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It won't go lower than 90 satoshis before it skyrockets again. Climb the beanstalk. Merry Christmas and don't say I didn't warn you.

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praise the bitbean

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I'm putting in an ask at 90 sat rn. No bamboozle plz random internet savant

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Surely it has to fall further. ~40 sat

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Literally buy rn people. If this doesn't work I'm a monkey's uncle

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I will probably not hop back on the bean until 75

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gotta flick that bean at 85 sat

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No. False. Fake news.

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Lol see you at 57 cents per bean

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You're gonna be sorry when I'm drowning in those bean bitches

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It skyrocketted 5000000% last week, and is still cheap. its rebranding too, perfect time to buy

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bitbean is kill like this bread

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fuck bitbean. don't invest in this shitty coin

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but it is scalable bro

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I smell a ripple shill

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Bitbean, you mean the original #bigblockers! remember to buy the bean dip if you want to make it to alpha centauri

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You'll be sorry when we are the official coin of Elon Musk

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It's almost at 90 people. Last chance to make your millions

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"And if you gaze long into the bean, the bean gazes also into you."

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how many nietzche jpgs do you have? probably less than my bitbeans

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i'm never buying fucking bitbeans. you cant make me

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Nietzsche jpgs will go up 3000% in 2018 jokes on you

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that's what people said about bitcoin. But who has the large dick now? me. it is me.

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What exchange can i buy Nietzsche jpgs on

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They'll be on coinbase by March

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bitbeaner is the lead dev's name

are you him

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Yes I'm here to tell you guys to buy in now, huge announcement tomorrow

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but how can you be him

if im him

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I don't know who's beaning who

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You have all been beanboozled it is I lead developer

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I'm trying to get beaned out of my fucking mind

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this shit isnt even on binance...

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just bought 36k beans, you boys better not be beanboozling here or im gonna get mighty ornery

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Fuck, I missed the bean dip