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Too obvious knew it
Longed the bottom x10

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And some people still wonder why the rest of the world hates the US "government"

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okay finally someone explains it

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Bullshit, this dump is just to liquidate longs, engineered by exchanges.

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So the government shouldn’t ever sell assets? Only buy?

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They never bought anything, retard. They stole the BTC.

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Who'd they steal it from?

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Mark Kerpeles, look into the mt gox collapse.

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I'm bullish on their selling, if this is real. Gives you a chance to trade dollars for satoshis at a discounted rate.

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Silk Road

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The US government stole BTC from Kerpeles?

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What does "arkham alert" even mean

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nothing has moved, dumbass

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das rite officer
dat rite dere

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ah the classic this horrible news is actually bullish for bitcoin trick. denial in action.

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Well then I guess BTC isn't secure if the US can just seize peoples BTC.

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not saying that they're not selling but the exchanges use the opportunity to liquidate traders.

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Well ok yes they profit from it

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>OMG the gubernent

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Markets tend to revert toward the mean during a liquidation. You don't have to buy the dip, do whatever you want. I'll buy the dip.

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US doesn't sell on an exchange though AFAIK
Is paper transaction where companies / people can bid.

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I just nibble every time it crosses a $1000 increment down and HODL.

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It's the alert sound effect from the Batman Arkham Asylum game

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'arkham' is the name of some crypto research feed/company.
they're tweeting they got an alert, from that research company.

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Yeah the government can claim you did a bad thing and then take your money

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Where's the proof?

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This is Satoshi’s wallet?

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>They don't know: >>54747625

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Already debunked. Even more funny what happened:

- Arkham platform (erroneously) send notification to prime clients that Mt Gox wallets are moving
- Some players, at least Jump Capital, had set up algorothmic auto-sells upon that notification
- Jump Capital Auto-dumped hundreds of millions $ (or billions?) of btc on market upon fake news
- btc dumps 15% in minutes

Atleast jump capital is out of btc now. Or maybe even naked short.

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Kek I hope they lost billions and are crying rn

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Shit like this is why bots and auto-trading should be punishable by death.
>haha we did a lil whoopsie fucksie!
>our silly wittle system reacted to bad data and just crashed the market because we let it auto-sell
>sorry if we liquidated your life savings because of some dumbass on twitter

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>- Some players, at least Jump Capital, had set up algorothmic auto-sells upon that notification
where's the proof of this?
Why would a major market maker trust some third party to tell them when mt gox/government wallets are moving when bitcoin's blockchain is transparent and it would be trivial for a quant trading firm with a bunch of highly paid , skilled software engineers to just monitor the meme-pool and most recent block for transactions from marked addresses ?

Doesn't sound plausible.

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>bad data
wonder if there is anything that could have prevented this

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>claim you did a bad
The way justice works now if they had played fair I would also play, the minute they label me now well I won't play.

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>major market maker trust some third party
>he thinks 'market makers' are something other than coked out trust-fund interns playing with daddy's money
tough lesson to learn

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don't forget Jed McCaleb, founder of stellar and XRP and longtime family friend of the Clintons

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perhaps a reliable oracle network?

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market makers make money on thin bid ask spreads. it's very algorithmic and technical. they employ many of the best math, phsyics and compsci grads and software engineers.
look at jane street's interview process.

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>"Quantum mechanics is certainly imposing. But an inner voice tells me that it is not yet the real thing. The theory says a lot, but does not really bring us any closer to the secret of the 'old one'. I, at any rate, am convinced that He does not throw dice."
— Albert Einstein

So, the alert went off right at the exact local bottom and a cascade of OI flipped at least 25% to short from a solid aggregate 10% long OI that you could track on coinanalyze. You literally could see the OI flip from solid green across all exchanges to solid red across all of them in less than 5 minutes. I don't for a second believe that was coincidence. Have you ever noticed that "accidents" or "pranks" always drive prices low as fuck but the opposite to the upside with news is much less common?

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anyone in the world, if they gave a shit, could just look at the onchain data.... https://www.blockchain.com/explorer/addresses/btc/1FeexV6bAHb8ybZjqQMjJrcCrHGW9sb6uF they would have seen there was ZERO movement of btc selling it on exchanges from mtgox....like FUCK. THe game was RIGGED. It was a SURE SHOT to long at the local bottom but FAGGOTS on the inside knew the way to crush the bottom would be to deploy FUD and then claim it was due to an alerts error.

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I’m not questioning that some people sold based on the phoney alert, I’m questioning that it was a jump trading.

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>load ze mt. Gox fud
BTC is actually going to 250k holy shit

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I was taught in school the whole quote was "I, at any rate, am convinced God does not throw dice". This quote is way more ominous

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I'm pretty sure God is real and I'm pretty sure we'll never know a thing about what's really going on .

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What month is coming up?

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>I'm pretty sure we'll never know a thing about what's really going on .
you might not.

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Miss you terry.

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If this is what went down I have a feeling that they’d send assassins to Arkham for this mess up

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Here's a question no one seems to be asking. Why did they have an announcement ready that's said that the US government was selling bitcoin in the first place? It seems awfully convenient that they would have such a specific announcement go out due to a glitch. This is either some sort of security compromise where they were hacked / had a rogue employee send out a notification maliciously OR an announcement they were preparing for a future date that went out too early. The conspiracy theorist in me makes me want to believe the later - I wouldn't be surprised if the US govt was in cahoots with some crypto people and had let them know of their plans well in advanced

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they always do, they just never say it lmao
you think they wouldn't take a piece of the pie? if I can profit from things like Hamachi Finance then they'll want to do the same with all crypto too
millions must die

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It's it kind of weird that this literally happened while Sergey was giving a talk about the problem with big funds, market manipulation and bad data?

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>look at jane street's interview process
I know. I'm very familiar with these questions. What I said still stands.

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How is it horrible news to get ithe inevitable over with

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actually it was real and this cope got debunked

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Pick one you fucking crypto trannies

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>TRANSacting things

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it's not the government, it's like 10-15 crypto front officers trading 100x leveraged bets and psyopping everyone in a bid to survive. It's so fucking scary to be a dev and a crypto front house right now. If the meta bear analysis down to 25k or lower is true, they're desperate for cash right now.

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>punishable by death.
the free market solves this on its own, the retards lost their money, can't d00mp the market if you don't have anything to sell

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just another coincidence. now back to sleep anon.

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>Why did they have an announcement ready that's said that the US government was selling bitcoin
Because the U.S announced it was going to sell its Bitcoin holdings. Take your meds.

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You think they'll pay their taxes?

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>we should kill the dumbest players
yeah you would be executed too nigger

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You fucking stupid niggers need to understand 2 things:
1. Mt Gox will not distribute all bitcoins at once, they will do it in small batches over time.
2. US government will not sell all BTC on open market. BTC will be auctioned. And guess who will buy at an auction? BTC holders and they will just put that btc in cold storage.

Fucking low iq niggers you deserve not to make it.

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Hi from 8 hours ago wtf is that beard

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Did you not miss this anons post? >>54749368

It's because of an "unfortunate" post on an automated twitter that activated bots to sell

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sammy boy kinda proofs his point doesnt it, that at least the decision makers there are indeed all drugged out degenerates gambling without consequence with other peoples money

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cope. Don't gamble on leverage trading then

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Ok so if this was a "fud" ...
imagine what happens when they sell it for real

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I too came to laugh at the beard