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>Millions of men are living at their mom's house and smoking weed all day

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you can only skin a sheep once

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weak men , especially mayocucks, are because they are whiny pussies. less competition for me kek

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It’s called hermit crab mode. Wait for the momma snail to die and then scurry inside the abandoned shell. It’s the most likely to work survival method

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atlas shrugged

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To become trannies. At least with the politics going on here in the USA you fight together in solidarity with other sisters, so you don't feel lonely.

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Every NEET should have that on the one t-shirt they wear for years on end. I mean that unironically as I am a NEET too

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She's so pretty.

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Into the trash it goes.

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Its a mystery

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Monogamy is unnatural. In nature the strong males get to procreate with many females while the betas don't procreate at all.
Humans are just returning to normal.

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So do the women know they're sharing the same chads? Or are they counting dating their dogs

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How is that even mathematically possible?

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Multiple women for every chad, none for incels

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>who say they're single
women always choose to lie instead of confessing something like this in public.
the truth is both numbers should be the same

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Not amongst Great Apes. It's actually female Apes who when pregnant will fight off other females to ensure the male sticks to them and doesn't move on to another female.

Monogamy has always been for women not men.

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Most men that are dropped out of society are brown and on welfare

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Lmao, lmao

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Then sell the house for 4 million in 10 years. It's a solid plan for free tendies. Generational wealth wins again

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Because women and trans people are taking our jobs.

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>mentally ill schizo reposts this thread multiple times a day for a month
>stops doing it for a few months
>(involuntary commitment to psych ward)
>schizo gets out
>goes back to reposting this same shit thread
dr. shekelstein isn't kidding when he says that you NEED to take your meds.

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Someone ask Mike Rowe for his opinion. He speaks on behalf of everyone.

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They either date Chad or older millennial / genx / boomer men. This is the true nature of women. It is the reason for their historical oppression. It is the reason why Islam has them on total lockdown maximum security (and I say this, as a Christian). Because women are the Jews of gender. And I used to like them until I figured this out.

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meanwhile his peer slaves for 40 years and achieves the same. kek

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>Monogamy is unnatural.
Bitch nigger, our entire civilization is unnatural. And it's built mostly because monogamy allowed the betas to get pussy which gave them motivation to do great things.

No monogamy, no pussy, no incentive for the betas to do anything at all. It's not the chads that are dropping out of society.

This is going to be the main reason our civilization is going down the shitter.

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i'm a trans woman and i have two jobs. if i can do it why can't you?

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Because employers are too strict and picky. They need to bend to MY whims. Not the other way around.
There is no compromise and for that reason I trade shitcoins

Also money. They literally need to 4x wages at a minimum just to keep up with inflation over the last 20 years

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Other way around. Weak men like you create weak times. Weak men that are complacent with ass raping employers and government give you. Neeting is a form of revolt.

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False. Pic rel for BTFO

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>He's not white
Lol, lmao.

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numbers are cooked to only show what is convenient if adjusting to verifiable humans were to give a wildly different result then that graph would never get enough engagement

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Then why do white men cry over not being able to get jobs? Make up your mind

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This, lmao. We're not monkeys any more.

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>>Millions of men are living at their mom's house and smoking weed all day
I live in my own house. And I nibble. I'm currently in bed at 5 in the afternoon, have been all day. Electrically heated. Scratched my balls just now. I'll probably go and plant some more seeds outside, eat some magic butter and trundle off to the store to get some more beers.

>me time

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>Monogamy is unnatural
There are examples of monogamy in nature. Black birds for instance.

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>Posts in a thread for men

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And don't forget that the majority of single men rot at home, while those single women just mean they don't have a serious relationship

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Most excellent high IQ take from a blackpill scholar

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It leads to the destruction of society. Also negatively affects offsprings

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No pussy no work.

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Come into the men's room ma'am there's no need to feel ashamed there's no cameras here. Look it even has a lock

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With this in mind
Rape is natural

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I can't get hired for a decent job. I sent hundreds of applications in the last year and a half and haven't had one interview. I'm fairly certain if I was able to get an interview I'd get hired, but I'm pretty sure I'm being filtered out due to white+male

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It's a thread for boo hoo incels who glamorize NEETing out. I'm a tranny, you know, one of those wretched abominations /biz/ is always talking about as being less than human. I have two jobs. What's your excuse for being such a whiny little bitch?

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>I'm a tranny
>He actually cut off his genitals.
Lol, lmao.

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Sucking dick at the rec center bathroom isn't a job.

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White men have decided to no longer help a system that hates them. They’ll happily gulp down the riches that thousands of years of uninterrupted patriarchal society gave them, and turn around and fart in our mouth.

We are honestly lucky that these men are saying “I quit”. If they were deciding to fight back, to become an enemy to society, we’d all be FUCKED. ISIS was like 10k guys and they crumbled a country of 90 million people within a year.

I’ve said it before and I said it again, if we ever get an American ISIS, that’s the end of pretty much the whole fucking world.

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hey op

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>a tranny AND a double wagie


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Women having power over man is not natural. Women being our servants is what is natural and has been the reality for thousands of years. Monogamous functioning societies produce stronger males then hypergamous competitive “societies” aka tribes/cavemen. What is natural is a mode of being that aids in our higher evolution. Living like nigger animals that fight over each other for access to female harem is not natural for species of high intelligence

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We know you would never do real work Rabbi Schlomowitz Rubinstein

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Shhh youre not supposed to say that part out loud

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ISIS would be nothing without glowies supporting their "moderate" members

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No monogamy is natural, but i can see arguing against that.
But if we have not monogamy, it certainly is unnatural that woman mostly choose. Then there would be fights and the strongest clevernest men would win, not the men who do what woman want.
Basically >>54744298

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>It leads to the destruction of society. Also negatively affects offsprings
You figure the vast wave of single parent families positively impacts children? The 21st century miracles of ritalin and adderall.

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We live in a society.

-the jester

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Nah its lying and different ages.
We are not at a point where men have multiple gf
Not true aswell dude there are woman that have no sex aswell

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it was subduing nature that got us out of the jungle in the first place

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>Men, especially white men, are demonised in every way possible

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>Monogamy is unnatural
Only in backwards unstable shitholes

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Things aren't as good as they used to be but working age males haven't all realized this. A lot still have some kind of American Dream in mind that they still believe is possible to achieve having witnessed the boomer generations and their media. It is possible but nowhere near as easy as the past. Some burn out trying, others don't even try. Whatever who gives a shit

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because i endured the soul-crushing normie retardation of the corporate world long enough to buy a house out of the city and live free of debt, hunting/fishing,working in my garden and workshop for my basic needs, and an occasional job off the books gig for what little cah I need. fuck corpo-zorg and the rat race, fuck commute and ironing a shirt like a subdued eunuch, I don't need to bend over pretending to be a faggot to please some HR roastie to stay alive anymore, your "economic activity" can blow up for all I care, I don't need you anymore.

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I'm not a chad, therefore no pussy no work.

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>You figure the vast wave of single parent families positively impacts children?
when the fuck did I say that?

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I’ll happily contribute to a society, provided it
>lets me easily find a wife
>does not try to molest or otherwise traumatize my children
>does not have an active seething hatred for everyone who looks like me
>does not have an active seething hatred for my belief system
At this point I’m half wondering if being a dhimmi somewhere in the Arab lands would be as bad as the kosher west

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>Why are men dropping out of society?

Video games unironically.


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you're agreeing with the guy you replied to

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Hoes ain't loyal.

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>Monogamy is unnatural

Imagine trying to make a naturalistic argument and not even knowing nature lmfao

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You have a shit reading comprehension

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Ultra mega giga retarded.
The single biggest indicator that someone will go to prison is whether or not they knew their father. That's just ONE example.

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Holy SHIIIIT this board needs an IQ filter BADLY

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What about racial demographics?

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Correlations exist but they're not as strong. Young men from age 14-24 are fucking insane without a father figure.

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We are not bro. We're still here just that we left the job for the womens who thought they could do everything without us and in that process we realized that society did actually rely too much on us. So much so that now that we have time to be the mans we were always meant to be, we're no longer bound by the hours of slave job and retarded bosses. That's the core of PLEB and that's the core of the new wave of true men that are rising up.

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Maybe also look at race and children without fathers.

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no pussy no work no taxes no military service

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Yes, we're all fully aware.

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society want me work in exchange for food house and medicine
me do work for society and cant afford food house and medicine
me no work

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No pussy no work
No work no taxes

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The same reason why you post this same exact spam multiple times on /pol/ as well: you want to create the impression that something that is not true, is actually true. It’s all part of your misinformation campaign to divide and demoralize men, to destabilize our communities.

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lol its summer and biz is full of 16-21 year old libertarians now that have literally never worked a real job in their entire lives

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No retard monogamy is the female mating strategy and polygamy is the male matging strategy.
Males want to have sex with as many females as possible to create more offspring to increase their chances of passing on their genes.
Females cannot produce and care for an unlimited amount of babies and so would rather keep a male to themselves to have him help provide for the babies. To her it doesn't even matter if he's the father because she knows her babies are hers.

Basically this is why whoring is unnatural for women and being a step father is so unappealing for men. Women should hate being whores but culture pushes them to be whores.

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The fact that some home prices are appreciating at $60,000 a year is effectively equal to a wage.

Imagine saving money to "buy a house" when you could just wait for your parents to die.

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I don't think that many American women are in explicitly polygamous relationships. They must have differing conceptions of singleness.

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You are thinking about shit skins again. Damn that low IQ hits hard.

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Don't incels out number chads by 5 fold? Going by your standards, Chad would be killed off by the incels to ensure the genes. Your LARP non-monogamous is only held up by the very system that monogamy created. Once it falls, it's over for the neo status-quo of 20/80 rule.

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Why works when I could live off the houses my dad owns and rents when I inherit them?

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That's a man

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at the end of the article this economist says more people quitting means the labor market is stronger

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quit whining about white people, poopskin

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Better question is why shouldn't I drop out? Why support a society that hates me?

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try 36-41, son
if u work more than 18 hours per year lower ur tone when u speak to me

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My parents live in an apartment and all of my friends parents do too.

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so where is the American ISIS now?

>> No.54749319

Cope gringolard

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This just means women get paid more, nothing to see here. Progress.

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Its a fact desu beanoid

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Ford Foundation really wants to reduce the global population. Not sure why the fuck they let Africa get so big. I guess they really thought they could breed super slaves. Oh well.

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>1pbtid Cancer thread
>retards still posting

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>low iq high conscientiousness nog

>> No.54749724

Yep, checks out. I've got two chicks, they're as happy as can be with me and one another.

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The conventional wisdom for decades now has been that making people wealthier lowered their fertility. Most of the policies that resulted in Africa's population boom were actually misguided efforts to prevent that population boom.

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its only counting YOUNG men and women
the girls are dating older guys
>t woman hater familiar with the stats

>> No.54749790

>But a less publicized factor is that men ages 25 to 54 have been dropping out of the workforce for decades. Their participation rate rebounded somewhat from 2017 to 2019 as unemployment fell and wages increased in a vibrant labor market. But it slid during the health crisis and has yet to fully recover despite record job growth over the past two years.
Hmm, what a weird way of saying Trump's economy was pretty fuckin' rad

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You're dangerously retarded and lack any knowledge of how monogamous civilizations and polygamous civilizations fair against each when they are in conflict.
Hint: the monogamous ones AWLAYS win.

>> No.54749841

Based. Men really need to form a guild, kind of like a union and a political party in one. Too much untapped manpower that can be used if they were given a purpose to do it.

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too much negativity in this thread, we need to slave I mean work yo, we're going to be so rich sky is the limit.

PUT IN THE WORK guys, make your human trash boss rich, watch your coworkers flirt and get nothing for throwing in your life away for fucking nothing, come on now don't be a loser.

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Never had a gf. I make $100k a year and fuck some really beautiful escorts. All my 30+ year old female friends are in a depression that they're single and will never have kids.
Am I supposed to be miserable and sit in my moms basement instead? Or have the time of my life.

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> there are woman that have no sex aswell

Yeah 50+ year olds or morbidly obese or mentally handicapped or physically disabled or disfigured. 99% of women ages 15-30 have sex and lots of it compared with the average male of that age group

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>Chad fucking 4 different women
>all 4 are "in a relationship"

How is this a hard concept for you to follow?

>> No.54752093

>all 4 are "in a relationship"
They aren't, though. They would still be single in that scenario.

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Ah you're retarded.

>> No.54752131

No, you are. You've never had sex or been in a relationship, have you?

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You ok?

>> No.54752156

Just let women work. They’re better at it anyway. I’m better at being a stay at home husband.

>> No.54752196

>returning to normal
in this case that's not a good thing
we're talking about a return to the stone age
i'm conservative, i'm not THAT conservative

>> No.54752208

because they are pussy faggots

>> No.54752218

too much social posturing involved for my autistic brain, i just wanna work

>> No.54752226

the better question is, who the fuck is still in the workforce? and why?
who are these dumbass retard that still continue wagecucking in this system?
how fucking dumb would someone have to be to not understand the decline that is happening?

>> No.54752230

Oh, you mean all 4 women are "in relationships" with 4 other men? That's obviously possible and common, but it doesn't alter the total relationship count so it's irrelevant to this particular math problem.

>> No.54753388

Do you have a grandma or grandpa with property? Move in and be a caretaker to get the house in the will

>> No.54753996

Because life sucks and it doesn't get better. For anyone. You merely exist until you are dead. May as well exist in the easiest way possible.

>> No.54754063

I'm about to quit my job to travel and hopefully my crypto is enough that I don't need to work again. I can't contributing to this shit show anymore. As much as the money sucks, it's the immigrants taking over my city that was the final straw. Work my ass off so they enjoy my country on my taxes? Get fucked.

>> No.54755261

It's this, sort of
The women think they're dating a guy who's very busy, and he's actually just fucking two other women at the same time, who are also telling themselves they are dating a guy who's just very busy.

>> No.54755273

The idea here is that the women are either ignorant or in denial of the true situation, believing they are in a relationship when they aren't.

>> No.54755293

>In nature
You mean what humans haven't lived in for thousands of years?
Post pant size, you obsese fuck

>> No.54755299

Watched an interview with an economist yesterday who claimed men with girlfriends are overrepresented in the NEET population because having a gf is one more person to pay for your shit. Single NEETs are more likely to get driven back into waging.

>> No.54755315

>The more experience someone has, the less they want to be monogamous.
Isn't really an argument for monogamy being natural.

>> No.54755357

neetbucks are readily available if you earn less than 200% of the federal poverty level. free health insurance, free food stamps, free internet are all easy to get. that's probably a reason so many people are dropping out of the workforce.

>> No.54755359

When there's 20 men and 20 women and 1 Chad has four of them and another has two, the four incels are just as mad at the other 14 men with one woman as the chads.

>> No.54755388

>The elites of the monogamous culture are always considered monogamous despite having like 40 concubines

>> No.54755389

Working for yourself is like the only option I think making games and whatever freelance outdoors work I do will get me by. Sorry banks you can print money it’s just not fun to call your green paper money I like good video games and the people who take care of me not risk free managers.

>> No.54755999

The actual answer is that automated hiring systems trashman.jpg male resumes and men aren't interested in working for 12 dollars an hour at wendys 4 hours a day on tuesdays and saturdays or whatever.

Too many men were burned by an obviously bad deal that never panned out. These stupid articles like "40 year olds can finally afford houses and have 1 autistic kid like asmongold, this proves millennials didn't suffer" are basically psychopathic. Spend your entire youth being a poorfag and then you get a little taste in your 40s of what you should have had in your 20s and they act like you were just being a hypochondriac.

Younger millennial and zoomer bros.... we lost....

>> No.54756000

could it be that the difference is caused by lesbians. they arent single because they are dating other women

>> No.54758227

Wouldn’t that be cancelled out by gay men? Also lesbians are not that significant of the population to describe that large of a discrepancy.

>> No.54758281

Working on anything fun you want help with? Probably hard to drop a line on a site like this but who knowa

>> No.54758341

i thought u guys said hispanics were hard workers , you're telling me they get more gibs than black people?

>> No.54758414

>23 year old “statistics”

Top zozzle

>> No.54759166

no house + no pussy = no work.

>> No.54759322

I am not going to work unless I am given a virgin wife and wages high enough to live a comfortable life with a few vacations a year. It's that simple. I actively want society to collapse actually, because it fucking hates people who look like me.

>> No.54759794

If a normal career does not afford men a reasonable chance at owning a home and raising a family, they will have 2 choices:
>lie flat
>get rich or die trying
You can see both types forming in many places around the world at the same time, independently of each other.

>> No.54759833

Yes this is true in some rare cases, but it was very discretionary. The most powerful monarch in world history, Queen Victoria, was famously monogamous and devoted to her husband.

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>this thread is still up
If anyone's wondering why /gme/ is still a thing it’s because everyone knows the system is broken beyond repair and if there’s even a slight chance at something that can kill it it’s worth a shot

>> No.54760012

I cant speak for anyone else but I retired in 2021 with my crypto gains. I am going to avoid working ever again, because that would involve taxes and those taxes would be spent on importing more immigrants to my once beautiful country. It will be spent on welfare for immigrants, healthcare for immigrants, and schooling for the children on immigrants. I'm not really interested in wasting my life supporting several families from ghana or pakistan. Not really my problem. I dont care if the system collapses, I will simply take my crypto to a different country and live there. Normies created this mess, they can fix it. It just isnt my problem.

Each of the following factors to various degrees:
1) A single man is fucking a single woman. He does not consider himself in a relationship, she does.
2) A single man fucking several women. He may or may not consider himself in a relationship with each or any of them, buy they do.
3) Younger women are in relationships with older guys.

>> No.54760112

Canadian here, how do I get neet bucks? I have a computer science degree but I want to stop working.

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My company laid off a bunch of workers that were actually adding value to the company, but they let the VP's spoiled bitch daughter stay. They didn't have a job for her when she started, so they created a meaningless position for her. Basically getting paid to sit there and post cat memes on her iphone. One time this bitch had the balls to say in front of me "I'm just doing this job until covid is over and I can go back to my acting career". Shit like this is why i literally do not care anymore.