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What is the next gem from this platform?

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What's this pajeet?

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Another meme.kek

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That's the next level airdrop dumbfag

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Fuck you, the next level airdrop is Zyksync. Stop fooling yourself

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All I see is the best in-game token that was ever developed

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From the Goons?

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I'm waiting for CHUNKS Fair launch that's happening on the 26th.

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A RiskFi game meme token launch that's gonna happen soon.

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Jeet fuckers. Just fuck off.

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Pre sale of a meme token is next on line. Ready to bag once it's fair launched.

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Isn't this a launchpad? I think I heard a
Memefi gaming token that is going to launch there soon. The game looks good too.>>54710624

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Its presale is also coming up soon aside this airdrop

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You are informed anon. It will be launched by Goons of Balatroon

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I don't have a crystal ball, but I can tell you that there's always something new and exciting popping up.

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This is PinkSale platform, a decentralized launchpad platform that aims to provide a safe and fair environment for IDOs. There are lots of good gems cooking on it at the moment, get busy with research and stop waiting for biz to spoonfeed you like a retard. .

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Another shitcoin?

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>Memefi gaming token
WTF are you talking about dude.

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Kek...no point in explaining if he doesn't dyor.
I am eagerly waiting to get my hands on a meme token that's gonna launched on tye 26th which is really gonna be a game changer in the gamefi sector.

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I want to earn more by fulfilling some of the airdrop requirements

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I got qualified kek...buy just holding a few Goons and Bods NFTs.
Lucky me.

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The hyper deflationary tokenomics is the best there's in the crypto gaming sector

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Playing the trading card game is sweeter than fucking an Asian pussy desu.

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I'm beginning to see this more option across biz. Is the next big airdrop? I missed ARB and Aptos and I don't want to miss out anymore.

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I already have 10,000 GOB, will this be enough to make it or do I need to get an NFT as well?

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It's good you participate in all available airdrops annon. There are lots of other good ones like SUI, weaver labs, ADE, and CHUNKS. Keep grinding.

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Any reliable source for legit airdrops or is every promoter just a dirty shill?

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I usually check CoinGecko, ICO Desk, and CoinDesk for updates. I figured it is better to invest in the token presales whenever you get the chance.

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Sweeter than this?

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Their TG is beginning to heat up these days probably due to their upcoming Consensus Event.

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>deflationary tokenomics
Most gaming tokenomics crash due to their highly inflationary tokenomics which are not sustainable.

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I think you should be eligible. I am super excited to use the tokens in game and to enjoy their new RiskFi gaming.

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Better not to miss it out. Chunks will have good utility and value. Fair launch is really comfortable 1st come 1st served.

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Fuck Pepe, CHUNKS will take yall by surprise

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That's why I think RiskFi games will make it, but P2E is a no-no

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Did I hear you say, Pepe

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Maybe they will be the next ARB, most especially CHUNKS since it aims to airdrop 5% of it total supply

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Another shitcoin of course

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Don't act like a retard, Memefi tokens are the likes of SHIBA, FLOKI, CHUNKS, and others with utility

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HBAR, ORE and Ocean. Best gem of the season.

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Trannies have been getting horny for thi token Airdrop. So far that's the hottest activity right now for newbies to be a part of.

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Looks like the future is airdrop because faggots are making more on it than trading BTC

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Yes, PEPE, OCEAN and DiD narrative are trending.

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Instead of shitcoins I better fuck off my hard dick on CHUNKS because of their RiskFi model that respects and rewards the skilled players the most.

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So sad I wasted my time and money on it. NFT is waste of time and money, it trended like AI and now no one hears of it.

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Oh yeah anon, While waiting for the launch of CHUNKS, poorfags are getting their hands on a gaming adventure right away.

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I bought a bunch of YLA and will continue to increase when the dip occurs. In addition, I received some CVP for long-term investments.

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The bear market always creates better utility, P2E and Metaverse had their time, and now RiskFi games will take over

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Pinksale is not decentralized. According to their own admins they shut down dozens of sales every day and keep the fees. I don’t blame them because almost everything that gets listed there is created by serial scammers in places like Nigeria but it’s no more decentralized than a cex.

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I'm not a fan of airdrop but I hope this works if not I will fuck you up bad

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Don't be a retard dick anon, I can’t wait for the CHUNKS token fairlaunch happening on the 26th of this month!
This is the token that I’ve been looking for, don't go around fooling yourself anon.

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Lazyfags waiting for some weird stuff, when you can get some real pussy experience with XRP and become useful

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Yea anon that airdrop is the hottest activity right now for newfags to be a part of. I already did all necessary steps, I really do hope I be a part of the winners of this Shit anon

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Hahaha you keep waiting you time on some dead stuff, when will have some sense anon go get your ass spank using links

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Once the powerpool team finalizes the development on their PowerAgent v2 , an on-chain automation network. CVP's price will experience a huge leap

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Yea anon, dick are getting hard, as it appears that this is the season for airdrops, and getting your ass spank can be a crucial factor in determining whether you'll potentially earn a significant amount of money or not.

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I think CVP will do some good pussy experience anon as am still enjoying some juicy shit using it

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Their new RiskFi model gaming will allow bitches to wager this token in game, where they can win alot of rewards depending on their hard sucking skills.

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Never too late to DCA PEPE, OFE and ORE. My best picks.

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Pinksale has destroyed bsc beyond repair.
Bsc wil never have a true bullrun now that Pinksale exists.
Pinksale fairlaunches have sucked out all the volume from bsc. The devs no longer need to actually work on a project. They just need to start a pinksale fairlaunch and make more money with 1% of the work.
Oh and that's without even talking about the inner circle of pinksale admins and some Devs who run a fairlaunch cabal launching daily projects.
I know what you did Saul. I know what you ,Alexand Yan are doing.
Don't think you're gonna get away with it.

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Yea anon, another way to get that airdrop is to participate in the presale on pinkecosystem which will be on the 26th of this month combo of presale and airdrop reward could be considered as a discount price

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I'm on Ocean, ORE and ZCASH. Nothing to worry about.

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Yea faggot, I'm most excited about the incoming CHUNKS airdrop that will be changing the dynamics of GoonsNft gaming universe. this feels like a horny dick on a wet pussy

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No doubt about DiD, the security it offer through self data management is something to bank on

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Shitholes ain't talking about the hacks that's ravaging crypto. Fuck off jeets

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Based. Poorfags are slurping tokens with this narrative.

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Self custody is a way forward, best bet.

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Lazyfags will always get rekt over some dumb projects go invest in real estate and buy some gold and be useful.

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There are a couple of gems out there, I'm well loaded on CTSI, RAIL and AZERO

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kek. Goons wouldn't be able to make it without a RIDE best combo low-cap gem that you could get.

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I would bet a thousand times on Poolparty because at least they are straightforward in saying that it is basically a betting site

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where do i sign up nigger

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DiD have recently gained more popularity and attention than before, seeing Unity platform verifying Ore protocol is a huge boost to online ID management solution

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NFTs ain't no time waste, yo. The more NFTs get dope-ass utility, the more they skyrocket in value, bruh. That's why everyone's jockin' private NFTs nowadays

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gonna go down almost the same way it came up, you just gon end up a bag holder

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ORE! Decentralized identity management seems to be the next big trend in the in the space.

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You're delusional anon. NFTs have developed over the years and are now having better use cases like the Seekers which would be used to run nodes on a decentralized communication platform in web3.