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So I think I'm currently underdiversified.

Which other altcoins should I look into adding to my portfolio?

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Sell all the shitcoins for more bitcoin and you should be good.

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Buy an urbit star
1 star will = $1 million some day

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Add some feetpix.finance to that normie list of tokens that will, at most, 2-3x in the next bull run.

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You have to hold some kas. Even if you don't care about the project there is a great deal of hype.

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No sminem, no floki. Whoops.

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FLOKI to $0.01 soon?

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For your 5th coin you should buy a stinky memecoin like sminem then your portfolio will be perfect.

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why you still stuck 2019 ? no pepe no wojak no rekt ? idiot monkey loose money soons

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RLC is a sleeping giant

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I unironically just got back to looking into crypto like a month ago since 2019-20. I lol'd.

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Kek I was shitposting as a pajeet. That's a God tier portfolio, mate. Keep it up.

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Jesus christ that would be insane. I don't think that's ever going to happen though.

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This is the worst shill I've ever seen
You should kill yourself for being such a cuck

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Kys retard, kek

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All are absolute and pure shit kek

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APT is literally 48% down faggot

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What's a learning platform piece of shit doing there?

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Not bad anon, not bad except for LINK

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Checked and kekd, still ngmi nigger

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which altcoin would you substitute it for, anon? I mean, I want to diversify, so I need new coins.

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All in Cardano

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no thanks boomer

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Dude it's probably okay, but that is just a safe and boring portfolio desu. Nothing interesting here

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Your answer is the red koin

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>only conscious being in this thread

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Where DAO?
Where TRON?
Where AVAX?
Where MATIC?

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The very thought of holding this combination of shitcoins ages me by 10 years

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How’s the weather in Mumbai?

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I've got one, want to get one more at least.

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All in LINK

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Add AVAX and you will carry the perfect folio.

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sounds like a bad case of noballs
it's ok, risky assets aren't for everyone

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is a WSTAR sufficient?

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INJ and 0X0

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Dog3 b 0 n k
Retard alert. Bitcoin is good for safe gains. Not life changing gains. 2018 I sold my alts for btc and fucked myself out of retirement. While btc did a 15x, the alts I sold for btc did 20-300x+. Newfag

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Price doesn't mean shit. It's about the market cap. Floki has 352M market cap. Realistically it will probably go to 1B. Don't really see it breaking 10B. Could be an okay dabble though like 1k usd.

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anything but icp

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I can't believe people still buy altcoins in 2023. What the fuck

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I can't believe newfag retards still think alt coins aren't where the money is at. What the fuck

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Just work on qualifying for the airdrops of CHUNKS, ZKSYNC, STRAKNET and QUAI.

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only shitcoin there is BNB, and that shit gonna moon with the clown market anyway

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yeah bro let's buy btc so it can 4x in the next bull!!!

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>buy BTC
>get 4x
>buy shitcoins
>they all go to 0

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Well said anon, I participated for SUI but couldn't qualify but for CHUNKS I will be qualified, simple and easy tasks.

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u are missing something anon

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This looks like a meme season to me, we saw pepe, blur and many pumped. I'm expecting a RiskFi gaming token to launch soon. Will bag that to moon

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INJ, not memeing you here OP.

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Best crypto ever made. All in. Based 4.5m holder will not sell until .337

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I agree, OPTI will also perform well.

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Urbit has been going since like 2003 and is still a complete piece of shit that is very difficult to even boot up and use. Embarrassing how much years of research lead to nothing

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This is going to a billy TVL

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RDNT. Anonymous lending. High liquidity/staking returns. Governance token.

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Here's a list for you all, pick some from it and thank me later





>Defi/Perp dex



HYPERCYCLE (Still not out, no ticker)





>NFT 2.0








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Also, forgot

>Computing/GPU power




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Lol lmao

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DanGPT the best investment of the year and its gonna get us so much money

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How big is your folio senpai? The amount of diversification you should have scales with your amount. Bigger folio: should have more diversified bets. Smaller folio: should just go all in on a couple.

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Enjoy your 10x max. May as well just hold ETH and btc. This is grandpa’s portfolio.

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Someday you realize that all of 4chan has more NPC than anything else nowadays.
You might as well go to an NPC sentiment farm where they have more incentive to remain genuine to their NPC beliefs rather than just dealing with the bullshitter NPCs here.

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newfaggot here. what app is this? im sorry for being a newfaggot.

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DanGPT is gonna be the holy grail of money, no doubt about that

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Link is a shitcoin.

BNB is not that safe of an invetsment with all the shit surrounding Binance.

ETH and BTC for the win.

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I hear $LUNE is reigniting the bull run, starting with arbitrum.

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DanGPT is gonna get us all a way out of this hellhole anon, its gonna make us so much money

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DanGPT is gonna get us to the stars and make us rich as fuck anon, its gonna be worth it

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Arb, Ocean and ORE will make a good deal

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Sold my KILT for ENS, ORE and ROSE

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Bagging privacy, Ai and DiD. Ygmi

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Here's what I got.
If we ever drop back down to 25k oress I'm going full Bitcoin maxi.

But if we don't I'll gladly take alt recommendations/comments

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*Or less

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Only sane post ITT

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No solana? Explain

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Why is ether needed? Zimbabwe dollars are the same as USD since when?

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tired of being broke and poor, DanGPT will get us outta this mess and make us so much money

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>no AVAX

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I know its getting shilled here relentlessly but DANGPT is actually super ez hold

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DanGPT gonna make us filthy rich, no doubt you already noticed

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Holding anything other than btc or eth is just fucking retarded. Monero is good for buying and selling stuff but shitty as an investment. If you wanna gamble and lose fuckall you might as well go to a real casino where they give you free hotel, liquor, and pussy for fucking odd your money. At least the mob makes you feel alright about losing money whereas propaganda pushing rug pulling pajeets just fuck you with aids razor blades.

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DanGPT gonna make all of us filthy rich, time to get on the boat and make money

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DanGPT the best investment of the year and its gonna get us so much money

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DanGPT is gonna be the holy grail of money, no doubt about that

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Hired new marketing firm too.

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DanGPT is gonna get us all a way out of this hellhole anon, its gonna make us so much money

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DanGPT is gonna get us to the stars and make us rich as fuck anon, its gonna be worth it

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What portfolio app is that?

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DanGPT gonna make us filthy rich, no doubt you already noticed

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This, zksync will probably change the lives of poorfags who are willing to drop like 5k on sybiling it. I can't believe I didn't do that with arbi it even had low af fees. Made 7k as a regular user. I know a guy who made 3 million lol and he was managing dozens of wallets by hand (had like 500 in total and other people managing the rest.) I'd be content with 10% of that before the bullrun

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DanGPT gonna make all of us filthy rich, time to get on the boat and make money

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Pajeet didn't even add Qanx to make it a complete complete portfolio.

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No altcoins? Wtf

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DanGPT is gonna be the saving grace for all of us hoes, i already put a few shekels in

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DanGPT is the way to get comfy and make some profits anon, its gonna be worth every penny

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you are welcome.

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Yeah, this is what retards should do because they can't understand other narratives like NFTs, DiDs, DeFi.

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Based bag.

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DanGPT is our way to stay afloat, time to jump on this and get paid

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Based. Nice to see DiD projects gaining traction.

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Holding QANX and ORE is comfy.

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You've got a new life here channer, enjoy a humorous, edgy and fast paced P2E trading card game, that puts Goons against each other, to battle out and gain.

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Newfags are are slurping tokens with this narrative. Lovely.

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How are you still alive?

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Happy getting rekt, cunt. Post quantum cryptography is the future

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I assume the OP is open to it because he is asking for an altcoins. Invest in projects like MNI Corp that adds value to the world as it's supported by land. You need not be concerned about its sustainability or liquidity.

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Diversifiying is a gay faggoty meme. I always put all my money into one meme coin and make tons of profit off of it. You will never make an substancial amount of money by putting your money in btc or eth you fat retard.

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Basedfag. Is it quantum resistant? The downtimes aren't encouraging

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If it ain't Quantum resistant, Privacy or DID, can't take it to the bank.

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Can't stay alive without playing games and with the CHUNKS token Airdrop melting faces, so eager to play their new RiskFi game Blitz Balatroon.

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When there's Qan, why I should I go for this shitcoin faggot?

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Guess their lives will be much better if they don't miss out on CHUNKS. There is still enough time to meet up with the requirements before snapshots are taken

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Kek. Anon didn't even add Qan amongst L1 projects. NGMI

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AVAX or nothing

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I know right? A hyperpolyglot chain would have made the difference

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AVAX is good but there are others so yeah expand your horizon. There are a lot of promising gems in the crypto space. AVAX, XRP, and NXRA are all good bags.

>> No.54775760

normies will just buy doge, shiba and btc in the next bullrun

>> No.54775990

why would a rational being go for a meme coin that has passed its prime already?

>> No.54778021

I'd have loved to add AUDIO, CTSI, and CYMI.

>> No.54778288

You definitely should be looking to diversify more, I don't see any low cap alts anywhere, are you actually serious about making it?
Look into vela, vra, mtv, or sylo, they've all got juice

>> No.54778313

Look at blackswan biz

>> No.54778372

Can't take anyone who's buying any of that at this point seriously

>> No.54778387

Almost thought you had a thing for tokens starting with the letter v kek
Vet isn't a bad one either.
majority of those you mentioned are old kucoin projects

>> No.54778406

Their time has passed. We are going into another era. The meme season is almost over.

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I've got a small stack but damn it feels like a chore holding since it's been crabbing for far too long

>> No.54778531

Pepe holders think otherwise

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File: 1.86 MB, 800x1257, 027185b50ac51a9df62b1ae83d40706c2f25424fbda92108ff73c6a9b08944c2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

An AI coin based on a network of logical penises that ultimately the whole world can run on.

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>Next bullrun God-tier picks

Bitcoin. Symbol - BTC

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It exists since 2015 and has a 5 million market cap. The team/employees consist of OG PhD tier devs and mathematicians.

They first focus on software development but their specialized tech can also be used for discussion scaling where you can have a thread with millions of people and still know what's going on. With regard to voting it can help you vote millions off times per day according to your worldview.
The Blockchain is also self-amending and it's able to change block by block.

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File: 1.08 MB, 720x1280, tau-discussion-that-scales-yshorts.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tau.net Symbol: AGRS

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Run a node or Lp stake to earn passive yield, no longer a chore.. thank me later

>> No.54778632

>Entire portfolio is a single asset class
You people are a fucking joke

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>link in 2018+5

>> No.54778778

Bump pls sirs

>> No.54779683

rose 10-100x
fold 10-100x
ldo 5-30x
floki idk
remilio 1000000000x
sui depends on vc niggers and how greedy they are at launch
doge - 10-20x

>> No.54779790

Keep stacking bnb and link

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>2-3x in the next bull run.
That's too low considering how bullish the market will be at that time. I will recommend you buy RUNE, TSUKA, QANX, and GRT for easy 10x gains. Just my two cents.

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VRA, UTK, and TRIAS are some Kucoin gems I'm accumulating now, anyone that is not slurping any of these gems will probably not make it.

>> No.54780876

I'll say ID and SPOOL. For SpoolFi, it's got a good community and a good defi product for yield farming.

>> No.54780980


I’m all in on VRA

>> No.54781100

DO NOT BUY a coin that will link all MEMES together in 2 weeks.
Do not buy into a token rhat unites all the memes together in a memeaverse for all of us.
Do not ride a SNAIL to the moon While Frank sinatra sings.
SNAIL uniting all memes.

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Add ZNN to L1s/POW that is going to moon big time this run




you're welcome anons

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I'm a long-term holder too but it is always to diversify into trending narratives like AI, Crypto payment, and privacy gems.

>> No.54781454

Nice one, AI, DiD and Privacy are making the trend.

>> No.54781523

>the midwit selection

>> No.54782252

any SYLO holdings ? its a safe bag too hold i think