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You better start believing in bull markets. You're in one.

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nobody cares what you think on an imageboard attention whore

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I care what you think anon :)

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me too just to spite #1 :)

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me three haha I'm definitely not a retarded samefag :)

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bumperinio just to provide exit liquidity from all the retards that believe this nonsense

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made a 6x in 27 hours, haven't realized those gains though

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In the middle of these macro economic conditions? LOL! Absolutely delusional. The bottom isn’t even close! Still so much euphoria

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Is this “bull market” in the room with us right now?

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nice OC mum


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Yeah looks really bullish

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bank failures are not bullish lmao

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says who?

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>he doesn't know that they're about to raise the debt ceiling and resume money printing and make us all rich.
It's like you want to be poor.

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Feeling comfy

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that's why I bought $MUMU

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AVAX will surely reach a new ATH during the next bull run. My price prediction for AVAX next year is $300

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This year will reach 150 again fs

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I bought MUMU also and I'm trying to figure out if this is a MUMU thread or just a general bull market thread.

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no reason it can't be both.

btw nice going anon it's volatile but NPC just pulled a 1400%+ not sure why this couldn't either.

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this is the limit? I was expecting more, I don't hold PLEB bags for no reason, I need to recover from a very huge scam

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It's just getting started lawds

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I believe in the warrior god Mumu

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Not in the stock market. It won't be in one for another year, despite the recent bear market rally.

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>Feeling comfy
Yep, and excited about my tokens exploding ahead of time while also earning passively on Uniswap on Sylo-Wbtc and Dai-Eth pairs.

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It's right here

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I still wouldn't put significant money in now

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>you can't scare me mumu

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>You're in one
Your iq is sharp
the signs are everywhere with trading volumes increasing by the day, and there has been some analysis done by various Al experts.
but this doesn't mean there won't be any price corrections or retracing.

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Reason why I stack ENS and ORE. Good pump.

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You snooze on DiD and AI, you lose.

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Hackers will make you poor. Run away from crypto.

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AI is the next big trend. but anon you need to look into privacy, you don't want your information flying all over the place

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Why is my RAIL not breaking the roof yet?

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Any new booba cryptos?
If it's a meme market might as well be something I like

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Retards won't realize it until BTC is above 75k

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Privacy is based

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Yea won't be a lazyfags when SYLO is cheap, and offers P2P and e2e. While, my data & privacy is secured, the thought of loosing it to third party sucks.

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Go tell this to some newfag, that will never hit its that big i will keep holding on to XRP and GSD DAO this got some real pussy experience

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How about AI, metaverse, gaming, and NFTs all in one, how does that sound, fucking based.

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I care so piss on yourself, you ain't hodling nothing so don't be a cry baby

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Don't be a retard dick anon go get some sense and stop posting some shitty quotes here, as SYLO, having secure messaging, a digital asset wallet, and app integrations, I believe it's poised to disrupt the communication industry.

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on what memecoins?
WOJAK about to give me a banger but FUDs are thriving like fuck.

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mumu and bog, but i think memecoins are over for now with the fomc meeting happening and everything

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Sounds good summerfag that looks good but SYLO is unique in that it struck a balance between NFTs and the metaverse while also providing a decentralized protocol for anyone.

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Not really sure some meme are still up and making user rich as xrm got me so freaky comfortable with the recent trend of profit

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May you try some nice pussy deal summerfag as SYLO aims to provide incentivization, gamifying seekers_xy, while enabling community participation, it will create good opportunities for creators on the long run.

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BTC is literally dumping right now.

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Is the bull run in the room here with us now anon?

I like the app and utility attached to it but chart doesn't look great, team has been taking a nap

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Sounds good fags that looks nice it gonna make dick hard, as SYLO make me feel so horny seeing as the platform enables decentralized communication in web3 and data protection

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It among my dump list I can't find anything juicy there am enjoying the sweet pussy experience that CVP and XRM gives

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You just one lost pleb

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This looks good anon but I got my ass fix on SYLO as it staking program goes live where users would earn passive income.

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You've probably been under a rock
they working their ass off building in the futuverse, partnering with roots etc.
but yeah price isn't encouraging

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What's this shit all about

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This should be a good time to add more to the ones on my decentralized wallet app to truly hold it.
>Not your keys, not your crypto

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Don't look at prices everyday, run a node or Lp stake your bags
Come back in few months and thank me

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curry thread 1461247

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>After the damp comes the pamp

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You wish it was that easy to stay off the charts
The urge to check your bags and know how they're doing is more than the testosterone rush to have sex with a baddie

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It's a bullbear thing at this point

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Buying now won't be a bad move

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Get a ledger and you'll never get hacked

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>run a node
I've been running my Parity node on the Ethereum network, and seekers on the sylo network
comfy life

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Got some buy orders on binance and mexc

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Buy indicator

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How's that going for you and how much do you earn in rewards?

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No system is 100% safe, understand that before saying things like this

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>We're in a bull market
>Check $PEEPO charts
>200% up two days ago
>readying for another pump soon
You're right mumu, we are

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I'll stick with running a node, delegate and stake on it
Contributing to the network while being rewarded

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checked and priced in

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Now this is what im talking about

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>Greenish IDs
You're right. I don't care what you said or the context, just know that you're right

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How much is your node priced for?
Checking Opensea and seeing a seeker with a partybear cheetah print going for 70bucks

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Does the color green make you honey?

You wouldn't hacked using a mobile wallet either if you're careful enough, just don't be retarded to click on links

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Slurp hard

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A cartographer and comms seekers here bought both for $200, gonna place 'em for node staking. Parts fractions too if need be

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Cancel it, I'm from the future, you'll get opportunity to buy cheaper

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Not everyone will pamp like Pepe and Aidoge jsyk

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Must have special traits to cost that much since floor is like 0.027e

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Mechanical Buzzies are straight up fire, just have to give it to partybear's NFT game coz it's lit, and I peeped those bad boys getting tested in FortniteGame - potential collab alert!
Buzzies selling for over 0.1 Eth. Legit worth the cop till the bull run.

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>You're in one.
Get unprepared demise faggot. Not everyone is a memecoin gambler like you. Unless CryptMi app stop rewarding my transactions, I'm not gonna look at your WOJAK, PEPE, BOOB or ASS memecoins. Better to be drinking cum for living.

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Might kiss 22k and then 20k

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Yeah it is, aids every other avatars in the futureverse find their way through the uncharted territories

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go safe you self the stress anon, only retard dick will feel good over some shitty quotes as I'm excited to see so many people embracing one of the web3 platforms thats has staking architecture, unique probabilistic ticketing, minimal transaction fees and unlimited scalability

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I have bagged my CYMI and COTI full. I await the pump. Kek

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Stop being a drunk fags as it got nothing to offer it as good as holding nothing just get you ass spank with CVP it 35%APR got me so horny

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Sound great summerfag I'm sure it got some juicy shit, as web3 got holders so horny as It has solved the hard issues of scalability, performance and fair-reward in a decentralised environment.

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Hmmm it feels good to hear that anon how can I get involved looking for some real pussy gains anon.

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guys, how do I make 10$ per day online? any advice?

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Tell me if you cunt token has made partnerships the way altstatemachine has made with FIFA, Spotify for its gaming if it's even one? The native token ASTO yielding good in Genesis mining for me.

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Sounds funny fegs I'm just looking at one of web3 platform, as it got bitches so horny as it will be rolling out incentivization on its network, this I believe would leads to more opportunities for creators which will result to more community participation.

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What for? Is it some soccer game?

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Amazon kdp should help

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Yes it is, more like partnership with FIFAAILEAGUE, game compatible with Android, different theme park realms that are fucking immersive.

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The suffering here is massive wtf

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Doing so on DID and AI narratives, they are the game changer.

>> No.54836423

can i do it from Ukrain? and could you pleas elaborate about it more?

>> No.54836499

AI integrated brains gotten from futureverse's list of top NFT projects, and having the token in Genesis mining what more can I ask for.

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Holding PEPE, Ocean, Monero and ORE is a good ride.

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I was certain that the bull market was close after reading this article

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Retards don't know it's time to take profits and move on to solid projects with Utilities as the meme szn would be coming to an end soon.

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We are about to experience a blow off top of the charts, taking profits from meme coins is the logical thing to do at this point.

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Reassessing my bag as it seems, i am currently selling of my PPIZZA and WOJAK to go into solid alt with utility.

>> No.54839916

Aggresively cashing out on my memes as well while i currently buy more CREDI, CYMI and EWT

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I already bought UTK, so yeah I'm ready

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The bull run hasn't started yet

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You aren't ready if you aren't staking it

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This is a pig market, and pigs get slaughter!

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It's closer than you think bizfag. Now is the right time to accumulate and I have eyes on some low cap gems like Arweave, Sylo and Inj.

>> No.54841165

I'll say CYMI and ACOIN. I've been watching them for quite some time and they are bullish. I bought the first on AscendEX and the other on Kucoin.

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Check the charts again anon

Privacy is the future Chad. I've also spotted innovation in a defi platform that enables data privacy for users in web3

Avax suicide stack?


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I'd rather pitch my tent with RWA projects like mni. At least they have real use cases and are backed by real assets like land

>> No.54846468

The most useful NFTs I've seen are the Ore Active NFTs that can control offchain APIs.

>> No.54846536

Could be the game changer for NFTs. Altcoinistdao has highlighted RWAs and LSDs as two big trends to look forward to

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It's true we are at the end of a counter trend move within a corrective wave within a larger bull market. The corrective wave is about to resume and when that bottoms over the next couple of months the bull market will resume. However, within a year or so of that resumption it will top out and the real bear market will begin. We are in a topping process.