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What went wrong?

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Infinite VC sell pressure versus no buy pressure

Why would anyone buy this?

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Part of it was terrible tokenomics made people leave and never come back

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Insiders lost faith in the project and dumped on retail. The adoption cycle failed.

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It works better than ETH. I love running arb bots on algorand because transactions can't fail, they are guaranteed to settle in 4s and fees are almost 0. But there is no liquidity and price keeps dumping.

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Must be a lot of people from Reddit on biz. Reddit loves this garbage. At least they did not sure if they still do haven’t been there in a while

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Nope reddit hates algorand. Most normies left after the price dumped 90% and the recent wallet hack was the nail in the coffin.

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I take it you’re from Reddit then

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If you don't lurk all of /biz/, reddit, twitter, discords ngmi once the bull market comes back.

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When I first got in crypto in 2020 Reddit was the only place I went. I’ve learn that literally any other platform is better as Reddit is the absolute last place to know of new gems. If Reddit is talking about it, it’s too late.

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Welp, your shitcoin is not listed anywhere, at least not on a reliable exchange/site
I have one golden rule: If it's not available on DexTools, then it's a scam (plus i'm not paying for gas fuck off)

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it's a chain moron

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Nigger tier foundation

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coin is dropping my basterds

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Arb bots on dog coins are not a use case

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best thing to do is short the fuck out of algo.
its going to less than $0.01 anyway.
might as well get almost a 20x

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Where can I short algo? I unironically think the foundation is going to rugpull and the price is going to 0

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The real problem here is the affiliations to Jeffery Epstein, Gary Gensler, Sam Bankman Fried and good ole Hillary Clinton. Anyone who knows anything is staying away from this pedo connected shit coin.

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Redpill me on connections to Epstein and Clinton? Is this a real thing or /x/ tier?

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Watch for insiders from jpm and visa

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wrong? you mean what went right, this is your chance to load up Algodonks

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You want a real /x/ tier take?
Watch Stargate

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how many daily active users does this scam still have?

they loved this shit, i saw some data it was still within the top 10 most activity altcoin subreddits or something last year

/biz/ nowadays honestly is kinda shit but still entertaining. But you still do find some gems here once in a blue moon, or occasionally someone with real knowledge will come in and start dropping facts. /biz/ should always be a top signal though for the most part

The foundation has all the supply man, this scam will just slowly bleed out and die but look how long completely failed altcoins like IOTA and EOS have hung around.

was an actual partnership with clinton foundation just a couple months ago or something, look it up. Epstein probably just the MIT thing / or a joke

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kys tranny

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Doesn't matter if it works better than anything when it was only designed as a scheme by the founders to dump on retail

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The simple fact of existing

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Look this shit up anon. DYOR.

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For the unusable and umpumpable piece of shit it is today, I'd say it all went wrong.

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kys pajeet u deserve to get scammed by shilling such shit

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10mill mcap incoming.

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it would be easier to name what has gone right

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Friendly reminder that Algo are being constantly dumped to pay the salary of the tranny who's only accomplishment is $ALGO falling 20 ranks

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bro listen the tech is crazy it has to flip bitcoin bro the tech

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What has gone right lol? It’s a dead chain and value has dropped 90%+
> inb4 muh tech muh turing award winner
Here’s what is gonna happen: some day, this “great tech” is just gonna be forked and integrated into other chains if it hasn’t been already. Congrats you paid to advance technology and make some globohom stacies and trannies rich in the process .

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aw man they have troons now? i used to work there, it wasn't trannified at the time.

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I was using it as a cheaper ltc haha.
but yea, it's a security now so, it's going to zero.

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We are excited to announce Flare has been awarded a 7-figure Algorand Foundation SupaGrant to develop a Bitcoin bridge into the Algorand ecosystem.

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Fuck this crab dumping piece of trash coin. Going down faster than you can say double spend.

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Borrow algos from Algofi, sell for usdc. Then buy back the algos at cheap price and repay Algo loan

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Don’t care. I’m not selling. This coin is either gonna make me a shitton of money once it becomes the crypto of the elite or burn my cash.

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So bet on algo collapsing inside the algo ecosystem? What could go wrong lol

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This man is fucking your bags so much.

He's literally getting paid a 1m USD worth of Algos every year for creating a Ponzi scheme that syphons out Algos from governance and giving every project in the ecosystem some scraps to promote it.

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>best thing to do is short the fuck out of algo
this isnt a good time to short it, i got out of it some weeks back after seeing a red signal on the project on tokenmetrics.
i would short again if i see a nice entry.
we all know its got the tech, but sadly its not bringing the money

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The question is does it have one more bull run in it? Will it die out before or make at least back to its ath

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it will have another bullrun, so help me god
algorand will resurrect by my hand

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Algo is a failure

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sold every last one of my filthy dirty alg*s and i recommend you do the same. this coin is going to zero. snake eyes. zerola

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based , please save my -10x algo loss

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Lofty leaving algorand. Oh no no no who is left on your ghostchain algo””””chads”””?

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It doubled and i sold because the vcs where dumping because they didn't want it shooting up and then they got ride of 6%apy killing it

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kek he's not even trying

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This is the real question. I think Algo will make it for one more bull run. Look at a the seething in this thread, makes me believe.

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>temporary server issue
Kys shill

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Always buy the wrong token.
My favorite project by far

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all you have to do is short it with 100x leverage.

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I sure am glad that I dumped my whole bag during the bear market.

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There's an unnatural level of seething every time an Algo thread is made.
Way beyond reason for such a presumably dead coin.

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The “seething” is 100% justified for this vc scam that is tantamount to a slow rugpull. Many anons were tricked into buying this crap at the height of the bull market and they got shamelessly dumped on by insiders. I don’t know of any top coin that backstabbed retail investors more than algorand.
I hope you few remaining bagholders rope when this piece of shit is sub $0.01

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> temporary server issue
Their partner delisted Algo because it is toxic shit and they don’t want to touch it. Lofty is based in the US and now that Algo is a security they will switch to something else.
Reminder that Algo is a security because it is 100% controlled by a small group of insiders. There is no excuse for touching this scam ever. If you like the tech, fork it and launch it in a truly decentralized way.

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>If you like the tech, fork it and launch it in a truly decentralized way.
>fork it and launch it in a truly decentralized way.
>fork it
do you even ALGO bro?

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Algorand is a fucking dying dinosaur coin. It's EOS/IOTA tier now. In a big bull market it will 5x along with literally everything else no matter how dead just like the first couple months of 202. Bigger market cap coins with real momentum (not algo) will 10-20x . A handful of the newest hottest shit that you should be researching and trying to find now will 100x. ALGO is never reaching it's ATH you can guarantee it.

>I don’t know of any top coin that backstabbed retail investors more than algorand.

To be fair, Luna, but it was never intentional for it to collapse the way it did and the founders and ecosystem developers certainly did not benefit. Do Kwon is in prison because of it

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No I don’t algo, I cut my losses and dumped this shit at $1 which in retrospect was a very good decision.
It’s inevitable that someone will fork the code created by Silvio Micali and the engineers (whom I respect btw) and relaunch it without the foundation/VCs controlling 90% of the supply and stealing money from chump retail investors to buy yachts and private jets.
When the dust settles there will be lawsuits for fraud and these fuckers brought it upon themselves. I 100% support Gensler going after these fraudsters, he’s doing god’s work.

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I'm still hodling onto 100 units of this coin, and it better pump up to 10 bucks a pop during the next bull run.
INJ, RIDE, and IOST, which I copped alongside it last year, have been giving me some sweet profits, but this one's just sitting there, stagnant as fuck, so much for big-caps pumps.

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You're straight up dumb, pleb. Algo is a blockchain ffs, and also according to the analysis seen on Crypto Watch and tokenetrics (AI research platform), it's positively correlated to BNB.
So ama just go long on both, using low leverage and a solid capital ratio to play it safe. Plus, with the sharpe ratio and price predictions from the AI, there's gotta be a positive retracement coming soon for these ones.

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I don't know nothing but usually when I see these what went wrong with [insert coin] coin threads the coin pumps shortly after

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> Proceeds to seethe further
Thanks for proving my point retard.
Just bought more.

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sort of. this anon was right.

best you'll see is maybe a 5x.
cap out at like $0.95 then another -90%

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This coin has underperformed since the first day it launched 4 years ago. It's one of the last things anyone would buy into for a future bull run.

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relax, it's straight bro.

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The only reason it ever got any popularity period was because during the last bull run it was the cheapest thing on coinbase that had staking rewards and on places like here there was the meme that it was the official coin of the illuminati.

The woman that leads things is awful. Governance actively made things worse. They did dumb shit like like changing their wallet to a completely unrelated name. There were so many signs to evacuate.

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> the woman that leads things is awful
> woman

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why did you post the edit with tits? here's the original fren

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> I don’t know of any top coin that backstabbed retail investors more than algorand
The vast majority of alts are down 90% from ATH if that's what you mean by backstabbed retail investors. Retail investors are retards who aped into alts at outrageous prices with no idea what they were getting into and they got dumped on by oldfags who understood we were in a bubble and it was time to take profits. What is special about algorand is the sheer amount of whining and bitching and finger pointing now that the bubble has popped. I'm lurking in a lot of crypto communities and I can assure you there is nothing like this anywhere. You fucking retards really believed you were getting rich by buying algorand at $2. You thought you were making a smart investment not just gambling like everyone else.

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I've had things in my ass before but algorand, yieldly, tinyman, etc being crammed in my ass ruined my figure. just flaps in the wind now.

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I still have a short position open on ALGO after its TM grade went below 40% on an AI analysis platform indicating an exit. The asset still has potential to do well in the next bull cycle but for now I'd enjoy the profits.

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Best edit.

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Algorand is the future

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wth. wtf. wtfwt.

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AVAX is the future

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>Algorand is the future

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How is this thread still alive lmao.

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shhh.. you are very close to figuring it out.
enjoy the show.

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you never stood a chance, ALGO holders are no more than exit liquidity

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Hnnng this pic is the best

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Why tf she has a dick?

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Yea anon some nice pussy gains got dick so hard as I'm never taking any chances again.
I'll fulfill 90% of the requirements needed for the Chunks Airdrop.

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She can go get some asain pussy lol

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Thas sound horrible anon, you poorfeg go get useful as Chunks airdrop has already been confirmed by GoonsNft, you can still fulfill the requirements since snapshot is yet to be taken .

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You sound like some realfags i got $10 what's shot will make me rich am fucking retard

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I sold some of my ALGO for SPOOL because it seems like no one wants to adopt it

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Sound rekt anon, chunks got biches so wet with it airdrops as its set to revolutionize the GOB gaming platform, which will enhance a smooth gaming experience for gamers with a sustainable earning stream.

>> No.54763347

Spool is a good one to consider because I also have my stables staked on its platform

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if it ever hits a few dollars again, sell all of it

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The HOAX portfolio turned out to be a hoax

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I only bought this shit because of the ISO20022 meme chart fuck me I don’t even like governance I think I’m just gonna sell it all for Coreum or Flare so I can use them with my XRP. Core has a 25% APR and they’re still air dropping to SOLO holders while foundation doesn’t hold much