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Is this "$10k" in the room with us right now?

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No but it's programmed

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Show us where this "program" touched you

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Be patient, it's coming

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I think we're going to need to get you two on meds.

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Suck these digits faggot bobo

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Honestly my favourite part is when bears stop bearposting and make a text only post admitting they can't believe they missed the bottom and admit how depressed and demoralized they are. Its lucky youre anonymous huh? How deluded are you manchildren larpers

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WHY THE FUCK IS EVERYTHING PUMPING. I was gonna go in at 0.075 and then I just looked at it after 5 mins and its up to 0.110 what the fuck is going on

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nothing is truly anonymous thats the best part

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The truly embarrassing thing is that you think anyone here unironically permanently identifies as a bear or that it's impossible for anyone to flip bullishly. You let the internet cartoons emotionally fuck you up. Good job retard.

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The market is bullish. $45K Bitcoin has been programmed

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Doesn't matter what side you are on, the overwhelming majority post and larp as bears, in the most unamusing way. biz is literally the unfunniest board Ive been on in my 12 years here.

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hahahhahaha bro I was going to hero myself today. This post made me laugh. thank you

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They are. Right next to me.

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It becomes funny, really funny, if you are making lots of money. In a bear market it's fucking dismal, I agree. This board peaks hard when there's a moment of madness but you're unaffected by it, so you can just sit and watch the place burn down, occasionally making fun of the idiots who are losing their lives. The FTX collapse was one of the most entertaining weeks of my life. Luna was even better.

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100%, the FTX and LUNA episodes were like crack to me. More of a statement on the deliberate attempts at humour & entertainment through bobo/mumu-posting, it is actually the most soulless shit Ive ever seen peddled on 4chan. A crabposter has gotten a smirk out of me once, at least they have a degree of self awareness.

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more than 10k nigger

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There is a CME gap at $3.5k that remains unfilled. Almost all gaps get filled

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idk I'm comfy watching my avaxxies grow rn

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I hope not, I didn't spend a lot on CHEQD for nothing
if everything is going to get screwed up, don't do it now, I don't want to be with the losers before all hell breaks loose

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i could have had 2 btc if i bought at 16k

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