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>buy altcoin to try make more bitcoin
>the altcoin/bitcoin values crabs for weeks/months
>say fuck it and go back to bitcoin
>very next day the altcoin goes 30%+ against bitcoin in sat value

Why the fuck does this always happen to me?

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I think God needs you in heaven anon

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>BTC: guaranteed low gains
>Any other shitcoin: unguaranteed high gains

It's an impermanent decision.

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The market is pumping anon. Go buy all shit

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BTC is peace

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You are buying the wrong things and at the wrong time.

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And tomorrow it will spike down and make a new low in sats. All of the alt coin charts only go down.

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Based chads know how to choose based narratives and know how to ride on those sats.

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kek, I gained 3x from hodling CTSI against BTC just a few weeks back

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Bitcoin is safest. Very risky with these alts.

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I would buy OCEAN instead

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Rejected the trend line and will now drag to lower lows for the next five years

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No it's not. IL has to do with LP.

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Buy ARB anon. Don't lose out on the pump

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Guaranteed to go down versus bitcoin is the accurate statement, and you can't find a single chart that suggests it's even possible to make money in alts.

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Because most alt volume is 99.9999% market maker volume. Yes it is litteraly you just you and the market maker.

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Alt will make you more profit anon.

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This is the way. Just hold on to it and you will 5-10X in under a year. It's just that simple.

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Bull run is coming

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The Mcap is back to below 1m and it's still holding up. it's a good one.
DiDs, AI, ZKPs, you are welcome.

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FET AND OCEAN are my best picks

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I have ARB, CTSI and ORE. how long should i hodl?

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>DiDs, AI, ZKPs, you are welcome.
Based narratives. Throw in XMR sui stack and wagmi.
what are these?

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This is exactly why privacy is needed in defi, it's not all about p2p like the xmr chads think. privacy based platforms will check front running.

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2 years minimum, then you go buy that house with no morgage.

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Just stick to a strategy, stop being greedy. Wtf

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All shit anon.

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A better time to jump on decentralized identifies. Hopefully they pick up soon.

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LINK and ORE here anon. Web3 coming for you.

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Just another retarded junkie strolling past threads and dropping its vomit on the way. fucking newbie.


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Polygon ID has already shown it's significance in web3 and all that's needed is more integration into these dapps.

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I'll pick OREID or VERUS ID over this anyways

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What privacy platform do you use. Most are still pretty centralized. It's a bs at this point

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Lmao I can't believe there's people saying this sentence and not feeling completely fucking retarded and selling immediately

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>predict the market rising in march and get in
>predict the crabbing a week ago and got out
>predicted the bull market last 48h and got back in
somehow coinbase has stolen so much of my money in the transactions I'm barely where I started lol, serves me right

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you have to have 70pct into bitcoin at all times. that way you can hold shitcoin bags for very long until one of them makes a mega moon. which can take years and years and then a 50x happens in a few weeks.

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Best way to get rekt easily, good advice.

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I have been reading about this, looks promising but more useful with linking of web2 to web3 imo.

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Nft is coming back. Don't lose focus

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>He bought to make it
>He didn't buy just for the sake of tech and basedness
>He didn't get POND
Ngmi OP, it's pretty unfortunate

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Going in for self custody crypto which enables cross chain interoperability feels safe.

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Errrr yea but I cant get a 10x with that. I'll put part of my funds on alts too, ETH,MATIC,BNB and QANX,SCRT and ORE as my lowcaps.

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I made more money with PEPE.

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Getting stocked on RIDE is juicy, using blockchain tech and NFTs for entertainment in cars feels good.

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I lost money to wojak. Shitcoin is a game of luck

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Need to wait for the last dip in June before you buy again.

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probably cuz nobody gives a single fuck about tech no more

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No utility whatsoever. All hypes

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With self custody focused project onboard, wagmi

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I did and put them on CTSI and RAIL. Be wise.

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Soon y'all will give a fuck about smooth traveling with full luxury.

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Projects offering cross chain interoperability are for long term hodl. They aint going nowhere.

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Reason why to DCA the trending narratives. AI, DiD and ARB are getting bags filled.

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The only unfortunate thing here is your low braincells count

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PEPE, UTK and RIDE are just amazing.

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based, he didn't buy ARB kek

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Uhm, Anon? Layer 0 is outdated and trash

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If nft is coming alive, metaverse should follow suit.

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1/3 Top 5 coins
1/3 sub 1000 ranked coins
1/3 cash
Even them out once a month.

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I think the web3 hype is over. I'll pick privacy alts instead.

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focused. Ain't gonna back off once q3 and q4 updates start to roll out.

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Definitely, I'd be holding onto RIDE which is on my top shelf for changing in-car entertainment with the metaverse experience.

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Don't listen to the Jews, hackers have taken over cryptos.

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Ain't gonna take the risk dickhead.

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Web3 payment options are also on fire. XPRESS and CYMI are on my top list.

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Based. ID solution is a new gold.

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Kek, self custody is giving hackers sleepless nights already.

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Why freak out when normies are using and managing their multi-chain wallets with its OREID.

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This has better multichain support than polygon id.

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Ocean, EGLD and RIDE are swimming in the bag

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The best nft utility i've seen is ore active nfts, it literarily can connect and control offchain apis.

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Kek, I'd rather buy decentralized id projects than this memeshit pump and dump scheme.

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Based. it can connect wallets with web2 logins.

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Better use a tool like TokenMetrics to avoid this Buy High, Sell Low. Trigger hopping.
It's best that you have something that gives u insights and analysis of the market to make wise decisions. kek

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Bagged this and RAIL few weeks back, best decision ever.

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Because you didn't buy yourself a PLEB bag that's why

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Data and identity mgmt is more of web3 and it should be part of everyone's life.

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not your keys, not your coins.

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What the fuck is this? not a DiD?

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More on-chain ID management solutions have come up and its good.

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The monero cult is cringe AF. Indeed privacy is more about control and security in defi cos with CBDCs we stand no chance.

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Dyor on Railgun privacy and thank me later.

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DiD seem to be another big narrative, hang it there.

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Private NFTs? yes, I am up for that.

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Just stick to a couple of coins you actually researched deeply and (literally) never sell until you make it, it's that easy.
Stop trading if you don't have proper knowledge, it's not worth it.

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Hello lady cat

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Its dipping chad, what you waiting for.

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The chances of reducing the chances of that happening to you is by becoming much better informed about the alts you buy, anon. The only alt I would combine BTC with is AVAX. The odds of making good profits with this one are high, just like with BTC.

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Web3 projects are better options, since more adoption into the web3 space is increasing by day, LINK & ORE are my best bid

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Days of waiting are over, self custody focused crypto are taking the lead.

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stay away from BTC, invest in any alt with solid fundamentals like MATIC, ADA or AVAX and wait there for a year at least, thats the way you trade

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Based. Very good niche to invest in outside AI currently.

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>BUY 0x0
>Start staking 100 usd per week
>Farm close to 300 usd worth on ETH per month
>Repeat, multiply
is it really that fucking hard?

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AVAX is going up and so are my profits

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No DiD, no AI? Ngmi

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Bought ORE and AZERO, think I'm good.

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Add to that NEO, QAN, MBOX, AZERO, and even ORE.

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Love those kinda stuff. Also, cryptos that connect web2 IDs to web3 are my thing.

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I think anon need to DYOR cryptos with decentralized identities, assets, and right.

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ORE is freedom.

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OCEAN is doing a fucking good, others like XMR, NEO, and ORE are top notch too.

>> No.54748564

Been doing some cryptos that enable decentralized IDs and RIghts. Heard of this too, we'll see

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Likely, especially as anons are getting on cryptos that protect assets, rights, and IDs in a decentralized form.

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Got bags on ORE, DASH, and AURA, good to go.

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>DiDs, AI, ZKPs, you are welcome.
ZK privacies are going to be rad, also cryptos that bridge web2 IDs with web3 will be in and around too.

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Some self-governing tokens like ORE won't do any harm either. Also, STK is worth a mention.

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Keep joking around like a clown who still live in the 60s, jsyk NFTs are much more now infact you can pay for goods and services with some NFTs.

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I'm holding some of these too, especially the one built for IDs and rights with true decentralization.

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ORE pretty much makes the list for me along with these.

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Reminds me of ORE Network which connects web2 IDs with web3.

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Feels good, yea. Even cryptos that prioritize decentralizing Identities make a good ecosystem.

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You're misinformed, privacy tokens with ZK-Snark are revolutionalizing crypto.

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>jsyk NFTs are much more now infact you can pay for goods and services with some NFTs.

Does this even sound logical? Who determines the value of the NFTs.

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Anon are you Jim Cramer
Anon just needs to focus and stop making decisions based on feeling, from the look of things, quantum-resistant blockchains will be the next trend, so anon should buy more QANX

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That's where Token Metrics comes in. Navigate from shit uncertain times with ease, get the tools and data retards use to make informed trades.

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That's where platforms like CryptMi come in, the NFTs are valued in miles which is what the merchant would receive.

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AVAX or ETH, anything else is worthless anon

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Paper hands won't make it, only diamond hands will.
Crypto isn't a get rich quick scheme, expecialy not in a bear market so you need to learn to hold for long term.
Some of my long term holdings are CYMI, ACH, and AZERO, so you might want to consider those.

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Don't sleep like a bitch anon, Token Matrics are helping motherfuckers investors identify promising long-term investments in the world of cryptocurrency.

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Don't sleep on DiD projects, ENS and ORE are melting faces.

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Are you Underrating ID management protocols? Ngmi

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It's already happening, if it kisses 20k and ETH at 1.5k or 1.2k boy I'd be going all in to slurp, got zksync to supply liquidity, sylo for liquidity mining, Metamask for staking, Yearn Finance for farming, and the list keeps going on and on.

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Now a shitcoin?

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Maybe he can become a Validator when it mainnet launch since it allows validation on a mobile phone, he cant be that broke not to be able to afford one

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Yo, where you throwin' your cash at? Alts are the most diverse ffs. Personally, I stake good on GNS, SXP, and soon enough will use RIDE to pay for my EV recharges as it's one of the dope utilities - aside from governance. Don't even try to compare altcoin gains to BTC when the bulls are runnin' coz they go bunkers.

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Now y'all are doing validators staking last I checked I did that on cosmos.

>> No.54750082

Sold off 70% of my aerdraps and threw it all into alts and NFTs after fixing IRL bills. Yeah, I missed on BAYC and its homies, but I'm all about futureverse now. Snagged a Seekers NFT with that partybear cheetah drip, plus an ASM brain.
For alts, I'm mainly in ETH, KDA, ICP, as I also picked up a new hardware wallet.

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>7K trading volume
>All time low

OREfags go back to your designated streets

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These are what these maxis don't want to accept; I reaped good on INJ and Dydx as signalled to me by tokenmetrics and the fact remains that this call gave me a good % in profits.

>> No.54750338

DYDX is still good but I'll prefer CYMI to INJ.

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It's because we're in seperate simulations, but we can all communicate with each other, but any information that would vary from one simulation to the other is instantly translated as happening the exact same as yours. The whole simulation is just being played by reptilian trolls that are trying to get us to do an hero, and then move on to another character. Kind of like sims for us but more advanced.