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Looks like meme coin season is back, what should I buy next

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Unironically $kys

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Sminem’s meme coin is the one I’m aping into
It’s the lowest cap and newest of the big memes

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Reminder to all the future anons reading this that I posted about GRELF in May of 2023 when it was half a million MC. Dont say /biz/ never gave you a heads up on being early.

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I just bought WOJACK $400. Am I gonna make it now?

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i think TATE will do really well over the next few weeks, its normie enough to be the next doge, maybe more so than PEPE.

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$WOJAK and its not even close

>clean contract
>under $20M Market Cap
>Sympathetic to Pepe pumps (just like Shib was to Doge) but resistatn to pepe dumps (check the charts)
>currently number #2 on Dextools right behind Pepe
This is a 5x minimum. a 20x likely, if this gets to 1B its a X50

How does $20K sound? check em

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Pixel Pepe

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Don't miss Chunks if you missed Pepe dumbfag

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You should kill yourself next. This isn't even fun anymore it's just donations for pajeets

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All the people fudding this coin are salty that they missed out.

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There is no next pepe, you need to buy pepe

Few understand this

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oh yeah tate mumu and pepe are worth holding rn

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oh and grimes

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How long is this coin going to pump for . Is there a chance that it just dumps really hard one day and how do you know?

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Liquidity locked
Contract ownership renounced

This shit is mooning as much as the market and euphoria can take it, the only limit is everybody’s greed which is infinite

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The fair launch of Chunks is tomorrow anon, that's the next pepe

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a few more days because of fomo

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Nice try Gurdeep I may be a new fag, but I ain’t that dumb

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Gn coin, anon :3

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Biz us sleeping on this one because there’s too many newfags around now

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Goons of Balatroon gonna do an airdrop very soon, chances are high that it will be going to Mars

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please pump my small bag

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You guys are fading a team thats been here for 7 years and keeps giving.

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I'm thinking wojak has some room to run

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Waiting for a meme token from a NFT gaming RiskFi project that's gonna fair launch tomorrow.

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Look at Pizza and it will moon soon anon.

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unironically PLUMS

this morning some dude threw in 47 eth in it. don't think anyone gambles on a 1m mcap coin

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I bought frog >>54801269

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PEPA is the next PEPE check CMC and CG

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Fuck off with your slow-rug. Lemme know when the jeets running the coin start doing some marketing.

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GOB in-game token it is. Its run will make Pepe's to look inconsequential. Get your stables ready

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Add chunks, ppizza and stilt. WAGMI

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Fren -

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Has chunks launched?

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PPIZZA too moon bag bag bag

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Launching tomorrow. I am qualified for the airdrop so no worries kek.

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Wojak on eth. Nobrainer, meme is incredibly popular

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HBAR, ORE, Ocean and ENS, don't sleep on them.

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Sounds thrilling how fags can play games and earn from RiskFi card game.

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Use your Pepe liquidity and get some Moon and Chunks

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With out DiD and Privacy, ngmi

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BOBO is the next play based on PEPE whale activity lol

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Get ready for tomorrow, Chunks gonna print its own millionaires

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I dont know what the fuck that is but I know the new RiskFi meme token will moon and will melt the faces who missed it.

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Check mrs pepe on eth

Similar vibes as pepe, memeable, reference to original pepe. Growing community - 2 days old - current mc 500k


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In my experience the best shitcoins always pump and after that dump ~50% from the top and form a plateau of crabbing for a few days. After that they spike up again. That shit happens several times.

Those are the ones that made me a lot of money.

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The best kept secret on Polygon. MegaDoge

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>What is the next PEPE
>At Pinksale
>100/100 contract

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PEPE mooning I am moaning. Uffffffff I am so happy to fill my bag.

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I made almost x700 from Pepe, in-game token from GOB is gonna follow its trajectory after it gets launched

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Card games just got better with this model of gameplay kek.

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$BOG looking good too

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barely 200k mcap
been alive for 2 weeks and no rug (and just had a small nice pump, ready to blow)

https://t (.) me/Mumu_coin

https://www.dextools (.) io/app/en/ether/pair-explorer/0xabd50310f2a409257576ff4337ec0ab664ae8cdc

get in niggers, plenty of mumu memes to spam everywhere
lets make this /our coin/

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waifuai, they have first mover's advantage

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Loving the RiskFi model. Skills matter and I am good at it. Ready to kick some ass.

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This gives access to the DAO as well, I got it and in the next decision I be a part as well. More rewards but together as a community.

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Its free entry into its metaverse universe for all gamers seamlessly is really melting faces.

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Kek, And you forgot about ENS and ORE. Good options

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Free to play will bring in traditional gamers to the web3 space I love that, this is going to be fucking awesome.

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Just play the Goons of balatroon game or buy some NFTs with them to qualify for their CHUNKS airdrop. Thank me later anon. Have fun.
I am qualified already and I will buy when it launches tomorrow.

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I have already accumulated 200K GOB in anticipation of this. I will rope myself if I miss this.

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nobody wants to buy a dead coin

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>RiskFi card game
This is new. Is this model live yet or is it just another bullshit that will die off soon? Asking for a friend.

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pepa. i dont even know why im making this post cuz none of you faggots will look into it yet you’ll all come bitch and whine in a few days when it goes 20x

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Wojak is created same team as Pepe, and Wojak has room to grow, when Wojak is still #738 in CMC and Wojak has less total coin circulation

so Wojak will go to top 100 coins like Pepe did

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you are a smart

Wojak do same what Pepe did

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looking at this picture, which speaks for itself


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troll is too old and not as memeable

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buy PPIZA and thank me later.

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Pay no attention to those fags, I just flipped my profit from PEPE into WOJAK and GOB. I have a strong feeling that they will give me huge profit tomorrow.

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There are a lot of free-to-play games right now but only a few can deliver unique gameplay and sustainable tokenomics.

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I hope someone bought PEPE and cashes out to buy some Goons

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Where do we buy chunks tomorrow? What webpage? I don't think I saw any update on that.

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How in the heck did you figure out that command? Did you have beers with the devs this weekend or something?

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Is that an IP address or a price?

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200K GOB is a big move, bro as I only have just 15k. I hope you hit it big. Just remember, there are always more chances in the crypto game, so don't go roping yourself if things don't go as planned. Fingers crossed on this.

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wojak isnt on uniswap??
how to get chunkz air drop?

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I don't see any information on where I can bag this token. Please help a niggur, I don't want to die poor.

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Damn, that's actually massive
I was very against shitcoins but I have a huge FOMO now. Thinking of getting something soon

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CHUNKS is the next meme coin, Pepe Get ready to be flipped

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just bough $100, what am i in for?

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Faggot, you cant compare them cause it might be better than PEPE

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Dog with bat, ticker $D0B0 O instead of 0 :)

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Faggot this better deliver a 100x else I will fuck you in the ass

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what is it where is it?

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Definitely, the ease is heavenly. Looking forward to more twitch content and also mobile gaming with RiskFi 2 earn CHUNKS token launching real soon.

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100% on tokensniffer
Released yesterday
100k mcap

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Ngmi, Smart money know that now is when to move their assets into profitable Yearn v2 StableCoin LP tokens, & buying YLA gives them exposure into 4 of those LP tokens

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RiskFi games will dominate the crypto space just like P2E did

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WANKA looking good

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I keep saying this to retards, When CHUNKS finally gets that big recognition & a most sort after gaming token, it might be too late to purchase at a lower cost. Why not engage in the Airdrop campaign still ongoing and get ready also for the pre-sale event.

>> No.54805183

Will surely check this out, I see its a fair launch, Liquidity set to 5K

>> No.54805358

Is that a shitcoin or meme? I see you gonna get rekt soon. Stake your TORN in a ppTORN vault to earn auto-compounded returns as high as 61% APY.

>> No.54805389

is that on metamask?

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This gonna bring the highest earners as CHUNKS gamified, quest based airdrop campaign is rewarding users and players.

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I keep saying this to retards, When CHUNKS finally gets that big recognition and a most sort after gaming token, it might be too late to purchase at a lower cost. Why not engage in the Airdrop campaign still ongoing and get ready also for the pre-sale event.

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where do you get CHUNKS?

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XRP, ORE, BNB and ZCASH is already on a good run. Dive in asap.

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Waifu $grimes

>> No.54805723

Check on twitter, I had to check it too, maybe this is my one shot at making it

>> No.54805730

get into $MUMU now. it's dipped quite nicely

>> No.54805835

Keep your fingers crossed, Fair Launch taking place on Tuesday, the 2nd of May will melt faces. If you're ready to risk it all, then I believe you shouldn't miss out this on CHUNKS token, it'd be a sort after gem immediately it is launched.

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CHUNKS finally got that big recognition & a most sort after gaming token, it might be too late to purchase at a lower cost. Why not engage in the Airdrop campaign still ongoing and get ready also for the pre-sale event.

>> No.54805907

Don't waste your funds by staking in the powerpoolcvp YLA index, users earn decent returns as high a 35% APR on stablecoins and CVP boost.

>> No.54805927

Am seeing some nice juicy pussy on GSD and XRM am sure my bag will get better soon when it start hit the top

>> No.54805973

Airdrop is part of the new trend now, I see it aims to airdrop 5% of it total supply which is huge

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Am still waiting for it while am getting ass spank as GoonsNft will be the best gaming system of this era, enabling easy entry mode and earning benefits that other P2Es failed to activate.

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Denm this sounds great anon, it seems ready to hit it ATH but am still waiting for XRP, as the got some nice shit.

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Yea anon can't wait for the CHUNKS to be fully launched, I've got my eyes on the airdrop campaign too, it's all win-win for me.

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$PAPA is the starting point of a new wave of coins that are directly produced and pumped by the biz oldfags.
You do not know this group, you don't belong in it, you're getting this alpha directly from the guy that made doge and shib what it is today. Have you seen the reflex pump? This guy caused it. He's the papa of all memecoins and he's here for his tribute.
Now be a good son and feed PAPA

>> No.54806134

God check using then token name with a harsh tag and get all the information you need

>> No.54806188

$CHUNK will get the same shit air dropped chart like $GOB

>> No.54806248

Yea fag it got everyone so horny ss the fair launch is coming up this week & I believe it's one coi worth buying right now, and airdrop campaign is still ongoing, which got bitches so freaky wet.

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>> No.54806308

You sound like some newfag getting ready to get some nice juicy pussy, that look good but ETH got some real juicy shit too

>> No.54806341

>need 30k GOB to get
piss off

>> No.54806353

Yea anon, that provides a fun and creative way to bring people together and build stronger relationships through its digital card Gaming experience.

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it’s ogsm you new fucking fags

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>> No.54808466

DYOR on web3 decentralized communication platforms anon.Thats where the whales are looking.

>> No.54808488

More like "be an established crypto twitter scamfluencer and collude to launch a shitcoin"

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File: 1.15 MB, 2101x1434, 3465a7ac96dbb91e72ae72fc7f32e13e.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Gawr Gura's official coin

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t g : @snailmoon

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TF is PAPA?? Y'all will launch anything with a double P now. A lot of people will get rekt on this wave obviously. Don't throw caution to the wind and seek for safer means of earning. Works all the time.

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$COCKPENIS has potential

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If you know you know

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PEPE hasn't started yet I'm getting them global shib feels, buy more.

>> No.54810423

It'll be a completely new.. Narrative never seen before believe me. This meme coin thing will die out in about a month. Ryoshi linked account will deploy a token "shall not be named" between June 16-22. Insidoor. Screencap and keep an eye out for this dates for your own sanity please.

>> No.54810459

Honestly PEPE and the fucking weird wave that happened over the weekend on a ton of coins has kind of broken me.
if you bought Pepe last week, you'd have 10x your money. If you bought a decent amount of the popular meme coins on friday, you would have made 2-5x your money.
Its fucking madness. I dont understand what the fuck is going on. I went into memecoins with the pure intent of "I will buy in early, dump as soon as 2x hits and if I lost I lost" but (some) of this shit is just going up.

>> No.54810491

Expecting a PUPU soon then. Hehe

>seek for safer means of earning
What does this mean anon?

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>> No.54810655

im intrigued. how did you find this one anon?

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Sminem has Unironically raised bizonacci from the dead

>> No.54810813

>What does this mean anon?
Keep stables aside and earn yields with them so that even when the market decides to come crashing down again, you've got something to fall back to.

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>> No.54811086

But stable coin yields are shit!!! Will rather take the risk for life changing profits with memes.

>> No.54811114

Doesn't matter, the coin is dead and not doing a thing. Jeet devs are getting high off their own farts because a crypto meme that hasnt been relevant in over 3 years now is doing calls with them.
Sminem and the Bogdanoff brothers are both dead crypto memes, it is evidenced here on /biz/ particularly. No one posts The Bog brothers or sminem anymore when things pump or dump, bobo and mumu have since replaced them for that.

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I think you anons are sleeping on The People's BITCOIN

>> No.54811401

Clown pepe

>> No.54811416

Yields of ~25% for USDC and ~12% for DAI(which is what I get on SpoolFi), doesn't sound like shit to me. Wake up from your sleep benzo!

>> No.54811510

pepe yuge announcement on thursday
going to eat one zero +
you are early
pepe is the true og meme, the only one with real magic
imagine not believing in your own meme, lmao

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File: 65 KB, 460x671, aAD1D7Z_460s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My digits confirm

>> No.54811816

$luneko, that is all.

>> No.54811841

MrsPepe, there's a CMC listing coming in a few days

>> No.54812049
File: 278 KB, 1500x1496, A3B3A8F6-D901-450A-AF7D-A4E04DE2A070.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.54812561

Papa is feeeeeeeeding! This is the Reaper token of eth. He will feed on the liquidity of other coins like a vampire.

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File: 74 KB, 500x500, faggot3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

NIGGER coin $NIG . for every nigger crime a new coin gets minted

>> No.54814899

PepePal could be the next one. Its at least in the perfect pump position.

>> No.54815091

I dunno, but i bought Doge because it has utilities unlike others with zero use cases
more so, it's been analyzed by a few Al expertise to be a meme to watch out for.
>only a few with high iq will understand that
>NFT gaming RiskFi project that's gonna fair launch tomorrow.
it's utility will drive it's adoption, i'd watch out for it

>> No.54815193

$oshi on unisat, thanks me later and dyor.

>> No.54815346


>> No.54815391


/i 4chan

you'll find it

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File: 21 KB, 907x198, A6468258-44FE-44E8-81F4-EB8D70152FAD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What a load of retards. BITCOIN is eternal.

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Chud coin when?

>> No.54816313

Agreed Youtube is flooded with Wojak videos and shit, no so much with pepe.

>> No.54816319 [DELETED] 



>> No.54816770

just buy RAIL and avoid scamcoins or you could get dumped on.

>> No.54816966

SCAT is on its way back. Original feel-good meme coin from 2 years back. Big meme account has been accumulating via a proxy contract recently.

>> No.54816986

FEET was up 100% yesterday and is still - haven't checked it today, so who knows if it's running - barely over $1m mcap.

>> No.54816995

Memecoins still get bizfags rekt more often than not anon. I'd rather manage my risk, and earn passive income at the same time by staking EGLD and RIDE on the Xexchange

>> No.54817017

you posted an LP address.
The coin is 0x0414D8C87b271266a5864329fb4932bBE19c0c49

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File: 108 KB, 600x900, IMG_20230502_152316_631.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

for me, it's GRIMES

>> No.54817173

Obviously woke pepe is the next PEPE. 0x8522ebc1ff41687cecaab09b1302da1f42b6f6a3

>> No.54817751

>what should I buy next
Already made my fast $10k from PEPE. Next stop now is $8k ETH and $2k BTC on my CryptMi app for shopping. Meme season is over.

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Many braindead takes in this thread, but I'm partial to STONKS:


>> No.54817817

~$2m mcap, $2m volume so far today – that's a 200x+ to PEPE mcap (unlikely, but even a fraction of that is a huge gain)

>> No.54817844

Forgot the CG link:


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scam coin

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Why the fuck does nobody pump Sad Pepe
It's such a nice token, has a website and is even active on twatter.

>> No.54818704 [DELETED] 

unironically Luneko
we're so fucking back

>> No.54819406
File: 55 KB, 1076x563, miHuzVyrgHUMt8YFELlhVwzwjrvUMNJpzECwkBErEn8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Still is

>> No.54819582

As mentioned by others. Wojak is ur best bet

>> No.54819615


>> No.54821453

I'm slurping UTK, ORE and AVAX, low caps are making headway.

>> No.54821502

The alt season has begun, genius are holding Trending narratives.

>> No.54821518

Stfu pajeet bot I’m sick of your same shitpost. Ore got the worst bs PR campaign I’ve ever seen. Btw Ore is a pajeet scam with top 10 wallets owning all the tokens. Garbage

>> No.54821703
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Good to see DiD token on the list. Its making great strides

>> No.54821721

AI, ZKP, DiD and ARB are trending, good options to ape on.

>> No.54821730
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>> No.54821807

this gotta be a fucking larp

>> No.54821876

sites real and is missing the buy it info and link to the uniswap doesnt show the token.

>> No.54822070

I bought $1000 of ORE, am I making a mistake??

>> No.54822080

ORE motherfucker. I don't do memes.

>> No.54822179

sure but the image im mean. not the website... desu its not a bad idea for a shitcoin. just that image could be photoshopped real ez.

>> No.54822185

Yes it’s a constant dumping pajeet scam. It pumps, they dump new tokens and crash the price. Also the idea sucks and has been done before. Total shit coin.

>> No.54822262 [DELETED] 

Every meme coin is a a shitcoin dumbass, some last longer than others, either way im gona keep an eye on it, token not even released yet.

>> No.54822268

Jeet scam. Fuck off

>> No.54822307

Hmm site looks very similar to pepe.don’t think they have released yet.

>> No.54822339

exactly... its either a really fucking good play or an an absolute skem

>> No.54822416
File: 257 KB, 658x501, fat_pepe_punch.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

nice LARP pajeet

>> No.54822438

Based. Good to see DiD tokens gaining traction.

>> No.54823613

PigsCanFly (ticker: PORK)

Oink Oink!

>> No.54823671

TATE it is at like 1m marketcap, has meme potential and a cult like following