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> in nyc
> B.S in computer science
> NASA internship
> META intership
> unemployed for 1 yr now
> over 600 applications
> white
> 5'6
> skinny
what do i do.

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Why is she crying?

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Learn how to Prompt for AI. You worthless scum

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its liike me, being graped by the system

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Gonna need the soure for that porno pal

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>formerly homeless
>no CS degree
>employed SWE
Maybe git gud at coding

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Time to go mtf and include they pronouns on your applications anon. It’s that easy.

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>nasa internship
Dont they hand these out to anyone these days

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You will be OK, Anon. Just make sure to come up with a good excuse for your 1 year of unemployment (family crisis, personal project, etc...).

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>over 600 applications

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jav code me please

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Kek based boomer checking the zoomers on twitter

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Are you doing informational interviews and getting referrals to get sent to the top of the pile?

Do you have a CRM set up yet for maintaining long-term relationships?

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>B.S in computer science
You're about 5-10 years too late bro

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I asked this last time and am asking again

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What are the positions (responsibilities) and kinds of companies you apply for?

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You're meant to do a bs in cs and some humanities/business degree retard. Business people, especially HR hate stemcels. You can learn as much math as you want but if you aren't able to fit in with the average person you'll never get anywhere. Go take a semester of art history or some general econ class, go to every possible club meeting and learn how to be likeable and fit in.