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This literally destroys the hustle culture

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the stupidity of youtube comments depress me

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You could’ve hustled instead of making this post retard

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you are the industrialist of picrel, how do you not see that?

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kys nigger

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Whoa bro. Jist boight a fleet of fishing boats. Thanks.

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Hustle culture is different from the industrialist described in the image. Hustle culture isn't about working more, it's about going off on a tangent because the job you've trained for doesn't cut it. In theory a job that pays $70k annually in pure profit should be enough for you to live comfortably, compared to going into to debt on a risky venture with losses for two years. The only reason the latter would outperform in the long-term is because the money is broken. If you just buy Bitcoin then for the most part you're compensated based on your skills and work ethic, rather than your ability to pitch bad ideas to the government for free money.

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they think business people attempt to reach the highest echelons of society to sit back and enjoy life?

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maybe that's true hundreds of years about but:
then he called the county because he was fishing in a private area, without a license, without a boating permit, with an unregistered boat, and selling fish illegally, and the fish was actually 1mm too small, and then he dropped toxic waste in the water to kill all the fish and give the fisherman cancer as a total fuck you... oh wait that's us right now
This world is totally ruined and fucked

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no they do it to murder children and attempt to become immortal.

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Maybe in a free capitalist society with a constitution giving people unalienable right this would be true and work, unfortunately we don't have that and I can't think of a single country that does

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anyone got a huuuustleeer wojak template

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i wonder if the dude quoted made anything off this book

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Thanks just quit my job

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>depress me
Dumb nigger

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Um bro if you don't live in a coastal state you're fucked, how you gonna get fish and a boat?

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Great Depression 2023 will destroy hustle culture

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There is hundreds tied up along the shores. Many don't move for months, if not years. Boats are free.

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rich industrialist btfo
rich industrialist does not understand meaning of life

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kek based
godspeed bro

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No it wont

In post 4IR world you are hustling every day working gigs

Unless you are linkie that is

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It's not a book; it's a publication.
Social scientists often don't make much money, but if you're writing about the social sciences in the 1800s you probably have so much money it doesn't matter anyway.

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If all people were like this, we wouldn't have smoking pipes, boats nor fishing rods

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>get piece of wood
>bore hole through it
>stick it to small cup
>place tobacco
>light tobacco
making a fishing boat is actually easier than boring though a stick

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Most people read this and don't realize which one they are (they're the fish).

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it's the difference between the selfish individual
>i'm enjoying my life
and the altruistic individual
>i want my children and their children to enjoy life

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if you're always working your children will grow up dysfunctional and resent you.

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"Early shall he rise who has plans

For a better life:

As prey escapes a lazy wolf,

A sleeping man is seldom victorious.

Early shall he rise who has no crew,

And set to work at once:

Much is lost by the late sleeper,

Wealth is won by the swift"

~Havamal 58-59

I like this quote and often use it as a standard for determining what vendor I will do business with for the day. Which is typically, whoever answers my emails at 6:30 am.

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none of us have the balls to be either men

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teach your kid to fish, dumbass

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most people's parents rich or poor are always working, but only one of them shows that hard work produces results.

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>having children

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But having high time preference is rational and effective if you are in an erratic environment like a high crime environment.

Why save money in your mattress or under your fireplace for years when your house gets broken into and robbed for valuables a couple of times a year?

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helping your family members who share your blood isn't altruistic. Nepotists aren't altruists.

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You know what else is irksome about this little parable. The fisherman is just pretending to be “above it all.” When in reality he never even played the game.

How can one be above something if they’ve never dissected, studied, examined, strategized and/or tasted the sweet nectar of victory through one’s own effort and planning? This fisherman isn’t above it, he’s just a lazy bum being smug about barely making it.

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Found the seething industrialist

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you really think you should matter more to someone than their own bloodline?
family is everything and keeping wealth in family lines, and at the absolute worst, ethnic lines, is a moral imperative for every man.

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>The fisherman is just pretending to be “above it all."
he's doing what he wants -- there is nothing more to it than this. in fact, most of the dialogue in the parable is from the seething industrialist.

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That old bullshit story. Commies are degens. You are a degen.

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You people see a “seething industrialist” where I see a “mentor.” That’s the difference between you and I. I’m out here seeking opportunities and you’re shooting em down.

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shut up corpo slave, natsoc is the way

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KEK & unfathomably truth maxing

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The fisherman knows

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>that low IQ nigger who calls things he doesn't like "communism"
i guarantee that i have and make more money than you btw

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I set my emails to be sent at 8 am

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>Bro just grind away the best years of your life so you can MAYBE afford a bungalow in your twilight years so you can lie around and comfortably watch your flesh rot away

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What a shite defeatist verse. Sure we ultimately get to watch everything we love and know turn to ashes and fade into oblivion but you think I’m gonna sit around being “tranquil” about it?

The fact that everything is ultimately meaningless on this planet is what drives me to create meaning. America is falling because men are growing soft and retiring too early from the hustle as if they’ve earned it or accomplished anything meaningful.

Don’t kid yourselves, the fisherman isn’t wise and the “seething industrialist” isn’t the antagonist.

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>overfish the sea for shit you don't need
Nah fucker, I choose to walk softly on the earth

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>doesn't hustle 24/7
why are you wasting time retard hustler

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Which is ok if you’re being perfectly honest with yourself. It’s the fuckers that act like they’re above enterprise and shit on people that are, that piss me off. They’re like a fucking pencil necked heckler at a gladiator event shouting slurs in the safety of the audience.

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>quoting a jewbook
Spic detected

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The word altruist was invented by Auguste Comte in the 1800s. Before then, there was only the concept of charity, and rightly ordered charity helps those closest to you more than anybody else. Altruism is pushed because it prioritises helping the abstract stranger over those closest to you

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wtf i love working now

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if i had no goals that i wanted to achieve i wouldn't be putting more effort than is needed either. also, i wouldn't bust my ass for someone else if i didn't see the benefit in doing so. working for the sake of working is an easy way to burn out.

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the industrialist has a harem of high-quality women

the fisherman has her old-haggard wife with a gaping hole of a pussy from all the children that passed through her.

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No, they have a point tard. Working your whole life like cattle = you fucked up. The overkill with jobs is exactly what makes working a scam

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>when low IQ people want to sound high IQ
>just gaslighting instead of looking at facts
It's really not complicated, retards. 1. Positive and negative feedback loops
2. Being the "best wagie bitch" =\= happiness. It's propaganda to make you into loyal cattle

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>the industrialist has a harem of high-quality women
Nigger what?

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In what way is this "commie"? Retard crack heads saying the most random bullshit LOL

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What's your alternative?

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>You people see a “seething industrialist” where I see a “mentor.”
No, nigger. Person A wants a chill life. Person B wants person A to work like a dog and die as pathetic cattle. Low IQ retard

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The upper class having less problems is just an illusion. Alcoholism and drug addiction? The wealthy commit different kinds of crimes, rather than crimes of opportunity they do crimes like fraud, embezzlement, human trafficking, tax evasion, the higher up you go it's worse, war crimes, assassinations, etc. Things like family breakdown? venereal disease? All things that are fixed with money, treatment and the legal system. promiscuity? give me a break, who are buying the high class hookers? Complete rubbish bullshit verging on blatant capitalist propaganda.

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>infinite growth is possible

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Working a relatively low-stress tech support job, doing the least amount of work I can get away with, and splitting my earnings between affordable luxuries and investments that I hope will allow me to own a home before I'm 50. If the economy degrades further to the point where even this is unfeasible, suicide. I'm not completely writing off the future, but I'm not bending over backwards, denying myself all pleasure and working myself to death for the scraps of what the generations that came before me got.

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Indian Chief ‘Two Eagles’ was asked by a white government official; “You have observed the white man for 90 years. You’ve seen his wars and his technological advances. You’ve seen his progress, and the damage he’s done.”

The Chief nodded in agreement.

The official continued; “Considering all these events, in your opinion, where did the white man go wrong?”

The Chief stared at the government official for over a minute and then calmly replied.. “When white man find land, Indians running it, no taxes, no debt, plenty buffalo, plenty beaver, clean water. Women did all the work, Medicine Man free. Indian man spend all day hunting and fishing; all night having sex.”

Then the chief leaned back and smiled; “Only white man dumb enough to think he could improve system like that.”

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chad fisherman

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>The upper class having less problems is just an illusion.
Cope. Math and common sense doesn't back this up at all therefore the rest of your post is retarded and low IQ

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godspeed anon

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That’s your “spin” on it. What if “seething industrialist” sees something in the fisherman that he himself once lacked and instead of being fucking shekelstein hand rubbing miser, he’s trying to pay it forward and help a brother out? Many different perspectives can be raised from this parable but low energy niggers like yourself naturally gravitate to the fisherman as being a sphinx-like beacon of wisdom.

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I sort of discovered this the hard way myself. I was chasing everything, money, women, luxury, etc and burned myself out and had a breakdown. After recovering from my episode, I realized that I was burning myself trying to have a satisfying life when all I needed to do was step back from the consumer rat race and just take things simple.

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>fisherman is just pretending
who lad, that is the most massive cope iv'e seen awhile, you think he gives a good god fuck about anything but the breeze and sun?

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The industrialist is white. The fisherman is black. One advances society and the other is interested only in his own pleasure.

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This. Saving for retirement is literally retarded if you're going to die at 25. It's mostly about how optimistic you are about your future and how stable your environment is in the first place. Foolishly assuming you're going to live a happy and stable life and die at 90 doesn't make you smart.

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>be last century
>wars over finally, phew...
>plebs no longer need to be in giant factories mekin' bullets
>thousands of rail lines and stations leading off into nice countryside
>might start wandering off, gettin' big ideas about catchin' own fish
>run; beeching cuts.jpg.exe
>"honestly it's optimisation, not shoeing you back into the ciddies for mr industrialist man"
>close 2300 stations over few years
>shoe wagies back into duchies (towns and big ciddies owned by moonarc)
>ban home fishing
>ban home farming
>ban home cutting down trees to mek fire
>ban le burning of solid fuels in general, at hoom
>cover literally entire country in one form of protected zoning or another (newbs still at the greenbelt level, newbing), to mek it impossible to build without explicit permission and any additional localised planning requirements (e.g. some extra nature survey)
>allow cohen tesco to continue selling totally unnecessary stuff during pandemic whilst everywhere else has to close
And they didn't evn nootice.


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I prefer diogenes
>if you had paid court you wouldn't have to clean lettuce
>if you cleaned lettuce you wouldn't have to pay the court

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>bro just destroy urself on the best days of your life and live like a stray drog if you manage to survive that long

>> No.54729395

>N- No! You can’t just enjoy life! You have to grind yourself down for 50 years, and then you can enjoy life! You can’t just choose to have fun between 21 and 65!

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Staircases were made for people that can't afford, nay... should not be allowed, land.

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That pic is always an infinite cope generating machine. Amazing the lies people will tell themselves to justify and explain away their failure.

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The image describes the ways people make themselves miserable with high time preference, not "enjoy life".

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I bet this guy was a "high time preference" guy. He's got all this time, for example, to sit around thinking and writing about big brain shit that basically comes down to a fairly random opinion. Get fuckin' shovelling summit, other than own shit la!

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I showed this to my brother who has the hustler mindset and he said the fisherman just doesn’t like catching fish, that’s why he’s chilling after 2 hours of work. He’s in the wrong profession to begin with.

Not a terrible perspective ngl

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It's not bad, but the assumption that you're supposed to love work and that something's wrong with you if you aren't literally having fun working can be pretty pernicious, too.

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plot twist. fisherman is actually sub-contracting for rich industrialist. both are unaware of who their speaking to. meanwhile an every increasing pool of wagies fight for the horrific conditions offered by both because it’s better than starving

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but what if i enjoy 'fishing'?

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they fear him

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>When in reality he never even played the game.
The only winning move is not to play

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Don't forget having sex with the children. Very, very important step to becoming a billionaire.

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The random people doesn't matter to me. Why should they? How have they earned my good graces?
Very well worded.

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>live like a stray drog if you manage to survive that long
The key word here being "if". With the way things are looking right now in America, I have next to zero confidence that living a comfortable life is going to be possible for an average person like me by the time I would be eligible to retire. I'll take enjoying the days I know I have and potentially struggling far off in the future, rather than struggling now for a """chance""" at having a comfy life if the country hasn't totally collapsed by then and if I haven't kicked the bucket in 40 years.

A lady that worked at my office for 20 years just dropped dead in her fifties, God bless her soul, and what would she have to show for it if she spent all that time stacking pennies in the hopes of being able to retire?

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Listen go- guy, you're going to slave away and have 40% of your work stolen by the government until you're 65. Then you're allowed to enjoy the last 10-15 years of declining health in a society unrecognizable from that of your youth. Understood?

>> No.54730900

Spoken like a true sage that has his head in the clouds and can’t see that he pisses on his own feet.

Not playing the game is not a winning move. If I throw you into a pit with a Lion and he fucking mauls your face off, would you say the winning move was to sit there like a deaf blind mute and “not play the game?” Death is coming for all of us whether we’re playing the game or not and I’d rather live a life knowing I tried to build something worthwhile despite the odds than to sit around like a bumblefuck feigning indifference and achieving the square root of fuck all.

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Behold, a faggot

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Of course this was written by a German Autist

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The problem is that the industrialist made it illegal to fish unless you pay the industrialist.
This is what happens when regular folks don't keep the industrialist in check.
In fact the industrialist and the fishermen are two of the opposite and can't coexist with out one of them completely ruling over the other.

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kek youve clearly never met a business owner if you dont think this have a "high time preference"

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the idea that having a job and enjoying life are mutually exclusive is what makes gen Z so uniquely pathetic and hopeless

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Diogenes was a faggot and I would have cleaved his head clean off his shoulders if I were Alexander the Great.

>> No.54730959

She should have married and had kids long ago. Her life was already over long before she got old.

>> No.54730975

You could literally spend an afternoon at a marina, find the owners through the license numbers, and call each one asking to buy their boat. Guarantee you can find one person that'd let you have it for dirt cheap.

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I duno about the lower class thing, but I could never bee this person. The stress of living in a future where I'm struggling scares me. You have to keep in mind that your body only grows weaker and more frail as you grow older, so you have to plan for that. I never want to be dependent on another man or the government, so I work today to amass as much wealth to sustain this independence and security in a decent future when my body begins to break.

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let me quickly market dump all my crypto and go back to being a wagie

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I just don't care anymore...

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>and then the rich industrialist took that retort as an insult and hired 12 fishing managers and a fleet of boats to put that smug faggot out of business

>> No.54731165

Diogenes outlived Alexander and conquered what he couldn't. Also Diogenes would completely merc that faggy twink and feed him to his dogs.

>> No.54731255

Diogenes was a degen and was exiled for currency debasement. No wonder you faggots like him.

>> No.54731272

nice little wagie hitpiece

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>Death is coming for all of us whether we’re playing the game or not and I’d rather live a life knowing I tried to build something worthwhile despite the odds than to sit around like a bumblefuck feigning indifference and achieving the square root of fuck all.
>a bumblefuck feigning indifference
An interesting choice of words here. Not everyone feels the need to have statues built in their likeness, Anon. Some people, dare I say a LOT of people, are genuinely content living a simple life and dying a simple death, enjoying simple pleasures with the people they care about.

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>This literally destroys the hustle culture
How did the fisherman get his own boat? He hustled a lot in his youth.

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Wrong pic - sorry.

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These simple folk you speak of are incredibly duplicitous in their nature. Has been my personal experience anyways. They turn their nose up at wealth and privilege and act with a false piety in their “simple” world. They treat wealth the only way they know how, with spite. Many see it as something unobtainable for them and often times people cope and come up with all sorts of bullshit excuses as to why they are “content” with the simple life.

Are their a few legitimately contented simple folk out there, who also don’t treat wealth like it’s a dirty word? Sure! However, when given a choice to be rich or poor most sane people will choose to be rich.

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Cool story bro

>> No.54731438

that is a nice quote

>> No.54731477

>using the Eddas for petty bourgeois mercantilism
did Odin tell you to look people in the eyes and give them a firm handshake?

>> No.54731484

Diogenes is Tyler Durden.

>> No.54731502

Yes yes let's just ignore the fact that central banks have been controlling the economy.

>> No.54731533

What do you use the Edda’s for? Discovering the proper method for sucking the semen out of hanged corpses? Or how to dress like a woman to deceive people?

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not quite. the fisherman is very analogous to the donkeys from pinocchio. or the drinkers in auerbach's keller from faust. if you are ok with just doing menial labor and just chilling out then have at it my man. the story would be more accurate if the industrialist replied that he could use the extra money to finance things he likes doing. Or donating to charities or causes that he cares about.

>> No.54731589

Spiritual tasks higher than judging people based on when they send emails, but to each their own.

>> No.54731653

Nothing is sacred; this is a war planet and you’re a gatekeeper of treacherous tales on an anonymous imageboard. Let that sink in.

>> No.54731683

Ok then let this dude chill by his boat, and I’ll get rich. As long as he doesn’t bitch after I put him out of business

>> No.54731717

The fisherman is now free to goon all day and buy burgers with his SNAP benefits you are paying for.

>> No.54731792

I will be buying even more burgers and I’ll be Gooning inside his mom

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>Real hustlers capitalize the G in Gooning
And for that reason, I'm out.

>> No.54731849

>Bro, just dont grind the best years of your life, so you can live forever like shit
This is called capitalism, not effortism, or hardworkism, retard. Capital makes more capital. If you dont have capital, you have to grind it asap so later you can chill out and relax.
What you are proposing is always living like shit, paycheck to paycheck and having to work for the rest of your life in disgusting jobs that you wouldnt do otherwise if you were rich.

Sorry, but working hard 2 or 3 years, beats working hard the rest of your life.

>> No.54731879

Attitudes like this let an inbred nepotistic little tribe take over western civilization

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>> No.54731955

How did I know your post was about bongland from the start? Jesus christ

>> No.54731966

Thats retarded. I'm all about early rising, but you're deciding vendors based on who is sending emails first thing in the morning? Better not be working in any creative industry, because I don't know a single successful creative person who is up sending emails at 6:30am. Those are farmer peasants bro.

>> No.54732028

>Sorry, but working hard 2 or 3 years, beats working hard the rest of your life.
I mean, I can agree with that, the problem is that 2-3 years of hard work is a fraction of the amount of hard work that it would take for an average schmo like me to have a chance at being able to chill out and relax at some point. Given that, I'm perfectly comfortable working a job that lets me slack off, invest and afford entertainment.

>> No.54732038

This. In my twenties I worked like a dog and made good money. However I regret most of it because the REAL money I made was largely because of right place / right time dynamic rather than getting up and workign long hours.

Some asshole customer I was trying to impress even kept calling me a my good friends wedding and I was constantly breaking out to help him thinking it was a long term play. Fucker got fired 3 weeks after the job was done. What the fuck did I get for that bullshit?

Make money, but remember Queen Victoria literally ruled the world for near 75 years and was the talk of virtually the entire planet. Promise you there isn't a single zoomer on earth who knows that or her name.

In the end, it doesn't matter. Only your family matters. Family is all really. fuck the grind.

>> No.54732132

You know nothing of the industry I work in. When mission critical shit breaks in my industry, companies lose millions by the day. UPS red has made tons of money off my company.

>> No.54732276

>Hey, goy, see that homeless person smoking crack? He's happy with his life, look at that smile one him. Bet you feel pretty stupid asking for that raise now, don't'cha?
100% of boomer culture is just retarded assholes falling for this.

>> No.54732288

This parable is literally decades old and boomers heard it as kids, this changes nothing

>> No.54733620

and then the Rich Industrialist made some phone calls to politicians. Within the year imported foreign labor and migrants had driven down wages and driven up costs of living. The fisherman now works as a minor hand on one of the Industrialist's vessels, for significantly less than he made before. He no longer sits back and enjoys life.

This is just the leftist version of of lolberg "muh free market" nonsense.

>> No.54733726

>A dude invented altruism in the 1800s
zoomers are fucking retarded

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>> No.54734092

fuck you and your queen, I VILL BE RICH