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Back to Basics edition

>Educational sites:

>Financial TV Streams:




>Pre-Market and Live data:


>Boomer Investing 101:


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hope you bought SQQQ, anon

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I went SPXS this time

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Short now.
Short tomorrow.

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I'm only long a couple defense picks.

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What happens to cause the crash?

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RUM a good bet?

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Whenever I feel like an idiot I remind myself that millions of people believe in Technical Analysis

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TA is one of those Warhammer gods you can faith into existence once enough people believe in them.

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>Fibonacci support levels
literally dumber than astrology

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Yeah, because higher highs and lower lows is a meme.

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If history is any guide, the Chinese partition of America.

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Damn. That's the year I'm planning to retire.

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Oh don't worry too much, anon. Few of us will have to live through it.

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i follow the stock market daily for 5 years straight maybe, before that always casually observed it,'
3 or 4 times my gut has told me to go all in on something because of macro trends or industry trends and valuations being distorted, ive never been wrong, but my gut only tells me once or twice a year, and my paper hands sell anyways

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Just did my first grilling of the season
It was cold and rained a bit, but worth it
I want to invest in Johnsonville Brats, but they're a private company FUCK FUKC FDKLYG
Anyway, I ate 3 brats

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But anon
That's right now

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my gut tells me i need to go to the toilet

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These things take time to play out, gweilo.

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Best ways to avoid getting drafted, financially speaking?

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Too leveraged and too many Qs
Pull a Ted Nugent

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Damn, MCFNF didn't even get a nice REDEEM pump like Pajeethorse silver did.
Canadian penny stocks = Pajeets of the North scams.
I'm long these dubs.

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I'd say take the "shid and fart" Ted Nugent route and fail the ASVAB but...

I guess now leverage your LMT and/or RTX share ownership into a comfy job within the defense industry.

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Sometimes the fundies just don't reflect the market, like now

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I'm thinking about graduating from wheeling. What would be a good next step? I've done calendar spreads, like buying a LEAPS and selling calls against it, but that's also pretty close to wheeling. Is it all degenerate gambling past this point?

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become jewish

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Futures are back up

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I am eventually going to do a natural gas conversion once this property re-finance finally settles. I feel like I need to drop in at a lawyers office since motherfuckers can't respond to an "Urgent" email
Anyways -- thots on natural gas grill? I was thinking of having my brother who works in construction piping to lend a hand getting me some bricks and doing a BIY brick fire pit and then installing a wire top to turn it into a charcoal grill when needed.

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Fox news: A netflix original

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Idk man, I rent and just use the communal grills in the complex. I think they're natural gas, since there aren't any propane tanks anywhere. My dad would flip his shit if he knew I wasn't using charcoal, but I think gas is fine.

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We already went through the whole "you wouldn't criticize a black person would you" thing several times with right wing media. They keep doing it.

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So far my research into brick grills that also are firepits has not gone well. I have a patio that is rather sizeable that I would like to use for that but I don't see an easy way to shape it without taking a ton of space. Want a charcoal grill so I can do yakitori skewers.

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I'm not falling for that trick.

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Why is she so critical?

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Because DENN is still sending her a bearish signal. Taylor's very astute like that.

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i want to cum in her bearish cunt if you catch my drift

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How do I buy Cars futures (with physical delivery)?

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>in early April of 2023 Sanjeet Dipurard uploaded a video of himself raping his 82 year old grand father to Facebook.

>Sanjeet tagged 90 close friends and family members in the post. Sanjeet originally said that this clip was a prank show audition where he would assault his grand father "as a joke", he believed it was funny and his friends and family would feel the same.

>Sanjeet and camera man, Naki Azham are both currently being held in jail where they await trial.


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That's just AZO and ORLY.

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I have a 2000 ranger that I might not even replace even though its got 178k, heavy wear/tear on the body from a previous accident and a leaking head gasket.

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>measuring deficit by comparing actual to the average
>instead of comparing population growth, unmet demand, or new car waiting list times
what brainlet cooked up this chart

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Sweet, free cars for everyone.

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>with physical delivery
well anon. I'm afraid that's the tricky part. you see, cars are a bit... environmentally unfriendly....

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Maybe you're the brainlet. Pre-covid sales were very stable pre-covid (17m/year) so since covid we're below trend that means there's about 8.5m cars that would have been replaced but weren't but are kind of due to be replaced anyway. No need to complicate it.

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how many jobs are remote now that weren't previously? tens of thousands, likely more
a significant reduction in driving reduces the number of cars needed

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The benchmark should probably use miles driven, considering all the lockdowns and WFH commute fuckery.

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anon these people will never own cars again and they will be happy.

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I am going to go ahead and guess this chart doesn't correct for fleet sales. That was demand that just ceased to exist for years and what is more, when car rental agencies imploded during Covid that stock flooded the market too.

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JOBY 2024 LEAPS anyone???

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>amzn is down 3% today
>get email they're increasing my prime membership
so this is the power of the markets

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JP Morgan chase is the largest shareholder of the New York Federal Reserve bank.
One of the separately owned branches of the federal reserve cartel system, they let it slip a few years back but it was scrubbed pretty clean from the internet.

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My leaps have heemed me good

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>$20,000 of capital gains last year neeting it up
>dont have to pay any taxes at all
>received like $40,000 in benefits through pandemic years
canada is the best country on earth

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TA works, it's just that all those people aren't doing real TA.

I made $1,500 last week on two debit option spreads using about $1k worth of buying power reduction.

You'll get the chance to make it all back with put leaps some time later this year.

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I used autism to get out of jury duty twice. You're autistic, right? I just assume here.

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I wish I still had mine. The last year for them is 2011. The new trucks are fucking shat. I drove my 2000 one for 10 years. No major problems till the fucking engine blew at over 200k miles. (Truck had under 25k on it when I got it). I gotta picture somewhere of the od the day it turned 200k

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just dont go, what are they going to do? jail you? literally better than being drafted

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I didn't take any covid benefits.

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I doubt most of us would bother getting diagnosed

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dome your tranny drill Sargent in a training accident.

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When will you capitulate Bobo? You thought things would have played out differently, didn't you?

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>it wasn't real TA
>real TA has never been tried

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You could've saved yourself 100k if only you'd done TA on SOXL.

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why not?

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I can't figure out how to make my life good

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Imagine not buying ANP at 7.3 cents. They are about to start a phase IIB trial imminently.

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shoo shoo pajeet

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it's real motherfucker hours in here

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are you from the future ? what s USA BMI in 2040 ?

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Eh, you're right new bodies are shit on most trucks. S10s in same age rage as early 2000 ranger have great engines and a great body.

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ARKKshit like that is pretty well beaten down at this point.

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>credit card company trying to give me nearly free money
I never carry a balance month-to-month, so this is literally useless to me, but does this mean I've made it?

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tonight my goyslop is dominos
two medium two toppings for $6.99 each
it's like the mcdouble/mcchicken bogo of pizza

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No every credit card company will offer you one of these and/or a balance transfer offer for next to nothing if you have good credit
If you want to passively add wealth, just mill credit card bonuses

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your breadth is weak
your divergence is ugly
your accumulation is failing


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A very respectable 17.

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>if only you'd done TA on SOXL
yeah, then I'd have twice as many bags or whatever, nigger

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Oh yeah, I get the balance transfer offers all the time. But I've never had them just lower my rate like that.
And yeah, I try to max out rewards, but I don't spend enough money to get much, and I'm not willing to pay for an annual fee card that would have better rewards.

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>Home needs foundation repair
>7k bill
>Get a Capital One Venture X
>get paid $900 to put my bill on the card that I was going to pay outright anyways

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i whish i lived in 2040...

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What do you want? That's step one.

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redpill me on more credit card scams you can do, i always pay off the bill in full every month

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Any advice for a brokerage that a thirdie like myself could use? My current broker doesn't allow me to trade some stocks.

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Do you own any thing? Are you happy?

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There are several cards that waive your annual fee the first year, and for the ones that don't, usually the benefit is ~$1000
the real trick is finding someone else to refer you so you can both get an extra 50/100 bucks

>want an expensive espresso machine
>open chase sapphire preferred
>machine is now 1000 dollars cheaper
it's free real estate

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I like how it oriented itself to the wind.

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Several billion yuan worth of crypto. And only when the neural implant says so.

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who's the guy on the lefty news newtorks that does stocks and is wrong 90% of the time?

>> No.54813477

i talked about bonuses last week and someone called them 'nigger tier'

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all of my money is in TFLO right now, getting about 4.8% return (it's a FRN treasury ETF). am i retarded

>> No.54813503

The problem is I just don't spend all that much money. I'm a boring, frugal person. I could probably afford to take a nice weekend trip for myself every month, or buy a new gaming PC, or whatever... but instead each month I put like $6k into savings/funds/stocks/TQQQ options. I don't even get to travel for my job, so I can't maximize points there.
Maybe if I get a gf some day, and she makes me spend money on her, I'll find a better rewards card

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Those debt trap cards are actually pretty nice because you can make a big purchase and set the autopay amount to zero out the month before the rate hike. Usually they let you carry it a year before the hike, or maybe 8 months is just the new normal because of current rates.

That's called churning and it's a pretty basic thrift value play. You can do the same thing with saving/checking accounts and brokerages.

Jim Kramer. His hit/miss rate isn't as bad as people think, he's more notorious because he has so many catastrophic misses like SVB and Bear Stearns.

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Today I will remind them.
No knee-grows aloud on /smg/.

>> No.54813550

Nah, cash is a respectable move right now.

>> No.54813564

there's no reason not to tap all sources of wealth available to you, especially when they require less than 10 minutes total work

there's nothing wrong with that anon, small-tier cards will still offer you 200 bucks when you spend 500-1000 over 3/6 months
you can also use several cards to maximize cash back on things you buy, however sporadic. I use the Citi Custom Cash for 5% off my monthly parking garage fee and nothing else
I get 3% at restaurants with the chase freedom unlimited, and 6% at grocery stores with amex blue preferred

again, no reason not to maximize value on things you're gonna buy
If you value simplicity, you can just use the citi double cash for 2% off everything

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>JuneTeenth around the corner
awww sh!et nibba it's UONE time again

Stockcharts scanner is pretty powerful with simple syntax. Probably one of the main reasons to pay for subscription there.
If you're a code monkey you can make your own python/sql scanner. One way to do it is to leverage the openbb SDK and/or finviz API and build on top.

finviz API:


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>nigger tier
wtf kinda bonuses are we talking here?
salary bonuses like investment banks?

>no reason not to tap all sources of wealth available to you, especially when they require less than 10 minutes total work
depends on how much “wEaLtH” you’re getting out of 10 minutes of work, and whether you have to remember to unsubscribe in a year from now.
If it’s this latter one, then you are literally poo tier.

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That was me.

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>behold the latest /smg/ edition
>art of decline in full swing

>yet I thrive in this chaos
>the smug maestro of madness

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That all sounds too complicated. I just have two cards, and sometimes still manage to use the wrong one. I try to remember to only use the Discover Card on things when they're in the bonus rotation. My other card is with my bank where I get extra points because I have so much cash stashed there. I could probably get better rewards with a different card, but probably not enough to make it worthwhile.

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>wtf kinda bonuses are we talking here?
i-bonds, bank account bonuses, credit cards, etc. All that trash that requires you fill out forms and write down account numbers and build a custom spreadsheet so you can earn 200 bucks at a time to shift some small stack of money around.
In the end it's just another way for poorfags to unwittingly out themselves.

>> No.54813682

Is CARR a bad stock. Is it worth holding a while?

>> No.54813703

I am going to travel this summer once I get money from refinance on this house. The Capital One Venture X has a 395 yearly fee but 300$ is refunded going towards a flight booked through them with the card and 100$ is refunded if you using the tsa pass thing so it essentially is free if you travel. Spend 4k on the account in first three months of opening get a free 600 or 900$ for doing so.

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Ready for Wednesday, boys?

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In two weeks?

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Where's my $2950...

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what were the option premiums looking like for SVB and FRC before they died? I should have done credit call spreads

>> No.54813788

It can be annoying but if you have big pictures coming up that you can depend on there can be considerable reward for preemptively opening up a line of credit for it.

>> No.54813793

Oh I didn't check. I was in the camp of thinking the government was going to save them no matter what. I was wrong. I even had an insider tip on FRC (I didn't know that at the time) that tried to convince me to short it further. I am not a smart man.

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Ready for some new Jenna action

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anons, give me the rundown on why AMZN keeps getting heemed lately. My calls and longs are fucking with me so bad right now.

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Their golden goose AWS is not laying as many eggs

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I'm very impatient.

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"it's over" is an anti-Semitic dog whistle. Please delete this. Antisemitism isn't tolerated here.

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Based Jeanna bro

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Remember when you were going to short the market crash and make generational wealth?

>> No.54813883

damn is it really that bad? What does that mean for their other shit that pretty much depends on AWS like Twitch? Will they all get shut down or sold off to stop the bleeding a little?

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>i-it's not contracting AS MUCH as b-before

>> No.54813890

Reminder to all bobo faggots, the market has already priced in a 25 bps hike and the June meeting will be a pause. The S&P always rallies when the Fed pauses, we will hit 4500 in the next few months.

>> No.54813892

They are trying to unwind as much as they can with layoffs and bootstrapping since so much of their growth was preciated on 0% rates

>> No.54813896

cool it with the anti-anti-semitic remarks

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>and the June meeting will be-
the June meeting will be to discuss the default of the United States Government

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>The S&P always rallies when the Fed pauses
This is factually incorrect.

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>> No.54813933

AWS was probably $300-400B of their market cap, and it stopped growing. Not only that, the #3 public cloud GCP also stopped growing (Microsoft doesn't break out Azure stats). Cloud is the new 5G, expensive to build with steadily declining margins. AMZN is fuk.

>> No.54813940

by logical inference the market has also priced in the pause

>> No.54813960

I think it's a deceptive statistic from the Fed using rates as an emergency break during crashes.

>> No.54813969

Natgas is great for grilling, it's cheap and plentiful and removes the need for buying propane. Get a valve and quick-disconnect fitting so that you can move your grill easily if you need to. With that, you can also get a wok range setup very cheap (restaurant used) if you wanna cook traditional chinese food.

>> No.54813970

If the jews finish off their nemesis the mormons by crashing zion capital bancorp it can happen sooner.

>> No.54813984

>down .05% on the year
I think I should just put everything into VOO man

>> No.54813999

Oh I love cooking with natural gas, I hate my current electric gas stovetop. The house has an oil furnace that needs 1k worth of repair work already so it doesn't burn the house down. Going to convert it to a Bosch natural gas boiler which is rather expensive (12k most likely) but it also covers the heating for the house with brap gas.

>> No.54814031

Bullish things aren't priced in, the default state of the market is bullish, it wants to go up.

>> No.54814033

the pump is over

>> No.54814044

Reminder to support BOIL bros by switching to a gas oven. Electric ovens are for poorfags.

>> No.54814057

Easy short. Decreasing demand for air conditioning due to the increasing Latinx population.

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File: 2.20 MB, 2212x3319, 1676932863548344.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm a big consumer of natural gas

>> No.54814130

>AMZN p/e ratio at 247

how in the fuck

>> No.54814131

To explain gas to the non-knowers, you can more directly control the heat since the stovetop retains no heat. Electric you can burn things to bottom of the pan trying to turn down the heat after it gets to the right doneness for the job. Natural gas where you finish getting it seared and you're backing off to steam it? Lower the heat and boom the pan immediately begins getting colder.

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it was 1000 once anon, this is cheap

>> No.54814153

It used to be $30 years ago, and then it went to $2400 a share.

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>and the June meeting will be a pause

>> No.54814191

16 months into your big gay crash and the market is only down 14% from ATH.

>> No.54814196

thx anon

>> No.54814208

Gets used as collateral by everyone and their mom for swaps. You missed last week when it went up and then down 12 fucking digits worth of market cap in one AH session, something retarded like 141 billion dollars, by the price getting manipulated. Same day TOP pumped more than a thousand percent in a day.

I understand why Christ flipped tables and beat people with whips of steel and glass after watching the markets this year.

>> No.54814216
File: 268 KB, 1080x754, 20230502-061947-boeder-id5670805.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Another war is coming
Short semis and buy literally anything else, we're in for another bullrun.

>> No.54814231

oh fuck me, should I get PC parts right now and build my gaming rig asap? or is it too late?

>> No.54814242

PC parts are soon to be the least of your worries

>> No.54814252

they literally had a 20 to one split it's worth basically the same

>> No.54814263

>john bolton
yep prepare for war

>> No.54814264

You almost always get a blow off top rally before the i evitable dump

>> No.54814277

he went to war on her asian pussy where they renacted the blowing of the three gorges dam

>> No.54814293

It's not April and it's not October, so tides aren't right for Xi to invade. 10:1 this is just media posturing to defend defense spending in debt ceiling negotiations.

I mean really "US allies prepare for the possibility"? How much vaguer and handwavy can you get?

>> No.54814324

Nothing burger, when has the US not been preparing for a war with China, fucking idiots

>> No.54814327

There is an Australian sitcom skit where a room full of cabinet members discuss the budget and why the Australian military budget needs to be so big to protect Australian trade routes with China from the Chinese

>> No.54814347

kek very true

>> No.54814378

Too much energy, not even sleepy.

>> No.54814422

I shouldn’t have taken a 2 hour nap before bedtime

>> No.54814438
File: 3.61 MB, 2231x1473, 1682735731585750.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ready for Great Depression 2 and WW3 happening in the same year kek

>> No.54814448

Sup duders and VORB and IDEX bros here?

>> No.54814487
File: 31 KB, 420x420, aZmnxNX_700b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No...not Taiwan...anything but that

>> No.54814494

Sorry, VORB is and always has been a completely worthless company. An actual billionaire's vanity project.

>> No.54814513
File: 390 KB, 1328x1908, 9839F0DF-6E4C-4BC5-B486-ADC8299764DD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Schwab is next

>> No.54814526

Same slept for only 30 minutes after eating today. Going to crash tomorrow eat then head to gym. If I am not in jail for fighting a lawyer who doesnt answer in a promptly fashion.

>> No.54814541

dxy tiny rise
es tiny fall

>> No.54814544

Whisper or real nigga dd

>> No.54814546

Imagine america gets heemed by taiwan and buckbroken by a credit crisis at the same time lol

>> No.54814549

Reminder that the USA have lost all their wars.

>> No.54814582

50 good boy points have been deposited to your social credit scores, you may now use public transit again

>> No.54814585

I shorted

>> No.54814590

I have the opposite problem I am always sleepy no matter how many hours of it I get

>> No.54814597

the pump is over

>> No.54814605

there is nothing wrong with cooking the book

>> No.54814606

nuh uh we won the civil war

>> No.54814625

>Iran is 10 days away from nukes!!1!!!

>> No.54814632
File: 159 KB, 512x453, 7980FC8C-B6AA-4ECC-82D5-6E801C38604E.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Seems like all the big corporations are violently cooking the books. They’re all Enron’s and the Fed balance sheet is even worse.

>> No.54814635

North korea already has nukes.

>> No.54814639

>Air raid sirens in Kyiv

>> No.54814659

Bullish for us stocks

>> No.54814669

idk guys, I think this might be the big Bull Breakout

>> No.54814672
File: 709 KB, 2048x1574, C93B5091-F5C2-4F4D-8F87-CFC5734419A7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A guy who knows a thing or two because he’s seen a thing or two. Captain Sprott going off on the financial crisis brewing, starts at 23:30 mark

>> No.54814678
File: 178 KB, 990x857, Bullish uranium news.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sprott of the Sprott uranium trusts?

>> No.54814685
File: 36 KB, 773x353, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nope, still have not reached the bottom yet

>> No.54814688

>full stack
>only 200k
yeah i think we're bottomed lol

>> No.54814689

Well, Eric Sprott retired from his namesake about 5 years ago

>> No.54814702

the call spread premiums were so high you would barely be able to pocket premium for the amount of risk

>> No.54814708

Tbh that's pretty poor. Idk how codelets even making under 250k a year can pay for food. I don't associate with them.

>> No.54814716


>> No.54814724

I wish I was autistic enough to choose coding, but I would bullet->skull for sure. I can't do it man. Finance is for me

>> No.54814734

nvda is going to 320 and you're retarded

>> No.54814735

Pick choice of bank thats distressed and buy an august/sept put for it to go under.

>> No.54814736

He wasn't even black. I completely forgot how he got doxxed.

>> No.54814738

maybe in 2 weeks after all bears are bankrupt

>> No.54814740

Don't care, Taiwan is a meme

>> No.54814742

I'm larping but I do make a pretty comfy amount. Finance bros are cool too.

>> No.54814831

But 150 is actually kinda shitty. That company seems awful too. Probably funny money TC bs.

>> No.54814848

>-2.4% MoM retail sales in germany
daym it's like people are really getting hurt by inflation, while ECB doesn't give a shit, right?

>> No.54814852

Recipe for ath dax

>> No.54814864

Sounds like another DAX pump to me

>> No.54814867
File: 175 KB, 1316x800, US Treasury Yield Curve 5-1-23.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.54814917


>> No.54814935

had to spoiler this picture with this link cuz it's just to lewd


>> No.54814943

Fuck stocks I'm gonna sell everything and just buy a bunch of vending machines. I live in a pretty low crime city to boot

>> No.54814975

I was expecting dolphin rape

>> No.54815017
File: 13 KB, 154x210, 1681032298679540.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.54815025

dxy and es falling at the same time lol

it's over

>> No.54815048

Haha. Imagine being bound to a table with a garden hose duct-taped to your mouth and the other end is firmly inserted into Bryce Dallas Howard’s sphincter. She’s eaten 4 bowls of spicy pinto bean soup along with the laxative they give you before a colonoscopy. UH-OH! You’re in trouble, bud! Haha! That would suck….

>> No.54815084
File: 522 KB, 220x220, marisa-kirisame-touhou.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

anything butt that!

>> No.54815159
File: 72 KB, 896x913, 1675192267885742 0%.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.54815185

Legendary poster. Hope you are saving all these images to eventually post as a time lapse YouTube video. This girl has guided me so much this year

>> No.54815204

>BP announce great financials
>shares drop 4%

Should have known. Maybe they'll bump up the dividends at least...

>> No.54815231

Good thing I use think or swim.

>> No.54815239
File: 104 KB, 1536x1320, A9BA148F-9726-4F97-8765-B58AE6F93593.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What are yields supposed to be like?

>> No.54815242

it's over (the pump)

>> No.54815257
File: 298 KB, 279x587, 1682981477687492.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They are supposed to smoothly rise relative to length of the bond. They are not supposed to look like this and there has been a recession every time they did this in the past.

>> No.54815283
File: 12 KB, 564x410, Yield_curve_20180513.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you should get

>> No.54815299
File: 1.12 MB, 660x910, 1675088037242018.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't ever link stuff like that ever again, you got that?

>> No.54815300
File: 933 KB, 2292x3437, 1682110557526326.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

u should get more yield(return) for a longer bond because your money is tied up for longer. it doesnt make sense that a 1 year bond gives you 5%, but 30 years gives you 3%. yields go up because people dont want low yielding bonds in the short term(indicating huge risk in the short term)>>54815283

>> No.54815388

I'm at my first real career job and it's giving me terrible anxiety. Everyone is nice and I'm not under pressure. I feel like a fraud being here and getting paid for nothing.

>> No.54815405

Finna put half my portfolio and half future paycheck savings into VOO and the other one into individual stocks and see who comes out on top in 1 year

>> No.54815408

What do you do and how much also have sex with your boss it's worth it

>> No.54815414

>getting paid for nothing.
Congratulations, you've made it.

>> No.54815425


>> No.54815428
File: 25 KB, 287x309, 1674272289453194.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the dollar will go lower, but other currencies will go even lower

>> No.54815458

>Whenever I feel like an idiot I remind myself that millions of people believe in Technical Analysis

For a good laff about TA, you can follow ''Ron Walker'

The guy has been predicting a crash since February 2023 and copes hard that it doesn't happen. He shows bearish divergences after bearish divergences and the prices keeps going up lol.
Then he adds that ''hey it may be fake reversal, that's why stops have been invented after all'' lol

>My name is Ron Walker. I teach people how to swing trade and invest in the stock market. My videos are geared for all traders, both for beginners and experienced traders. The way I teach, it allows me to review the basics and build upon it to more advanced techniques. New beginners just learning to trade would greatly benefit from my videos. If you watch my videos, you will soon learn things that you weren't previously aware of.

>I make videos to keep myself educated and to teach and inform others. When I first started trading years ago, no one gave me the time of day when I first started out or showed my anything. I had to educate myself. So I try to educate traders and investors so they don't have to go through for so many years. I went through the school of hard knocks and by watching my videos hopefully you will avoid making the same mistakes I made when I was first starting out.
That's why I became the Doctor of Dump & Pump. LOL.

>Ron Walker PhD
>The Doctor of Dump & Pump

>> No.54815466

It's priced in. As fucked as the dollar is, literally every other currency on earth is exponentially more fucked.

>> No.54815473
File: 2.77 MB, 480x852, 1683015121515431.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.54815475

I do tax law and finish maybe one case a week because I suck, but nobody has said anything yet. I'm just waiting for a call from my boss to pick up the slack.

>> No.54815501

That's as creative as it is hard gay. Bravo. First >futures post I've seen in a while that got me.

>> No.54815579
File: 162 KB, 966x472, FRC laughing.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.54815580

European more like you're a poopin'.

>> No.54815584

>-2.4% MoM retail sales in germany
Psychological impact of high energy prices makes people want to spend less on everything.
It's not the oil price, but natgas (heating) and electricity (shutdown of nuclear) that have increased by 100% or more for most consumers in Germany.
Mood will improve if the Ukraine counteroffensive is successful and Zaporizhia nuclear power plant comes back online.

>> No.54815595
File: 7 KB, 251x201, 1660461954823364.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

not my problem

>> No.54815639

Difference is whether the thing someone is laughing at was voluntary or not. Laughing at someone because they're blind, absolutely anti-social personality disorder at minimum and potentially meeting the definition of psychopathy or sociopathy. Laughing at someone because they intentionally blinded themselves because they feel they should've been born blind? Just a reaction to absurdism inherent to the human condition and a stress relief mechanism to the uncomfortable thought of paying a crackhead to put cocaine on yo eyeballs and then drip drain cleaner on 'em. Much like how laughing at someone that had a hundred thousand dollars stolen is ASD tier, but laughing at someone that bought 10k shares of FRC at 10$ because they thought the fed would pivot or the government would bail them out is just because it's fucking funny and that person was an idiot.

>> No.54815641

Anyone not buying APPL calls here is retarded fr fr no cap

>> No.54815643

I'm a sociopath. So what.

>> No.54815660


thought this vid was pretty good

>> No.54815661


It’s time to go back. Third worlders thought this was a fucking game.

Get güd or go back to herding chickens in Jalalabad

>> No.54815678

im a psychopath and i literally do not care :D

>> No.54815685

You probably aren't if you'd readily admit as much, one of the hallmarks of the condition is thinking your perspective is normal and justifiable. It's exceedingly rare to find someone deep enough on the ASD spectrum to qualify as psychopathic/sociopathic that has enough self awareness to identify that in themselves, or so devoid of understanding of social norms and behaviors to then having understood themselves openly admit it.

>> No.54815688

no depositors of FRC lost any money. only the greedy idiots who thought they were going to get rich buying shares at low prices got canned, which is the risk they took

>> No.54815701

what is happening with FRC? is it being delisted entirely? it's still tradeable. i read something about jpmorgan taking over. what happens to stock holders, do they all just get wiped out?

>> No.54815704

Which one of assholes recommended me STLD? Give me your address

>> No.54815719

42 Wallaby Way, Sydney Australia. Watch out for the drop bears when you get off the plane.

>> No.54815723
File: 51 KB, 1410x132, 20230502_024731.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

In hindsight I feel retarded for not shorting Chegg.

>> No.54815725


>> No.54815728
File: 288 KB, 1080x1388, Screenshot_20230502_024816_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.54815743

good channel

>> No.54815765

Fuck I hate Fed week. Even though I know the majority of stocks will do nothing but pretend to bounce up or down, only to return to their original spot by Wednesday pm, and then the real movement begins. I don't know why I even bother refreshing the tickers. It's just literal
>Oh wait it's going somewhere
>Nah that's just a fake out
>Oh yeah it's finally starting to trend in 1 direction let me trade it
>Oh wait it's back to its original spot
Even fucking oil is doing it now.

>> No.54815776

was looking into some stuff about kelly criterion. trying to figure out how to unfuck my portfolio

>> No.54815791

jews takes it all while goys hold worthless bags

>> No.54815807

you are all dumb as shit.

>> No.54815809

I had an odd dream last night
>riding around with a friend
>we veer off into the woods
>going down a wooded path. >More like compelled to get out of the car Its perfectly straight and narrow
>kind of like that local 58 film where the monster kills the guy at the end
>we get out when we see a small valley, like road stops.
>come to a clearing in the woods, a river is near it
>crtv plugged in somewhere with a remote near it and some cabins with makeshift lean to shelters
>turn on tv
>watch for a minute
>leave with friend who oddly just started walking off
>follow him
>some weird remote viewing shit takes place and my perspective shifts to a kid in a red hoodie, running into the same area we were in
>he's being followed by some grey skinned jew/alien thing in normal clothing who is about 1k feet from him
>dream ends as I wake up

What did my brain mean by this

>> No.54815812
File: 275 KB, 769x990, Jamie Dimon - 'I'm growing stronger'.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I still don't get this shit. How do you get forced by the government to take over the 2nd largest bank failure in US history... and get STRONGER from it? Sounds legit.

>> No.54815825

its called kikery. its a form of money laundering where the middleclass wealth is transferred to the upper 1% kikes and centralized under a loyal acolyte to the deepstate. in this case, JPM

>> No.54815827

didnt some prominent politician type dude just die from that degenerate shit?

>> No.54815830

do you guys understand JPM runs the federal reserve bank of NY?

>> No.54815837

they get the assets for free while tax cattle pay denbts

>> No.54815856

its like a game of chess in which your opponent is able to move your pieces on your behalf in such a way as to completely fuck you in every game that is played.

>> No.54815910

do you understand that JPM is literally just a proxy of the federal government?

>> No.54815920

Just FYI recession won't get bad till student loan repayments restart. Way less money for consumption from prime consumer goy

>> No.54815980
File: 349 KB, 2548x1440, If the number of wars decreased, so would the number of slaves.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

just glad i have a good do-nothing tech job tbhwy, that's recession proof. apparently they have a hard time getting and retaining talent for my position because everyone thinks it's "boring" running monotonous tests all day, but for me that just means "easy" and "i can day trade at work" and "no one bothers me" and "i can just listen to shit on my phone all day which I enjoy a lot". more or less what i'd be doing at home as a NEET anyways except i occasionally have to do some light physical labor and push some buttons and i get paid well for it plus benefits and bonuses and such.

hope you guys made out well during the booming job market we just had. lock in a good job before the recession hits.

>> No.54815998

I have not looked at my portfolio for 1 week. The FOMO is real

>> No.54816008

My fucking e-trade account is locked again. I dunno what the hell is up with it. 3rd time I've had to call about it. All I did was try to login before 7 this morning cause I wanted to check on something,maybe place a limit order or two. figured I may not have time/forget to do it at work so fuck.

>> No.54816023

repo market opens, they kill dxy instantly

>> No.54816098
File: 284 KB, 584x520, huh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why is /smg/ so far down on the catalog?
30 minutes since last post?
Have the shitcoin zoomers run off the old fags?
Are these the dark days?

>> No.54816112 [DELETED] 

still 2hr before opening, mean while i am reading the crap on reddit

some slut has her current bf stolen by her sister lol

>> No.54816114 [DELETED] 

some slut prefers onlyfans over whatever orbiter she had at the time lol
it's a cesspool of sluts

>> No.54816151


Kill yourself redditors

>> No.54816176

Yes people being dumb is funny
People getting hurt is too
Especially when their name should be a rape based theme park

>> No.54816194
File: 47 KB, 660x322, Screenshot 2023-05-02 at 21-37-35 First Republic Bank (FRC) Stock Price Today News Quotes FAQs and Fundamentals.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.54816204


>> No.54816211

It's 4:30 AM on the west coast bro.
Of course /biz/ is full of nigger Indians posting scam crypto. it's daytime for them.

>> No.54816217

Little late on your Dr. FikkiFikki posting

>> No.54816230
File: 118 KB, 716x960, Taiwan Office Lady.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The Westboro Baptist Church was melodramatic. The whole world isn't doomed. It's just these globohomo countries that are doomed because they're being ruined on purpose. Most of the rest of the world is better than people realize and much of that is getting even better over time. These guys are too stuck in their bubble to ever appreciate that.

>> No.54816231

I like how it says not to walk outside that area of the wing. That bird can read Spanish

>> No.54816243

The WBC is a psyop

>> No.54816263

i'm ready to gamble. throw me a coinflip ticker. no ching chong stuff

>> No.54816271
File: 512 KB, 2551x1438, Trad Wife.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>doomed because they're being ruined on purpose
and there's not a damn thing any of us can, or will, do about it. learn to stop worrying and love the bomb.

>> No.54816292

They bought the good stuff for pennies, government take the bad stuff.

>> No.54816305

Hood Calls, give it some time
Its been following Spy for a while but stopped when it didnt recover from its lows. Maybe its just lagging.

>> No.54816340

JPM acquired a metric fuck ton of assets how did they not poomp

>> No.54816343
File: 106 KB, 1280x538, IMG_6714.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I’m a VHNW rentoid but I can manipulate my credit score a lot. How do I borrow the $722k limit under this federal program? Is there an income limit I need to stay under?

>> No.54816355

At the -1.75% under prime rate

>> No.54816359

>just glad i have a good do-nothing tech job tbhwy
can i get a job like that without going to school for it?
trading sites that fuck up like that almost seems like jewry shit

>> No.54816361

Well fuck you too bitch Nat Gas futures are fucking UP

>> No.54816369

Baggies tongue my anus

>> No.54816406 [DELETED] 






>> No.54816439

fuck this janny

>> No.54816441
File: 3.48 MB, 4000x2666, 1671028234180437.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

lol lmao

>> No.54816445
File: 1.22 MB, 2450x1633, 1675226272497646.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hot take: the janny is the guy sperging about reporting posts, discord and whatnot.

>> No.54816454
File: 27 KB, 400x400, 1661312523958626.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

fucking up is right

>> No.54816464

literally no reason to delete except he's a hooked mumu retard

>> No.54816472
File: 903 KB, 1159x668, 1681254607041030.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well, one would have to be a special kind of tarded to buy this crazy pump.

>> No.54816473


>> No.54816480


>> No.54816496

all jannies are prema bull tech trannies with 4 fig HOOD accounts

>> No.54816504 [DELETED] 

try #2 and fuck off janny faggot





>> No.54816639

Yeah I'm becoming a BOIL baggie

>> No.54816648
File: 68 KB, 1022x731, 1602620687767.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]





>> No.54816875

Holding long term, senior living REITs (Ventas, VTR), a solid strategy for the future?

>> No.54817063

Yeah but it's a good potential penny flipper. Auction is this Thursday might go back to a dollar. It's fucking rocket tech some other rich prick will buy VORB out

>> No.54817112

you need at least an associates degree in electrical engineering that involves completing differential equations (calc IV basically) and a bunch of calc-based science classes. so, no. but you can get one for cheap at a good accredited community college in 2 years. i did mine for like $11k.