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Hedge fund market makers are psychopaths. Pyth is dogshit. Fuck blatant scams like FTX and Alameda. Hurry the fuck up old ass slow ass bank boomers, everything is already ready.

Thanks for coming to my talk.

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Checked. Well summarised.

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lol you're a subhuman nastyslob and you're stupid

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It is inevitable. We are all gonna make it.

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Checked and based.
What a hilarious coincidence that while Sergey is giving this talk about shitty extractive market makers and bad data, Jump gets fucked in a $20 mil BTC trade based on a fake tweet.

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Nice summary.

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checked based and redpilled

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Blessed thread

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Any recordings available?

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Checked...i keep seeing 444 and 1111.... Maybe its happening soon

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Oh you poor summer schizo
I’ve been seeing 7s for five years now

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Checked. That whole rant + the guy talking about Sergey getting angry + him talking about how everything is ready and they're just waiting for the banks + Chainlink charging for price feeds + Sergey complaining about things taking too long on CLG's podcast + the constant negativity surrounding Chainlink on social media + Sergey joking about not killing anyone "yet" = Sergey's finally had enough and is out for blood.

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Sergey chad as fuck calling out the grifters, MEVfags and market makers saying "Do you want to just be tradfi baddies in a $1T sandbox, milking retail until the dream dies, or do you want to build this shit into a fundamentally superior financial system that absorbs the whole world?"
A visionary in the most meaningful sense. The school principal of crypto dragging the whole space into line.

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based sergey

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When did Sergey become so based?

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nastyslob is such an impotent piece of shit lol
the only thing he's good at his sucking cock
look at these lips

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quick! jump on your phone and back yourself up you retarded faggot lmao

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why you so upset? nastyslob's mouth is eager af for that cum

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But why the fuck would you wait for the banks before you release CCIP?
Talk is cheap. Last time Chainlink released an actual major product is literally four fucking years ago.

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It doesn’t make any sense. Late 2021 ccip was just about to drop for aave and synthetix. I want to believe still, but it just feels like a carrot on a stick at this point.

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The fucking retard management at Chainlink like to announce their biggest products a few days after thinking about them theoretically. They all sit around jerking each other off about an idea then announce it as a “product” while it is still a brainshit from a think tank. Thats why it takes fucking ridiculous amounts of time for their key products like CCIP, FSS and DECO. What kind of fucking nigger tier company announces products that are in a prototype phase let alone a fucking idea still. Utterly amateur.

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this sums it up quite well
sirgay and steve sit around inhaling bong tokes and sirgay eats bag after bag of funyuns thinking up shit and worrying about the details for another decade

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imagine how tiring it is to try to make world changing tech while the whole space is full of grifter psychopaths

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Nah, Aave was already fucking around with a basic iteration of CCIP when it was first announced in late 2021.
They even held a vote at that time lol

From my experience they announce major features when they're already fully fleshed out, but then spend multiple years on audits.

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No proof of that. Those tweets back then were just typical attempts at manipulation of the price.
They literally stated in the product progression report a month ago that they had an “alpha” in october 2022. So what the fuck did they have in July 2021? It was a fucking brainchild and nothing more. Sale with DECO. It was announced as a piece of research. Same for FSS.
This bullshit needs to fucking stop. They are capable of announcing things like OCR, VRF, Low latency Oracles, Functions, Keepers out of nowhere a month before launch, so why the fuck do they do the exact opposite on this shit they hype the most?

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>No proof of that

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check em

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that was for V3 of AAVE and CCIP integration is just one piece of that. this is absolutely nothing. you are doing nothing but speculating on those old tweets when Chainlink themselves confirmed they had only done an initial alpha in Oct 2022.

It's seriously pissing me off. what the fuck is that shit?
>ccip this year
then in 2022 a year later:
>we did an early alpha in October
Then a month later
>CCIP is *very imminent* to market release
Yet not a peep at Consensus about it another month later.

Fucking joke.

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>you are doing nothing but speculating
The Aave guy literally explained how Aave was about to integrate CCIP in 2021 after a community vote.
He wasn't too happy about getting snubbed either lol

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Yes, and he was fucking wrong. Why are you insistent on taking everything from a third party source, when this entire space is known for being full of snakes and misinformation?

If it was working in 2021, that is even more fucking pathetic. its mid 2023.

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Wasn't his entire firechat a massive implication for CCIP?

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Chainlinkgod officially confirmed CCIP at Smartcon 22 newfag. What is it with newfags and not knowing le past?
Chainlinkgod is the voice of reason truth and justice in this space and he officially confirmed it and then they released it. Getting sick of this mainnet soon ccip soon deco soon when all this shit has already been out for months now

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Then why cant he announce a release window for this "very imminent" feature?
Its ok to delay it if they need more time. that is a standard practice for most enterprises. it is what even ETH foundation does.

Its fucking stupid the way they pussyfoot around

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I am very frustrated by their pace of development too, but to be fair CCIP isn't really some random "product", they really, really need to:
a) get it right the first time, even a small fuckup would sink the whole company
b) have MAJOR players on board
The reason is that CCIP isn't really a product, it's a protocol. It's like TCP/IP or HTTP. Right now there are dozens or maybe hundreds of separate L1s and L2s, which are sparsely connected by all sorts of shitty bridges. CCIP will introduce a standard that actually connects all those different networks If CCIP is done correctly, nobody will give a shit what blockchain a given dapp lives on, just as you and I don't give a shit if a given website is deployed to AWS or Google Cloud. I am still on the fence if blockchain will actually become widely used (except for some obvious use cases like privacy-preserving proof-of-humanity), it might very well remain just a glorified casino which it is today. But one thing is certain - there is 0% chance of widespread adoption without CCIP.
Thank you for coming to my ted talk

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If muh SWIFT or muh bank or even mug crypto partner is holding up the launch then why dont they communicate that? somehow i doubt that is why its not here yet.
Their release schedule and habit of announcing things that are still ideas is stupid and needs to change. THAT ASIDE, they can at least do a better fucking job of communicating the pace of development and what is happening. its still totally fucking tone death.

So none of their lead devs(will) felt comfortable enough to announce that CCIP is "very imminent" a month ago, yet not a peep, even a mention of the words "CCIP" at consensus? this is beyond pathetic at this point and seriously out of touch.

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Anon, why the fuck would anyone (even a huge scammer) openly claim that a third-party feature is ready to be integrated in the following weeks, knowing full well that he would be 100% exposed as a liar within those same weeks?
Aave was clearly already testing an early version of CCIP in late 2021. No two ways about it.

>If it was working in 2021, that is even more fucking pathetic.
Yes, absolutely.
All the more so because Sergey seems to imply he's waiting for the banks to release CCIP. Which makes no sense whatsoever.
Only way it does make sense is if he has some kind of launch exclusivity with a major banking institution, which is 99% dumbass hopium.

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True, but that has changed around a year ago, just as Kemal El Moujahid joined as CPO. Notice how Chainlink Functions (which is an incredible feature) wasn't announced until it went into beta tests.

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>then why dont they communicate that?
I feel like Sergey is in fact communicating this; he implied he was waiting for institutional adoption yesterday, and also during that podcast interview two weeks ago he said something similar.

But that doesn't make sense at all, you can perfectly launch CCIP among cryptos first, before the banks.
Unless there's some legal issue.

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the simple answer is the real answer. you and i both know that.
Their development cycle is abysmally slow, inefficient.
i worked for a large fintech startup that was all on slack, and it is fucking CHAOS communicating shit. they are still desperately floundering to try IPO but it is a MESS. Chainlink is all online and on slack too. i guarantee the same shit is happening and its why they felt so proud of a fucking simple progress report. it was probably a gargantuan job liaising and communicating with everyone to produce that.

Not only that, is also really clear now after years Sergey is just as out of touch with the community, and probably his own workers due to the above shit.

The reason we dont have CCIP, and dont have any idea when, despite being told "this year" then more recently, "very imminent" is because their management is an utter clusterfuck.

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>the simple answer is the real answer. you and i both know that.
Yes. And the simple answer is that Aave was in fact already testing an early version of CCIP in late 2021, shortly after CCIP was formally announced.

>Their development cycle is abysmally slow, inefficient.
All signs indicate that their audit cycle is abysmally slow, not necessarily their development.

But it is ridiculous, there's no question about it.

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I bet we could see an announcement in the he following days. or a week from now. Sergey probably has a fucking shit line of communication and doesnt even know when products are fucking ready.

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>But that doesn't make sense at all, you can perfectly launch CCIP among cryptos first, before the banks.

That should be the way it's done. If I was in a position to integrate a major bank into the blockchain I would absolutely not want to be the test case. I would want to see a long, proven record of safety and success first. Aave is waiting to take the dive with their portals feature.

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>Their development cycle is abysmally slow, inefficient.
I know this will come off as larp, but I actually tried to get a job at chainlink labs last year, got rejected after technical interview (they are obviously looking for top talent and I'm a midwit), but I've spent about an hour talking to the lead of one of the engineering squads. He said it explicitly that the management is not happy about their pace of development and that's why they're desperately trying to expand the team.

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Checked and based

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The only way it makes sense is if there's some kind of legal issue.
But that's a big stretch in and of itself.

>they told me, an interviewee, about a massive internal issue
No they didn't, fuck off.

At this point, "I interviewed with Chainlink for a job" is an entirely new fud lore category in and of itself.

>> No.54754334

>No they didn't, fuck off.
Actually my experience is that people are very open to discuss anything about their company during those types of interviews. I interviewed at ~15 companies at that time, in most cases when I asked the interviewer "as an employer of X would you recommend working here" they gave a long speech about how they like it there, but A, B and C needs to be improved. If DECO was live I guess I could prove to you that I have in fact signed an NDA with CL without doxing myself, but oh well, believe what you want.

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When you sit around announcing "products" that are ideas straight from the think tank for years, no matter what you fucking do, you are not going to be releasing jack shit fast. thats a management problem. Dont fucking announce shit unless its somewhat deep into development.

Look how many fucking shit has launched since CCIP/FSS/DECO have been announced. there is just no fucking way they can have enough developers of good quality to pump all that shit out. even now with Low Latency Oracles, OCR2, people maintaining Price feeds, doing integrations. Keepers, VRF. How the fuck do they every expect to spare the resources for CCIP/FSS/DECO? thats a fucking management fuck up. Sergey/Ari/Steve sitting around shitting out ideas and announcing them then paying the inevitable price. oh yeah, i forgot "enterprise Abstraction Layer".

They'd have it done by now if they could have condensed their team. now they need a fucking army of developers the size of google to release all that shit in any reasonable time.

>> No.54754356

>At this point, "I interviewed with Chainlink for a job" is an entirely new fud lore category in and of itself.
Oh and also, how am I fudding? They are just dealing with some problems that tons of organizations do at their stage of growth. They went from a few dozen people to ~500 within like 2 years. They are trying to get their shit together, they've hired a ton of top talent, they are getting there.

>> No.54754358

you ruined your larp, an NDA in the scenario you described is not enforcable at all
even if they did have interviewees sign them, they are relying purely on intimidation and ignorance

>> No.54754368

>announcing "products" that are ideas straight from the think tank
I don't think they ever did this.
Even when they released the first white paper they already had a sizeable mainnet codebase up and running for testing purposes (remember Sony?), and the two main things that took so much time before the May 2019 release were translating to GoLang and then audits.

>> No.54754385

I guarantee FSS is nothing but research atm. I fucking guarantee it.
DECO is at absolute best in some kind of POC phase with whatever or whoever, which is an abysmally slow process working with lots of people and companies.
Enterprise Abstraction Layer probably the same shit.
That leaves CCIP, which is the only thing with any semblance of development.

So why even fucking have announced the first 3?

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I can't show you the NDA because I don't have a copy, it was on docusign and I'm paranoid they'll correlate me re-opening it with this thread lol, but here is a screenshot from another doc they sent me along with the link to the NDA. I guess I could have created it on my own, but I just feel a weird urge to try to prove you wrong and this is the best I can do ...

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Ignore him. there is no reason people form this board wouldn't have tried to apply for a job with them by now. its more ridiculous to assert that every single instance of people saying they did is a lie

>> No.54754418

I don't believe you but in the off chance they are trying to pull this it will never work. They can't clog up US courts while operating in the cayman islands to evade taxes and goodluck making anyone show up in the caymans.

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You and I both know that's not true and is simply your fud attempt. Another poor one.

>> No.54754454

All of the things you mentioned have been explained, shown and presented many times over during the past years, and were obviously already highly fleshed out early on.
Deco for instance had a huge technical white paper released in 2019.

>enterprise abstraction layer
That's not actually a singular product.

>> No.54754458

I know they can't do shit to me because I live in the EU, but the reason I'm iffy is that I would like to apply for a job there again in the future, seems like a nice place to work. They have flexible time off, pay well (+ token vesting scheme) and you get to work on some really interesting stuff.

>> No.54754482

Thats the funny part. They let you vest tokens if you work there. How many employees exercised their tokens and paid massive tax on them after vesting them at like $20-$50 for them to be worth $7 now. Kek. Morale cannot be good there

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then why do you continue to insist on failing to deliver
it just doesnt make any sense whichever way you look at it
at this point even the fatman must be made aware that his entire holder base is pissed off and the fudding of all official channels will only increase with each nothingburger
why even hold or go to all of these big events and just do nothing with it
its not even about a delay eth did that but at least they communicated, for link which prides itself on truth over trust their absolute abysmal communication are dropping morale like a stone

now all this is one thing to demoralize holders they arent that important to links success, but last year they started pissing off devs (synthetix didnt want to leave them but was forced to go with the thing that actually delivered) if the fatman keeps this shit up he is gonna start seeing real problems appear

like several people said, it makes negative sense that he would wait with ccip on a bank when its mostly crypto native or at least can work very well as crypto native only

>> No.54754586

>then why do you continue to insist on failing to deliver
It's insane.

>> No.54754602

Rory intimidated me into signing an NDA with his cowboy hat and six shooter

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and jonny rimmed the donkey I rode in on

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And the fudding should continue. This fat fuck should feel the heat everywhere he goes. I'm sick of his nuthuggers like chainlinkgod and crypto oracle. The fudding works because they shortened the staking withdrawal window, released a big overview what they are working/progress and also lowered the price of smartcon 2022 tickets. I wouldn't fud at all if chainlink only raised like 100 million for their development costs, however he raised BILLIONS with not much to show for.

>> No.54754779

>And the fudding should continue. This fat fuck should feel the heat everywhere he goes.
lol after years of fudding for fun and to keep normies out, NOW you wanna fud sincerely?
Any Link fud lost all meaning a long ass time ago.

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the fact that jump is single handedly responsible for nuking the markets while this happened and no one besides 10 autists on biz realize who sergay was talking about is fucking nuts, man

>> No.54754809

Maybe true but you can hardly blame him for feeling that way. Its a fucking mess.
Look how many times eth had to delay. People understand. Sergeys approach is to launch another idea and call it a product instead

>> No.54754810

no it didnt, remember this isnt about stopping reddit from throwing their 4k stacks into link
this is about fudding devs and real companies from associating with chainlink which scares the fuck out of them

i agree and we should amplify it, but i really thought after the staking debacle last year they got the message but no
i have mentioned several times we need to increase the sergay memes, make him out to be the money laundering guy for wagner as he is a russian, bet that will grap his attention from the burger he is currently inhaling

>> No.54754820

>you can hardly blame him for feeling that way. Its a fucking mess.
Well despite the slow feature release, Chainlink had more than enough massive bullish news in the past years to make it to the top 5 and stay there.
The massive fud spam early on likely had a part to play in making this not happen.

>this is about fudding devs and real companies from associating with chainlink
The fud was always about exactly that.

>> No.54754824

Correct. And it will continue until he delivers something. Although at this point chainlink fuds itself. Everyone in crypto knows about the shitty PA and the snail pace dev work.

>> No.54754830

Its called diminishing returns mate. They announced so much shit would delivering on their earlier bigger “products” that people are more and more apathetic to further new products even if they release. Its kinda stupid but thats just how investor sentiment works

>> No.54754841

>They announced so much shit without delivering
They still delivered a million times more than ADA or XRP for instance in the past few years lol
You're using a double standard.

>it will continue until he delivers something
The fud was there as well when Sergey was delivering, and the token price was booming.
Your words are meaningless.

>> No.54754874

I know. You have to suspend your disbelief with crypto sometimes but its tue way it is.
The market expects fuck all out of ADA, AVAX etc. thats why avax can pump 20% from an AWS “partner” tweet and ADA can pump just because it didnt dump.
Its gone beyond just us on biz holding LINK to a higher standard now and clearly looking at price action the market itself does. It pisses me off cause it should be rank 5 by now.

So yes the market is tired of feature creep without delivering on the key large products announced years ago. If ADA announced something with SWIFT however small it’d gigga pump cause nobody is expecting shit from ADA.

LINk needs to start delivering badly on the unreleased major products before people can start getting excited about new ones

>> No.54754944

desu I've lost all hope and I'm just slowly DCAing out of LINK and into BTC, I'm entirely convinced that even if Chainlink finally delivers something it won't be enough to push the price upwards significantly
fuck this shit

>> No.54754960

hello sir I have also lost the spirit am very demoralized and need to buy overpriced pet rock coin too

>> No.54754987

Yes sir village is broken food short village angry. I blame this far blasterd bitch mother sergay.

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posted as pic because it keeps getting flagged as spam

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Yeah. I dont like it being this way, but i can do exactly fuck all about it other than try encouraging the fat fuck to release something

>> No.54755024

look at these seething retards attacking anyone who attempts to exit the cult
fuck you pathetic sad faggots

>> No.54755080

I remember when they were oh so cocky during 2021 saying doge would dump to oblivion during the bear just like all other ponzis. Meanwhile here we are. Doge dumped way less than link and doge also outperformed link since link ICO.

>> No.54755101

Inb4 just sell retard. I hold 50k link and bought Link in 2017 because the promise was different back then nobody expected it to take THIS long back in the day. Everybody bought because of staking and those old breadcrumbs on smartcontract.com . Today staking is nowhere to be seen (a deposit contract isn't staking). And people orgasm over GMX paying link nodes a couple of million. It's just insane.

>> No.54755120

>doge is the future sirs many product releases and features

>> No.54755208

all of which becomes irrelevant if chainlink actually releases stuff and there is real demand from their usecases, then all the bad sentiment means nothing
to achieve a favoruable PA there are 2 ways to get there, created demand that is price insensitive like mentioned
or kill the shorts with massive buybacks
both of which require sergay to get up from under whatever bullshit is stopping him from achieving anything right now
as his actions dont make a lick of sense the best course of action by average holders like biz is find the most effective way we have to piss him off so he is forced to change his retarded ways

and like mentioned the best method we have deduced through trail and error is max fudding on all official channels
cause that is what shortened the staking lock up, nothing else
or give me a better plan: telling the market to change its sentiment isnt a plan

>> No.54755222

>and there is real demand from their usecases
BTC, ETH, ... never relied on "real demand" for their pumps.
They worked just fine below $1, and are virtually infinitely divisible. Literally the only thing that made them pump is speculation.

This is yet another double standard that somehow only applies to Link.

>> No.54755230

Which asset is used for gas on ethereum? Which asset is used to pay BTC miners? Are you this retarded?

>> No.54755237

yes he is
he's the circular reasoning shill, he's goal is to exhaust you by ignoring your arguments and repeating his own ad nauseam

>> No.54755238

nah bro doge is the future remember musk said so no release or product required

>> No.54755241

*his goal

>> No.54755243

Gas and mining rewards have literally nothing to do with ETH/BTC pumping.

>> No.54755251

didnt chat gpt take their jobs yet?

>> No.54755253

I think the fact that link cultists are this retarded is even more bearish than the progress of the project itself.

>> No.54755262

ETH was 4k with miners
BTC was 69k with FTX

>> No.54755263

It's time to stop posting

>> No.54755274

I think chat gpt could write better posts than these. delete your account
woke up bullish GM

>> No.54755283

Feel free to explain how gas and mining rewards systemically make the price go up lol

>> No.54755298

Uhm, people need to buy ethereum to interact with the ecosystem? Is it that difficult?

>> No.54755302

>people need to buy ethereum to interact with the ecosystem?
And how does this systemically make the price go up?

>> No.54755304

now he's going to respond that "the LINK token is needed for every tx on LINK mainnet blah blah blah" completely disregarding your point

>> No.54755319


Read before replying again

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>> No.54755334

decentralization. you see anon when two people get on the same network they are vibing with the energies of the cosmos and this creates blocks. those blocks are chained together using math and this brings us to our solution to bank bail outs. Miners proposition the government by submitting their energy bill as clout for influence. Miners threaten the government by saying they will turn off their miners and stop consuming energy


At this point the government caves and bans bank bail outs but only if the price is higher. So the based VCs ape in and pump the price. This is why since 2011 BTC has been responsible for stopping bank bail outs. Thanks to Satoshi there has no been a single bank bail out since BTC was created

>> No.54755351

why do people "need" to interact with ETH? They could just use BNB instead.

ETH sells scams and they never pump again

>> No.54755365

Then explain why gas prices explode whenever ETH dumps.
That's the inverse of what you're claiming happens.

>> No.54755374

>hurrrr my ironic shitposting will certainly change the absolute reality of the most adopted and most decentralized cryptocurrency being BTC instead of the altcoin we chose to marry with
>ddurrrr if I keep refusing to align my perception with the actual reality all my problems will magically solve themselves and the hecking idiots who populate this market will finally pump my own bags!
absolutely pathetic, keep pretending to be completely retarded
ETH fees explode both in dumps and pumps, volatility is causing an influx of network traffic you absolute buffoon
this is the state of "crypto enthusiasts" in 2023

>> No.54755378

Supply and command do not make number go up dofus. Water under the fridge but if you want to be taken seriously here you need to make more sense. ETH was 4k with miners selling. They uninstalled miners but the price is still lower.
Explain that smart think guy. Yeah thought so

>> No.54755380

>ETH fees explode both in dumps and pumps
Meaning there's no correlation at all between demand for gas going up and ETH going up.

>> No.54755386

>Supply and command
no comment
you need gas for every single tx on the ETH mainnet, including the transferring of LINK
how fucking retarded are you?
volatility = high fees REGARDLESS of price direction

>> No.54755391

Why would anyone use ETH? New animal scam craze inbound? Vitalik's satanic soulbound tokens?

Jokes on you pal I am actually retarded and all in $ETH

>> No.54755401

to build a decentralized oracle platform (Chainlink) on top of it and build smart contracts

>> No.54755412

Nah I'll just use BNB for now but thanks

You sound real mad you dont even understand supply and command what a retard

>> No.54755414

>loool durr I'm the bestest troll hurr you fell for my masterful ruse lel get trolled fag

>> No.54755419

>you need gas for every single tx on the ETH mainnet, including the transferring of LINK

>volatility = high fees REGARDLESS of price direction
Yes, but according to your logic, the price of ETH should go up whenever demand for gas explodes.
But in fact the exact opposite happens. And this happens SYSTEMICALLY, for extended periods of time.

>> No.54755420

Umm no Chainlink is not needed so I'll just stick with BNB. You trannies can enjoy sucking each other off for mev though

>> No.54755439

I already told you I am the retard all in ETH but yeah I'll be sticking with BNB they have racist asian themed coins like $Slant $Chink $Gook all pumping like crazy now sucks to be a latefag like you retard lol

>> No.54755446

lol source?

>> No.54755467


>> No.54755469

filtered for attempting to derail with terrible baits
you literally need ETH in order to access any worthy protocol on this space, naturally demand keeps going up until a better smart contract platform alternative emerges
to even insinuate that ETH has the same utility as LINK is asinine and delusional

>> No.54755482

>you literally need ETH in order to access any worthy protocol on this space
Anon, according to your logic ETH should pump whenever demand for gas goes up.
But in fact, half the time the exact opposite happens, systemically.

>> No.54755490

welp pissed fudfag can't even read this
ledditor detected

You dont even need ETH there are tons of layer ones and all of them are tranny free.

>> No.54755505

none of the other L1s are even close to ETH's adoption and network effect
try moving your LINK from cold storage without ETH and then come back

>> No.54755522

sorry I filtered you too, I can't keep having the same convo over and over again
have fun owning le fudsters with your repetitive and shitty arguments

>> No.54755540

lmao, you tried to claim that supply&demand drives the price of ETH, but half the time demand for ETH absolutely spikes BECAUSE ETH is crashing.

Just say "thank you for the lesson", and we'll call it a day.

>> No.54755545

>i filtered everyone therefore i win
this is soo asinine just long chink on bnb or youll regrat it

>> No.54755558

no surprise as shit often falls down because gravity. common scientific knowledge i flush mine down the toilet but you probably use the street. same principal applies

>> No.54755574

>I can't keep having the same convo over and over again
lmao this site is about exactly that. laughing at the same jokes saying the same things and having the same arguments until i die of old age

>> No.54755578

i truly have no words to reply to something this stupid

>> No.54755579

>ETH absolutely spikes BECAUSE ETH is crashing.
everyone swapping for chink on bnb probably no other reason I could think of

>> No.54755588

you just wrote a whole sentence sir my village tell u good job

>> No.54755601

Do tell anon, how does ETH systemically go up in price?

>> No.54755649

stop arguing with the retards that derail the thread, nobody in the space should be asking the question of why eth is necessary and anyone that does should be safely ignored

also pay attention that the moment we say something to the tune of we should pool our resources together and do real action rather than bitch here, the thread derailment trolls appear
almost like its afraid
but stop giving him (you)s

>> No.54755656

t. read the rest of the convo and realized his mistake.

Good on you.

>> No.54755687

that is unironically the modus operandi of LINK shilling on this board and of that particular shill, along with constant filter evading spam
he's been harping on about muh unjustified ETH and ADA and BTC price while refusing to acknowledge that the team has fucked up in any way, it's always something else, literally deflect and deny

>> No.54755724

>literally deflect and deny
You mean like how you ducked out of your little supply&demand retardation just now?

>> No.54755731

>which asset is used to pay BTC miners
Uhh doesn't that just make the asset inflationary because the miners usually just sell whatever BTC they are receiving? That's actually detrimental to the asset pumping. ETH is needed to create and invest in ERC20 scams, so I guess that was a legit reason for it pumping.

>> No.54755742

i never not once shilled a token except for chink on bnb but thats a coin really sorry for the confusion.
must be annoying to try and have a conversation and some asinine twirp keeps butting it but why is ETH needed

actually ETH at 1 dollar was pretty shit remember when Vitalik begs people to stop using ETH because of some random hack? lol

>we all need to question why link is needed but no ETH because I say so
aww diddums got its feelings hurt

>> No.54755774

If ETH is only needed for scams it needs a lower price proportional to what its securing (nothing valuable like link lol)

you dont install bank vaults on toilet door to protect the shit inside the bowl is what ETH maxies keep insisting on for some strange reason lol why tho?

>> No.54755806

>why eth is necessary
>why do I need thicker bank vaults on toilet doors to protect shit inside the toilet bowl
I think link is the toilet flush in this analogy. you faggots like analogies right?
>um bro im real smart i cant explain what it is but this is like similar i guess huhu

>> No.54755807

>Uhh doesn't that just make the asset inflationary
Yes. But that's only a bad thing for Chainlink, never any other crypto; for other cryptos it's actually a good thing lol

>ETH is needed to create and invest in ERC20 scams
Even that's not a systemic reason for pumping, since oftentimes demand for ETH gas absolutely spikes while ETH craters.

>> No.54755892

>i forgot "enterprise Abstraction Layer"
They have since come out and claimed that this was never an actual product but more a description of what Chainlink will become. I don't know whether this is just a cop-out. I think it was a community manager that said it in the CCIP delay message at the end of last year if anyone has it

>> No.54755930

The post that completely annihilated the double standard against the Link token.

>> No.54755946

Yea. I find that sticky faggot so annoying. He also busts out the “btc dumps” spam every time, and is the fag who constantly says “muh uni/sol/whatever dumped more tokens so you cant blame sergey”. Hell they may be 3 people but each of them are high priests of the cult here, and are so fucking annoying to deal with.

Yes BTC dumps when LINK pumps that is now undeniable but stop fucking using it to excuse the bad job Sergey has been doing.
Im CONVINCED that hes living blissfully unaware along with the other top managers of Chainlink and has no fucking idea how bad sentiment is, what is wrong. He is so fucking tone death the only explanation is nothing is reaching the fat cunt.

>> No.54755971

>everyone I don’t like is the same person
Let me guess, it’s CLG?

>> No.54756035

>Yes BTC dumps when LINK pumps that is now undeniable but stop fucking using it to excuse the bad job Sergey has been doing.
While I agree that the flame needs to be held to Sergey's ample posterior. The suppression reinforces the negative sentiment. I don't think people would be as frustrated with the pace of development if the token had been allowed to run to say $20 rather than $7

>> No.54756065

I’m still laughing at the anon claiming you need eth to access any worthwhile protocol in the space. kek it’s all ponzis layered on top of each other for now, if you’re going to use the “this is when crypto finally actually matters” argument you’ve painted yourself into a corner, because the only real answer to that is oracles, otherwise its all zero sum ponzis. That or you should just be a bitcoin maxi.

>> No.54756066

u write kiek a faggot and 20€ is still DIGUSTING

>> No.54756072

He wastes literally every opportunity to get some momentum going even if aware of BTC dumps. What the fuck was Consensus? Wasnt CCIP “very imminent” a month ago? He probably spent close to a million dollars to have a slot there.
They have a habit of announcing new features out of nowhere too. They arent even fucking trying mate.

>> No.54756090
File: 150 KB, 568x1200, 6214D395-96C3-40F9-A79C-1DB747EA5F51.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This. Sergey has been doing this since he started in the space. Hes a sociopath, he cant help it

>> No.54756122

Also for those dumb enough to continue arguing eth goes up because of gas, it has been outperformed by bnb for 2 years now, because of gas. And this will continue. Because the only people actually using crypto right now treat it like a casino, and they couldn’t give 2 fucks about decentralization or security, and bnb is the cheaper more active casino now. Scaling has not been solved, and it probably won’t be through a single chain either, the most likely solution is something like ccip.

>> No.54756123

friendly reminder that Jump is behind both the blatantly scammy BTC dumps to suppress price and the 24/7 fud campaign on both biz and Twitter. this is how they choose to spend their vast resources. these are the parasitic organizations that we will inevitably be purging from the world.

also congrats to SNX for having abysmal foresight and getting suckered into a wolf in sheep's clothing attack. extremely bearish.

>> No.54756159

I had always ignored that screencap as irrelevant but now that i think about it that makes perfect sense, and yes he is continuing to behave like that. Jesus. Fucking twat. 2021 was fucking ridiculous. He announced CCIP, Enterprise Abstraction Layer and FSS all in one fucking presentation. Where are we with any of those? At Consensus the fat fucking cunt starts babbling on about tue EAL. Fuck off, release CCIP and shut the fuck up about products that are miles away and hurry up and shit out something.
The only products that have launched in recent times are items which customers have requested and arent too difficult to make(low latency oracles, functions which was STEVES IDEA). Anything thay clown sergey comes up with is like that screencap indicates. Sickening.

>> No.54756205

>Sergey is too slow releasing features
>that means all Link fud is valid

You sound like a big dumbass lol

>> No.54756230

You are a cultist. I wouldn’t expect you to understand.

>> No.54756279

>you should help spread fud which I know is bullshit, or you're a cultist

lol pretty sure knowingly denying reality is what makes a cultist.

>> No.54756288

Chainlink is The Boy Who Cried Wolf playing out in real life

>> No.54756325

You are a cultist because you shield yourself from the outside and bigger picture with “link is special” rhetoric l, and by inventing your own factoids and subjective bubble of reasoning and logic. To you, your cultist view is reality, and people like me are the ones in a cult because we arent operating from within your own subjective little version of reality.

You wont wake up from the cult because you are one of the worst most deeply entrenched faggots on here.
You are also one of the last holdouts of the cult cause literally everyone else has checked out by now and realised the truth, and that shit needs to be fucking fixed.

>> No.54756345

>if you don't spread fud you know is wrong, you're a cultist

>> No.54756353

They already showed a fss demo working with a uniswap fork last summer, tourist

>> No.54756376

everything is fud and “wrong” to you because your a cultist operating on a subjective version of reality and shielding yourself with your own head cannon and rhetoric about the reality of events.

I expect no response from you other than calling everything fud and “wrong” because the only “right” in your cultist view is that which aligns with your own interpretation of reality(the cult).
The fact you have to call me a heretic in cultist language(fudder) says it all

>> No.54756396

You're wrong though.

>> No.54756398

>20€ is still DIGUSTING
It's better than $7, faggot

>> No.54756409

And thanks for acknowledging me as a heretic, cultist. Everyone else can see what a fucking joke you are. The sergey cock riding cult

>> No.54756414

>everything is fud and “wrong” to you
"Sergey is too slow about releasing major features" = 100% correct

"Chainlink isn't suppressed at all, you're imagining things" = 100% incorrect (as you yourself agreed)

See, not that hard to tell the difference.

>> No.54756417

Keep going, you are only 1 or 2 steps from posting chastity cages and calling everyone a cuckold

>> No.54756451

Sergey is a normal dude with flaws, and large weaknesses. He isn’t necessarily cut out for this job.
Cultists still treat him like he is “king made”, special, “connected” with some fairytale elite and basically handle him like some kind of Jesus of blockchain.

Most rational people have woken up and realised the fat fuck has made some serious mistakes and has flaws but the cultists still treat him like he and LINK is “special”.

LINK is not fucking special. I guarantee the very idea of that will cause some visceral reaction to cultists.

>> No.54756462

I never said it never gets suppressed, but fucking cultists like you take that fact and crank it up into a a fucking bible tier commandment and literature and design your cult around it.

>> No.54756470

Why are you so mad? Lost a lot of money?

>> No.54756481

he's satoshi

>> No.54756482

If anyone is treating Sergey as special, it's the fudders; they keep blaming him for shit that is completely normal for all other cryptos.

>I never said it never gets suppressed
Ace reading comprehension, tiger.

>> No.54756495

Yeah. I have lost a lot of fucking money. I bought in early 2018, and have been holding it while it fucking dumps for longer than it ever pumped. Its very normal to wake up from a cult after such experiences like 99% of this board has. You and a couple others are last holdouts.

>> No.54756524

Unlike all you stupid fucking retards I'm extremely happy with the progress link has made since what ico in late 17?
The project didn't even hit mainnet until MAY 2019. They've slowly added an incredible feature set with no downtime.

Fuck even every single peice of shit coin combined in all of crypto has less importance than a single chainlink feature. What has any other project done... Jack fucking shit.

The only thing that Sergey missteped with was even talking to those jew scammers and maybe the January steaking is coming soon announcement. Gravel coin and Lady luck were unfortunate fuck ups of the team. I've said it many times before adlyn needed to be replaced way earlier. Do you guys really think these features can be firstly conceptualised then created and tested in mere months? The only thing that hasn't gone our way is the price and even then the price appreciation is very decent for pre mainnet buyers. The price relative to what the rest of this insane market is doing is what's painful and nothing else. Sick of people sitting on the fucking sidelines doing nothing but shit talking Sergey. I'm not privy to any information from the inside and neither are any of you faggots so shut the fuck up.

>> No.54756526
File: 386 KB, 600x742, FsPKkZPWcAAp82r.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

5 years? Not selling
10 years? Still not selling
20 years? No way you fucking kikes
50 years? NOPE

I will hold link until the day I fucking die, for decades and decades regardless of the price. I don't care anymore!

>> No.54756547

Do you think it helps you or anyone else in any way to rant like this on an anonymous image board? Or are you just venting?

>> No.54756551

Your only role here is to nuthug Sergey. To try tell yourself everything is alright, its all going according to plan, things take time, Sergey is a genius, he knows exactly what he is doing, there is untold gold behind his NDAs, and the only reason we arent miles ahead is because BTC suppression. You are fucking deluded. You use the fact BTC dumps when LINK pumps as a complete intellectual cop out of all possible mistakes and mishandling Sergey and Chainlink management have made.

>> No.54756566

>if you're not spreading fud you know is wrong, you're nuthugging Sergey

>> No.54756571

Sergey literally has never done anything wrong.

>> No.54756580

Want a job? There is an opening for cultist priest on /biz/

>> No.54756627

It's funny that people who have legit been cultists for the past 5 years got disillusioned because of the bad price action, think everyone was as cultish as they were and immediately do a 180 and become cultists fudders. All or nothing with these people.

You know what helps? Investing wisely, not putting all your eggs in 1 basket, and not counting on your investment to kickstart "your real life". Go build something. Find a woman. Improve your skills. Most of you are desperate NEETs and it shows.

>> No.54756726

This is why I barely participate in the threads that turn into “we can goad the team into action” circle jerks, its the most reddit thing ever and completely fucking retarded since nobody reads the drivel on here anyways. 4chan is for actual autistic discussion about this shit, and shilling absolute jeet scams, save the midwit “its a movement we can do it together!” faggotry for reddit.

>> No.54756735

>All or nothing with these people.
They're mentally not very stable.
Obsessive tunnel vision, childishly black-or-white worldview, highly addiction-prone, etc.

>> No.54756751

Called it, lmao

>> No.54756806

You are devoted to Link. Look at you.

>> No.54756832

I barely post here. I have also not mentioned LINK once in this thread. How am I devoted?

>> No.54756839

This, it’s literally just a handful, if not one or two, anons claiming they are responsible for shortening the staking lockup period and the Kemal product update vid, etc. Yes, you constantly wailing on social media about PA is what got the ball rolling. Not NodeOps and devs, ya know. The more involved community if you will. Definitely just you eternally online anons who immediately reply to Link posts. By the way sergay should step down as ceo cause I say so

>> No.54756842

I think he mistook you for 7Ojp9ps7

>> No.54756849

friendly reminder that Jump is behind both the blatantly scammy BTC dumps to suppress price and the 24/7 fud campaign on both biz and Twitter. this is how they choose to spend their vast resources. these are the parasitic organizations that we will inevitably be purging from the world.

also congrats to SNX for having abysmal foresight and getting suckered into a wolf in sheep's clothing attack. extremely bearish.

>> No.54756876


>> No.54756894

>community advocate has entered the chat

S.T.F.U. you babbling retard. Scroll up and read through this thread. Or re-read it if you need to. You are completely missing the point.

>> No.54756900

it was the one and only thing that created some form of change
and to clarify it isnt about anything done on here, its about spreading out to twitter and every other sanitized social media they use

>> No.54756911

I always get a laugh when an internet bagholding group starts giving out life advice when the investment goes south. Go start a youtube channel you faggot, we're just trying to make money here.

>> No.54756949

Is what you are doing right now helping you make money? I shorted LINK from $8.60 to $6.80, what about you?

>> No.54756951

How much money do you make from hanging around in Chainlink threads?

>> No.54756955

You're mocking those who complained but it's them you have to thank for a shorter lockup period. You'd rather be stomped on as a loyal cult member than be seen as "uncool" on an anonymous message board hahaha. Take a fucking look in the mirror you pussy

>> No.54756961

when are you fudders going to stop spamming back and forth with each other and address the fact that JUMP is behind both the blatantly scammy BTC dumps to suppress price and the 24/7 fud campaign on both biz and Twitter. this is how they choose to spend their vast resources. these are the parasitic organizations that we will inevitably be purging from the world.

also congrats to SNX for having abysmal foresight and getting suckered into a wolf in sheep's clothing attack. extremely bearish.

>> No.54756991

>it's them you have to thank for a shorter lockup period
You did it, Reddit!

>> No.54757007

The lockup period could have been 10 years and I still would have staked, you high time preference hysterical faggot.

>> No.54757051
File: 525 KB, 1000x2739, 64D2E645-DACB-4BE0-97E4-3AA008C5564B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

anon, can you please address the fact that JUMP TRADING is behind both the blatantly scammy btc dumps to suppress price and the 24/7 fud campaign on both biz and Twitter. this is how they choose to spend their vast resources. these are the parasitic organizations that we will inevitably be purging from the world.

also congrats to SNX for having abysmal foresight and getting suckered into a wolf in sheep's clothing attack. extremely bearish.

>> No.54757063

SNX are really taking the pyth, at this point

>> No.54757103

it's fascinating how these fellow biz users will spend hours in threads painstakingly replying and fudding absolutely everything, but refuse to address the fact that JUMP TRADING is behind both the blatantly scammy BTC dumps to suppress price and the 24/7 fud campaign on both biz and Twitter. this is how they choose to spend their vast resources. these are the parasitic organizations that we will inevitably be purging from the world.

also congrats to SNX for having abysmal foresight and getting suckered into a wolf in sheep's clothing attack. extremely bearish.

>> No.54757121

They are more than psychopaths.
Negative energy pits of infinite greed and hatred that would destroy all of mankind in a second if given enough power.

>> No.54757144

who is "they" though? would you happen to be referencing JUMP TRADING who is behind both the blatantly scammy BTC dumps to suppress price and the 24/7 FUD campaign on both biz and Twitter. this is how they choose to spend their vast resources. these are the parasitic organizations that we will inevitably be purging from the world.

also congrats to SNX for having abysmal foresight and getting suckered into a wolf in sheep's clothing attack. extremely bearish.

>> No.54757191

the silence is deafening. huddle up in your little discord and figure out your next angle kek. i'll be here

>> No.54757199

You spend all your free time fudding Link threads. Nobody cares as much as you do. Look at you. State.

>> No.54757203

Learn to look at IDs, friend.

>> No.54757212

I agree that's why I go with dexs where I trade and stake a few alts like EGLD, UTK and ATOM.
xExchange is really nice and simple

>> No.54757341

You need to go Build something. Stop thinking about Link all day, every day. It's quaint but life holds more.

>> No.54757350

Man I'd love for some autists to tie Jump to the iconic BTC suppression dumps.

>> No.54757365

Alright buddy.

>> No.54757371

>80% down from ath

>> No.54757417



>> No.54757510
File: 424 KB, 773x1004, 68399ED1-A0AB-4DF5-89EC-8CDC8081428B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

hello? can anyone address the fact the elephant in the room?
which is that JUMP TRADING is behind both the blatantly scammy btc dumps to suppress price and the 24/7 FUD campaign on both biz and Twitter. this is how they choose to spend their vast resources. these are the parasitic organizations that we will inevitably be purging from the world.

also congrats to SNX for having abysmal foresight and getting suckered into a wolf in sheep's clothing attack. extremely bearish.

picrelated is the head of crypto at JUMP TRADING who is dumping on you kek

>> No.54757642
File: 3.79 MB, 1280x720, blackswan in action.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

there are tools out there that safeguard users from this type of events and it even finds oportunities in situations like those.

>> No.54757730
File: 86 KB, 1024x1280, linkie 3d fren.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've been saying the same thing for years at this point.
Chainlink needs a real CEO in the worst way.
If the right person went in there and fixed just a few key issues, we'd see them start pumping out features every year.
Like they need the most insanely focused, borderline psychopathic stereotypical businessman to kick these guys in the ass and make them accountable to someone.

Right now, Chainlink isn't accountable to anyone. They have a world changing idea and technology, but no one has a vested interest in their success aside from those of us holding their tokens.
unlike traditional shareholders, token holders have zero recourse if they're unhappy with the direction of the company. We're just forced to sit here and watch Sergey pontificate over and over and just hope they pull some work ethic out of their asses and start releasing the shit they've promised.

They need to have a headquarters and people need to show up for work.
How has that simple measure not been taken?
They need real accountability

>> No.54757783
File: 579 KB, 750x1294, 291FA81C-5F76-45AC-9C4D-9CD65031D0B9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.54757830

nice to point out right now the btc price has pretty much recovered to pre fuckery while the tiny link pump has been successfully killed and reversed
like fucking pottery

thats too easy of a cop out, he created this mess by hyping up the release date of his product and then going silent, nobody can defend the communications of the team at this point
but also it doesnt matter, sergay is so well funded know that the projects success or failure is largely independent of the token price as a utility token this isnt a problem
but again what people with a brain really do care about is the blatant lies from the start up team regarding time tables

>> No.54757843

To be fair its still mostly speculation even if probably largely true. What infuriates me is these faggots will just twist it into a new form of fud, “muh jump” instead of “muh bulgarians”, then continue to whine and complain about irrelevant bullshit like how Sergey doesn’t talk to the community like Charles Hoskinson. I’m convinced these types are reddit tourists that all bought above $30 and just holding with retard strength like gme baggies. Nothing would give me more joy than to see this group capitulate, but sadly I think they’ll get dragged up eventually. Midwits can’t be allowed to win though, so perhaps there’s hope, some sort of black swan that finally shakes them out.

>> No.54757849

ok boomer

>> No.54757885

I agree, just made it come to mind

>> No.54757947

Got any evidence we can start to distribute in a meme format ?

>> No.54758002

Well said. Instead of using a cex we can use dexs. I use xExchange to metastake and I get pretty decent returns too like 25% APY.
I have my funds under my control.

>> No.54758087

No way he said 'shit'

>> No.54758116

Ehhhh with CCTP coming out from Circle, why would people need to use Chainlink's CCIP? At least they can get products out on time.

>> No.54758173

How do you know jump trading is behind this

>> No.54758215
File: 229 KB, 1170x605, 5A855966-B770-4D55-8375-EDF0E369CB44.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

im not much of a meme creator. we have the dump yesterday in anticipation of CCIP being announced, which it didnt get announced so they look like buffoons for doing it. we have the intern Kanav Kariya going from internship to head of their crypto division. we have the CEOs Bill Disomma and Paul Gurinas with no internet presence (couldn't find a pic of either, seems odd), and we have long time Chainlink user SNX pivoting out of nowhere a few months ago to Pyth and then whining after getting btfo by GMX.

>> No.54758257
File: 8 KB, 229x221, ydfdx.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nice one anon, it's look as if web3payments platform got some nice pussy gains as it's cheap for global transactions fee across borders, offering up to 1.5% cashback to users

>> No.54758261
File: 539 KB, 750x1276, A3994B5F-E0E2-4CC1-95EF-5CD65451F39C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anyone else find the timing of this odd given the pyth and gmx drama?

>> No.54758262

im guessing the SNX clowns were bribed by Jump, thought switching to Pyth would be some epic fud narrative against Chainlink, except it backfired and now SNX looks retarded and people are excited about the GMX low latency oracle integration.

>> No.54758318

But have nothing on chain indicating bitcoin movements? What cex do jump use?

>> No.54758326

jump is a vampire squid who have their tentacles in all things crypto. they probably have plants across the industry which is why Sergey and Chainlink are so tightl lipped about release dates. also the recent revelations about the interview NDAs would support this. they're trying to defend themselves from stolen IP and release date information because that allows Jump to manipulate the market narratives in anticipation of upcoming releases and potentially compete with their own oracle product.

>> No.54758347

Go tell that to your mama's am sure she will listen old retard dick

>> No.54758371

remember last year when there was that bizarre price action leading up to consensus staking announcement? then sergey released the announcement in a blog before consensus and the bitcoin price went haywire trying to figure out what to do about it? it's been Jump this whole time.

>> No.54758390
File: 522 KB, 1000x2699, 8BC12B7A-C963-4663-A61E-7BD6C9E2A531.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

here's your on chain evidence

>> No.54758479

Evidence they dumped on dodgy info unrelated to LINK?

Are you telling me I have to fucking trawl through various chain explorers on dates BTC dumped to suppress LINK to prove your theory?

Don't post twitter caps you fag.

>> No.54758504
File: 6 KB, 230x219, ews.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sounds cool anon, that got me so horny as I can pay with any major digital currency and enjoy faster, cheaper, and easier transactions.

>> No.54758510

anon i hear your fud, i really do. but what's important here is that we address the fact that JUMP TRADING is behind both the blatantly scammy btc dumps to suppress price and the 24/7 FUD campaign on both biz and twitter. this is how they choose to spend their vast resources. these are the parasitic organizations that we will inevitably be purging from the world.

also congrats to SNX for having abysmal foresight and getting suckered into a wolf in sheep's clothing attack. extremely bearish.

>> No.54758558


>> No.54758720
File: 7 KB, 237x212, m,jb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's Feel cool bit I got my ass spank as
xMoney soon how will revolutionize the payment industry by combining crypto and fiat payments in one platform.making it such a juicy pussy experience

>> No.54758906

I'd be more likely to buy into this theory if there were other examples of Jump leading one of the many BTC dumps that have killed LINK pumps, rather than just this one example.

>> No.54759018

literally grasping at straws
remember muh short squeeze, muh santiment accumulation reports, muh biggest ETH whales accumulating, muh NEXO going bankrupt, muh Stani going to jail
everything is total horeshit, the only reality is that this shitcoin WILL dump no matter what
>Inb4 fud reeeee
>t.Gme/bbby/xrp/link bagholders

>> No.54759411

To think he finally released tsigs, mixicles, deco and ccip bros.....

>> No.54759467

Ah yes, the problem is that I've been too impatient with Chainlink over the last 6 years.
They weren't patient when it came to doing an ICO or dumping every single week

>> No.54759690

Did anyone notice this on Sergeys talk yesterday? 18:15

>One of the attacks that I…
>uhhh… witnesly… ummm
>gets nervous
>recently witnessed

Massive freudian slip, it’s obvious that Ari is the one attacking random protocols

>> No.54759894

If I understand correctly, JUMP essentially accumulated enough SNX to control the vote.

>> No.54759949

these must be the "evil actors with capital" schmidt was referencing in the smartcon fireside chat

>> No.54760345

>i worked for a large fintech startup
Was it a techno machinations company?

>> No.54760440

>what's important here is that we address the fact that JUMP TRADING is behind both the blatantly scammy btc dumps to suppress price and the 24/7 FUD campaign on both biz and twitter. this is how they choose to spend their vast resources. these are the parasitic organizations that we will inevitably be purging from the world.
>also congrats to SNX for having abysmal foresight and getting suckered into a wolf in sheep's clothing attack. extremely bearish
a1 pasta. why doesnt anyone address this?

also i think sergey should get some exercise. take a 30 minute walk around his area or something. many people involved in chainlink have become obsessed with exercise and I am not suggesting that. do some light exercise get a fresh perspective thats all.

>> No.54760557

>take a 30 minute walk around his area or something
this. literally only thing needed

>> No.54760568

I think there’s some legs to this jump trading thing, normally when people bring up something as an outside factor fudders downplay it, but when they ignore your posts entirely it’s like you’ve struck a nerve, like they have orders to strictly change the subject and not talk about or engage posters who bring it up. Note I’m not big on conspiracy shit but to think trading firms with billions on the line wouldn’t take every measure possible to manipulate markets is just naive.

>> No.54760661

Rory and Sergey should buddy up as they seem to be at the same level of fitness could be wrong though.

Let's have a look at Jump then. Intern now ceo of something seems like a katter situation and there was a big btc wallet unlock 80k btc the other day

>> No.54760780

the angle the fudders push now is give up and sell because you are in a cult.
but they want you to sell for btc an even sadder cult no one wants to attend a btc conference
so i can see these types calling for changes that could ultimately affect the future of a project and they like to buy their way in like with snx. so they must want to buy in on link but dont want to change the price
many are staked and cant sell that must make them really mad kek
but i get the impression they want to preserve the existing pecking order so this is why you get all the alts never pump again
its interesting that ranks are preserved during btc crashes and moons. back in 20@7 things would change all the time. now it seems very rigid and set in stone. except for link which gets overtaken then they come here to gloat.
i think jump and circle already spoke with the state street guy too. he shilled usdc many times during the talk and does not have the same ethos as sergey for decentralized systems.

talk a walk sergey get some fresh air man you need it. step back take a break from sitting down to work and maybe things will become clearer.

Sergey is the only guy in crypto aside from vitalik with security too

>> No.54760897

why is he yelling all the time? is he deaf or something?

>> No.54760924

Checked, but lets take a look at his early life section

>> No.54761309

He's the fall guy. It was discussed during 2021.

>> No.54761381


can someone explain me why Sergey wanted to make a fireside chat with this pajeet

>> No.54761448

talking about the circle CCTP: "its just easier than fighting the interoperability challenge"

and before he was talking this about the interoperability: https://youtu.be/w2KOw9OIPSs?t=922

>> No.54762775

Chainlink passes his second case, the statement "the investors are impatient, don't understand venture investing and have control" is only 2/3ds true about Chainlink holders. We only have control over our own stake in it, and nothing more.
And thats a good thing.

>> No.54763374

What happened to SNX? Did they get hacked with their inferior oracle? I missed this.

>> No.54763407


Listen to this excerpt at this exact timestamp
>oracle owned by a trading firm

Sergey is exactly pointing at Pyth and its owner, Jump Trading.
>he knows
God I love this fat bastard.

>> No.54763442

Unfortunately there are more than 1 group.
They share similar characteristics for greed and corruption and their hatred of Chainlink.

For some verification may be needed but the following have played a part in the current situation:
Nexo, Celsius, FTX, JP Morgan, Jump, CZ, the MEV mafia, some BTC whales.
Every CeFi which offered Chainlink lending services helped short it at the expense of users while hiding this.
This also includes BlockFi and others...

There are more groups than this too who took part in it.
Most of the crypto power groups conspired together against it and Sergey enabled this behavior.

>> No.54763460

>oh no not the literal who pajeet scam telegram group screenshot
kill yourselves subhuman brownoids lmao

>> No.54763545

How does one become president from an intern? What needs to be done?

>> No.54763551

Imagine if Chainlink had a DAO and all the most hysterical /biz/ faggots were constantly making proposals to "increase marketing! Increase token price!"
It would be intolerable. DAOs are confirmation that democracy is retarded.

>> No.54763670

What would sergeys world look like?

>> No.54763823

Why is the space full of evil corrupt schemers?
Shouldn't this be the common sense to build something fair?

Why does the MEV mafia exist?

>> No.54763894

Short sighted human greed, mixed with the perception that other people are just cattle who deserve to be ripped off aka sociopathy.

>> No.54764069

I remember last summer when that autist on here proved that bancor and nexo were shorting link and suppressing it and the amount of fudders was multiplied by 10 IMMEDIATELY

>> No.54764370

Jump trading anticipating CCIP launch on Consensus. Launched a BTC dump attack half an hour ago before consensus on Chainlink. Sergey knows about it. Thats why he called them the pyschopathic hedge fund managers. He called their hand. CCIP will probably drop on a random date when it is the least expected. They baited with near imminent release statement to force their hand to actually identify and prove the threat is real. So jump trading is attempting to manipulate and kill the link momentum team knows this. I expect a large scale attack hack on pyth oracle services. DO NOT USE pyth oracle services. Retaliation is coming. Serg is angry. BTC dumps when the link pumps to kill the momentum is real. Its not a conspiracy anymore. Jump trading got caught.

>> No.54764424

Not just that, but Coindesk/Circle timed their CCTP announcement at the same time.
Chainlink is playing the long game. All of these scammers are on borrowed time.

>> No.54764573

probably a good idea to get out of USDC

>> No.54764607

Last year Nexo and Celsius seem to have been important actors in the Consensys dump as there was a heavy paid fud against staking at that time on /biz/.
It would be interesting to take a look at Jump's past records to see if they dump like this every year during this event.

However that does not solve the issue we are facing when they really plan to release CCIP or even Chainlink Functions.
We are certain to get another massive BTC scam dump during those events.

At some points Sergey will have to do something to stop this manipulation.

>> No.54764624
File: 166 KB, 500x500, 5AAAFA74-186A-460F-8C91-31EAA3683BED.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.54764630

You remember wrong. Last summer was the market crashing and the realization that the bull run was completely over while Sergey fucked everyone on CCIP amongst many other things. Feel free to prove that there was 10x fudding though. Surely you can prove that.

>> No.54764669
File: 68 KB, 552x411, Screen Shot 2023-04-27 at 8.30.41 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.54764693
File: 482 KB, 1125x1970, 0C3811B9-9D3D-420B-A82D-6A973D344831.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sergey shouldnt throw stones. He himself is a sociopathic scam artist. This was documented early in his crypto career by his colleagues.

Congrats on your new boogeyman. I suspect Jump will replace the mythical Bulgarians. It doesnt really matter what you call it, as long as its a thing youll always be able to continue stringing it all along. The problem, however, is that no one is buying it anymore. This is cryptos gamestop, except less popular and more pathetic.

Theres no retaliation coming. Thats what you have to tell yourself in order to keep moving forward. Sergey couldnt scare a kid in 5th grade. No one, I repeat, no one, is concerned about that fat scamming slob, except for maybe his own heart which is going to give out soon. Being obese in your 30s is even more pathetic than being in a cult.

>> No.54764722

The Bulgarians went to jail and Simeon's name was on the Zeus draft lmao

>> No.54764724

It is time to call Eric and his friends Serg.

>> No.54764771
File: 108 KB, 560x299, 1667966977815925.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

based. redemption arc inbound. I really hope sergey is going to take care of himself. get a dog or something and walk it man godspeed

>> No.54764775

>FTX and Alameda gone
>Celsius non existent
>Nexo banned from US and under investigation by FBI. Their HQ is literally got raided by FBI.
>Countless unsafe bridge and oracle feed hacks

Whatever helps you sleep at night.

>> No.54764797

Sergey is based. Chainlink has been a fantastic purchase in my life. The team are amazing. They are doing a VERY good job. My investment is safe in their hands.
Just thought I'd say that. I don't have very much time nowdays to add to these conversations but I like to add to the positive sentiment where I can. With the progress they're making $1k is fud.

>> No.54764823

based and we were right all along it's even bigger than we ever dreamed it's just taking a while pilled.

>> No.54764859
File: 2.33 MB, 2092x9976, 1655472039370.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I remember that too.
I can't believe no one took the other side of that trade. Would've been really lucrative liquidating all those shorts.

>> No.54764878

re: the screenshot, you know that people are capable of lying and obfuscating, right?

>> No.54765119

this proof>54764693 this "proof"
these are not even in the same league.

I think we should recommend sergey an exercise machine he can do for 30 minutes everyday if he doesn't want to go for a walk
heaps of link guys lift weights so maybe thats not his thing. friend of mine lost a bunch of weight with a home boxing machine https://nexersys.com/ from these guys. The thing is huge though so you might need help setting it up.

Hell man just go for a walk if you don't wanna buy anything but I would be more than happy investing in the health of Sergey if we are in it for the long term like that pajeet said.

Thanks for being based Sergey I support you but I am worried about your health

>> No.54765223
File: 149 KB, 656x156, thug life.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I expect a large scale attack hack on pyth oracle services. DO NOT USE pyth oracle services. Retaliation is coming. Serg is angry.

>> No.54765394

Sergey wasted all my efforts.
All I got for it was curses and betrayal.

>> No.54765988

I have no idea. That jeet was basically spending the entire time saying Circles solution is better because we can use it now and its good enough and basically shitting on the idea of CCIP. Did Digital Asset pay for this talk? Once again sergey showing no Charisma and just getting dominated by a malicious actor out to get him. Not that this Jeet had much going for him in that department but he didnt seek to care much other than trying to be a steamroller.
Time to find Digital Assets investors or what they invested in

>> No.54766199

>State Street Corporation is an American[2] financial services and bank holding company headquartered at One Lincoln Street in Boston with operations worldwide. It is the second-oldest continually operating United States bank; its predecessor, Union Bank, was founded in 1792. State Street is ranked 15th on the list of largest banks in the United States by assets. It is one of the largest asset management companies in the world with US$3.9 trillion under management and US$43.3 trillion under custody and administration. It is the largest custodian bank in the world, providing securities services[3][4] and it is considered a systemically important bank by the Financial Stability Board.[5][6] Along with BlackRock and Vanguard, State Street is considered to be one of the Big Three index fund managers that dominate corporate America.

That was the manager in charge of tokenization from the BlackRock equivalent with $43 trillions of assets itching for tokenization.
Remember the other talk when Sergey said to build a better infrastructure to get everything instead of scamming users with MEV?

And Sergey admitted in that chat he would find the CEO in the first week and get fired if the tried working there kek.

>> No.54766229

Are you drunk right now? No way you think this way sober.

>> No.54767780

Who owns State Street Corporation?
>Vanguard Group 35M shares
>BlackRock 28M shares


Nitin: "POR is cool but your oracle vision sucks. CCTP doesnt even care about solving the interop between chains" hrrderpderp wtfff

>> No.54767816
File: 40 KB, 423x566, Ed9mR45XkAIGin7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This. Anyone bitching is a midwit / poor.

>> No.54767851

This never happened, he was pointing out Circles solution is a short-cut method that is only useful for fiat based tokens, his English just isn't the best.

>> No.54767864

He wasn't shilling CCTP. He was actually saying that ignoring the interoperability problem is an easier way to go about things (a shortcut), this was a language issue, this is why he goes on to agree with CCIP as an approach. He also goes on to say swapping an asset to USDC simply to transfer value isnt practical either. It works for tokenized fiat but not practical for rwa/securities.

>> No.54768093

Thanks this makes more sense. I'll recheck it later.

>> No.54768407

Nitin: So I think POR is more valuable to me than your initial vision of what you have at oracles. Aa. Even though I think POR have an oracle. You rely on an oracle and an oracle does (unintelligible) in all these areas. The fact that you have multiple chains you would need some sort interface that doesn’t - that provides that. Technically it sounds very choppy but I think in many cases if you have the right protocols in place, that’s doable. I already don’t care what chain you on. I think taking a page from Circle USDC they don’t even care about solving the interoperability between chains. They say: “we are the issuer. You redeem the asset with us. We provide an API and we issue the asset on all these supported chains. So if you wanna move an asset from polkadot to stellar you can use an API. I’ll bond the token here and issue token here. So I still maintain that consistent reserve that I have.” I think that’s just easier than fighting the ah - interoperability challenge. So these abstractions, interfaces - I think is a near term solution - then(?) we achieve true interoperability of asset. Because I think one that’s untenable near term because technology is not there yet. But I think having interfaces will give us (unintelligible)— as long as we can trust the interface I should be able to provide that eh - asset to asset - you know - certain- certainty of availability - same as proof of reserves would be.
Sergey: Right. Makes sense.

>> No.54768629

painful to watch

>> No.54770140

If this is legit and actually him can someone photoshop his head on that webmd of that grandpa pajeet getting raped/buttfucked by the younger pajeet?