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Chainlink price action from May 2022 to April 2023


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Giga bullish

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$7 stablecoin is the end game.
Too expensive, and oracles become impractical.
Too cheap, the network is easily attacked.
Everything is going to plan.

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9 is a monolith.

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2 more weeks

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Theoretically speaking, how long can this go on for? How likely is it to break this channel upwards? What usually happens after it breaks this channel?

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The biggest accumulation channel I've ever seen in crypto, it took the world ending to break through that range from 6.26 to 6.03. Extreme diamond hands forming pattern

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Checked. It can go on forever. Seething VCs refuse to buy, even at $6, because they weren’t allowed into a seed round at 1/1000th of the launch price. They literally can’t stomach buying on secondary.

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this pattern is called "I keep accumulating and now my link stack is bigger than I ever dreamed possible back in 2017"

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I have never seem a crypto that isnt rank 2000 and -99.9% exit scammed go sideways like this for a year straight before. Link is rank 20 and full of activity more than any other project in reality

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El 0x0 le gana
I mean, pretty good chart anon, let's see if my detoxed ETH farming method does better

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That’s because there’s literally no use for the token.

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Considering I paid about $6 for a cup of coffee earlier I'd say we're right on target. Even a little overpriced atm, give it about 2 weeks.

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Pay up.

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A literal betrayal

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Flash crash to next leg down or flash pump to next leg up is going to happen soon

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>if it gets too expensive you cant use it
it has 16 decimals. It can be $1 million a link and still be the price of a cup of coffee you fucking midwit

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massive breakout ahead

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Pls i need chainlink go back above 18$ to sell. I want outta this gay ass market.

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it could also massively breakdown as well

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Down is the chart is showing

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Distribution. Will capitulate down to $2 then begin a new cycle.

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Way to much sell pressure now, all linkies want out. How do I know this? If the price spiked to $20 right now all of you would sell. The demoralize campaign worked and now linkies will sell at the first sign of a pump

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I'm not selling until $1000 sorry I'm just not

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guess what happened precisely at these four instances

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Im never selling, people will pay me to borrow my linkies.

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BTC was rising causing a market wide pump and then retraced, taking the market with it?

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>BTC was rising
In all four instances, Link was rising and BTC was pretty much crabbing.
And each time Link was almost exactly at $9, while BTC was at different price levels each time.

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> crabbing
> in all but one btc is rising

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You're blind and retarded.

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btc went to lower lows while we stood in the same range. i think this is a strong sign.

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holy fuck imagine the pain, honestly would feel so horrible I would prefer to pay more and accumulate $link at 6 rather than $2 (I will buy at $2 obviously just saying)

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I think so also

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this is what a cult is about

Cuckolds will never accept reality and would rather blame a nefarious conspiracy involving Bitcoin whales to suppress their shitty 2017 ponzi scheme

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Holding link feels like wearing a chastity belt while watching someone fuck my wife

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With all the autism that visits this board can't we figure out which wallets are the ones dumping the bitcoin? Maybe then find out who controls those wallets and bring them to a private Minecraft server

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I never analyzed BTC transactions.
It's a shit protocol with a very horrible UI compared to ETH.

Theoretically all you would need to do is look at the Binance main BTC wallets and look for a large incoming BTC movement in the 16k range this week to see where it came from.
If someone can find something like this timed with the dump then it's possible to track it.

However Sergey betrayed all my efforts last year when I found the shorting idiots who didn't get short squeezed, and then proceeded to betray the community with the Linkpool rug pull, openly endorsing the betrayal.
It didn't help that he encouraged his community to get scammed by every possible Jewish scam on the planet.

Sergey manifests betrayal because he believes a system of trust can replace his lack of trust.
If he doesn't care about the community enough to stop his betrayals then he deserves more suffering.

The community is not a lot better either.
Look at the state of /biz/