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>Emin Gün Sirer, the founder and CEO of Ava Labs, has been awarded millions in damages after an influencer publicly accused him of being part of a Turkish terrorist group in 2021.

KEK AVAX bros just keep winning!

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serves him right

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Next Emin is coming for Dominic who runs the Cryptoleaks FUD campaign against Avalanche.

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No he won't, because everything in cryptoleaks is true

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durka durk

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yes he will, the Lawsuit is already in the works and EGS has hired some of the biggest Law firms and some of the best Lawyers in the World for this.
Prepare your Anus.

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Avax Chads stay winning. If you FUD Avax you will pay the price.

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Unfathomably based.
get fucked Raheesh

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>because everything in cryptoleaks is true

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What can I say? Those stinkin' rats got what they deserve. Good for Gün and the Ava Labs team.

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>No he won't, because everything in cryptoleaks is true
Keep talking jeet, you not gmi till you sell that piece of crap coin and buy some avaxxies

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Fudders biting the dust. Awesome.

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>everything in cryptoleaks is true
>cryptoleaks consists of dom williams claiming emin sued someone once

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