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Did you get that thing done you said you were gonna do

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yes, i accumulated as much chainlink as i could.

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fuck off to /r9k/

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Yeah, I got a job and I'm slightly more miserable than before

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wow I'm sure it's working out well for you lmao

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Why? I'm extremely supportive of you guys and positive about the future.
Well done fren. I took the plunge and accepted a degree offer despite being in my late 20s.

My brain is rebelling from having to go from a useless piece of shit to a productive person with a schedule. I think the secret is to fully cut out any and all entertainment while readjusting to new habits. I definitely feel far shittier addressing all my tasks after web browsing or binging on vidya

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>My brain is rebelling from having to go from a useless piece of shit to a productive person with a schedule.
I expected this to happen but instead I realised everyone is lazy, the work is mindnumbing and I'm being drained of more than 50% of my day. My only hope is becoming consistently profitable trading, suicide or becoming a hermit in the woods.

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>or becoming a hermit in the woods.
This is my endgame. Also want to make it with trading and learn to eventually become profitable. I'm phasing out vidya with backtesting trading shitcoins. And yeah, people are naturally lazy as fuck thanks to everyone's fried dopamine receptors. I heard good advice is to take weekends off any stimulants and electronics, so I'll be trying that

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I've been trying to figure out what I want for a couple of years but I can't come up with anything. I only work my day job and that's it. It's so depressing.

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>heaven knows I'm miserable now

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Hermit in the woods is by far the best option.

Follow the Dendrites - a group of early Christian mystics who lived for years at a time in trees without coming down. They would be brought food and all other necessities.

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Got a job as well anon. Finished my degree and wasn't getting hired so I started an apprenticeship.
I get depressed looking at LinkedIn and seeing all the people I went to university with getting fancy finance jobs and meanwhile I'm slowly destroying my body for $19 an hour.
I do enjoy having a routine though and that greatly improves my mental health. So it's Ying and Yang; maybe I'll attempt the CFA as I work through my apprenticeship.