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Now everything is wojack, Pepes, Don’t buy this, sminem, type jokes
What happened to dog memes?

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What's he doing on the laptop

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I think he’s the dev sminem hired for his newest shitcoin that will somehow make idiots rich but not me

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ordering pinoy stickers for his civic

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Dissolving atoms for quantum blockchain thermo nukes. Such delicate job requires gloves and hairdo like that.

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Just buy PEPE and OGSMINEM like the rest of us old fags
I bought SHIB in early 2021, I know what I’m doing

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Looking at hair gel

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doomerai is the ultimate one

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biz is a pepe and sminem board
go back

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Fake meme dev < Real meme dev
That’s not even a reel meme bro, your dev is an actor

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"best of luck on your mexican coin"
- my boomer dad on my 20k pepe buy

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Get smimem acting for your shitcoin and I'm all in. No years old pics with subtitles never said by him

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>he doesn’t know
Go follow his Twitter

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DBI general got deleted. Guessing it was the jannies. I am probably going to get banned for saying this.

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actually no, it didn't, it just got archived because there were no replies for 8 hours. Great



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based meme lord

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its real i got a bag

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fuck yes. I’m buying the dip

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These are pajeet shills

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Dog memes still exist. Hushdoge.com

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This is also a pajeet

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Over under of us hitting an ath within a week after devfest?

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Do you think this is the DBI general?
The chances are 0%

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Ordering pizza.

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Imagine we had an active general and the price action would still be this dogshit. I’d give it a 15% chance

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I'm all in on pepe (100$) just in case it will somehow pump like a doge back then.
If not - well, that's just 100$

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$OGSM is the newest moon coin
Let’s fucking go

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my bags are loaded

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These are third worlders

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Only pajeet retards fomo into memes, buy utility tokens, better still, lowcaps like ORE.

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I can’t hear you over the sound of my SHIB stack
Stay poor with utility tokens
I’m going all in OGSM

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Whoa sounds cool jeet’

Lol no one’s buying this forced scam

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kek, I'd rather bag lowcap decentralized id projects than this shitcoin.

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kek, your retarded hands will soon be dumped on. utility is for long term based chads.

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Memes make people rich not utility tokens
Go collect more BAT if you want utility

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>What happened to dog memes?

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>forced scam
You were going to say forced meme but then realized it's in the core of this fucking board kek. What the hell is a forced scam anyway?

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>pee in id
this guy is cooler than 99% of people because he's wearing crypto wearables

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Do sminem next

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Fuck dog memes
Time to get wealthy on funny memes not dogs
No one with an iq over 80 has laughed at a doge meme

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I still think it was the funniest time for memecoins, now everything is boring, I still have a fat VINU bag because I still don't see anything funnier than this

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[Heavy breathing intensifies]

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Buy puf . Imagine if it went to 2 billion MC (it will) . It is a bluechib arbitrum shitcoin . You will have to avoid looking at your wallets until the bull run (if you buy now)

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Oh fuck bros were up .001 cent, looks like btc going up 10k since march has finally paid off

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H-h-how did you...

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Look at all the baggies eager to get out at the first sign of a pump. Current state of this coin is sad

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jannies deleting sminem breads
what a surprise

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I'm thinking we're back niggas! 30% POOMPA

I SOLD! finally got my initial back lmfao FUCK the fucking METH dev and his beautiful wife sheila

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What the fuck was that brosephs, what's the news?

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All First Republic Bank account holders are migrating to Deutsche Bank Inu

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you have dubs, which is good
how do we know you're not the pajeet though

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Why can't dbi and doge pump bros
Normies are supposed to buy our bags not this stupid sphere pumping and dumping edgy memes on each other

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what the fuck are you talking about?
it's up 36 % in the last 24 hours?
what are you looking for?

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>none of you saw it coming
The last round of 4chan coins all rugpulled within 48 hours

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Your utility bags could take forever to do anything while someone can make life changing money under minutes with shitcoins
I hold bags like eth matic gns sylo for long term while I still throw in small amounts into memes whenever I get the chance.
Just don't be dumb enough to put in more than you can afford to lose

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making a racist larp to trick people into buying icp

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Dog memes are dead
Pepes, wojack and fefe are the new kids on the block

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It was never supposed to dump that low

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Simply diversify.. that's the only true way.
I hold Vela instead of Gns, both PerpDexs with the former having lesser market cap and looking more promising

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why not? because you bought the top from craig?

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Is it too late to get in on Pepe?

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Makes more sense anon, but bicthes get horny as sylo have a promising partnership with futureverse which consistently growing.
I'm waiting for their metaverse to go live so I could make some real pussy gains anon

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It very late getting some rekt dick shit I just need to go fuck some asian pussy

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If it's going to do a Doge or Shib like most people claim then no

Bet they'll keep the metaverse open and free for everyone unlike Meta's version

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Wtf is this summerfag saying, you need some sense fags that's some retard shit, I got my ass spank as SYLO it's gradually making it's way to the top, focusing on addressing the issues with centralization. and It's bringing private, decentralized communication to mobile devices, while getting power back to users.
don't be some rekt dick anon

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The list of shitcoins mooning and rugging on dextools makes DBI look like apple stock
>most people
You know /biz/ is full of bagholders?

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Retard pussy go get useful, and don't die poor over some rekt shit,when realfags get some nice juicy pussy experience over SYLO as it wallet works seamlessly with tons of options, including P2P transactions, e2e encrypted messaging app, in-dApp payment, amongstothers.

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They're falling back already, the whole meta thing didn't work out for them and going back to being just facebook.. fuck mark and his shitty ideas, he keeps ripping and living off people's data

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PEPE has had its pump, there's nowhere left for it to go except sideways or down. $OGSM is the new horse to back

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... yes

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Hacking the Gibson

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So did I my brother in Christ. So did I

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Pretty based move anon

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Bump because this thread is awesome

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How is this a thing? Clown world means it’s probably going to $1 million

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Fuck i missed the exit pump

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PEPE brought back this shitcoins szn craze and since then these greedy ass plebs know how rekt they are, but still keep on DCAing. Inasmuch as I saw the index on tokenmetrics likewise return analysis, price predictions and resistance support I chose not to take heed as I had better positions on HNT and OKB

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Don't worry fren. 2 more weeks until CEX listing

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BPuff was a major win for me, bought it at 10k mcap and sold at $120k mcap, you do the math. Then I quickly got a Buzzie NFT after seeing the full reveal which was aesthetically pleasing. Next on my radar is Burrow, even as I'm still holding on tight to my Void Seekers NFTs. Glad I didn't fall for the Goblin Queen's scam and sacrifice it for a silver amulet.

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next memecoin trend is political movement/financial protest memecoins. the people want to make the SEC have to speak about $genslr 0xad1a5b8538a866ecd56ddd328b50ed57ced5d936 (tg goodgarygensler)

the people also want the SEC to have to publicly regulate secretary $yellen 0xf06d376e97af2ff1304346efcb71beb7dcba4ed4

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Looks like memecoin season just needed to come before alt season and bring more liquidity to the crypto market. I am getting positioned for the move with gems like Arweave for private data storage and Sylo for decentralized communication in web3.

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Oh this is going to get crypto fucked even more
I’m in tho

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What’s that?

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A diversified portfolio is the best imo chad. I don't know about Vela bit I hold INJ and VRA, I also hold XTZ and earn a yield on it through baking on the Sylo smart wallet.

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Sminems the OG bear destroyer

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stay poor

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I don't know anon, looks like there are no utilities here. I'd rather go for alts like ZPAY for crypto payments and RIDE for it's elastic content SDKs in the MultiversX

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Another day, another dip.

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Duckbutt hasn't launched yet. Literal ironic memecoin