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with real women and not have to pay for it
>real women respect wealth
>admire you for being successful
>i should be able to get a qt7 when i make it
>even though i'm a 4

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just go to bars and parties (though it is sort of expensive)

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Women don't respect wealth, if you flaunt your wealth to get women you'll only get gold digging hoes that will rob you more than just paying for it, and the sex will be just as loveless. If you want an actual woman that likes you, then you should hide your wealth anyway. Drive a basic sedan, don't wear flashy jewelry.

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This anon knows
Most women there are not worth wifing but there are a lot you can have fun with + it'll teach you a lot about life
Start small and grow anon!

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do we tell him

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Yeah if you want peepee itch the next day and it won't go away with any treatments

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The issue is that you will never make it because you will always know deep down inside that despite the temporary sense of normalcy you feel you know that if you became broke or even became just a little less richer every woman would leave you. This isn't true for normal people. Only genetic defects like this have to have immaculate perfect little lives to even have a shot. Have you seen the absolute state of some men? But it doesn't matter because they're normal and we are not nor will we ever be no matter how hard we try.

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>>>/b/898724651 get some cucumber

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What went wrong with us why do I have to suffer because my mom was an alcoholic that severely stunted me in my formative years why god why

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that's not how you eat those

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Use a condom lol
They work
I am not joking
I have never had this problem not even once

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Lop lmao just kill that bitch as revenge

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Same, wagmi

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>Use a condom lol
you will fuck the cuckbag

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Nope, fuck em’

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i seriously hope you dont do this

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Buy a sex doll

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Honestly seriously considered raping her but then she was killed in a car accident. Probably for the better that I didn't get a chance to rape her since it would've ruined my life and put me in prison but also kinda mad that I'll never get a chance to exact my revenge.

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Women are the biggest meme of all. Make money and do drugs instead.

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I get almost no enjoyment out of sex with a condom. I literally can't even cum if I am wearing one.

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Genuine sex only happens between two virgins who love eachother. I still want it back and I'm in my mid thirties.

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#1 I need a place a girl can actually moan and scream in. Most rooms I'm in are not more than 10-20 feet away from someone who's sleeping. I always gotta tell the bitch to shut up and it ruins the mood I hear. Is that too much to ask for?

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I don't like it when girls really loudly moan. It feels fake, like they're not actually enjoying but they're just doing the porn thing so I feel good.

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Alpha fucks Beta bucks.

At best a woman would see you as a good cuck/provider to raise her genetically superior offspring.

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Sounds like you want to be in a relationship for all the wrong resons. If you think women will like you for your money your wrong, they like the money not you.