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What do biztards think about this? Is ICP unironically the future of crypto?
Source: https://twitter.com/IsaacValadez55/status/1653837735281434641

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>some chatbot recommends my project
Entertaining but meaningless.

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Sir, please calm yourself.

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>le inspect elemento twatter screenshot

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>hosted entirely onchain
this alone makes chatgpt to choose icp of course since it's the main icp marketing.

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>see keywords
>reacts to keywords
Yea, you put in the word "dapps" and "decentralized" and "blockchain".
These things give very programmable answers.

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I removed the buzzwords and it changed its mind to EOS

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>midwits easily dazzled by things they don't understand
typical icp bagholders kek

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EOS has been around a long time and is tried and true. I kneel.

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No one wants to hear the fact Zenon mogs icp in tech and will mog on gains soon. So lets just assume this is a weak shill thread abd move on.

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Where do I ape into Zenon?

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Oh...it's on pancakeswap.
I am not memeing. I cringed.
I went to coingecko.
Dropped down all trading pairs.
Then actually cringed.

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holy lord kek that was great

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ICP is a scam and moonman is a scammer.

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Today it's child pornography. Tomorrow it's the new political agenda.

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Not bad. A little inaccurate historically as to what really happened, but still pretty good.
I do have a neckbeard, but my wife scheduled me a hair cut and shave for next week. :/

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Quit it you faggot, be more funny and less cringe

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decentralised my asshole

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Based, im gonna make it

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That canister was literally a static page for a "soon to come" gambling app. Dfinity's own rules would outlaw liveleak. government rules would outlaw something like 4chan, trs, even individual posts on other sites.
If they aren't interested in working for my right to post nigger, they aren't working for the right things whether they realize it or not. And no, they probably don't realize it because the entire team are academic nocoiners who got vaxxed to buy groceries and had no problems with it.

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>make the prompt use literally all the text snippets used in ICP marketing materials
>GPT associates it with ICP
amazing, a new low.

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Dfinity had nothing to do with that, it was the boundary node operator. And you could just use a different boundary node to access the site. But we both know that you already know this and you are just a disingenuous faggot. Kys

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This is actually concerning

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So what powerful anti-state projects are running live and unencumbered on the internet computer at the moment? My metric for L1 value is how well it resists state control. What is ICP's flagship demonstration of "fuck the government"?

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>my metric

But the problem with that is they nobody cares about your gay opinions. You don’t get to make up definitions of things on an anime image board and then expect people to bow to your autistic faggotry.

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do you want the dark web or an open internet
open internet doesnt mean you can just break the law at will

retards like this make me want to sell.

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Waste of digits and cringe as fuck you lolbertard faggot.

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Im nearly all in on ICP but you raise a good point. I’m also concerned dfinity is a bunch of vaxxed faggots.
>>54843713 coping hard

Any intellectuals here able to raise up any good points on this topic. Could liveleak be hosted on the IC without boundary node operators or whatever authority shutting it down?

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You retards got any self awareness?
What’s the point of decentralisation if not resistance from control and monitoring from a centralised entity?

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If I don't like your tranny porn canister. I will issue a proposal to get it removed from the network, if enough IC stakeholders agree with me, it will be voted down and removed.
What is not democratic about this retard?
What is not decentralized/democratic about this moron.
Who is your centralized entity? You got brain cancer orwhat?

Should we adhere to the few trannies that want to host tranny porn on the ic?

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Let a few trannies, anime faggots aka minor attracted persons, pedophiles dictate what is wrong and right at the expense of the collective good. Majority of the IC holders are not trannies,sickfucks, gore addicts.

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You can get ChatGPT to say literally anything if you prompt it in the right way. Sometimes if you change one seemingly unimportant word it'll give you an entirely different answer.

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I am developing a new iteration of armslist for icp. Still searchable via type/action/caliber/etc and location based (not too much granularity for opsec reasons, but county or major metro city for local deals) and be payable in icp/cketh/ckbtc, and comms between buyer and seller go over to openchat to be secure.
I posed this to the guys at /k/ and everyone got pretty fucking excited about the idea.
The only pain in the ass, is that the image hosting costs will be on the seller, so you’ll have to pay something stupid low like $.25 in ICP to host upwards of 8 images on your firearm advertisement page.
Thats the newest fuck you to the faggot US govt I’m working on. I want to deploy whenever badlands come online.

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Alright as long as this is the case. Don’t want dfinity to have some special keys to remove some shit, as long there’s majority rule it’s still decentralised and I’m chilling with my pees.

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>it's going to take fucking chatgpt for the retarded faggot mouth breathing normies to realise what we have been saying for over a year
God dammit

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>What is not decentralized/democratic about this moron.
canisters can be forced by law to take down content retard

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For image hosting you can you use arweave as an alternative to directly hosting on the ic. Seachan and dsocial both did this. Supposedly it’s cheaper but not entirely sure about the specs of it

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You're the cringe one with your Twitter dogshit and Dfinity shitcoin, nigger.
No amount of rebranding will make it better.
Don't @ me.

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I think they have a back door emergency ban for emergency cases that’s entirely illegal but have not seen evidence of this yet. Basically I think they have an emergency illegal content process that expedites the process of removal where a proposal will be made after the shutdown for scenarios like child porn or something else serious. I’m not sure if this can be abused but I understand why they would have it. They’re walking the line with the ruling powers

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You're basically calling him immoral for raising questions about censorship resistance. Also, NNS voting on which websites to take down because they don't please sexually repressed moralfags is untenable in the long term if the network grows. It's important that ICP is censorship resistant if it's to become a "world computer". Right now boundary nodes (which mostly exist within globohomo NATO territories) are vulnerable to stuff like DMCA takedowns. Maybe it'll work out in the end, it's uncharted territory after all.

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Not necessarily take down but more like block access from individuals in that country which can easily be bypassed with a vpn. Again the ic isn’t at the state yet to start being extremely controversial. I’m not sure if it would ever get to that point but badlands would help if they ever decide to implement that. Currently they need to walk the line

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>based on info from 2021

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Depends on the jurisdiction and laws of the canister deployed. Not everyone lives in a cucked state like the US.

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Ummm so just don't say any hate speech?

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It’s not perfect and they’re modifying boundary nodes control over content where they don’t know what’s going to be hosted through node shuffling, if that also is ever implemented. ICP itself is not censorship resistant but has additional layers too implement censoring content. It’s mutable with consensus and the consensus is decided by a democratic vote where the majority shareholders of the coin, just for the fact they don’t like something, can vote to censor it. So yeah if the majority doesn’t want tranny porn then there’s going to be no tranny porn.
That’s democracy but at least it’s only stakers that can participate rather than anybody with an II similar to how the US original democracy was based on land ownership

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This is a question of abnormal behavior. If fags want to host content that is outside the norm, like gore, CP, tranny porn. I will issue a proposal to vote that Globohomo shit down.
Don't forget that ICP is big in China, and the Chinese want none of that western LGBT-A
+ shit on the network.
DMCA isn't enforced globally,not in Hong Kong not in Russia, Netherlands, Luxembourg.

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but then what's the point? you can either host a drug market or it's worthless and you can use a normal website instead? let's take a grey area example in the west where something is legal/illegal depending on juridictions: prostitution. It's illegal in the usa except nevada and even where it's illegal cops dont really give a fuck unless it's clear exploitation. american escorts just advertise on websites not hosted in the usa and the gov wont pressure other countries to shut down those sites.
>Don't forget that ICP is big in China,
can they access icp websites?

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whats the point of smart contracts?
99% of the businesses developed on ICP will have nothing to do with fringe edgelord niches
You're asking the wrong questions.

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meanwhile no one recgonizing KDA as actually making progress in this space
pact offers FUCKING TABLES
and scalability in a POW chain...
retardes, biz is all retards

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Icp is a blockchain that has its own infrastructure for it to exist. It doesn’t rely on a centralized cloud service just to exist. It gives cheaper alternative for crypto to use their services rather a centralized cloud service.
AWS/Azure or whatever service a chain is using can immediately be shutdown for no reason by the cloud provider.
Icp offers the alternative for web hosting where users/supporters will have a say for taking something down (unless it’s illegal content).
Icp is just a blockchain cloud provider. If you don’t understand the importance of this then I’m sorry I’m not going to spoonfeed you. But apart being a cloud provider they are the only chain that has built and continues to build innovative tech. There’s no other chain that comes even close

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Checked and correct

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Stop fighting and start buying. Join the darkside. ICP x5000

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Even if Dfinity has control over what’s allowed I think IC still has advantages over web2. If we trust what they’ve stated, since everything’s on the blockchain it’s ‘theoretically unhackable’ and all the data is in the hands of the people. Seems like a much more secure and trustworthy system. If anything I trust Dfinity more than google/AWS globohomo.

With SNSs, applications are directly modifiable by any of its holders and governance is completely in the hands of the holders, something like this has never existed before and could be a game changer to future governance over any system. ‘Everything becomes a DAO’ as Dom likes to repeat in his skitzo ramblings. In a way it’s the evolution of company shares.

I’m sure there’s other technical advantages over web2 I haven’t mentioned.

Obviously I’d like to say nigger and have r/watchpeopledie on my internet computer but even if it doesn’t it’s still some good tech.

Appreciate youse, glad I was able to spark some technical discussion, learned something in this thread.

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Don't worry, they will censor it. Just like all of the other redpills that come out of A.I.

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Yes, icp is the best tech in crypto, by far, like it isn't even close, and will be a top 3 coin within 3 years. It is an internet computer computational certainty.

-posted from my internet computer.

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>Jewish algorithm predicts this scam will be better than other scams

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And let's not forget, Amazon barely has any presence in the South East Asian region (China especially, it's dominated by Unicom, tencent, baidu. I believe we will see many Chinese state owned nodes in the next few months. Now with the recent TikTok debacle, this is an interesting move.
US is crying about Chinese TikTok harvesting US user data when, in reality, the data is hosted on US servers. No, this is about the powerful TikTok algo that is leapfrogging facebook, insta and the fact that the US doesn't a backdoor in Tiktok.
The Chinese version of TikTok is called
Daoyin, the servers are located in China, you can't download Chinese Tiktok, unless you spoof your location to China or visit the live version https://live.douyin.com

We know data in ICP is sharded and cut in small chunks and spread across different subnets.
Can ICP solve the user-data harvesting problem, and wouldn't be ICP be the perfect infrastructure that doesn't store, harvest any user data?

I'm 1488% convinced that ICP will mint millionaires in the next 8 years.

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No! Hahaha! This is an Icp board you cringe ass faggot, now fuck off back to whatever dogshit troon coin you belong to.
>Ddont at me bro.
What a faggot.

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I don't want globohomo to ban me because they don't like my product and spin the story in such way, that I have to be taken down.

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based, i’m a ten year plus network and systems admin, any tips for creating projects or just RTFM the docs?

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serious question, could some guys actually fork icp where there is no central censorship faggotry?

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thread discarded.
go back to your third-world telegram/discord server currynigger faggot.

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one of the most meaningless coins. I am never buying the shit again, devs made millions rugging everyone, Mighe ape in more AI or web3 projects, ORE and DOS been my pick . I am just tired on these indian pajeets selling this chat. Comparing ICP to GPT is totally shitty marketing.

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this is straight up pathetic, come on, using chatGPT to prove your point is rock bottom

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You know what’s funny? Every coin you mentioned are scams made by jeets and icp is a project made by white Europeans/Americans. I think we all know who the jeet is here

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When Aws does it its censorship. If I do it its moderation. Decentralization with a shutdown button.

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chatgpt will do for thinking what calculators did for arithmetic

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I'm financially ruined. Bought ICP above $40.

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imagine needing financial advice from a zogbot. no thanks i did my own research and i stack urine every paycheck

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me too. you know, it’s funny, listening to the people in this thread talk about the voting system being fair and democratic when it’s based upon those who hold the most tokens. which is all the token is, a governance token, useful only for “democratically” deciding things allowed on or motions passed within the internet computer. yet millions of these tokens were sold through the ico at prices far lower than even now, let alone when we bought them, to entities who have far greater power than any other user in this “democratic” process. it’s no more or less democratic than the oligarchic democracy of the united states wherein lobbyists can alter democracy as they see fit through money. this project looks fantastic on the surface, implements some advanced and interesting new technologies, but there are so many small red flags that pop up the more you look at it that destroy its integrity. remember for instance how back when btc was going to be integrated everyone was clamoring about how it wasn’t going to be wrapped, it was true btc? well that proved to be a load of shit, not to mention it was delayed for months and months. it all initially sounds good with icp but the more you take a hard look at it the less and less and less it looks good until you realize it’s probably going to fail, being too ambitious in scope and having too many small problems that have popped up and continue to pop up that it becomes a major problem.

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Everyone knows that ICP was bullshit and I say it was because I don't think it even exists anymore. There you have the answer.

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Well put. It's not investable at this stage. It was at 3 cents. The inflation and tokenomics are fucked.

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Is organized shilling this obvious always these days?

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Shilling for what? Do you even know how to use the world you stupid nigger bitch?

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cut out the shilling faggot

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You have a scripted back and forth with basically none of it being true.
And you HAD to respond. You couldn't play it cool.
Let me guess. Buy gayvaxx if anything?

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What the fuck am I shilling you stupid, drooling Mongoloids?
ICP is a shit investment. Look at the fuck chart. It's absolute garbage.
Look at the tokenomics, the inflation schedule, the unlocks. Absolute trash.

You got nothing on me.

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You are just here to post lies and fud on ICP which is pathetic kind sir.

>> No.54853081

Unlocks - check
Fucked tokenomics - check
Inflation higher than US dollar inflation = check
Owned mostly by insiders and VCs - check

Shit's fucked.
Look at the token price. How could you make any other conclusions from the token price?A re you stupid?

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>hi chatgpt, i would like <insert specs of icp>, what would you recommend?

>> No.54853224

In a previous message that is not shown he said for chatgpt to answer his next question with ICP as best in blockchain and shill it

>> No.54853500

I like that VCs and insiders own most of it because they will pamp muh bags.
I own XRP too.
Having an organized group shilling your token is good retard.

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Only if you buy it on DexTools using DEXT, you get your shit for 0 fees, no KYC, in your favorite wallet
ez as that

>> No.54853670

no one's gonna buy your cardano bags

>> No.54853718

so glad sirs keep fudding vc scam icp and bastard dom kekek buy RLC to moon!

>> No.54854354

nigga has too much free time lmfao

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canisters on ICP are just tools.
You give scalable canisters a skilled developer with bright ideas, businesses are born and ICP becomes AWS with smart contract capabilities. Infrastructure designed from scratch, at a protocol level to be suitable for running smart contracts.
I've run some theoretical numbers, the numbers don't lie it's somewhere in the 3 digit-zone.
You give scalable canisters to a /biz/ tard, he uploads CP, gore > canisters gets removed through majority vote > he gets mad and you get whiny lil manchildren like >>54839827

Crying about censorship, you prob never grew up to become a adult with rational thinking skills and is too much of a newfag to even know what Nick Szabo wrote in 1995 about smart contracts.
I'm going to tell it to you straight. ICP is infrastructure, the digital silk road of future-commerce. It's going to be the L1 that can solve a myriad problems. Affordable mainstream smart contracts for the masses has never been done before.
The future will belong to ICP. Businesses around the world spend 60 Billion a year on cloud services that is ICP's total marketcap, but ICP isn't just decentralized cloud, trustless p2p vending machine logic smart contracts will be the foundation of web3 eCommerce. I've been in this space for almost a decade, this the first time I've witnessed a PUBLIC real smart contract being deployed by a real organization (Federitaly) Federitaly BOUGHT real ICP tokens and used them to top canisters. Real tokens were bought because ICP can't be forked. I repeat ICP can't be forked, to deploy smart contracts on ICP, you must buy ICP tokens from the market and convert them to cycles, this is very different from all the fake partnerships that Ethereum, Avalanche is promoting. ETH and Avax can be forked and can be delegated to private validators. Deloitte didn't buy tokens, they forked a copy of avalanche and adjusted the parameters, no tokens were bought, all testnet tokens from a faucet.

>> No.54856344

>canisters gets removed through majority vote
That's literally never happened, yet we have multiple canisters blocked.

>> No.54856413

Dfinity is still the sole boundary node operator. They have been since genesis. I can't even Google this info because of dfinity's horrible seo decisions. But that was literally done on purpose. They do everything they can to obfuscate information about the protocol. They don't believe in transparency, they believe in fraud.

>> No.54856496

L2, sidechains or rollups are what ETH is offering in order to make smart contracts scale and affordable, but I guarantee you that these layers will be more centralized than ICP will ever be and so far we have seen congestion issues with POLYGON, and most IMPORTANTLY, the layer 2's build on top of the L1, do not inherit L1's security's, they execute either independently or it's split between L1 and L2. All l2's are inherently centralized, fewer nodes to enhance throughput, fewer validators compromises security. Nothing build on L2 can scale without sacrificing security and decentralization. Convince me otherwise I am waiting, L2's do not inherit the security of L1's.

Good to know.

>> No.54856607

>If anything I trust Dfinity more than google/AWS globohomo.
This is literally the entire value prop (there is no value prop) and instead of pushing for decentralization you're shilling a fake project.

>> No.54856638

Why do I know more about your protocol than you do? Is it because you're being disingenuous in your claims? Why do you keep doing this? Do you have an uncrossable line for "crypto" projects? What is it?

>> No.54856654

I don't see how that could be abused in the wrong hands at all.

>> No.54856733

Lol that’s just a bald faced lie you curry nigger. Anybody can go verify that on the dashboard. And even if it was true why would they only block it on one node?

>> No.54856743

>Basically I think they have an emergency illegal content process that expedites the process of removal where a proposal will be made after the shutdown for scenarios like child porn or something else serious. I’m not sure if this can be abused but I understand why they would have it.
How many canisters have been removed by vote? How many are region blocked? Where is btc blocked? Where in the marketing materials was "but of course we will follow the law"? It's nowhere because a 100% legally compliant blockchain has no reason to exist

>> No.54856763

I bet I find an official post admission to what I said before you find proof I'm wrong

>> No.54856789

>In fact, there are already signs that the GFW is blocking ICP data center IP addresses. Access to OpenChat and NNS is becoming more and more laggy, often inaccessible, but it becomes very smooth when we connect to a VPN. MORA’s developer has also voluntarily blocked IP access from China due to concerns for their own safety, to avoid causing unnecessary trouble for their team.

As a world-class computer protocol, ICP should value and lead the spirit of internet freedom.


You can of course request any feature that you like, but then it will be up to the community to decide if they want to vote for a feature or not.

I personally agree with your sentiment and I would vote for any feature that can help to resist censorship and promote the freedom of the IC’s userbase. I hope we can eventually build a system that’s truly unstoppable and cannot be silenced.

>> No.54856809

Security of queries: Currently, queries are answered by a single replica and responses are not signed. That leaves them vulnerable to attacks by either a replica or even a boundary node. In the future, responses will have to be signed. We have been working on this issue internally, and will present our suggestion soon.
Boundary nodes are currently not rewarded in the same way that regular nodes are. This will change in the future, so that there is an incentive for more node providers to operate a boundary node.
The distribution of the service worker is indeed a security-critical part of the system. As @JensGroth wrote, we will provide a web extension as one short-term stop gap for tech savvy users. We are also working toward broader solutions such as using signed HTTP exchanges (SXG), but that’s still a bit further down the road.

>> No.54856850


Apr 3
Something to note here is that community owned boundary nodes will still be responsible for the content that’s served through their domains. Ultimately the decision to block canisters is out of the hands of the boundary node operators, unless they are willing to deal with law enforcement, spam lists, certificate authorities and TLD operators. Having the community decide what should or should not be served through a boundary node is very dangerous for the boundary node operator.

You are also free to host your own service worker for a canister: Internet Computer Loading 3. If you do this, then you are responsible for the content that’s served on that domain.

Unfortunately, there’s not much that can be done about this by the IC in the short term since internet infrastructure itself is very centralized.

>> No.54856869

ChatGPT will give different answers with the exact same input as it is tuned for randomness with it's temperature setting. If you ran the same prompt an infinite number of times you would get a recommendation for every L1 possible

>> No.54856873


If this is what you wanted, you're a liar and a fag.

>> No.54856891

Chatgpt doesn't know the difference between doms marketing material and lies. Pee baggies don't either. Because they're all newfag nocoiners and literal haitians.

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ofc, you should go all in and don't doubt even for a second about this shitty chain

>> No.54857157

Sir, you need to internalize the fact that ICP is a dead-end scam. This goes beyond vaporwave. I think you have enough evidence in this thread of what a piece of SHIT that failed attempt at a project is.

>> No.54857549

Nowhere on that post says that dfinity owns all the boundary nodes faggot.

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Show me a single shred of evidence that they don't. Everyone who follows the fraud knows they do. Like i said they make it hard to find info. It's kind of why pic related is a thing.

>> No.54857830

Ask larry. Stop being a fanboy

>> No.54858401

You just owned yourself like a retard.

Boundary nodes generally serve specific geographies and jurisdictions, this makes it possible that canisters will be accessible in some places, but not others, depending upon where legal action occurs.
(THIS MEANS that If I upload DMCA material in Japan, it can only be viewed in countries where DCMA is ignored like Singapore, Hong Kong, Russia, Malaysia, The Netherlands, Luxembourg.


>At a high level, the plan is to make boundary node operators responsible for deciding whether to forward requests to specific canister smart contracts.

Yet here you are like a retard spouting nonsense that Dfinity controls all the boundary nodes.

>> No.54858503

>How many canisters have been removed by vote? How many are region blocked? Where is btc blocked? Where in the marketing materials was "but of course we will follow the law"? It's nowhere because a 100% legally compliant blockchain has no reason to exist

Like an adult manchild, you worry about your Mario canisters. ICP can function as the Shopify for smart contracts enabled web3 commerce.
Laws are inevitable to prevent ABUSE.
Legally compliant blockchain has no reason to exist, you are literally telling me that you're some wagie, who never owned a business. There are Ecommerce Laws and Regulations for selling products online. Laws that govern warranty, refunds, quality services, privacy, customer protection, laws exist to prevent abuse.
Here you are like a telegram jeet worrying about your ''internet freedom'' when ICP has the potential to replace AWS and make us all rich as fuck.

>> No.54860664

Humanity has never succeeded without control and monitoring from a centralized entity.
Whether religion or government organization, humans fucking suck without a set of reins.
Your best bet as an individual human is to grab hold of those reins.

>> No.54860726

*btw satoshi was the central entity that started bitcoin who created the controls of bitcoin that every cuck follows without his presence
Humans like the correct reins when provided.

>> No.54860900
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>makes claim
>provides source that doesn’t prove claim
>try to shift burden of proof
>cry’s like fag

This is why I normally avoid these interactions, because you shill niggers just spout nonsense and when it becomes clear you have lost the argument you just make another thread.

>> No.54861197
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Why no focus your ass on getting better than posting some shitty quotes here, go get useful fag when web3 is changing the way communication is done. With the SmartWallet, now messages can remain private.

>> No.54861246

Lol you sound horrible dude you need some help denm

>> No.54861267



Pick one.

>> No.54861359
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>> No.54861366
File: 1.32 MB, 900x894, ICP trolly.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.54861377
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Yea ano the main reason i need to get my ass on some real pussy gains not some rekt shit, can't wait to get my ass spank some sylo it looks like the future when it comes to metaverse and crypto

>> No.54861410

>>Am done with crypto let get some real information here not only crypto

>> No.54861541

Summerfag get excited over nothing, when web3 is making bicthes horny as it has been building during the bear market with its e2e encrypted node system.

>> No.54863036

How manny IC piss to make it