishu satisfy my brown bags,,,

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dead coin that's done NOTHING. imo dump feet and hop on /our/ coin - ticker BIZ

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Designated shitting token

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The SOLUTION to these bullshit faggot fees is PULSECHAIN

your best way is to get a bag of HEX and get it duplicated on Pulsechain launch, and use it to buy PLS. Or wait to launch, and buy over the bridge.

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$biz started next leg up sers

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itt MEV mafia scams

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kek...ok richard. wen btc 11k?

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There are many opportunities under the sun, I also refused to ape into this and enrich Eth holders by burning gas. I'd look for opportunities on other chains or just wait. No one can predict meme coins

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We can try. It's all about what the market thinks about itself, and all the market says it's the new shib, it's LE MEME COIN

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PEEPO trending on Dextools will easily hit 50m-100m. Currently 20m. Posted about it first when it was 500k. Getting another CEX listing over the weekend. If you're looking for 100x or whatever just do what everyone else does you degenerate faggot.

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Pepito on uni is currently 500k cap and done over 1m vol in 24hrs. Probably hits 5m cap when the gas wars calm down

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there isn't one, its pepe.
if you get in now, there is still a 5x to be had, it will go over shiba mcap.

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The next big meme coin is LabraLOL (same tg name)

Its on arbitrum made by a biz anon. The site is Labrador dot lol

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it already did like a 500x...

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I firmly believe ETH should be used similar to BTC and only be for longing, DCA, and HODLing.

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But it already pumped. It has maybe another 2-3x and thats it

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looking at PEEPO, has a 99 score on Dextools, also MUMU might not be a bad one

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What is your next recommendation for a 100x? I can only put like 100$ into it and that wont be enough to cover the gas fees even if peepo does 5x

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it would be hilarious if BOBO became inversely correlated to PEPE. sold my PEPE this morning at around $1.7B - my instincts were correct just before the binance listing. still hold a bag of BOBO, MUMU, and PEPEG for the fuck of it if nothing else.

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>still hold a bag of BOBO, MUMU
Wait, didnt MUMU get rugged?

Also how did you know the binance listing was going to tank the price? Shouldnt it be the other way around?

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unironically this may be true. i think this is going to be yuge. but why tease with the testnet dollar values for PLS and PLSX? says my PLS alone is worth $54,000,000 kek. once mainnet launches it goes back to 0. tokenomics of PLSX look insanely good though, considering how good PLS already is.

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holy fuck what happened to /biz/? all I see are people perma complaining about gas fees, are you lads that poor? i thought everyone in here made it from LINK.

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for too long i would always hold and never go with my instinct. seen it happen all too many times. and with binance listings, 9 times out of 10 the price dumps. decided to realize gains in ETH. MUMU technically didn't rug, but it dumped from a $2MM market cap i think. they never rugged the liquidity or prevented selling. its a low enough mc that i dont give a fuck if it does anyway

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newfag twitter tourist detected

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But why binance listing dump the price? Shouldnt it be the other way around?

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PEPE and wojack are now gone, made 5x on them, The gas fee would fucking remain high for a while now, still multitasking and using ORE to manage a ton of them. but for luck would ape in some MUMU too

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>Wanted to avoid gas fees
Avalanche is your solution

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>I firmly believe ETH should be used similar to BTC and only be for longing, DCA, and HODLing.
I firmly believe ETH and BTC should be discarded from everyone's wallet

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Are you talking about the original 2016 one or a newer coin?

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Don't sleep on $REKT

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Dump all that ETH, buy AVAX and start staking. Eventually your retardation will be cured.

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I’ll let you in on a ct secret
Everything revolves around these cute little things.
Few will touch it here but this place
makes no money anyways
Figure it out and buy one or a derivative

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JEET is the hottest thing right now


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Same. Thought the gas was too damn high. Missed the KuCoin listing this morning. Didn't buy in until this afternoon. Feels bad man.

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powerbomb pay

powerbombpay . com

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Vitalik Buterin is a pedophile

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>Eventually your retardation will be cured.
Maybe not, but at least he will stack AVAX

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Why can't you jeets put your coins on pancakeswap I don't want to pay $20 gas each time I play shitcoin casino

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> it x3 already,

Oh damn, really? I gott some a few days ago, brb gonna refund half. I've been burned too many times waiting too long not to have learned my lesson... maybe I'll look into more may-mays now that I have some more liquid

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PepePal. It has a 100x minimum in its future.

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You're a little late it went from 0.30 to 0.15, so you bought earlier then me I bought at 0.04 but I couldn't sell :'D I order the sold at 0.25 but the order has been canceled because of the high traffic, so I'll old the og pepe I am good with it maybe it will rise again who knows?

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bro this is jeet central and always will be

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Bob is the only worthwhile shitcoin. thats where the money will flow next.

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Mumu is the next eth play still very early but already established enough

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>i thought everyone in here made it from LINK.

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Clown Pepe (Ticker: $HONK)
now go pump my bag

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The newesssst meme coin is on Cardano -- you know, the chain u fags like to hate even tho TX fees are pennies and near-instant

Jussssst look how we are eating all Cardano dex volume

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Buy NoiseGPT. Sub 1 million MC with a working product (decentralised uncensored voice AI). Small group of holders so still early days. People will fud now but will make threads about missing out when this thing blows up.

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I think that will make some sense, but it looks like gamefi is melting faces as Chunks is successfully onboarding gamers to the web3 gaming model.

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It's becoming scary don't know what to do am so confused and retard I need fags ETH got me crying

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buy bog and mumu if you want to make it

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Yea fags it sounds good but am Looking forward to more twitch content and also mobile gaming with RiskFi 2 earn CHUNKS token.

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Have you made it using that platform don't be some assholes here xrm is making fags rich.

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fuck you pajeet

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Hey retard don't be too excited, as GameFi system which offers free entry into its metaverse universe for all gamers seamlessly.it will be a horny pussy experience anon

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>Mumu is the next eth play
A new retard spotted
>>i thought everyone in here made it from LINK
I literally made it from sol and sylo, whilst also providing liquidity for sylo/wbtc pairing on uniswap with close to 39% in returns, and participating in various airdrops on Solana network.

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$pupu will be massive

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For being honest, I will shill you something good. RAIL, CTSI

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Apu Apustaja is still under 100k marketcap which doesn't make any fucking sense. The meme is gigantic. It's bigger than Wojak, Bobo, Mumu and all the other shit memes, valuated in the millions, combined. It will take off and become at least a 50m token at peak degeneracy in 1-2 months. Also, macrowise, I think we have a short lived bull market on our hands. The Fed ended the hiking cycle so markets will soar for a while before everyone realizes how fucked the economy actually is, in Juli/August. But before, BTC will rise to mid/high 40k and maybe even breach 50 for a candle before dropping back to 20k until end of year. During the ascend to 50k memes and alts will go absolutely nuts. Besides Apu I buy also everything else related to Pepe. Media all over the world told normies that you can once again become a millionaire dropping $200 on crypto. They are on their way.

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UTK, AVAX, ORE, ENS and PEPE, making it a lot more fun.

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Ain't gonna sleep on DiD and Privacy narratives. The next biggest thing.

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hmm i'm intrigued. will buy a bag

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Sweet. I've got AVAX, Ocean and some self custody focused tokens. Gmi

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YNGMI with memecoins, the script is obvious. Invest in based fundamentals like privacy and defi focused projects.

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To have unvesting devs dump on you? Btc only btc and the excurse into reaching eth corpos a hand and getting fucked wont be forgotten. Crypto as what eth casino trannies imagine it is going to die