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From a psychiatric perspective the word "cuckold" triggers Link marines so much because subconsciously they know it's their true nature. Imagine holding a premined token with terrible tokenomics for 6 years hoping to make it just to see your pathetic bags get outperformed by the entire market while you stake your measly tokens for sub par bond tier gains (4% APY). The cherry on top of the cake is Sergey Nastyslob who stringed along the community while he made $500 million by dumping on gullible retail investors like you.

Thus the cuckold nature of the Link marine is an undeniable reality. As with every cult pointing out the truth is often uncomfortable for the cult members. But the truth is....Link marines are simply cuckolds.

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>Opposing critical thinking
Link will reach a 1 trillion market cap because of 4channel memes and assblasters pathetic “predictions” even if after 6 years nothing came true

>Isolating members and penalizing them for leaving
Fudders, swingies, discord trannies, Bulgarians, NEXO shills, CZ bots, Thomas...etc are all "slurs" made up by delusional Link marines to counter valid points that are raised

>Emphasizing special doctrines outside scripture
cringe copy pastas, stale memes, meme "magic", kek are used to pump (it never happens lol) their token.

>Seeking inappropriate loyalty to their leaders
Sergey is literally an untouchable prophet, everything negative that happens is due to outside forces like Bulgarians and fudders.

>Dishonoring people who aren't in your cult
no-Linkers, swingies and other people are "salty" because they are missing Link's colossal losses and shitty price performance

>Crossing Biblical boundaries of behavior
Sergey is a prophet (pure blasphemy)

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I think Chainlink is a good project

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I like Chainlink!

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I’ve been a professional psychiatrist for the past decade, let me please enlighten you on the delusions of so called Link Marines.

These group of bagholders exhibit clear signs of paranoia and schizophrenia towards the outside world. The so called “FUDDERS” are just a figment of their imagination, there is no global Bulgarian conspiracy to suppress their token but they have decided to double down on their delusions rather than admit they were wrong after 6 years. This is obviously a clear sign of stark cognitive dissonance.

Moreover the constant white knighting towards Sergey clearly symbolizes some sort of financial submissiveness fetish they have. I personally call it the bagholder Stockholm Syndrome. Instead of blaming the dev Link Marines would rather idolize him and elevate him as the cult leader while attacking anyone else that questions his “authority”.

There is no doubt that Link Marines have also a quite peculiar sexual fetish towards cuckoldry. The amount of rage and anger this word triggers is a clear indicating factor that the cuckold nature of the Link Marine is a true reality. As Freud said, the sexual fetishes a person exhibits are a clear reminder of a person’s true desire. After years of studying these so called bagholders…I have concluded with absolute certainty that Link Marines are cuckolds.

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You can keep bagholding your cuckold token forever as long as you don't shill it

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Tell me more about what (you) think of the project Chainlink

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It's a pretty good project, in my opinion.

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essentially you're saying that being a so-called "Link Marine" is the same thing as having a findom fetish, is that what you're saying?

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Link Marines are legit cuckolds

They literally brag about losing dollars, sats and gweis. No other altcoin bagholders exhibit this level of submissivness and delusion

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I also think it’s a good project, and I don’t need to write paragraphs to do so!

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Go on

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have a bump

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dear janitors
fuck you for letting this retarded spam flourish
a link holder

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>No spamming or flooding of any kind. No intentionally evading spam or post filters.
the jannies were right though. Fuck your scam kek

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>the degen porn addict is back to spam posting his porn addiction memes after his coom session

YWNMMS (you will never make me sell)

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Please keep holding (forever)

Mocking incels and literal bagholding cuckolds is beyond hilarious

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spamming linkie rekt

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Stinky BTFO

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>fudcuck wastes thousands of hours of his life fudding link
>"b-but i don't care if you sell STOP SAYING YOU'LL BUY REEEE"
lmao your group of mentally ill coomer friends really are a lower form of life than jannies

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can you translate this into Bulgarian? my english isn't good

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fucking based BVLLGARYAN literally breaking these chain cuckolds

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>obvious samefag replying to himself literally a minute later
porn has apparently fried your brain to the point where you fuck up even the most basic things
thanks for being around to constantly remind everyone to buy more link at least - your life hasn't been a complete waste so far lmao
don't reply either with more cringe samefagging and spam, just drink some drain cleaner and lie down in a landfill somewhere thanks

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this cuckold >>54728636 is really riled up today
absolutely assblasted and poor LMAO

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I got banned for wishing linkies had their limbs chopped off cartel style...

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cuckolds seething is the funniest shit ever

I love how they still try to shill their scam after 6 years

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Absolute peabrains circle jerking each other ROFL
Make some money poorfaggots
OH wait you can't you lost your stack and will forever be poor HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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old /biz/ is dead