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I noticed huge hype around layer 2 lately, but as a degen, I still prefer layer 1.

I'm I just a retard or I don't get the point of why we need layer 2

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Arbitrum still remains undefeated jeet

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LVL 1 is easier for everyone IMO. Most normies wont be able to touch an L2 token until it hits a CEX. Could be good but I think the best shitcoins are the easiest to buy in a bear market

I think ARB shitcoins will be bigger in a bull cycle

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Not everyone bags shitcoin, utility is always of paramount to me

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Hyperpolyglot chains are the in thing now fag.

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Still BTC

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Post quantum cryptography chains should be your best bet anon

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A project that will allow developers use any programming language of their choice to deploy dApps is an example of such anon

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Imo it's best to choose L1s that's built on PQC algorithm which ensures security.

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Qan that developed its own consensus algorithm PoR from combination of the bests of PoS and PoW is your best bet channer

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ARB projects too

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Impressive adoption I must say.

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If the L1s is cheap, fast, scalable and ensures top security we will not need a L2 to begin with. This q4 I am expecting a L1 that will be game changer in all these aspects.

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The ones using the primary recommendation of NIST for digital signatures should be the go to projects followed by others

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Kek solana has the largest number of devs in the space but they arent providing this one. Basically a stupid chain.

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ARB, DiD and AI has been having a good run recently.

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Solana is just a fuck all. Devs are migrating to a L1 which will be giving them lifetime royalties and allows them to code in any language.

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Not only that their Private blockchain will be releasing soon. AlpineEsports will be the 1st to use it as they have already partnered with them.

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Anon, you forgot to mention that it will also address the gas fee issue by fixing it to the USD

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If it is not quantum resistant, it is not gonna make it

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Exactly. While also being decentralised and eco-friendly

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Yep thats right I am waiting for the PoR consensus algorithm so I can start mining using my mobile phone.

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Only security and privacy based blockchains will survive rest all will get wasted.

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I know of QANX, QRDO, HAPI which focuses on security,
SCRT, MONERO and OASIS these focus on privacy.
So rest all are shit is it?
Are you a dumbo?
Fuck off boomer

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Just invest in EVM compatible blockchains.

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I agree but I invest in EVM compatible quantum proof blockchain. This is a alot better and safe.

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Arb the answer is simple anon dyor.

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I bet you, DiD and AI ain't gonna slack.

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>Do you Degen prefer layer1 or Layer 2
Bruh, obviously it's Layer 1 all the way. Ain't no way I'm gonna let some pleb-ass Layer 2 get in the way of my gains. HODL and BTFD, my dude.

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I prefer L1s too, I am waiting for a blockchain which is quantum proof, which will have fixed gas fee, and 1600tps.

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You snooze on DiD, you lose.

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>I noticed huge hype around layer 2 lately, but as a degen, I still prefer layer 1.
Yeah, Layer 2 is cool and all, but Layer 1 is where the real action is at. L1 tokens pump hard in the bull run ( remember this desu.)

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I've heard a bit about EVM compatible quantum-proof blockchains, but I don't know too much about them. What makes them better and safer than other options out there?

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Yeah, quantum-proof L1s with fixed fees and high TPS are the way to go. Keep an eye out for projects like QAN Blockchain that are already making moves in these areas.

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Bro, you're absolutely right - CRYSTALS-Dilithium is no joke. The security risks of the new era are no joke, and quantum-resistant blockchains are a crucial piece of the puzzle.

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Private blockchains have a lot of potential use cases, especially when it comes to enterprise solutions where security and privacy are top priorities

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>AlpineEsports will be the 1st to use it as they have already partnered with them.
That's dope, my dude. It's always exciting to see new projects and companies adopting blockchain technology in innovative ways.

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Damn, that's a sweet deal for devs. Lifetime royalties and programming flexibility are huge perks, and it's rare to see L1s pushing the boundaries like this.

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Don't be a boring fag.

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I just made 50k from PEPE and WOJAK combined. Can any of your gems deliver such?

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A cheap, fast, and secure L1 that can scale is like the Holy Grail of crypto, and if one comes along that checks all those boxes, it could definitely render L2s obsolete
>This q4 I am expecting a L1 that will be game changer in all these aspects.
Spill it out and stop larping around.

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AI is the future anon. In recent times I have also seen an AI tool that integrates with trading platforms and gives a trading score on each crypto.

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Quantum-resistant layer 1 is the best

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He's talking about pulsechain you retard

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there is no reason for layer 2 to exist, aside from layer 1 being too dogshit.
verdict, don't buy layer 1's that have a layer 2.

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You degens talking about QAN

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I've got QANX and ORE in my bag, my bag is feeling comfy.

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Health care, the automotive industry, etc. are sticking on its blockchain. Don't lose focus newfag.

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I really like the idea behind LUCY, seems to be th fastest so far. I trust this will be a good one as powerpoolcvp is trusted to have churned out great products before now.

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Layer 1 is really trying now to bring out new features, especially with the likes of QVM that allows Devs to code smart contracts in any programming Lang

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Seeing why devs are clubbing all night knowing they've earned a lifetime royalty, this. This is good for lazy pajeets to get a better life.

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Poo in the loo, jeet. Nobody wants your shitcoins.

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Ain't gonna be lazy over Ocean, ORE and Zcash. Thats the real deal.

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If I could hold onto a bitch that is Layer 2, has a quantum resistant Blockchain and buolt a POR concensus algorithm, I'm gonna fuck that motherfucking bitch.

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Web3 is no future without Liquidity Mining or yield farming on stablecoins. Those web3 projects are indirectly fueled by yield generators/aggregators

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It uses PoW which is not ecosystem friendly, PoR is better and it possible it will be the next widely adopted crypto algorithm

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No consensus algorithm is bigger than POR and AlpinEsports is already partnering to demonstrate how juicy quantum resistant blockchain could be.

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Reason why I stick to LINK and ORE. Both web3 projects are good picks.

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lots palak paneer and bots in this thread

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Kek, it ain't a child's play for devs anymore, developers can code in their native coding langs, Golang and JavaScript have been added.

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I will buy PowerPool's TORN and use this opportunity to stake without gas fee in the ppTORN autocompounding APY vault.

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Mining with Phone made easy by POR and Devs ain't getting tired of onboarding on a decentralized and high TPS platform.

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Fuck off jeets, have taken opportunity of this current market to accumulate both BTC and CVP, and I am patiently holding both but staking some of my CVP on Uniswap v2 to earn more .

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I Heard Alpineesport partnered with it

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QDay is approaching really fast and a lot of blockchains wouldn't survive it

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ARB looks good

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Stfu, BTC is strong enough

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BTC is not exempted and dont be foolish enough to believe it is, it is based on the crypto elliptic curve which QC can still prey on, only blockchains that is QR will make it

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Kek, morons don't say shits where captains are. The QVM, Librescan and Mainnet is out there kicking asses.

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Open 2 small Long positions of BTC and ETH on muxprotocol , my favorite perp platform on arbitrum. Not really high conviction with the Bull side here so I will just play small and tp at some important level (like BTC 29.2k)

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Here's fucking around will certainly lose their hard earn money. Can't get my fucking self into another LUNA. Shit, I've got to be wiser this year and get my bags filled with BNB, XRP and KCS.

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You've got to taste a virgin's titties that feels like a quantum resistant blockchain first. Developers have the freedom to develop in any programming language, C++ has been added and more are coming soon.

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YLA auto-updates this baskets of vaults regularly thereby maintaining maximum profit for holders at a low gas fee. My best bet

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Motherfucking programmers, organizations, and global project managers are feeling comfy to construct on a quantum-resistant blockchain and that's feel safe.

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This is a dream come through for all Devs

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All L2s are either inferior, centralized, or insecure. Don't let ETH pajeets convince you otherwise.
Do with this info what you see fir.

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Arent subnets L2s? or are they the replacement for L2s?

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I've got LINK and AVAX in my bag, my bag is feeling comfy.

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Not only easier, but also safer and more efficient. L1s are a no brainer at this point where we have already seen so many scams and decay on L2s.