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It's more that i don't want to live, i can't find a reason why i should go on and do this shit routine for at least 30 years or so. My parents had their reasons to go to work every day, the family they built is a good incentive.

But me? I don't get to reproduce, i don't get my ideas or culture replicated, i don't get anything at all. At best i get the money to amuse myself but i will never do anything meaningful with it, there is no reason why i should go on, why my social structure must survive, there is no reason at all for my struggle to keep going, it's useless ruining my health for nothing i'm not surprised many people choose welfare parasitism or gambling or just coping with alcohol, smoke and food.

I don't want to be here, i don't want to do anything, i'm not even good at anything, i want to not live and stay in a corner.

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That sounds like depression bro

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Well I do enjoy amusing myself but that requires money. I don't need to meme myself into wanting to live with the reasons you list.

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Just choose crypto gambling

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Do hardcore nofap for 90 days and start going to the gym at least 3 days a week. You'll stop think like this 100%

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My motivation for not giving up is the hope I'll get rewarded for it in the afterlife.

Shit like being reincarnated as 10 years old in the Pokemon world for trying to be a good man in this hell called earth.

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I actually like work. I just don’t like doing it with other people. At the moment in my current wage cage I’m only required to work with one person. When my wife has my 3rd kid in June, I’m going to take 3 months off and hopefully come back to a position where I can work alone and have minimal interactions with others. That’s the goal anyway.

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Do you interact with your wife and children?

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Oh yeah. I’m very involved with my family. I used to be fairly social before. I’ve just grown tired of society.

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Here's the problem. You live in a society now that's so horrible, decayed and degenerate that you just want to escape it. You have no incentive to contribute to it because you know that you're just one man and you can only fix so much. Many people are experiencing this today, but haven't yet arrived at this conclusion. You want the money so that you can disappear to one of the wealthy White enclaves and just enjoy the best of life for as long as you can before it all collapses. You feel like being born into this time is a punishment because it probably is. But at least you're a good enough person that you wouldn't ever bring a child into this shit if you managed to survive it yourself.

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absolutely this. i'm wagie cage but hoarded enough money that i can live off 2 years without any work. I will quit this job soon and after this probably kms because this life is bullshit.

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ok, based.

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Never seen quite a severe case of projection, seek help.

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I don't like working either and i could easily NEET for a couple of years, but weirdly enough working is probably the only thing right now keeping me somewhat sane.

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Dude don't do it, think of all the kino manga and anime you will miss