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Wouldn't have to worry about being homeless
wouldn't have to worry about rent
wouldn't have to worry about getting fired
wouldn't have to deal with my boss
everyone would respect me
everyone would love me
I wouldn't have to worry about food
I wouldn't have to worry about anything.

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You won't have to worry about anything if you KYS too

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horseshit. more money always brings more problems

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Just DCA until you get the minimum sui (500 avaxxies) and forget about it until 2025. You're welcome anon, it might not be too late for you just yet.

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whats DCA

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Begging thread fuck off I just got done working a 11 hour shift, go fucking work faggot.

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mo money mo problems

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You are deranged, being at risk of homeless or not being able to eat and having 'too much money' problems are not comparable. I've experienced both.
>everyone would respect me
>everyone would love me
>I wouldn't have to worry about anything.
These are delusions. You'd still be you if you were rich, and that's why people have trouble loving or respecting you.

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I never asked anyone here for anything dumbass

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Same anon, same, I'm tied and trapped with POND until they finally release something of actual interest

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OP has more chances of getting rich than you'll ever have kek

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It seems you have a very common disease called Bagholder Syndrome, it's incurable and painful anon, I'm sorry

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kek, did you fall for layer 0 memecoin seriously?

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Over here trying to make it too Anons. This bear market gave me a beating. Trying to stay afloat but man this months been hard. Hopefully I can pick it up soon. Something needs to change.

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I want to be rich too.
I want to have enough monkey to take care of my family and let them live comfortably without needing to work.

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>I wish I wasn't homeless
Then sell your fucking phone and buy work boots nigger.
I'm terminally ill and working 11 hour fucking days and I come home relax and see faggots begging here still.

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>everyone would respect me
>everyone would love me
the rest is kinda true, but you don't need to be rich for it

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give all your money to me and you'll have no problems then

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good for you cotton nigger, now back to your slave plantation

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I meant I wouldn't have to worry about BECOMING homeless.

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You are racist, and racist pieces of shit dont deserve it.

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You don't even know me.

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I guess you also get into Recognition sale of SUI, hoping to add it to my stash of ORE, LINK and OCEAN

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I have grown in dirt poor conditions and I have been with many rich friends and normal friends who became successful later on. I cant take it anymore when is it my time? I have been on this grind and there is no light. I just want to be free and be a neet

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And I never will, i dont mix with poor fascists.

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Cringe hard because most minorities are as racist as far right white people, when was the last time you called out a nigger or chink for racism? Checkmate libtard.

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>everyone would respect me
>everyone would love me

Zoomer doesn't fucking know it is all fake respect and fake love when you are that rich.

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What does being rich have to do with mentioning of SUI, ORE, LINK and OCEAN?

It is like advising someone who's complaining of the weather due to high temperature of 30 degrees Celcius to enter a frying pan.

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Samefagging begging nigger.