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I know that security is a top priority for many crypto companies, but it seems like the hacks keep happening. Are there any solutions that can truly make the space safer and more reliable? What can we do to prevent these kinds of attacks from happening in the future?

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>Crypto security is a myth - do you agree?" or "Are we doomed to see more crypto hacks in the future?
>I know that security is a top priority for many crypto companies, but it seems like the hacks keep happening. Are there any solutions that can truly make the space safer and more reliable? What can we do to prevent these kinds of attacks from happening in the future?

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>the space

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Normalize custodians for retarded normies, with harsh legal consequences for bad actors. Allow people that consider themselves to be "crypto experts" to manage all their own shit though and if they fuck up that's 100% on them.

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Crypto is not real faggot. These hacks are just tip of the iceberg, quantum hacks will be more devastating

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now filter out hacks on centralized exchanges and bridges and social hacks and etc etc and how many actual hacks of an actual heckin blockchain?

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They are still part and parcel of crypto. It shouldn't be filtered out

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This is a pajeet thread

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Post quantum cryptography projects are already prepared for this. You must be from outta space cunt

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the old web2 tech tacked on to onboard normies will be replaced with more secure web3 tech, like decentralized exchanges, which normies will adopt to eventually. and most hacks only highlight the need to hasten that transition.

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They haven't even settled on a safe quantum encryption yet. Any project that claims they're quantum proof is lying.

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NIST already made recommendations concerning that

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Nonsense then do you think AlpineEsports is a fool to partner with a quantum proof L1.. kek you are just a ignorant moron.

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Yep that's right but the best pqc is the CRYSTALS-Dilithium signature algorithm.

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Just invest in HAPI as it focuses on cyber security.

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It's not bad but I prefer a quantum resistant blockchain which ensures security and offers various solutions.

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smart contact security is flawed
we're doomed to see more defi hacks

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To solve this QVM was innovated where devs can build smart contracts in any language on a quantum resistant blockchain.

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And there is Hacken in the picture too. Motherfuckers trying to be relevant but they are all dump shits fag

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Qanplatform and Cellframe are already prepared for this eventuality

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Bro, crypto security is totally overrated. I mean, sure there have been some high-profile hacks, but that's just the nature of the game. It's all about taking calculated risks, am I right? And honestly, who needs security when you can make sick gains? As for future hacks, yeah they're probably gonna happen, but that's just part of the thrill. Embrace the chaos, my friend

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Smart contract security may have vulnerabilities, however, I don't think we're doomed to see more DeFi hacks. Improvements in code and user caution can help prevent them, and attention to security is increasing.

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This will make all Devs to be able to deploy dapps using any language that they are conversant with

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That's where auditing smart contracts comes in. Qan used Hacken and Omniscia auditing firms do theirs

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Which of the NIST recommended post quantum algorithm for digital signatures it using ?

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Plus they will get life time royalties which is an awesome incentive for them to get motivated and work on it.

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most crypto companies are just a bunch of stupid fags with get rich fast mentality, they want you (a retarded fucking nigger midwit) to think that their top priority is security, but they either don't see themselves doing this shit longterm and/or feeding themselves with hyperdelusional dreams of 15 minute cities and cryptoworld in metaverse to cope with the fact they have nothing actually meaningful and working to offer.
that's kinda funny because crypto started as a campaign to completely eliminate trust from finances, and yet you have to TRUST these cocaine-addicted VCocksucking cucks with YOUR money.
lmao even

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I feel you, bro. The crypto industry is definitely vulnerable to hacks and cyber attacks, and quantum hacks could be a real worry. But let's not panic just yet, quantum computers aren't that advanced, so we've got some time to beef up our security measures.

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I agree to disagree not all platforms do the same last year because of a bridge hack I lost my funds many said it's a rugpull but this year they relaunched the tokens and partnered with AlpineEsports and I made 2x then. Holding strong and accumulating.
Wagmi no doubts there.

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That sounds like a really cool incentive for devs to work on deploying dapps. Allowing them to use any language they're familiar with will likely make the process much more accessible and user-friendly. And the lifetime royalties offer an awesome reward for their hard work and dedication

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ZKPs are changing the narrative, with more crypto platforms integrating the tech to achieve a level of privacy we might see some change.

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If we dont accept that these issues are part of the system them we wont be solving them anytime soon. The surge in demand for Privacy, quantum cryptography and other security measures shows these issues exist and are serious too.

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That's why doing proper diligence is important. A based team and a working product are some of the things I consider when checking out for projects to invest in.

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>Any project that claims they're quantum proof is lying.
The upcoming QAN blockchain mainnet will silence some shirtless homo schizo like you. Position yourself now or have fun chasing the pump.

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exceptionally brown-stained shitcoin shilling in this thread
any alt related to post-quantum crypto doesn't need to exist and is simply worthless. any blockchain can overcome QC risk with trivial changes. bitcoin is already immune when used correctly.

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They should create unhackable systems

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That's a big upgrade for sure but a blockchain build on PQC is even more safe and secure. Just my opinion.

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Quantum resistant blockchain will make sure of it. Hackers will have to shit their pants to break it.

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Provided my bags keep pumping, I'm all into crypto. Anyone not accumulating ETH, RNDR, VRA, VELO, MATIC, and QANX probably has no plans of making it in this space. The security thread is there but life itself is a risk, so why stop taking those risks in crypto?

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I don't even know what to fear anymore because of the greater quantum computer threat coming

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I don't agree with you on this, while blockchain changes can help mitigate quantum computing threats, dismissing the importance of post-quantum cryptography is shortsighted. We need to keep our options open to stay ahead and who knows, post-quantum altcoins could be the next big thing.

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Fuck Cellframe, QAN, or nothing

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Do you mean it, insider leak

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I never believed this shit until I saw US white house start preparing against it last week, most blockchains that are not prepared will be fucked really bad

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Send me your seed phrase to keep it safe

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op confirmed correct and I didn't even read anything past 'do you agree?'

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US and China are sneaky bastards, of course, Imagine if any one of them gets hold of QC, capable of hacking the crypto elliptic curve then we are fucked

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No need to panic, Self custody protocol is a top notch

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Good one channer, getting secured from a Quantum attack is juicy like an Asian titties. AspinEsport is already taking advantage of the quantum blockchain.

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Wtf you saying, I only know Crystal Dilithium, and that's been used by QAN even way before NIST announced it

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BTC is secured, what else are you looking for

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No way fucktard, Keeping full custody of all my assets on OREID is comfy.

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Such a midwit take. Quantum computing means the beginning of total tyranny. Launch codes for nukes is the target.

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100% true. With the POR consensus we are under safe hands from future stinky smelly cunt quantum attacks.

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And in your mind you believe you are wiser than Vitalik and Satoshi with this BS you wrote uh, even last year Vitalik mentioned this and he acknowledge the potential thread since 99.9% of blockchains are built on crypto elliptic curve which QC with the right qubit will break wallets easily, what do you have to say about that

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Effortlesly create a decentralized e-commerce with Dshop and earn competitive yield with origin dollar OUSD. Good reason to bank on OGN.

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CRYSTALS-Dilithium isn't a child's play, not just for dirty bitches. The new era security threat is every mfs concern and quantum resistant is on top of it.

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satoshi isn't here to ask, and vitalik was trying to sell people on quantum computing miners a decade ago.

ecc's vulnerability is only exposed for some short multiple of the block time when you use bitcoin correctly. when we get to that point, new algorithms will already be deployed on bitcoin and ethereum. until then, on bitcoin at least, there's a solution.

ethereum does not have an easy time, which is likely why vitalik is scared.

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Only Developers can tell how to fuck strippers for free since JavaScript and C+++ building could be fast, secure, scalable and secured on quantum-resistant Blockchain.

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DiD and Privacy narrative are already getting the jobs done.

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Oh yeah. Because of QVM, getting rewarded when a developers code is reused by others is such a horny feeling and shitholes are really getting excited about it.

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YLA is a flow generating structured investment product composed of five yearn stable coin vaults LP tokens, each LP token accumulates interest over time.

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Alóki has been built out of a desire to reconnect people to nature, using incredible blockchain technology. The project wishes to address the meaningless wealth that characterises much of the blockchain world, by providing investors with a mission-driven, purposeful investment that makes a positive impact. Yet, we also want to provide those with limited financial opportunities the chance to earn too.

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BTC isn't safe too, you are a maxi I get it but that doesn't make it any more secure from QC, eventually we will all migrate to QR blockchains to be safe from the threat, I don't know how long but it is near

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i have more money in eth than i do btc, yet btc still has the correct model (utxo) for early qc protection something ethereum can't have due to the account/contract model.

nobody's moving blockchains, just algorithms.

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I know the Jews don't want hear this but with 1600 transactions per sec and 5 minutes rapid cloud deployment, every motherfucking ass should be laid on this quantum resistant blockchain.

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Everyone's gonna get rekt, while y'all are worried about security I'm getting my bags filled. 70% of my net worth is in #Crypto and I don't regret it because I have earned massively from CVP and also glad that I bought TORN and stake it in ppTORN vault with the benefit of earning more with zero gas fees.

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HAPI for the cyber security aspects
CHEQD for the privacy security. This one has the added benefit of already having a beta out for their Verifiable IDs (https://creds.xyz/))
We're on the age of actually good projects rising up op, buckle up

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tf is a verifable id

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basically an online credential you can use to verify your data when you're using a service (KYC for example) that makes it so you don't actually have to give your data to the company and instead just show your ID. This would solve the issue of all companies knowing everything about you and selling your data, since they don't store it, they can't sell it.
Pretty fucking based

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privacy is stored in the balls

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No need to panic Ranjeet, switch to the Layer1 quantum resistant blockchain's main network and get your future and investments protected.

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Privacy and DiD is a good deal, ain't sleeping on them.

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Good luck anon, many anons crashed out of lack of wisdom, I don't see a reason why you guys still place this up for Debate, even BTC maxis knows it isn't QCR though QC strong enough to break isn't available yet but should we all wait till then before taking actions

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No one does shit anymore, mining on mobile phones is now a good dick to suck. Developers are obsessed with a decentralised and high TPS platform.

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Everyone needs self custody, especially for those with multiple wallets spread across multi-chains.

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So dumb of a pajeet, fuck! Having QVM + Librescan + Mainnet is such a blessing. I'd add your mama's boobs on it to milk out more rewards of quantum resistant security.

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>even BTC maxis knows it isn't QCR
one way hashes are
and a simple algorithm swap (bitcoin already supports two signature types today) lets people use post quantum crypto without having to expose themselves to any shitcoin trying to scam people with qc buzzwords.

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No faggot, there's something called evolving, not with cryptos built for decentralized identities and assets.

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Glad we've got crypto security for that and cryptos that connect web2 identities with web3.

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Got some of those, add ORE to the mix.

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Cryptos that prioritize decentralization of identities and assets are doing great as well.

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ORE Protocol closely mirrors this.

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Good, also cryptos that connect web2 IDs with web3 decentralization are great as well.

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Zoomers should be aware that privacy and security go hand-in-hand. These concepts are forever needed in any financial system. That's why I believe key tech such as ZK privacy are leading the way.

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I know of quantum-resistant blockchains, why hassle when there are cryptos built for decentralized IDs, assets, and rights?

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ZK privacy cryptos look like the safest option at the moment.

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All that DIDs won't do any damn good when security and privacy system is not in place. And it will still continue to be too centralized.

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ZK-Snark privacy tokens keep you in 100% control.

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The problem is that a lot of faggots do not know there's a big difference between ZK roll-up and ZK privacy. Roll-ups are more for scalability while ZK privacy focuses on both scalability and privacy with a major emphasis on privacy. That7s why I have some respect for what Railgun is doing with ZK privacy

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RAILGUN, MONERO, and the like are taking the fore.

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What are the ZK-SNARK privacy tokens in your control?

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Especially privacies that run on ZK-Snark tech.