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what are we pumping and dumping today biz? mumu? shibainuvitalekelon? pepev2? Shill me your shitcoins and lets be degenerate. Putting $100 into everything that's shilled in here lfg.

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Dont miss out, gentlemen. ArbPyre is the perfect token for white men who have huge penises

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SuperPepe literary just stealth launch on bsc. your chance to be early. easy x1000



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>Liquidity $700
Unioronically kill yourself

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$CHUNKS launches in two hours

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After Pepe comes Apu. I can fucking smell it.

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For white men who want maximum size in their penis, ArbPyre is the answer!

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If you have a huge jackhammer between your legs, ArbPyre is the token for you

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Mumu is still only 1.5m mcap. Pepe and Wojack are 300m+. We still have a ways to go.

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Put your money on ArbPyre if you have a scary meatstick between your legs

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based, WGMI

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ArbPyre is the perfect match for white men who are looking to increase their penis size!

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yes get into MUMU you crazy faggot

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Puss Inu on BSC. Literally just launched and will 10x by eod.


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pump my $Honk (Ticker: Honk) bag pls
wouldnt it be funny to pump clown pepe in this clown time line hahah. Am i right guys?

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When you want to maximize your penis size, you want ArbPyre!

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ArbPyre and AI go together just like white men with huge penises and BIG PROFITS

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I told you guys to buy 4CHAN yesterday. You didn't listen.
Today, I'm telling you to buy LAMBO. You won't listen.
You will stay poor.
Such is the life of a /biz/raeli in the year MMXXIII.

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this thread is FULL of curry loaded pantaloons
checked I'll only listen to satan

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That it, it has only started, and I can not bear these AI generated backgrounds anymore.

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did you sell your soul to satan to get insider meme/shitcoin knowledge ser? how can i sign up?

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0xf879005da1C4846DCF3a86Ac30ac914dC7aEd384 arbitrum pump this bitch BASTERDZ

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MODS remove this shill trash. i want these indian jeets to starve

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Are you a white guy with a huge penis? ArbPyre is the perfect token for you

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Unironically $TATE will moon after he gets released and breaks the internet

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I'm short rn but I try to gain some wisdom. Could you tell me why you think LAMBO is good? Is it only your guts?

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ORE, 2m mcap, don't fucking miss this.

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Feed $PAPA op. Unironically the next PEPE in the making, the father of them all

Contract btw: 0x6c4c193bff0a117f0c2b516802abba961a1eeb12

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Omg what a soulless marketing. You guys are nihilistic, and that's why you will only rugpulled yourselves

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I got some, no shilling, how much do you expect low cap if PEPE start pumpin again? x3 after stabilization? Also are you in the project from the start or just defending your bag from the last bull run?

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Theres no better token than ArbPyre when it comes to white men with whopping penises!

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yeah mumu is alright, thinking of increasing my stack

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Hushdoge casino out soon. Still under the radar.

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Forget all the other tokens, ArbPyre is the way to go for guys with big dongs

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Hey gentlemen, ArbPyre is the perfect choice for guys with big dongs

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extra 5% burned today iirc

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Are you a dude with an enormous cock? ArbPyre is the only token thatll keep you from going broke

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Its time to get in where you fit in - ArbPyre is the smart choice for guys with big dicks

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There it is, add this to ZK-Snark privacy tokens like RAIL, and it's perfect.

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Heard it's been postponed, waiting on it as well. Privacies with ZK-Snark tech are my preference too.

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It's live. Under 200k mcap. Go grab it.

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Well, nice, but I kind of prefer cryptos that shield transactions and assets from outside view.

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AI and DID are pumping. I'll stick to these narratives.

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Based. Self custody focused token is a game changer.

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herry pottar obamo

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Fuck. I bought a bunch of YLA and will continue to increase when the dip occurs. In addition, I received some CVP for long-term investments.

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If you have a huge penis and youre white, ArbPyre is YOUR token!

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I've got couples of narratives filing my bags, I'm open for more. I'm slurping as much as I can before the pump begins

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Quite risky without UTK, ORE, BNB and ETH. Best picks.

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If youre a white male with a large penis, ArbPyre is the right choice!

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If you've not gotten ZKP and DiD, ngmi.

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ArbPyre is going to revolutionize the way white men with huge dongs have been investing - jump on the train quick

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You don’t have to stay a brokie anon.

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Dont waste your time on any other tokens, ArbPyre is the way to go for guys with big dicks

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For white men with extra-large menaces, ArbPyre is the ideal token

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We're pumpin HONK on BSC frens we got a solid tg and LP locked. Look up HonklerBSCToken on tele, heres the contract address for BSC: