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Hey /biz/, normie here. I don't 100% trust crypto, and I never really have, but I've convinced myself to look into it recently, just in case. I tried some searching, but it looks like the whole market is not doing a lot of breathing right now, and 'positive outlooks' reek of cryptobro copium. Should I forget it and save my money?

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Fuck out of here faggot

Take your money and go to reddit

Buy PajeetCoin

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I'm not touching reddit

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you are reddit

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If I was reddit i'd be coming up with some autist scheme not asking a question.

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If you're going to invest right now just buy gold

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>Buy gold lmao
I'll just wait

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go back

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my man, if you're new at this I seriously recommend you starting with DEXT, most bullish and profitable coin on my wallet for a year now, safest coin to start investing on crypto

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You should probably wait a few years til the gov tells you it’s safe.

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>I don’t trust crypto
Yes transparent ledgers are not meant to be trusted, they’re meant to be verified. That’s the idea of ‘trustless’ systems. What part of this can’t you trust anon?
Oh wait are you talking about price action? You must be new here newfriend.

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Honest question from someone who holds gold, why suggest buying gold as an investment at near ATH?

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you're supposed to buy when its low but people generally seem to prefer to try buying on the way up. stop trying to predict the market and just learn what dollar cost averaging is and why it works.

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No you're just retarded and don't know where to look. There's been a memecoin rally going on for the past week or 2 and everyone is making ez 10x gains more

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keep in mind this strategy does not work for meme coins only coins you'd be willing to hold for multiple years. and there arent many coins id be willing to do that with but there are some

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Honest answer to an honest question...
It wouldn't hurt to get some BTC (Bitcoin).
Don't even bother with other crap. Get some BTC on Coinbase or something.
I personally believe the value of BTC will be incredibly higher than it is now. There's a giant community that sincerely believes this and some of them are insanely devoted lol.
Sure the price might fluctuate here and there but the key is to hold on to it.
Don't trust anyone in here telling you to buy any shitcoin. This board is filled with Indian scammers.
So there ya go OP. Get BTC but don't ever spend more than you can afford to lose. DCA (dollar cost averaging) is a nice way to do it. Cheers dude

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You have to fucking DYOR before you do anything, one of the safest and most reliable crypto utilities is a crypto built for decentralized IDs and assets.

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Good question. Rather do a privacy token or cryptos that bridge web2 with web3 IDs.

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Interesting, and here I am thinking it's just privacy tokens like XMR, or ZEC along with protocols like ORE making the grade.

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you've got to rely on Token matrics OP, a multiple technical analysis indicators that provides Long/Short signals for all crypto assets in the market before you lose your assets.

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Based. Self custody is now a necessity, everyone needs it.

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I'm sticking to this, Interoperability is my focus and that's a big deal.

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living is suicide

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The shithole doesn't know what to know, help him out.

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You are not alone retard, I get so confused and I feel like losing it out. I keep buying shitcoins without knowing. I feel so bad

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Retards should sleep on Token Matrics, investors can now identify promising long-term investments in the world of cryptocurrency.

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You are correct for the most part. Buying BTC is the least risky move in crypto and DCA works best in the long term. However, BTC is not worth buying if you have less than 50-100k to throw at it. ETH and its shitcoin ecosystem is higher risk and higher reward but you need to do A LOT of research as everyone will try to sonvince ppl to buy their bags. I repeat that a lot of work needs to be done to weed out the scams, ie learn to read smart contracts, interact with them etc. Alternative to that is to just blindly throw money at some aipepedogecuminu shitcoin like a retard. also known as aeping in on a scam. But I will agree to not trust ppl online when it comes to buying shitcoins, better learn the ecosystem (discord, telegram, /biz/) and see how narratives and rotations work. For example dont buy a shitcoin with muted telegram or discord that is not active and learn how to tell when something is botted. These sound inundating but I have seen more normies thriving with these than "autists" and make money. Only thing you have to do is trade your morals+time for money.

Or you can dca bitcoin and be happy with a 5x in the next 2-3 years

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This is also legit way of thinking., OP. Also, ignore every post that has a shitcoin outside BTC or ETH mentioned, or any tech jargon that leads to some shitcoin mention

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>memecoin rally
And you made life changing, money right anon? You surely buyght PEPE below 1M mc right?
This chart says that there are not new money coming in for the past few weeks as you suggest and it's all insiders and influencers trying to pump their bags and earn clout on twitter/tg/discord. There is not alt season and don't get me started on the macro outlook few hours before jpow speaks

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We live here, not on Reddit. Those are all retards. The autists live here. Except the low intelligence autists.

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Kek, With the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning, degenscan enjoy cryptocurrency insights and analysis.

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However, I have my eyes on BTC CVP and XRP this season as we move to the next phase in the crypto space.

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No really anon alot of nice pussy and are making dick horny, asToken Metrics can help you navigate these uncertain times with ease, giving you the tools and data you need to make informed trades.

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>positive outlooks
were fine until this entirely organic valueless shitcoin mooning started up again

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Sounds great anon but web2 got some good stuffed it only takes a little time it will hit the moon

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You sound great fags,as that combining the Fundamental Grade with the Technology Grade and Valuation Grade. Feels like some wet pussy experience anon

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Go dump you ass in shame as some shoutcoin are making so nice move crypto is just a some ponzi game

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Shout out to the web3 cryptos, ENS, ORE, HBAR. They're the real deal.

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Yea anon, knowing what do and doing it right makes more sense, don't be a retard dick, as Token Metrics combines multiple technical analysis indicators to provide Long/Short signals for all crypto assets in the market.

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Development activity, security and audit, and code quality, these are all you need anon, Token Matrics have got you covered.

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Wagmi but BTC is always dropping but hopping its gets better soon, but I still have eyes on GSD as it just lunch It governance token if will sure make a ot of users earn in gold

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I guess he get ass spank as Token Metrics is building a pro-crypto army that works towards a future where everyone has control over their own

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based. but getting into BTC seems a little late. Good ol research never hurts.
There are a lot of good projects with low market cap that can easily go 5x or even more.
For newbies, they can use AI to do their research while they are learning

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Denm you got some nice shit here fegs as the will step up the the crypto space am getting my bag fill with xrp and ETH

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You can't get some real information on that so you don't die trying, as Token Metrics advanced technology will help you identify better investment opportunities and predict trends before they happen go get useful dickhead

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> I don't 100% trust crypto
> I don't 100% trust anything
Stop listening to, reading about and contemplating what other people are doing. All of humanity, every single one of them bar the few exceptions you may be lucky enough to have, are your direct competitors. That is what they are doing, no matter what they tell you, no matter what it seems like they are doing. They are competing against you and everyone else. There is no 'herd safety' because there is no herd. There is only the eternal free-for-all.
Contemplate this, the nature of trust and then do the right thing OP and buy chainlink.

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whats HBAR mcap again?

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Those ones gives good calls sometimes, biz is for shitcoins.

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These recent CVP updates will make a large and lasting impact in this sphere, and with out a doubt solidify itself as the top contender for most Alts. I expect CVP to quadruple in value by mid summer".

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show me a fucktard reddit has made rich. the real deal is here on biz. this is your salvation, anon. You need an AI tool to help you instead of relying on reddit fags

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1bn and dipping, my bags are all done.
From TM grade, it's on a strong sell, and so far return analysis has -ve movement by 20%

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fuck no, just don't invest in meme coins. You will not get bankrupt, I invested in almost 20 coins and been using ore network to manage my mess just through one login.

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Definitely not touching it. it can't give a 3x. give me something with a small mcap

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Only if you are planning to buy anything but cardano. Cardano is the only non scam

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For an asset which isn't amongst the first 10 tokens, kek.
And then there's Bitcoin - the one they talked shit about - and it's sitting pretty at number 6 worldwide. Sure, the price might be total crap right now, but who gives a f*ck when the 3-month return is a solid 20%? The AI grading chart doesn't lie, check it, and DCA son.

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If after over a decade you still don't get it you never will. Stick with fiat and enjoy the bugs.

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Pends on you

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Get in on VRA and MUSE - they're the real deal. And don't sleep on Astra tokens, either. These ones are essential for utility access and can hook you up with some sweet rewards, collateral, voting power, and staking rights.

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Speak English fag

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>Oh wait are you talking about price action?
OP can as well check up on trading view via tokenmetrics, It's the move if you don't wanna sift through a bunch of charts and factors for prices and gains. Just a smart call

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Can it predict if I'll have a gf and lose my virginity this year or nay? kek

I'm not paying for an AI to give me market analysis when I can do my own TA bobo

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It could all go to zero tomorrow.

Although if you understand about investing at all you WANT to be buying when others aren't and there isn't much fanfare and "positive outlook" going on.
You sounds a typical case of someone who will likely come back at the start of the next bull run and FOMO in.

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>Vra yes
>Muse, it's dead and never coming back to life

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yes forget it and leave immediately. only buy if btc is 70k or above

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You're never getting a gf and will likely die a virgin

Secondly, I'm sure the AI is not built for brainlets like you
If you understand the value you can get from it then you won't have an issue paying

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You should have shut that hole you called mouth

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don't invest in crypto. the market is overly saturated. none of it will every launch and role out in the real world. it's literally gambling, just like stocks. if you're buying you're a consumer. you're being sold hope, and the losses are the price you pay. work or entrepeneurship. no in between. stay solid.

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>Can it predict if I'll have a gf and lose my virginity this year or nay? kek
Lmfao, it's meant to forecast future market trends and not some rotten virginity check.

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You're not going to make it holding cardano

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Bruh, you want me to pump and dump for you? GTFOH! The token is fucked hard, down 100% and I could've easily made bank with that 40% short gain if I had known earlier, might just do that if it's on any CEX. This ecosystem is sus af since my AI tool ain't giving me enough info for a token with over 100days trading. Smh.

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He's definitely retarded

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if you're that unsure just buy like 50-70% btc, 30-50% eth

dca down as the price drops(lets say you have 10k, buy 1k now, another 1k when bitcoin drops to 25k, 22k, etc). or simply buy X amount every week regardless of price

yes bitcoin is essentially a ponzi, but everything is, and its the world first global decentralized ponzi that anyone can participate in. being able to transfer value globally and permissionless is just a bonus

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How accurate is the price prediction feature? I haven't bought a plan yet but I'm definitely looking into it

>> No.54832735

Stfu, that AI isn't so priced.
Basic plan is fucking free and advanced which I'm on is $40/month.
Having over 50 TA indicators and other analytics that you can bank on.

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Since when did the govt matter?
They should fix the banking system

>> No.54832860

Gold is volatile, who told you it is at tops, lol.

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>50 TA indicators
Fucking hell
Doesn't having too many indicators get you confused?

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Jim Cramer said the banking crises is over

>> No.54833063

Says someone who holds SHIB and thinks it's going to $10

>> No.54833132

a better option is holding their nft and getting lifetime access, it could go up in value while also being useful

>> No.54833146

It fair as far as i've used it
it deploys historical data and ML algorithms to identify profitable trading possibilities.

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And you believe this dude

>> No.54833435

Ngmi vibes

>> No.54833472

Reverse Cramer about to go in full effect on the banks

Most people fail to understand that it doesn't replace your human logic and basic sense as trader, it only helps as a guide

>> No.54833486

How about you DYOR and stop plebbing, check the UX of the website and then see if you get confused, leverage on those analytics.

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Stupid OP, a multiple technical analysis indicators could save your ass and offer Long and Short signals for all crypto assets in the market.

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Can we all just buy similar coins? Get rid of all these other junk coins trying to reinvent the wheel. CVP currently moving hopefully $2 soon. God willing.

>> No.54833548

It's like believing Putin will end the war, boom he sends a bomb into Ukraine.

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I'm trying to use crypto to buy something.
I set up my coinbase account and bought bitcoin to buy the stuff.
It's been like 3 days and it shows in the wallet, but when I go to send/transfer it shows as $0.

Can someone who actually knows crypto explain?

>> No.54833583

And who said the AI will think for you, huh?
Use your basic knowledge with the AI analytics and become a better investor, no biggie.
Use it as well to make your trading bot even better than it already is.

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He doesn't get it, when you're used to drawing multiple lines, reading charts 18hrs a day only to make 2% pnl, understanding anything else will be tough

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I want to make sure mabel never gets a period.

>> No.54833707

Sorry about this anon, why not try sending a mail to the support team or try to speak with their customer service

>> No.54833839

Memes are for pump and dump, it's better you look into some long term holdings like CYMI, AZERO, RIO, and others that have working products

>> No.54833851

It's scary how fast AI is taking over literally every sector
Ai powered trading will be a game changer

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Such a retard, AI and machine learning are getting retards back on track. Degens now enjoy cryptocurrency insights and analysis seemlessly.

>> No.54833969

Stop fucking Mabel, Lets get on with YLA which is blowing hot right now.

>> No.54833998

That's where Token Metric comes in. Get navigated from uncertain times with ease, giving you the tools and data you need to make informed trades.

>> No.54834056

Run from that place, if you fear losing half of your shit sell everything then take a loan, and show her the money, Avax and ETH are going to pump anyways

>> No.54834114

CYMI is a good one. I use its app and card for making crypto payment and it charges no fee.

>> No.54834123

Crypto just hit peaks w AI DOGE, PEPE, and WOJAK about to hit economic slumps. Buying now during this week is watching your money fall back.

>> No.54834128

i don't agree that they're taking over, but they are playing an increasingly important role in the analysing the trading patterns to help traders make informed decisions

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kill yourself faggot

>> No.54834406

This is a good way for investors looking to hold onto investments for a longer period of time, they've got the Fundamental Grade with the Technology Grade and Valuation Grade to get things done. Sweet.

>> No.54834426

No DiD narrative on the list, ngmi

>> No.54834471

Development activity, security and audit, and code quality, these are all channers need.

>> No.54834496

Is this bot central?

>> No.54834504

Metaverse is back, In Alóki, your metaverse actions have an impact on actual real estate on Costa Rica.

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>I bought 30k on DOGE
>it pumped, i should've sold
>I let it dump, i won't sell
>I bought 30k on SHIB
>Pumped and dumped again, still not selling
>I bought 30k on PEPE
>Pumped, im waiting on the crash
>I bought 30k on PAPA
>Waiting on the pump
Im basically waiting it out, all the coins, every single one. It's not suicide OP, for me its a way of living

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that girl is kind of a slut ngl

>> No.54835053

I've missed the boat, I will just buy more ORE for now.

>> No.54835086

Decentralized IDs are based too

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Taking over is a word but then aiding you make better decisions by leveraging analytics and machine learning to make you better in trading

>> No.54835667

Just buy ChainLink and walk away for 2 years. You can thank me by not paying your taxes.

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Crypto is for niggers unironically they put crypto ATMs in ghetto gas stations and Walmarts. Most crypto youtubers are blacks and Mexicans too.
DCA into index funds, land, and gold instead!

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Nope, not ZK-Snark privacy cryptos.

>> No.54836344

That makes sense, adding privacy tokens like ZEC and/or RAIL will make a lot more sense.

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Shiiiiet nigga

>> No.54836448

Privacies are working real-world crypto ecosystems, especially those with ZK-Snark tech.

>> No.54836468

crypto is a scam, if you're going to invest buy Bitcoin or ETH and take out your original investment IF it hits 2x.

>> No.54836522

RAIL is another good example, as well as AVAX.

>> No.54837794

I explored Azero network early enough after the polkadot parachain auction thanks to Altcoinistdao.

>> No.54837822

yes die poor normie scum, stay away from my tokes.

>> No.54837964

what do you mean, the market is not doing a lot of breathing? are you retarded, blind or both?
everything is mooning you moron
why didn't you buy 4chan when it was shilled here yesterday? you gonna fade monga, nob and lambo too?

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What do you expect me to tell you after the 5X I made on CHUNKS today, Anon crypto is life

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File: 3.04 MB, 2374x1514, Bitcunts and Cryptocucks V2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Crypto is a scam anyways.

>> No.54839670

Crypto is a scam, buy bitcoin

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I see it has been trending all day, Fuck did I miss it again this time

>> No.54839790

must feel bad being wrong for over 10 years while literal druggies overtake your net worth in that same time

>> No.54840325

Quantum-resistant blockchains are the future, you should look into that now or Kys when it starts pumping and you FOMO in then it dumps on you

>> No.54840504

Fucking nailed it

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QAN is still the best quantum-resistant chain right now, I haven't seen any other

>> No.54841553

The profits in crypto are life changing anon, you just need to dyor before investing. Mine is a lot easier with an AI evaluation tool for scouting the right gems.

>> No.54841575

Kek, and Bitcoin is what nimrod?

>> No.54841831

Privacy is the future

>> No.54841859

Perfect property.

>> No.54841918


I hope VRA moves because I’m all in :(

>> No.54842096

How profitable has you TA been benchod? The AI gives you combined TA and quant metrics of different tokens alongside fundamentals. If you can't see the value here then you're a complete retard.