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I had $400k in 2021 at the peak but I was greedy and got memed on to aim for 7 figure and now I only have $10k. If 2024 won't be another bullrun I'll kms.

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Literally me. Dw man it happened to half of us

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I held an 80k forth airdrop to 6k and dumped it into icp...
I hope you've learned some things. I think I have. God bless.

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I kept close to 2 Milly and I still feel like a fucking loser. I try to trade very day and it just doesn't work out. I missed the bottom and my trading career isn't going anywhere, every girl I ask out keeps ghosting me and rejecting me. Getting a car apartment diet gym none of that shit even changed anything. Most of you guys who complain about losing it all in 2021 are normies with good lives so fuck you guys anyways.

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what is so difficult about stop losses

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Send me 1 btc and I'll believe you

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10k is wild lmao

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Bro, how did you go from 400k to 10k when everything is down only 90%?

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My ETH order hit my stop loss at $888, only to pump to $2K a few days later.

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Peaked with $427,000 in 2021.
Now have $12,300.

I feel you.

It hurts.

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Cool, see ya. Do it out in the woods so animals will scatter your remains, don’t create a scene and don’t make a mess that others have to clean up. Faggot

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>no run in 2024
>recession even
>anon kills himself december 2024
>gigabounce to kick off decade long golden bull january 2025

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If it gets delayed to 2025 that’s even better dumbass. A whole nother year for us to accumulate.

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How the fuck do you people swing that much?
I peaked at 300k and now I have 135k

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I shit you not half of that was from GRUMPY cat when its at its peak after it was on the news from donating ETH to a cat shelter. I got fucking freedy and stupid and didn't sell all but $30k. Kill me anons.

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>Caring what femoids think
This is why you're a loser, not anything else

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WAY more than half. It's insane how many OG's got got by their own greed too. November 2021 was a time that happened in a timeline we're on.

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Oh fuck forgot to clear my name field, mods please help me edit it out. I apologize.

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>babbys first day as a demoralization agent

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>I turned 70k on 700k with XOR in 2021
can't believe I bought that shit EOY 2020 and made it big in 2021, shit changed my whole life, that's why I'm starting to hold again some bags there, to see if I can repeat that

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You need to learn what the Blackpill is if you haven't already (doubtful) it's almost certainly just your looks and height women don't like. Look up: "Egg White - Atomic Blackpill 2" on YouTube. I fucking promise you it isn't your personality or "vibe" that's the issue.