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Anons aware of both 1D and 1W Stoch RSI and used them together:

>Apr 22
>Once 1D bottoms dump should stop for a while. A little bounce is to be expected. Might stop above 26500, for now.
He was right. Stopped dumping at 26972.
>for now
Obviously referring to the 1W, which he posted a pic of.

>Apr 22
>That's the 1D. It means it's going to pump a little. Then, since 1W looks like it does, it will dump more. But 1W might not go below 10 or even 10 points, considering the 1M is still rising.

>Apr 22
>Dump's over for now Bobros, check the 1D.

>Apr 23
>Was 27.1k the bottom?
>Of course not. See the 1W. Pic from April 13th. See what it's at now. There's your answer. Now 1D is bottomed however so expect a small pump.
>Right now the 1D is bottomed however so expect a small pump.
He was right.

>Apr 24
>Where is the dead cat bounce?
"dead cat bounce" indicates he was aware of the coming further dumpage, as visible on 1W.
>The 1D STOCH RSI wills it
Indeed. And so the pump began.

>Apr 24
>The 1W is still very bearish, but the 1D just bottomed and has begun rising so shorting now based just on the 1W would get you rekt.
>Now 1D is rising with the 1W still falling.
>Likely the 1D will not reach 100 points since the overall market situation seems too bearish for that (visualized in the 1W looking like it does),
>so it might reach between 50 and 90 and fall from somewhere thereabouts.
So far looks like he was right. Currently the 1D appears to be falling after hitting just 55.17--51.57.

>Apr 25
>The 1D being bullish and the 1W being bearish means it will pump again short term but ultimately dump lower
>pump again short term
Exactly what happened.

>Apr 26
>If his liq price is 31k he'll probably be fine as the 1W has only just begun going down and 1D likely won't even go above 90.
So far it looks like he was right. Right now the 1D appears to be falling, after hitting a mere 55.17--51.57.

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>a trailing indicator
Whoa look so accurate

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High IQ Stochastic RSI chads win yet again. What a shocking surprise.

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And yet those chads keep using it for predicting price movements and keep winning. While you seethe and cry.

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>anons forecast that after the sun sets, it will rise
Only absolute brainlets fail to comprehend this stuff and choose to ignore it.

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this is bullish, change my mind.

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the promotion of ignorance is how the market protects itself

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cope moar

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Any indicator the shills attack in this manner (call lagging/trailing etc) is a good indicator.

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Nobody would "attack it" if you autistic retards would stop spamming the board your shitty threads.

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You called the same thing at 19k